So you're a leather lover eh? Then you will be just fine laying down at the feet of Mistress Charlotte in her big, black, leather boots. She teases you with the boot's extremely long heel, and tells you dirty things that she would do with it if you were here. You will feel like she is pressing the heavy boots right into your face, as you pretend to lick them up and down with your tongue. But you better do exactly what the Mistress says, or else you will never be this close to her boots again.

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It must feel like a very long winter for you foot perverts out there. Nobody in sandals or bare feet for you to sneak peaks at, only big heavy boots. Well Mistress Charlotte has got a treat for you. Not only will you get to stare at her incredibly sexy feet, she will also help you and your pathetic cock learn how to masturbate properly. You will stare at her toes and soles in amazement as you rub that pathetic little bump below your waist. You will be touching your screen in hopes that you can feel her soft feet - but you will come out empty handed. This is the closest you will get to a woman allowing you to touch her feet, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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Trampelina has had just about every type of abuse imaginable performed on him and his weak body, but never has he been so degrated in his life. Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Jaguar present him with two very large cocks, and inform him that he will be deeply penetrated through two holes in his body. The beautiful Mistress Charlotte shoves her cock deep into Trampelina's tight virgin ass, while the very sexy Mistress Jaguar forces him to lick and suck her giant cock. Trampelina screams like he has never before as the cocks get pushed deeper and deeper inside his body. He has had 300lb women jump on his fragile chest, but never has he been in this much pain. But the beautiful Mistresses enjoy his agony and suffering, and get pleasure from his pain.

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Lady Domina and Mistress Charlotte have their slave spread-eagled and bound. This happens to be the perfect positioning for some CBT and nipple torture! The Mistresses begin torturing his nipples and stretching his worthless ballsack. They turn the screws on the metal devices until he winces and moans in anguish. Time for some clothespins- and plenty of them. One by one the pins make the slave quake in anguish. His puny balls turn colors at the onslaught of pain. Mistress Charlotte has a brilliant way of increasing his agony. They add weight to his bound cock and balls with chain and handcuffs. It looks as though the slave may crumble from the intense agony inflicted on his loins.

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Charlotte is very angry with Justin. Last night she got up to take a , and since he didn't put the toilet seat down she fell right in! Justin can barely contain his laughter when she tells him, but his mockery is only Charlotte of even more. She begins brutally kicking him in the balls with her black high heeled shoes. Justin crumbles to the floor like a little baby as the pain shoots through his entire body. But one kick is never enough. So she belts him over and over again with her pointy shoes and even presses down on his squished balls with so much force that it looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head! The pain is overwhelming for Justin, but that's what he gets for mocking poor Charlotte!

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The big question of Mistress Charlotte to Trampelina: Are you bored? Because he's very negligent with his work in the dungeon since he returned from Mongolia again, and he lives to check out the bums of the slave girls and even the divine Mistresses. He has to learn his lesson and get back to normal how a truly submissive house slave should be. Mistress Charlotte has something special for his treatment, that he's been never experiencing so far. It had a lot to do with hot candle wax and cold have to see this.

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Charlotte feels bad for busting Rick's balls earlier with her strong feet, and decides to make it up to him by giving him a little treat. She takes off her smelly shoes for him and orders him to sniff and lick her sweating feet. However, Rick thinks that feet are strange, and the thought of sniffing her rancid feet and licking the salt off of them isn't too appetizing - but Charlotte doesn't care. She forces him to slide his tongue all over the slippery feet, collecting all that sweaty, salty, smelly molecules off of them. The taste and smell is so bad that Rick looks like he is going to puke. But he better be careful, Charlotte would have no problem forcing him to lick that off her feet either!

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Aaron should have thought twice before firing Charlotte and Jaguar. Outside of the office these women are Dominatrix, but they are about to bring their dominating personality into the office. To change the boss's mind, they put him in a very uncomfortable position. Armed with two large strap-on, the women force their petty boss to bend over his chair and begin shoving the cocks deep into his tight asshole and throat. Aaron gets very upset by this display of nonprofessional, but the women only penetrate him further. He chokes on the big dick as the other rips his virgin asshole wide open. He is in so much pain that he changes his mind about the women's termination, and they even fuck him into giving them benefits and more vacation time!

