So you're a leather lover eh? Then you will be just fine laying down at the feet of Mistress Charlotte in her big, black, leather boots. She teases you with the boot's extremely long heel, and tells you dirty things that she would do with it if you were here. You will feel like she is pressing the heavy boots right into your face, as you pretend to lick them up and down with your tongue. But you better do exactly what the Mistress says, or else you will never be this close to her boots again.

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For all you pathetic, small-dicked guys out there, this clip is for you. Seeing as though your cock is so small that you have to get your action from a woman on the internet, Mistress Charlotte is going to help you feel much worse about yourself and that thing you call your penis. She pokes fun at your little worm as she strokes her black cock in her hand. And if you think her cock is big, than you really must have a tiny dick, because for the rest of us regular people, that is the average size. She describes the intense sexual action that REAL men get with their cocks, and ridicules you for the pathetic life that you and your little baby penis live. Your penis, if you can even call it that, is tiny, and that will never change.

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Although gyms are public, that doesn't mean horny guys can hitting on the girls doing the daily routine exercises. Charlotte is really mad with this skinny dirty perverted minded guy who's doing this already regularly, he didn't care she already told him she's not interested. Well, girls are strong, sometimes even stronger than guys. This is the case in here, because Charlotte is a member in the gym to work out and be well, the guy's coming here only for picking up pretty girls. This day wasn't his, he's got sex but not how he wanted. He had to kiss ass....

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Slave J proves his uselessness again in this clip by not properly cleaning Mistress Charlotte's house, and she is going to let him know it. She has got him pinned up against a wall and begins laying a viscious beating on his nasty balls. She shows no mercy as she drives her knee with force into his tiny balls, and he cringes in pain. He tries to stay standing up to take the brutal beating, but Mistress Charlotte is kicking him with so much force and anger that he simply can not withstand the pain for very long. She kicks him so hard that his balls are no doubt mush by the end of it. Well, now that he knows he won't be able to have , he can spend more time learning how to properly clean Mistress Charlotte's house.

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Mistress Charlotte and Lady Domina feel like hurting someone. Poor submissive little Taro is a prime target. The ladies are particularly cruel to him, starting with his hard, exposed nipples. Taro moans in pain but does nothing, displaying his truly pathetic nature. They team up on him, kicking him repeatedly. The power of the kicks sends him slamming into the wall each time. Unable to take any more, Taro falls to the ground in agony. This doesn't stop the ladies, who beat him mercilessly as he lays on the ground in pain. Despite the suffering they put him through, Taro is nothing but thankful to them.

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Charlotte is getting fed up with her perverted roommate Pierre. It seems like everytime she sees him he has his nose buried in her panties. Well this is the last straw. She bends the little perv over her knee, removes his pants and underwear and begins breaking the skin of his ass with harsh, bare-handed spanks. He cries in pain as his ass begins to turn red, and each spank is hurting more than the last. Charlotte shows no mercy as she hits him harder and harder, and simply ignores his begging. If this brutal spanking doesn't teach him to leave her panties alone then nothing will.

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Aaron was dreaming about a real threesome for a very long time when finally he got lucky, and two pretty girls took him home from the disco club. He was very excited while the girls were refreshing up in the bathroom, he even touched himself. Finally they came to him and then the nightmare started for his little virgin ass. Both of them had a big strap-on dildo and...yes, they used both on him simultaneously. Poor Aaron couldn't do too much than take it on both side. Looks like next day he can't sit down comfortably. He really could avoid this threesome, that wasn't in his dreams at all.

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Mistress Jaguar has been itching to trample the infamous Trampelina, and who better to teach her how to do it than the trampling master - Mistress Charlotte. Trampelina takes a beating from the sexy women as they step, jump, sit, and smash his fragile body through various methods. They completely flatten him when they both stand on his body at the same time, and the air gets forced out of his lungs as they smash their asses down on his chest. The women laugh at the pathetic slave as he gasps for air, but it does not stop them from stomping all over his weak body. Trampelina's ribs must be made of steel, because there is no way that they can take this can of beating!

