So you're a leather lover eh? Then you will be just fine laying down at the feet of Mistress Charlotte in her big, black, leather boots. She teases you with the boot's extremely long heel, and tells you dirty things that she would do with it if you were here. You will feel like she is pressing the heavy boots right into your face, as you pretend to lick them up and down with your tongue. But you better do exactly what the Mistress says, or else you will never be this close to her boots again.

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Taro snuck into his Mistresses closet again and has found a beautiful lace piece that fits him perfectly. He was warned before, and now when when Mistresses Charlotte and Domina catch him he's going to be pretty in pink, but not from any clothing! They indulge themselves in punishing poor helpless Taro by ways of stretching, twisting and a whole lot of crushing. Pushing poor Taro further into submission is like teaching a dog not to eat off that table. He just shouldn't do it. Bad Taro!

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This newbie slave has no idea what he has got himself into. After hearing about Mistress Charlotte from his friends, he is interested in giving it a shot - but does not understand what a Mistress really is. However, his cocky ass finds out pretty quick what it is after Mistress Charlotte brutally kicks him in the balls. He flips out on her but is quickly subdued after a few more blows to his dick. The agony is brutal, the sharp pain has filled his entire body and Mistress Charlotte has shown no signs of letting up. She lands kick after kick on his crushed ball-sack, leaving him in a state of pain that he has yet to experience. He runs out of the dungeon a changed man - if you can even call him a man anymore.

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This girl is very drunk at a party and has to unload her bladder. But thats not all that she has to unload. After she takes a long, strong , she has to release some of the gas that she has been holding in all night. She lets out a couple of wet farts that quickly fill the room with a nasty odour. She hopes that nobody hears them as that would be very embarrassing. But she can not help herself. She forces out a couple more farts that must have been heard by the other party goers. Between the loud sounds of gas passing and the intoxicating odour of her farts, her cover is blown. But at this point, she is probably too drunk to care.

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The ladies wanted to abuse their pathetic, naked slave with their feet today. One of the ladies immediately starts to squeeze his hard balls with her toes. She rubs her sole up and down on them, instantly make him hard. The other ladies begin to work the nipples. They poke and pick at his prissy little nipples as he moans in submissive ecstasy. One lady sticks her bare toes into his mouth, and he sucks and kisses it obediently. The other lady continues to play with his balls, now flicking them with her toes. She pinches his hard sack between her toes, stretching it far. She then works the sole of her foot up his shaft and around his bulging head. She roughly pushes his cock up and down, and as she does this, the slave groans. One of the other ladies continues to dig her feet deep into his nipples, as the other one fucks his mouth with her foot. Having a good slave guarantees a great time for three dominant ladies.

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This slave seems to have a little mouth on him! He is stupid enough that he thinks he can make demands to his Mistress! Well Mistress Charlotte is just going to have to fix that. She teases him with her long legs and beautiful ass, and then unexpectedly shoves his face into her bum and farts on him! He is totally grossed out by the awful smell, but Mistress Charlotte isn't done yet! She plants a few more wet farts on his face, and the pathetic slave is gasping for air. Mistress Charlotte simply laughs at the weak man and mocks him for even trying to ask to worship her. The slave is so grossed out by the smelly farts that he won't be stupid enough to make anymore silly demands.

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After discovering Taro's black pubes in her razor, Mistress Charlotte has no choice but to punish the little worm. And since her feet are extremely stinky at the moment, she is going to punish him by forcing him to smell every inch of her raunchy feet with his nose. After inhaling the foul odor deep into his lungs, Mistress Charlotte then forces him to clean up the stinky mess by licking her feet clean. He drags his tongue up and down the soles of her feet, absorbing all of the odors from her feet onto his tongue. He licks everywhere to ensure they are spotless when he is done. Now he just has to endure the disgusting taste in his mouth for the next few days!

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LB should know better than to start messing with three beautiful ladies. The
girls quickly grow tired of his lame demands and decide to take it out on him with their fists. They beat him senseless as they twist and turn his body in ways that it is not supposed to, and all he can go is groan in agony. The girls simply laugh at the pathetically weak man as they manhandle him with ease. Usually, having three lovely ladies is a good thing - but today it is a very, very painful thing.

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The Mistresses are in a jumping - trampling mood this time. They make Trampelina their human side walk by using him both of us at the same time. At first they jump on him with full weight from the couch and when this doesn't satisfy them anymore they get on him and walk, dance, jump, etc. all the way they feel like. They really enjoyed walking all over his skinny body, you can tell. And Trampelina don't mind, he would do anything to make happe so beautiful powerful Mistresses as they are.