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There's some new meat in the dongeon for Mistress Charlotte and she's going to give him something really sweet, she's going to give him her ass. But there's an even bigger treat to come, she farts right on his face. It's freaking sick, the smell is so bad and her little slave can't hardly breathe without gagging. She demands her slave get down on the floor and check out her hot ass out a little more but the only that's hot is the gas coming out of her little asshole. Dumb little slave falls for her ticks again, and that's not the last of them either, he orders her slave bitch to breathe in all the air. Poor pathetic slave didn't know what he was getting himself into.

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It seems like Trampelina has messed up again and it's punishment time. Mistress Charlotte this time has brought some company her friends Katherine and Veronica. The 3 of them are gonna teach this trampelina the meaning of the word pain. Mistress Charlotte wraps her legs around his throat while Veronica and Katherine have their way by tickling and jumping on his stomach. He tries to fight back but he quickly realizes he's outnumbered and is powerless to stop them. Better luck next time.

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Even the best friends fight sometimes, especially if one of them is hitting on the others boyfriend or takes her favorite last piece candy bar. Or just because they love it and enjoy it so much they do it for fun. The fight doesn't look really dangerous for any of the participants and they laugh a lot, but there are some real nice wrestling moves, smothering and even very interesting lifting actions. The black girl is definitely much stronger than the other one, but she fights back pretty well too. Definitely it's a clip worthy to see.

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Some guys have all the luck...not this one for sure. He goes to the gym regularly trying to touch sexy pretty asses and most of the time he gets away with it with no trouble. He's so smart he never attacks girls who work out together, always only single ladies are his victims. Although this girl was alone and she did not look that dangerous, and on the top she had extremely attractive ass, he wasn't lucky this time. The slim girl beat him up like .... in no time with no trouble. He's a very powerful woman definitely, and at least hopefully a lot's of other girls can work out after this action safely in this gym in the future.

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Rick the pervert thinks that he can just come up to Charlotte and insult her camel toe! Charlotte doesn't take kindly to perverts like him, so she unleashes a devastating kick to his balls. He hunches over in pain as he tries to catch his breath, but before he knows it, another huge kick has landed square on his sack. The pain is agonizing as Charlotte kicks him over and over again - each seeming harder than the last. Charlotte kicks with so much force that you will be squirming in your seat! Perhaps a lack of balls will help this pervert fix his horny ways.

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Usually pretty girls always deny they would fart but I have to tell you a secret. They do when they're alone. Charlotte is a very pretty girl but at least she does not deny she farts sometimes. This time she's watching Bollywood movie where the girls are so pretty and innocent like Angels and nobody couldn't even picture them doing something like them. Well, Charlotte is a very practical and rationalist girl and she does fart several times while watching those East-Indian Angels singing and dancing on TV. Because she knows the truth and she's very honest. Doesn't lie even in farts.

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Charlotte is very mad with her new roommate Divine who doesn't like doing the dishes. Charlotte wants to beat her up but she's just laughing at her and doesn't mind a little power trial fight. At first it's not really serious but as time goes by they get more and more into it. Divine really hates doing the dishes and when it appears she won't win she offers for her some cookies knowing her weakness for sweets but this time did not work. She had to do what she had to do, that's the bottom line.

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The gorgeous Mistress Charlotte has got to turn her worthless slave into a worthless cock sucking slave. When he tells her no, she lays a beating on him that he will not forget. A flurry of kicks to the torso and knees to the balls should make him change his mind. It looks as though kicking him in the nuts is the only way to get this stupid slave on his knees. It does not take too long before he changes his mind about sucking her beautiful cock, and she makes sure he chokes on it as part of his punishment. And as if he has not learned his lesson enough, this idiot of a slave then has the nerve to tell his beautiful mistress that she can not fuck him in the ass. Well this starts the physical beating again until he finally caves in and lets her shove her long cock into his virgin ass hole. This moron could have saved himself a lot of pain if he would have just done as he was told.

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