Victorian Spanking and Erotica

Victorian Spanking and Erotica

Take my hand, let me take you to your seat in our elegant Victorian Theatre. We have all the modern things, even gas light, and with our plush red velvet seats it will be easy to unwind. So sit down, we have lots of private booths with a show just for you. I am your girl for the night, let me put my hand in here, and help you, man or woman I don't mind at all, let me caress you until you are satisfied...


Two Victorian Mistresses and One Male Servant.

Lady Charlotte and Lady Marie run the big Old English Mansion since poor Daddy departed this earth. They run a strict household and the maids get regular spankings. The Houseman has to retire, so they set a new man on, explaining at the interview that they will use corporal punishment on him if required. he soon tastes their brand of discipline. First he is spanked by each in turn on the bare. Then together, a cheek each, and finally stripped naked he gets a taste of the heavy hairbrush.

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A maid gets the hairbrush on the bare bottom from Mistress.

Today we are going to see a very naughty maid, Fae get caught by her Mistress as she goes through her private belongings. Just sit and watch as I help you relax.

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Mistress and Maid Reversal

Well, this is exciting for you. You have seen our submissive maids use wooden dildos, be fucked by strap-ons, be spanked, birched and all sorts of decadent things. But today, you see a Mistress ask her maid to spank her, and tickle her bottom with a soft little brush. So come along, Amber has told me what her Mistress has asked for, but what she does not know about is the little spy hole in the painting on Mistress's wall. Lets go and see what happens! So you look through whilst I see to you. If you are a woman I can finger your juicy wetness until you cum, if you are a man, let me pull your foresking back and forth, gently but fast until you spurt on my cumly face...

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Obedience training ~ crawling

Hello again, nice to see you back. I have another treat for you today, another peephole. So we will miss the masturbation booths, go past the theater and slip up the dark corridor again. Charlotte is training Amber, and I love to see her do it, she is quite gentle but very persuasive. I slide back the little cover and you look in...shhhh don't let them hear us. If you are a woman I lower your bloomers and slide down the wall to rest between your legs, let me lick that wet clitty as you watch. If you are a man, I do the same but suck and swallow.

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Victorian Tickling and a light spanking with a small brush!

Hello again, how nice that you keep coming back to see us. Today we are going to a masturbation booth, take my hand, we are going to booth six today ::warm smile::
Lady Charlotte Elizabeth has one of her favourites with her today, Amber. You sit and watch as she undresses her, puts her collar on, and ties her on a chair. Here she gently plays with her gorgeous bottom, using a very soft little brush, and smacking it too.
So if you are a lady, let me lower your bloomers and do the same to you as you watch, I have a similar brush, and will play with your pussy for ages. If you are a man, let me stroke it's length with it, and then wank it for you.

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Fae Rides Neddy ~ part two

We settle back into our seats in the grand old Victorian theater, for the second half of the show. Our thirst quenched.
I wonder if she will do more with the little horse? I hope so, I'm sure I saw a great big purple cock for the prisoner to ride, I bet it fits on the horse don't you? I hope she spanks her as she rides it again, maybe even crop her bottom, I love that sound don't you?
The lights dim, couples snuggle up close once more, men with men, women with women, and men with women...hands stray up thighs, pussies are opened to fingers and engorged cocks slip out into eager hands...lets watch and cum again shall we?

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Fae Rides Neddy ~ part One

We are not going to one of the 'entertainment booths' today, nor are we going to a peep hole. We are off to the theater, our very own grand and glorious one, called The Inveigle.
We are going to see a performance by Charlotte and Fae. They are going to show what we all know happens in our Victorian women's prisons. You see, if a girl wants a better time of it 'inside', she can have one. You see, the Govenor has a special arrangement with some 'Ladies Societies' in Soho. If a girl is willing to become a sex slave to a 'well to do' Lady, she will be moved up to the top floor, where the wardens look after them and work is light.
So you will see lady Charlotte Elizabeth meet prisoner 081151 Corbin for the first time, she has to do ANYTHING her new Mistress says! Watch her eyes widen as her Mistress gets her implements ready, especially a little wooden horse.
If you are a woman, let me lower your bloomers and play with that wet little clitty as you watch. If you are a man, let me release him, and rub some oil on for you. It tastes lovely, so I will suck it all off too!

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Meet our Mistress

Hello again...
::smiles a knowing naughty smile, reaches for your hand and leads you down a candle lit corridor::
We are going to booth four today, and you will meet my Mistress. Lady Maria, she's lovely.
You will meet Charlotte again, and another maid Amy. When this starts you will see them just after a little spanking, their bare bottoms on show. They were caught trying on Mistresses jewels, so she made them face each other, bent over a little stool and spanked them on the bare...listen carefully to what they whisper to each other... and see where it leads them!
Now then, if you are a man, get your manhood out and let me wank it nice and slow with this oil all over it. If you are a lady ::smiles:: then let me use this. I take out a long rubber oiled dildo.
Now watch the show, relax, and enjoy.

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The Peephole

Ohhh it's you again :o) I am getting to like you a lot! We are not going to one of the booths today. Follow me!
You follow me down some dimly lit corridors running between the rooms, shhhh, be very quiet, these corridors are to the spy-holes. Ahhh here we are, now look through there whilst I give your private quarters the attention they need. If you are a woman, I lift your skirts and lower your bloomers, and standing behind you I open your legs and begin to play, it you are a man, I sink to my knees and take your manhood into my mouth.
You look through, and see Charlotte, one of the girls you saw get a jolly good spanking off of Master in video number two. She has sneaked in to her Mistresses room to use her wooden dildo as she replays the spanking in her mind.
The dildo was purchased specifically for this video, it is an authentic Victorian Dildo, see it slide in and out of Charlotte's wet slit to satisfy her wanton need, all the way to orgasm.

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The Master of the House punishes Charlotte and Amber

Hello again, nice to see you, have you seen one of our main shows yet? On the Inveigle stage? Oh you must, you really must, they have trapeze and everything!!
Anyway, enough of that, I'll tell you more of them later, come on, follow me, today we are going to booth number two.
You have just met Charlotte and Amber in the previous private show, let's meet them again.
Oh they have been very silly, their Master is nearly always kind, but they do let him down sometimes. He went to the horse fair, but the bridge was down, so all he could do was turn back. He walked into the house to find nothing done,and of his some wine drunk too!
He spanks them both hard on the bare with his hand and sends them into the main hallway to stand on show, but they fall out with another maid who laughed at them, and slapped her! So it was upstairs for a dose of the slipper.
You watch their bloomers slide down and their rumps go red, whilst I attend to your need....oh my my! You are ready aren't you!
If you are female, let me slide your bloomers down and slip my fingers into your wetness, if you are a man, let me get your manhood in my soft gentle hand and...oooooh mmmmm.

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Two Naughty Maids with a love of Spanking

Hello ::warm friendly smile:: I'm ever so glad you have found us, follow me, we'll go to booth number one. Here you will see two girls, Charlotte and Amber, who are maids at a huge house called 'The Inveigle'. Their Master and Mistresses use corporal punishment to keep their girls in line. This is something the girls have grown to love and need. The maids have had a busy day, Charlotte is waiting for her friend. You watch, as they unwind and spank each other! Now let me slide my hand in here for you, as you look and listen, oh my! You are ready aren't you?

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