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As if your life isn't pathetic enough already, you were also born with a miniature sized dick. If you have been lucky enough to even be with a woman, you know how a small dick can ruin any chance of intense wild sex. Women look at your dick and think they are with a 6 year old boy! Well, to make your day a little worse, Mistress Charlotte is going to mock you and your tiny dick and make you wish that you could have what the rest of the male world has - a decent sized cock. Mistress Charlotte strokes her big black cock with two hands as she gives you instructions on how to do the impossible ... jerk off your tiny little dick. Using only a couple of fingers, she demonstrates how to get that little penis of yours to cum. You should learn her lesson well, as your fingers are going to be the only things touching that cock for the rest of your miserable existence.

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It must be this slave's lucky day! Not only is he in the presence of the gorgeous Mistress Charlotte, but he is laying down right under her incredibly beautiful feet! He has no problem obeying her demands to smell and kiss her feet, and does it right away. He takes deep whiffs of her wonderful smelling feet and his pathetic cock begins to grow. And as soon as he is allowed to kiss and lick her feet and toes, he is just in heaven. With a stiff cock, the worthless slave kisses each of her sexy toes and then sucks on the big one. It seems as though he has had practice sucking things in the past, because he knows just how to deep throat her big toe. He better enjoy this pleasure while it lasts, because who knows what Mistress Charlotte will have him do next.

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This worthless slave is about to receive a very stinky present from Mistress Charlotte. She has just returned from a long jog and her feet are so smelly and stinky that she just has to share the raunchy stench with this pathetic slave. She forces the little loser to remove her socks and sneakers, and then commands him to shove his nose onto her gross feet. He can barely take the wretched odor and begs his Mistress to stop. But she enjoys watching him gag as his tongue brushes across her slimy skin. The odor is so foul that he tries to hold in his breath, but knowing that the stench molecules are in his lungs, he can not do it for long. He is lucky that Mistress Charlotte doesn't force him to do a full cleaning, but the smell alone is punishment enough.

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Lady Domina and Mistress Charlotte feel like walking all over someone. The slave lying on their floor is perfect for the job. Lying obediently on the floor, he lets them both stand on him. They take turns dancing on him, but who likes to dance alone, so they dance with each other on their timid slave. He grunts and groans in agony, but cannot stop them from putting their full weight on him. Too much noise upsets Lady Domina, so she punishes him with several hard kicks to his exposed balls. Mistress Charlotte continues to dance on him as Lady Domina digs her feet deep into his sack. The ladies jump up and down on him, over and over again, as slaves also make for good trampolines.

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Mistress Charlotte orders her lowly slave over for some practice. She demands that he lie down over her knees so that she can spank his bare, exposed ass. Her slaps are powerful, and he cries with every one. The mistress does not approve of any sign of dissatisfaction, and demands that he thank her. She slaps him quickly and furiously, making his ass sore and red. She orders him to switch positions, so that she can work both sides of his ass equally. The slaps get quicker and quicker, harder and harder, and the slave cries in pain. Anytime Mistress Charlotte sees this, she increases the strength of her slaps! By now, his ass is a bright pink color, and the Mistress is satisfied with her work. This mistress is among the best ass spankers on the planet!

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When Mistress Vita spots a very little young virgin walking down the street, she grabs him and takes him down to her dark basement where Mistress Charlotte is waiting. They are bored, horny, and very eager to stick their big cocks into his tight virgin asshole. He screams and struggles to get away, but the big women are too powerful for him to handle and he is easily dominated. The bend his bare ass over a chair and begin sticking their cocks deep down his throat and into his tight ass. He moans in pain as the cocks penetrate deeper and deeper, and the women are grinning ear to ear with pleasure. When they are done with him they go for a drink while he curls up in a little ball and cries like a little baby.

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After a mouthy cable guy refuses to fix Charlotte's cable, she is left with only one option - forcing him to. So she teases him with her lovely ass, and just when he thinks he is about to get some pussy, she sits on his head and lets a huge fart go on his nose! The odor is overpowering, and he struggles to get out from underneath her, but she simply immobilizes him with another wet, dirty, stinky fart. The man struggles for air in the thick cloud of fart vapor, but Charlotte ensures that he isn't going anywhere until he fixes the cable. And if multiple farts sticking to your face isn't enough to motivate him, then nothing will!

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