dirty dancer feet

interviewing dancers about their smelly dirty feet and how they like too make men or women smell them or sell their socks shoes ect dont want too miss this store


"Snatched up" with "Raptures" Rancid Talon's

Allow me to introduce you to the incomparable "Rapture". In case you did'nt know the word Rapture refers to both a bird of prey that snatches it's prey and the return of Armeggedon or the end of the world. You may just be praying for the end of the world when you get a wiff of Raptures stinky feet. As Rapture points out the stinky foot jam collecting in her black soled shoes she remembers an incident. One of the girls complained about her stinky feet once, Rapture introduced her to the floor and then introduced her to her size 9 feet down her throat. But, the dangerous Rapture has a sexy side too, not only does she admit to loving foot fetish but if you get her in the VIP room she may just introduce her feet to your crotch! Rapture believes that a hard days work is ranked by how smelly a dancers feet get. But don't get too comfortable guys or Rapture might just reveal her talons and shove her feet down your throat until you literally puke from the taste! You don't want to miss the most unique and disgusting story I have heard yet!

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Alexis Grace NOT the girl next door!

Are you the nice guy who is always finishing last? The type of guy who's always looking for that nice sweet girl to bring home to mom, but secretly wanting that bad bratty girl to talk down to you and humiliate you, is that what really gets you off? Say hello to Alexis Grace the not so gracefull bratty bitchy babe you have been dreaming of. Alexis has been running around all day barefoot and in her disgusting dirty soiled socks just for you. She's waiting for you to come lick and suck the dirt, sweat and filth from her feet and dirty socks as she verbally humiliates you with the most sexy seductive voice I've heard yet! Alexis will tease you with her tight smooth body as she poses for you but everything is off limits but her feet. Stay tuned, because Alexis is going to challenge you to a climax countdown, will you be up to the challenge and be rewarded by getting to climax on her dirty dancer feet?

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Money hungry Monroe Valentino humiliates your manhood!

Come home to your money grubbing, cock hungry size queen wifey who only keeps you around to take your money and humiliate you for only her pleasure! Picture yourself through the eyes of the camera and imagine Monroe is the controlling dominant mistress wife you have dreamed of. Monroe is the tatooed, pierced, edgy, busty, biker bitch bombshell you have been waiting for to take control of your manhood! Monroe was expecting her 12 inch personal trainer and toy to come take control of her, but you arrive home early and spoil her plans. Needless to say Monroe is pissed and proceeds to take out her frustrations on your mind, your little cock and your balls! Watch and feel as Monroe makes you worship her dirty dancer feet before unleashing them on your balls! But, if you want her to keep you around as her toy of humiliation you better spoil your goddess Monroe. Here you go boys, hope your balls and your manhood can handle this mean bitch!

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Jolene is a sexy dancer at a prominent busy gentleman's club and her feet certainly stay busy as well, During the interview Jolene begins to describe how she gets a little nervous before a dance and her feet begin to DRIP IN SWEAT, and the SWEAT builds up in between her toes. As she sits displaying her feet in her beatiful heels, she admits that she had a boyfriend once that loved to have her dirty feet all over his face and after a work out or run would love to smell her DIRTY SWEATY SOCKS and ball them up inside his mouth. Jolene then removes her heels and the smell imediately begins to fill the room. As she shows off the bottoms of her feet you can see how blackened her feet are from sweating inside the heels and sometimes being forced to walk on the clubs dirty floors BAREFOOT. She admits that her feet are constantly stepped on by customers in the busy club and nails are broken. Jolene says that there are a few customers for the right price that can take her back to the VIP room and break the rules to lick her SWEATY black bottomed feet clean.

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Lady Clara clears the room with her stinky stench

Lady Clara instead of dancing in open toed and open aired heels and shoes, choses to dance in air tight patent leather boots. During the interview she describes how her boots hold in the sweat and smell as she dances long hours in the club. She continues to explain that when she is in the dressing room with the other girls and takes off her boots, her stinky stench clears the room and makes the other dancers sick to their stomach's finally requiring large amounts of air freshener to mask the incredible stench. When she fnally removes her boots the interviewer is blown away by the powerful putrid stink that immediately fills the room. She displays her huge mutant feet and you can actually see the sweat built up upon her feet. Lady clara explains how the only guy who has ever been able to handle her putrid punch was a fisherman who was used to the horrible smell of fish all day. The interviewer eventually has to end the interview because he can't handle the unbelievable stinch. But, wait to the end of the clip boys and find out how you can purchase her boots, stockings and socks she will keep in a air tight bag just for your enjoyment, enjoy guys!!!

