Uk Ladies Punish

Uk ladies give out punishment to deserving males.


The Cane From Jessica Pressley

Jessica Pressley canes the males backside leaving it very striped and sore.

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Jessica Pressley Whips And Spanks

The gorgeous Miss Jessica Pressley gives the male some much needed punishment as she whips and spanks his bottom.

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Miss Nikita Painful Caning

Miss Nikita gives the male a caning that he will never forget. Stroke after stroke is applied to his bottom by the cruel Miss Nikita who doesnt show him any mercy throughout the caning which leaves the males bum in a real mess.
Full Movie

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Miss Loki Winters

Miss Loki Winters gives the male an inverted spanking. The male lies on his back with his legs raised thus exposing his bottom perfectly for Loki to give it a spanking with her hand and wooden hairbrush..

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Over Leggy Carla's Knee

Miss Carla has long legs that are perfect for the male to drape himself over and then receive a spanking. Miss Carla does like to spank the back of the thighs as well as the bottom.

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Caning From Miss Carla

Miss Carla likes to see a males backside dance to the tune of her cane. As each stroke she delivers leaves a fresh mark on his backside she smiles knowing how much the caning is hurting.

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Nikita Gives A Severe Caning

Miss Nikita gives a severe caning that leaves the males bottom in a bit of a mess.

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Spanking From Miss Cala

Miss Carla gives the male an otk spanking with her hand and then a wooden hairbrush.

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Over Miss Nikitas Knee

The male is ordered over Miss Nikita's knee and then his backside is given a real roasting with the wooden hairbrush. Miss Nikita uses both sides of the brush and soon has the males backside the colour she wants it.

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