Little doggie Jesse has got himself in quite a situation. He was being a bad puppy in the dungeon so now he has to be collared and trained by Mistress Charlotte and Goddess Aphrodite. He is a horribly trained doggie. In the middle of being walked he sniffed Mistress Charlotte's ass and now he is in for it. Both her and Goddess Aphrodite continually punish him with farting on his face until he can take no more. Then he has for sure learned his lesson. Once he has been restrained they teach him how to roll over and then laugh at his weird doggie cock and balls. Finally once he has been put through his paces they put him to bed in the corner and leave him in his kennel to sleep.

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Mistress Charlotte was absolutely disgusted when she walked by the dungeon and saw one of her useless slaves touching himself. The only way that she will be able to correct him actions is with a brutally violent over-the-knee spanking. She cracks her bare hand off of his ass with so much force that his ass turns red in no time. He cries like a pathetic little baby as her hands hits his worthless ass harder and harder - and his begging gets him nowhere. Mistress Charlotte does not waste anytime while he is bend over her knee, as she spanks his sore ass with power and speed, giving his ass no time to recover. This is a brutal spanking, but it will be the only way to teach this horrible slave a lesson in self-control.

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After having an incredibly rude and perverted cable guy sent to fix Charlotte's TV, Charlotte has to punish the man for his 'touchy' ways. She crushes his balls with a insanely hard kick to the nuts, and follows it up with a downpour of kicks and knees to his jewels. She scrambles his balls like an egg by kicking him over and over again until he finally agrees to fix her TV. He might not have testicles anymore, but at least Charlotte has cable again!

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When Mistress Charlotte finds some strange naked slave cleaning up her dungeon (and doing a -poor job of it), she has to teach the little intruder a lesson. With his balls completely exposed, Mistress Charlotte launches her boot right into the little sack, causing the man the hunch over in pain. And just as he catches his breath, she lands another brutal boot to his balls, causing severe pain to shoot through his body. He apologizes immensely to the powerful woman, but all she really wants to hear is the sound of suffering coming from his mouth. So she delivers kick after kick to his crushed balls, leaving him a a painful, infertile mess.

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Trampelina is here to serve. Poor slave does anything for the Mistresses in the dungeon, being a doormat, a horse, anything that makes the Mistresses happy. But this time he has to serve a different way for the wicked Mistress Charlotte. She enjoys to fart straight on his face. She is so dominant that she can control even her farting and she enjoys punishing the worthless slaves with that. Trampelina suffers so much that calls her a "fart bitch" but he has no other option, he has to take it how Mistress Charlotte wants.

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Mistress Charlotte has noticed that Willy's behavious is spiraling out of control. So to teach him some obedience, she is going to train him like a little doggy. But Willy is a horny little doggy, and is trying to hump all of the other dogs at the park. So Mistress Charlotte uses her strong voice and powerful arms to subdue the horny little prick. She trains him to do all the proper doggy things, but he still seems to have a little of that sex drive in him. It looks like Mistress Charlotte is going to have to take him back to the dungeon and neuter him herself.

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Trampelina's habit of opening his big fat mouth in front of Mistresses is about to come back and bite him in the ass again. Mistress Charlotte doesn't want to hear a word out of Trampelina's mouth unless he is groaning in pain, or begging her to stop. She commands the pathetic slave to lay on his back while she stomps and tramples on his fragile body while wearing running shoes. She dances on the old man's weak body like he were a dance floor. She then jumps off of the couch onto his flattened chest and nearly breaks his ribs! On top of all the pain from the trampling, the rubber soles from the shoes are tearing his skin, which makes this punishment that much more terrible!

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Lady Domina and Mistress Charlotte are going to have a ball. It's a double dose of pleasure with bondage and tickle torture! The slave is bound at the wrists and ankles, to prevent any escape at all, no matter how he thrashes about. He begs for mercy as they attack him from both ends, digging their fingers into his flesh as he gasps for air and pleads for mercy. As he tries to squirm away from their cruel fingers, he just exposes his back and feet to more tickling! They go for every sensitive tickle zone imaginable and een torture him with a feather duster!

