Worship Bratty Randy

Worship Bratty Randy

Worship the tips of my toes, all the way up to the top of my statuesque body..
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Leather Ass Worship

I went to Hollywood yesterday and bought some tiny black leather shorts. They look so good on my juicy ass. You need to worship it properly...on your knees. Bury your face in my ass-crack.

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Nasty Foreskin

Sarah and I are mixing drinks for the three of us, and we're feeling maybe giving you a real treat..a double blow job! We help you pull down your pants and pull out your cock...and we see you're not circumcised! We're so grossed out that we laugh at you and make fun of your ugly cock. But you can't help getting hard anyway...and we make you jack it off, and then we get grossed out when you shoot your load..

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Leather Ass Worship

I went to Hollywood yesterday and bought some tiny black leather shorts. They look so good on my juicy ass. You need to worship it properly...on your knees. Bury your face in my ass-crack.

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Worship My Backdoor

Check me out on the cover of Back Door Honeys....and you know they put me there for a reason. I'm an anal goddess....check out my jeweled butt-plug! I need to have my ass and my pretty pink butthole properly worshipped. I want you to get hard staring at it, and imagining sticking your tongue in it. Then I want you to jerk it till you cum....all over my perfect ass!

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Worship the Boss Goddess

I'm the boss...I rule your world. I'm a Goddess and I demand a lot! I need you to worship me...from my toes on up. And that includes every part of feet, my legs, my ass, my belly, my armpits and my hair. All need to be properly worshipped, and if you value your job, that's what you'll do!

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Bratty Randy is Sexy in Panties

You're pathetic and you want to sniff my panties...Go on, take a look, drive yourself crazy. I love teasing losers like you with my sexy body...and I know you love my white panties...they're so so tight, they give me a wedgie. If you're a good boy, I might let you cum...see if you can last till the end of the clip.

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Chastity Challenge

You made a bet for a million $ that you could remain celibate for 40 days! Not even being able to masturbate for so long makes you extra weak and horny. It's day 39 and you are one hour away from winning your bet....
What a silly bet to make! What you find out though, is that I've bet against you. If I make you cum, I make a billion $!! I start stripping and teasing you, making it harder and harder for you to resist my sexy body. Do you think you can make it? hahaha.....

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My New Cuckold

It's our wedding night, and you wake up groggy and tied to the bed...I slipped a little something in your drink and took advantage of you. Now, as your new wife, I'm entitled to do whatever I want. I'm not interested in you, all I want is your money. I'm nice and decide to give you the last hand-job you're ever going to get. I make you cum in my panties and then stuff them in your mouth. Husbands are to be seen, not heard. Then I leave you like a loser, while I go to the bar and find a real man to fuck- and use your money to buy everyone drinks!

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Caught With Your Pants Down

Haha! You're so busted! Sarah and I totally caught you butt naked and playing with your little cock. We have some fun teasing you with our sexy bodies, stripping down to our thong bikinis and showing you some prime, tan, California ass. Go ahead and finish what you started...stroke that little cock while we tease and make fun of you!

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Making Fun of Your Fat Ass

Sarah and I love to make fun of fatties like you....We catch you in the kitchen and start making fun of your disgusting bulging belly that hangs over and hides your little weenie. You probably haven't even been able to see your cock in 10 years! YUCK!

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Ass Slave

You're my ass slave, my ass bitch...and your job is to worship my ass. I need you to bury your face in my ass crack, and stick your tongue as far up my ass as it can go! And you don't get to cum till I tell you to. My pink, perfect, puckered asshole is waiting for you...don't make me wait!

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You're My Human Ashtray

I love to slip a 120 cigarette in between my lips and light it up, inhaling clouds of smoke while you watch. After blowing lots of smoke in your face, I make you my human ashtray and ash in your mouth over and over. I even spit on you too! Finishing my cigarette I put it out on your tongue, and re-apply my lip gloss.

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Ass Boy

As my slave you are doing a horrible job doing my laundry! I just found out that you ruined a pair of my favorite jeans! First I smother you by sitting on your face, then I pull down my jeans, make you kiss my ass, put your nose in my ass crack and suck on my thong! I see that you get a little boner, so I give you a cum count down, make you cum on the floor, then leave you to clean it up like a little pathetic loser ;)

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Time To Jerk It

I know you love to jerk off every me. Look at my sexy body and do what I tell you to do. I own your cock and you need to jerk it while you stare at me...your goddess. I like it when you do that. It turns me pull out your hard cock and cum for me.

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I Own Your Dick

I own your learn to masturbate the way I want you to....

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