And here we are again, Silly Willy is entertaining three Mistresses at the same time. He's been spanked, whipped, and as an exhibitionists sissy slut nothing can be worse for him than physical pain. And nothing can be better than being naked in front of beautiful women, showing up for her, entertaining them. The humiliation doesn't bather him at all, even likes it. Happily dancing, singing, role playing them and doesn't care the mean cruel words they say. Finally the Mistresses realize humiliation doesn't have any effects on him, so they try something else. They fart on his face, after each other, all the three. Well, he still kept himself and was quite alive after Charlotte and Emani farted on his face, but when Big Vita shoot he just simply couldn't take that. He was out.

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Little Pet has been bad again. Mistress Charlotte told him to clean the dungeon, and sure enough, he didn’t – forgetting the cardinal rule: Don’t cross her. Little Pet, standing naked, exposed, shrinks away at the approach of her imposing figure. Towering over him, Mistress Charlotte begins deliver lethal kicks. Little Pet has the nerve to attempt to protect himself. Big mistake. Demanding respect, Mistress Charlotte punts him in his exposed, shrinking balls repeatedly. In truly pitiable fashion, he crosses and folds his legs like a little boy, terrified of what may come next. Surely, there is more pain to come, as everyone knows, when Mistress Charlotte asks you to do something, you do it.

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Charlotte can feel the crap inside her trying to get out, so she heads to the washroom before she explodes. When she gets in she discovers that she also has to change her tampon. So she takes it out and starts spreading her nice ass and takes a dump for us. It seems to be a real stinker too, even she doesn't want to be smelling it. But she manages to stick around long enough to crap a bit more out. Before she lets out a final log, she pee's for us. She then takes some toilet paper for that nice shit covered asshole of hers and takes off.

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Silly Willy really tries very hard to prove his devotion to the Mistresses in the dungeon. Unfortunately he's extremely limited minded when things come to showing up, he's just loosing his tiny little mind immediately. This time Mistress Charlotte is pissed off with him and gives him a nice traditional over the knee spanking. Although it's very early afternoon that is totally the beginning of the dungeon life as the Mistresses don't like getting up too early, Silly Willy's bum is already red like a rose, somebody already left her sign on it. This is the second treatment today and we know how hard Mistress Charlotte can spank even with her bare hands. Poor Willy suffers and promises not to dance around her again nude, showing up with his worthless cock movements. But who knows, how long can he keep his promise? He loves that too much...

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Although most of the time they're good friends, this time they just couldn't stand each other. Kerry did not want to be Charlotte's punching bag for her boxing workout and as we know she loves boxing more than anything. That really pissed her off and here we are now, the girls are in big body to body, muscle to muscle, power to power fight. We definitely were surprised seeing some brand new moves that we've never seen even from professionals. Well, amateurs can be very imaginative when they're pissed off enough.

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What a stupid slave. Laying down in the dungeon when he is supposed to be cleaning is a big no no, and Mistress Charlotte is going to make him pay - big time. She begins by kneeing him in his balls with such force even you will cringe. Each time she knees him seems to be harder and more brutal than the last. She isn't taking her time either, she just nails him with a flurry of knees, leaving him in an agonizing amount of pain. He screams out as her knee crushes him balls, but Mistress Charlotte enjoys his screams, and only makes her want to hit him harder. This slave can dash any hopes of procreating in his life, because after this ball-busting abuse, his testicles are going to be nothing more than decoration.

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So you're a leather lover eh? Then you will be just fine laying down at the feet of Mistress Charlotte in her big, black, leather boots. She teases you with the boot's extremely long heel, and tells you dirty things that she would do with it if you were here. You will feel like she is pressing the heavy boots right into your face, as you pretend to lick them up and down with your tongue. But you better do exactly what the Mistress says, or else you will never be this close to her boots again.

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Mistress Charlotte is totally pissed with the new slave Larry. Actually she just misunderstood him because Larry is so much submissive he would never hurt any Mistresses's feelings. Unfortunately doesn't matter the insult was real or not, Mistress is always right and the slave always has to pay. Even if Mistress Charlotte wouldn't be strong he should surround but in this case the overpowering is real. Charlotte is not only muscular and fit but on the top of that she has special gun too, she can provide the sorry ass slave with seriously powerful stinky farts. As many times as she wants, she always in control of that. And no slave around her can avoid that because she just loves to fart on their face.