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Slave J might have ran out of his first session with a sack full of busted balls, but he has come by hoping that this time it will be a little less painful, and a little more sensual. But he has no idea where he is, this is a place of pain, not pleasure. Mistress Charlotte continues where she left off last session by delivering a devastating kick to his already bruised balls. He curls up in pain as Mistress Charlotte kicks him again and again - square in the sack. She chases him and his mashed balls around the room as he begs her to stop. But Mistress Charlotte loves watching him suffer, and loves knowing that his balls are now completely infertile.

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Usually it is this teacher who is giving the orders to his two hot students, but after he failed them on their last test, they are going to be the ones in control. The perv teacher is turned on as the cute girls take off his clothes, but his erection quickly drops as the girls begin to manhandle him. They wrap their strong legs around his fragile body and begin to squeeze the life out of him. His face goes beat red as Charlotte's legs squeeze tighter and tighter around his neck. They humiliate the perverted old man and sit on his face for what must seem like an eternity! The girls simply laugh as they suffocate him by sitting on his neck and chest, and he no longer has the strength to struggle. Today's lesson: never give the hot girls an 'F'.

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Willy must be the stupidest, ugliest, and oldest slave around. Our beautiful Mistresses poke fun at the pathetic old man as they humiliate him for his stupid actions. He looks like the class geek around these sexy Mistresses, so they taunt him and his fragile old body. He seems to be happy just getting the attention, but he must be too stupid to realize that they are laughing at him, not with him. He acts like their little pet as they order him to do ridiculous things - and he obeys them like the coward that he is. This is such a pathetic display of human decency, and Willy should be ashamed of himself for being such a tool.

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After hitting on one of his employees at the company picnic, LB is about to receive a painful lesson on how to treat his fellow workers. Charlotte tries to deal with his advances, but when he starts touching her she has had enough. She kicks her boss square in his sack, causing him to hunch over in pain. Her fury is unleashed as she kicks him again and again in his fragile area. He can barely stand as the pain shoots through his entire body, but that isn't stopping Charlotte from kicking him some more! She doesn't stop until he agrees to give her a raise and promotion, and the longer he holds out, the more pain he is forced to suffer!

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Silly Willy got it all right this time. He was enjoying himself alone in the dungeon when two Mistresses did catch him in his very important process. When they wanted to know what was he fantasysing while masturbating he told them - something what smells like fish, tastes like chicken. They weren't satisfied with his answer so forced him straight - his mind was full with picturing himself doing a little pussy licking. As we know, slaves are not permitted for anything like this, so he had to lick and suck something else for his sin, and on the top he had to take it in his little private own back pussy too. I can tell he was shocked...but still survived. And how perverted he is, I bet he liked it.

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Mistress Charlotte has a little gas building up in her stomach from all the Mexican and Indian food she ate today - but she definitely doesn't want all that raunchy gas to go to waste. So she calls in slave Rick for a little 'ass worship', but instead, all he gets is face-fulls of the nastiest odors he has ever smelt. He can barely breathe in the odor filled room, and even Mistress Charlotte has to plug her nose from time to time. She teases him with her lovely ass, but just as he thinks his tongue is about to enter it, she lets another filthy fart rip right in his mouth. I think Rick is going to be sick!

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Poor Trampelina is feeling sick because of some bad food that he ate. And because of this, the slightest foul odor is making him want to puke. Unfortunately for him, Mistress Charlotte must have ate some spicy food because she has got some major gas! She lays some hot farts right into Trampelina's mouth and he instantly begins to gag. The smell is nauseating for Trampelina, but Mistress Charlotte has got a lot more where that came from. She lays fart after fart on his nose and mouth as she clutches his head tightly against her ass. The farts are burning her asshole as they are released, and each one is getting Trampelina closer to puking. She enjoy watching him suffer as he swallows the foul odor, and continues to force out the stinky farts from her ass.

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Trampelina has been away in Mongolia for a long time now, and while on his trip he got to spend a lot of 'quality time' with the local livestock. So Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Jaguar want to see how much he learned from his four-legged friends. They throw him to the ground and force him to give them horsey rides around the room. His bony arms struggle under the weight of his sexy Mistresses, but he manages to keep them up. But he is so weak and pathetic that his arms quickly begin to wobble, and when they both hop on his back they begin to give out. It seems as though all of this vacation time he had has made him weaker than ever before, so Mistress Charlotte and Jaguar are going to have to work him very hard to get him back into shape - or else he will be completely useless.

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