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Olives overwhelming odor

Olive agrees to an interview conditional upon a private dance and some special attention paid to her feet upon conclusion. The interviewer agrees and Olive begins by describing her 8.5 to 9 size feet, she continues to explain that the size 9 heels she is wearing she has had for about 2 years and consistantly wears those same shoes every night she dances. As she removes her shoes you can immediately see the dirty black bottomed feet she displays for the camera. She will put her feet in your face and shove her foot down your throat and order you to suck on each toe. She explains how her feet are more musty than usual and are most fowl. She explains how some guys are surprised by the overpowering stinch and push them away. She says that sometimes she will force "asshole" customers to smell and worship her feet. At the end Olive convinces you to come in a private room with her and worship her feet and each toe. You think you can handle her overwhelming, overpowering odor?

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Sioux Sinner's Sinful stink

Sioux Sinner is a burlesque dancer who has had her favorite size 9 patent leather boots for over 6 years. Before the interview she has been dancing in her knee high boots for over 2 hours without socks in a exhausting feature show. Siox Sinner admits to her experience in the foot fetish world and says she has customers who will purchase private foot sessions with her. Sioux Sinner is an obviously dominating personality and loves to dominate both guys and girls with her feet. When she removes her boots you notice black hair stuck to her pale white size 9 . She describes how their is this one particular dancer who is out for her lead position in the show. Of course Sioux Sinner is not having this, so she corners the bitch and forces her feet in her face, needless to say the sinful stink makes the girl think twice. At the end, she requests you to get up close and personal with her dirty feet, too bad we don't have smellovision right!? Her are definately barking with putrid aroma. But wait guys you can also buy her stockings, socks, and the everday ballet slippers she wears everyday. She insists that she will NEVER part with her favorite boots featured in the clip, but everything has a price. Do you think YOU could convince her to part with them?

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Nikki Jackson's strong fitness feet

Nikki is a very playful friendly dancer in the club, but she has a secret, her size 7.5 feet have a horrible odor! The interviewer has to pay to get past her security but once you meet nikki it's defenetely worth the money. Nikki displays her heels to the camera and explains that there is a 6 inch heel minimum rule in the club. Between dancing, being a fitness model and a personal trainer her feet defenetely take a beating. When she removes her heels not only can you smell her sexy stinch permiate the room but you notice some cuts, corns and abrasions upon her feet proving the daily beating her feet take. You notice how strong nikki's feet look and even though it looks as if she could break bones with her toes alone, she just wants her feet kissed and pampered. She explains how she will shove her money down her air tight knee high boots and at the end of the night remove the sweaty soaked bills. Nikki doesn't describe her smell as putrid at all she describes it as sexy having a bit of a foot fetish herself. Nikki wants to bottle up her sweet scent for you and sell it by the ounce, how much would you pay to own a bottle!?

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Coco's corn chip bonanza

Coco is a cute, sweet, friendly little china doll with the sweetest voice but don't let this fool you because her feet will defenetely surprise you with their unique "corn chip" smell and unique talents she will reveal with her feet. Although she has only had these particular heels for a few weeks you can see her size 8 dirty feet have already beat up the insides of these heels. As she reveals her feet to the camera you notice how red and dirty her feet are and she points out some unknown hair upon her feet and blisters upon her toes from long hours of dancing. Coco tries to explain her unique scent comparing it to corn chips, popcorn, and mexican food dubbing the smell as a foot scent bonanza! Coco will reveal that from a young age she has mastered unique dexterity with her feet and being able to do things with her feet that most can only manage with their hands. Coco's intoxicating and addictive personality will defenetely win you over. At the end of this clip I challenge you to say that you would not want to see more of Coco and all the unique things she can do with her feet!

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