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Mistress Charlotte can't stand guys who like to play they know everything better than anybody else. This guy lectured her a while ago in the gym and here we are now. On a public place she couldn't teach him a lesson he deserved, but here is the time when she can put him on his real place, under her ass. On the top of that she has again some sneaky stinky farts as the spice of her lecture. The guy is totally done. She's sitting on his face extremely comfortably and smokes her morning cigarette blowing the smoke straight to his face. This guy really get it this time.

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This mature gentleman decided to get in touch some Mistresses to have a little taste of Female Domination. He visited the local dungeon and offered his service to the Mistresses. There's a lots of work all the time in a dungeon so they wanted to see how submissive he is and as a devoted slave what can he take from them. Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Emani had a little free time between their professional sessions so they were able to test him. Well, he got more than he bargained for. They introduced him to female domination deeply and even spiced it up with some power farting right straight on his face.

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It must feel like a very long winter for you foot perverts out there. Nobody in sandals or bare feet for you to sneak peaks at, only big heavy boots. Well Mistress Charlotte has got a treat for you. Not only will you get to stare at her incredibly sexy feet, she will also help you and your pathetic cock learn how to masturbate properly. You will stare at her toes and soles in amazement as you rub that pathetic little bump below your waist. You will be touching your screen in hopes that you can feel her soft feet - but you will come out empty handed. This is the closest you will get to a woman allowing you to touch her feet, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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Trampelina has had just about every type of abuse imaginable performed on him and his weak body, but never has he been so degrated in his life. Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Jaguar present him with two very large cocks, and inform him that he will be deeply penetrated through two holes in his body. The beautiful Mistress Charlotte shoves her cock deep into Trampelina's tight virgin ass, while the very sexy Mistress Jaguar forces him to lick and suck her giant cock. Trampelina screams like he has never before as the cocks get pushed deeper and deeper inside his body. He has had 300lb women jump on his fragile chest, but never has he been in this much pain. But the beautiful Mistresses enjoy his agony and suffering, and get pleasure from his pain.

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Lady Domina and Mistress Charlotte have their slave spread-eagled and bound. This happens to be the perfect positioning for some CBT and nipple torture! The Mistresses begin torturing his nipples and stretching his worthless ballsack. They turn the screws on the metal devices until he winces and moans in anguish. Time for some clothespins- and plenty of them. One by one the pins make the slave quake in anguish. His puny balls turn colors at the onslaught of pain. Mistress Charlotte has a brilliant way of increasing his agony. They add weight to his bound cock and balls with chain and handcuffs. It looks as though the slave may crumble from the intense agony inflicted on his loins.

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Charlotte is very angry with Justin. Last night she got up to take a , and since he didn't put the toilet seat down she fell right in! Justin can barely contain his laughter when she tells him, but his mockery is only Charlotte of even more. She begins brutally kicking him in the balls with her black high heeled shoes. Justin crumbles to the floor like a little baby as the pain shoots through his entire body. But one kick is never enough. So she belts him over and over again with her pointy shoes and even presses down on his squished balls with so much force that it looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head! The pain is overwhelming for Justin, but that's what he gets for mocking poor Charlotte!

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The big question of Mistress Charlotte to Trampelina: Are you bored? Because he's very negligent with his work in the dungeon since he returned from Mongolia again, and he lives to check out the bums of the slave girls and even the divine Mistresses. He has to learn his lesson and get back to normal how a truly submissive house slave should be. Mistress Charlotte has something special for his treatment, that he's been never experiencing so far. It had a lot to do with hot candle wax and cold have to see this.

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Charlotte feels bad for busting Rick's balls earlier with her strong feet, and decides to make it up to him by giving him a little treat. She takes off her smelly shoes for him and orders him to sniff and lick her sweating feet. However, Rick thinks that feet are strange, and the thought of sniffing her rancid feet and licking the salt off of them isn't too appetizing - but Charlotte doesn't care. She forces him to slide his tongue all over the slippery feet, collecting all that sweaty, salty, smelly molecules off of them. The taste and smell is so bad that Rick looks like he is going to puke. But he better be careful, Charlotte would have no problem forcing him to lick that off her feet either!

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