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Stupid slave, how dare he ask for a blow job from him gorgeous mistress. She will play with his dick, but maybe not how he imagined. He was expecting her to pleasure him, but what he is about to receive is very far from pleasurable. Beautiful Mistress Charlotte pulls out her whip and smacks his tiny erect penis around until it turns beat red. I do not think he will be playing with his pathetic little penis after this brutal beating. Serves him right for asking his mighty mistress for a blow job.

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This is a clip of Mistress Charlotte's origin. This clip shows that she was born to be a Mistress, as even in catholic school her Principle couldn't keep her in line. He tries his best to reprimand her for smoking in class but she has no respect for this pathetic little worm of a teacher. He is so pathetic, being ordered around by one of his students. As you can see Mistress Charlotte has been a supreme master of domination since her youth. Who else but this goddess could make a grown man, a respected authority figure crumble to his knees? She degrades him by making him suck on her dirty heels like little filthy cocks and he obeys, with only a quiet plea for her to stop. This video was from when she was much younger, so you can only imagine how much more powerful she has grown as a Mistress since then. No one disobeys Mistress Charlotte.

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So you love pretty little feet eh? Well how about feet that have been exercising all day and sitting in those rank dank socks? Too gross for you? Well too bad. Charlotte removes her stinky shoes from her slippery feet and slides off her smelly socks for you to enjoy. You will be so close to her feet that you could swear you can smell them. She moves her toes around in her silky smooth pantyhose and rubs her aching feet with her hands. You will drool as she dangles her raunchy feet in front of your eyes. They will be so close to your face that you can taste them - but you aren't so lucky. You are just going to have to enjoy her hot feet from your chair and like it.

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If LB thinks that he can ask one of his beautiful employees out on a date, he is severely wrong. Charlotte wants nothing to do with her perverted boss, and lets him know it by busting his balls with a number of violent kicks that land square on his nut sack. He winces in pain as her pointy shoes jab his once plump balls, causing him to fall to the ground in severe pain. She cracks his balls open like an egg and scrambles them with a flurry of devastating kicks. This is the closest one can get to be casturized without having their member removed.

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Little Mei-Mei had a taste of using and abusing male and she wants to go farther this time. Mistress Charlotte is very helpful and shows her how to do proper trampling, explaining everything in details. Although the ladies are not really large size, Mistress Charlotte is very talented in being mean and they hurt a lot poor Trampelina. The little one is a good student and even recommends new tricks, like she's jumping on Charlotte's back and they step on his skinny bony body together, doubling the weight. She's definitely a quick learner, she has the talent for female domination in spite of her size.

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Little doggie Jesse has got himself in quite a situation. He was being a bad puppy in the dungeon so now he has to be collared and trained by Mistress Charlotte and Goddess Aphrodite. He is a horribly trained doggie. In the middle of being walked he sniffed Mistress Charlotte's ass and now he is in for it. Both her and Goddess Aphrodite continually punish him with farting on his face until he can take no more. Then he has for sure learned his lesson. Once he has been restrained they teach him how to roll over and then laugh at his weird doggie cock and balls. Finally once he has been put through his paces they put him to bed in the corner and leave him in his kennel to sleep.

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Pantyhose has never looked so beautiful. Mistress Charlotte's long beautiful legs look so smooth and shiny in her dark pantyhose, and she just can't help but show them off to you. She rubs her hand up and down her long legs, and even stands up and shows you her lovely curves. She spreads her legs and shows off her lovely ass in the tight-fitting pantyhose as you drool all over your keyboard. I predict a sticky mess in your near future.

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One of the roommates is out of her mind, lives in her dream world and hoping to become a world famous professional dancer. To straight up her sick mind Veronica and Katrina decided to spank her ass, hopefully she can wake up. So, they spanked her and something weird happened. She came to her senses so much that she actually returned the spanking with enjoyment. But after another argument they spanked her back again, and so fort. If you like F/F spanking with pretty girls, this clip is for you.

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