Mysteria meets Nico,The Bull for the second time in Roma 2007 for some hard competitive wrestling. /SD

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Mysteria and Emma Switch, two angels with deadly legs as their session victim said, are having fun and show the guy what it's like to be scissored by two strong ladies. There's a lot of head scissors in different positions and plenty of chokes too.

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Today is hot summer Sunday.... the gym is closed, so Mysteria must do her light workout at home. She uses only a rubber, light dumbbells and kettlebell, but she sweats a lot after a few minutes. Would you like to worship her sweaty muscles, armpits, legs and butt?

Custom video: fitness sweaty workout, black bikini

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Squeezing your head is good game. Yeah! For Mysteria it's fun. But is it fun for you? You will feel helpless under her hard ass...There will be no space to take a breath. She will squeeze your head between her strong muscular legs. No possible escape...She will play with you and enjoy herself. What is your only option? Tap in time, otherwise she will put you to sleep.

Custom video featuring: face sitting, ass smothering, reverse figure4 and reverse head scissors.

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Competitive submission wrestling match / June 2017 - New York / between Mysteria and Veve Lane.
Mysteria: 5'5, 158lbs - powerlifter, bodybuilder
Veve: 5'4, 125lbs - submission wrestler
Mysteria's strength, power and muscle meet Veve's maneuvering skills and submission arsenal. A vigorous and athletic match. Tight holds, impressive transitions, hard-fought, dynamic.
20 min match + opening and closing comments, victory posing.

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Competitive submission wrestling match / June 2017 - New York / between Mysteria and Venom.
Mysteria: 5'5, 158lbs - powerlifter, bodybuilder
Venom: 5'5. 154lbs - BJJ brown belt
Mysteria has strength, power and a good wrestling instinct. Venom has composure, a high pain tolerance, and years of formal BJJ training. Throughout the match, the ladies trap each other with and attempt to work free from tenacious and prolonged holds, including headlock, back grab, closed guard, leg entanglement trap.
20 min match + opening and closing comments, victory posing.

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He is sitting on the bed facing the camera while you walk back and forth in front of him (really close to the camera) telling him that he has to do what you say and respect your strength. Then you stop in front of the camera and tell him to worship your muscles. You pose, facing the camera and away, and he rubs and caresses your muscles. Then you face the camera and sit on his lap, with your legs wide open while you are between his legs. You keep posing and he keeps worshipping your muscles. Then he slowly pulls your shoulders down and now you are laying backward on top of him. You start grinding your butt on his crotch while he is still caressing your body and muscles, and he gets more turned on and starts grinding up against you. He then wraps his arms around you and rolls on top of you, grinding you while your stomach is on the bed. You then tell him how you are finally going to teach him a lesson. You two start to wrestle until you end up on top of him (your feet are facing the camera) and try to grapevine him, telling him who is stronger...The wrestling then becomes more sensual and you two roll out of camera frame.

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The camera is mounted sideways along a wall. You walk into the camera view and you start talking aloud about how your slave has done a bad job cleaning a spot on the wall. While you are talking you are moving sensually, bending over, being naturally sexy (like you are). Your slave then comes into view behind you, and while you try to show him what is wrong, he "accidentally" bumps into you, grinding his crotch against your butt. You try to push him away, but he is too horny and starts grinding you hard against the wall. You push back against him and manage to put his back against the wall, but he keeps you in a squeeze. This goes back and forth like this, moving closer to the camera, until you push back against him and you two go out of camera view (but we still hear you wrestling). When you come back into frame, you are facing each other still close to the camera, and he is still trying to grind you, but you are too strong, so you end up locking up tightly to him and spin him against the wall. This keeps up with the two of you wrestling and grinding each other against the wall, moving toward and away from the camera. You making a comment about being stronger than he is, and how he should remember that. You finally end up getting him into a hold and he slides to the floor and you wrestle out of the camera.
Outfit: black bra, white leggings and leather boots

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Mysteria dressed in sexy fishnet outfit uses her muscles to totally dominate big 100 kg guy. She lifts him piggyback and over the shoulders and squats with him - he can not believe how strong she is! She pins him to the floor and puts him in painful holds but she can also switch from evil to sensual in a split second. She then throws him on the bed and continues the domination with head scissors, facesitting, trampling, ball stomping and squeezing. She finishes by flexing her strong biceps in triumph!

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Mysteria meets Emma in Brussels for a competitive wrestling match. Who will win? Mysteria's power or Emma's speed?

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Mysteria and Emma Switch in bondage wrestling...Who will be tied up?

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Short wrestling match with grapevine, armlock , headlock and submissions. Who will win?

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Mysteria is shooting a posing and flexing video clip in the park. She has the feeling that somebody is watching her, she turns around as if she hears something. She then turns back to continue posing and suddenly she is attacked by a masked guy. He puts her in a full nelson from behind, but she escapes the hold and puts him into a hold instead. He submits and they start entwined rolling back and forth. She flexes her muscles as she straddles him, and he starts worshiping her muscles, but then he gropes her in a way she does'n like and she gets angry and wrestles him and the two of them start rolling again. After a while she straddles him and starts posing and he starts worshiping her again. This time she doesn't stop him and then the rolling begins again, this time more sensual...

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Spidergirl returns home after a night out and finds a burglar in her bedroom. A big surprise for the burglar! She overpowers him and gives him a good beating. He gets a hard kick to his balls and punches to his body and face. She wrestles him and pins him to the floor and makes him remove his trousers. Suddenly he is a small, weak guy in pantyhose. Spidergirl can do whatever she likes with him, he doesn't stand a chance against her power....

HD - 1280x720p

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Kevin, a big fan of spandex fantasy wrestling, comes for a session with Mysteria.


Villainess Jane is in trouble, she is tied up on the floor screaming for help. But The Green Lantern is here! He sets her free and he is surprised how sexy and muscular Jane is. Very soon he realizes that this was a big mistake. She shows him her power but she doesn't want to hurt him, only to play with him like a cat with a mouse! He gets trapped in Jane's head and body scissors, then she facesits, smothers and teases him...

HD 1280x720p

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Hi! Could you make a video in which you are showing your powerful legs and squeezing Snickers between your muscled glutes and legs? With the sound, no music, so there will be possible to hear the sound of crushing Snickers.

HD 1280x720p

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