UK FemDom Empire

UK FemDom Empire

I am Mistress Sarah Jessica. A cruel and sensual Scottish Domina that enjoys manipulating, frustrating and inflicting pain on men for My enjoyment. My beauty will captivate you and I enjoy using My body to lure you in to My dark thoughts I have waiting for you.
Watch Myself and My fellow Mistress friends torture and humiliate Our slaves in Our very own UK FemDom empire.


The ballbusting audition

This slaves dream is to become Myself and Fetish Liza's new ballbusting slave. Ofcourse We need to test him out first and see if he's upto our standards. It's clear this slave needs a lot of work to be granted such a position so we decide to put him through his paces and have a little fun. How long can he last with each leather boot banging against his balls? Does he make the cut to become Our new toy or is he left in a heap n the floor?

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Husband/sissyslut training

Part 1

My husband has always been odd but little does he know, I secretly enjoy seeing him so pathetic and I fully encourage it. It gives me so much more control and he's funny to laugh at and humiliate. He DID have a good job until I found out that he got the sack. When was he going to tell me this? How is he going to fund My lifestyle now?

I have plenty of ideas...

Since he doesn't hide the fact he enjoys dressing in Ladies clothing and wearing my expensive makeup I thought he'd have a great time being out on loan and working his arse hard to provide me with what I need. First I need to start training him - Anal training and some cock sucking lessons.

If he's good at the end of all this I will permit him to orgasm. Baring in mind he's not cum in weeks I think it's going to be a lot to clean up...

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Heads and Tails

Miss Kitty and I are bored and require some entertainment before we head out. We bring our slaves in for some forced bi fun making them both practice cock sucking and ass licking in the 69 position.

Completely ashamed and humiliated at how slutty their Mistresses have made act We of course have other things up Our sleeves to degrade them further.

Watch "The anal Intrusion" to see the same slaves fucked with Our strapon

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Two machines = One Orgasm

Miss Sarah and Mistress Nikki have left their slave attached to the fucking and milking machine which is strong enough to make him hard but not strong enough to make him cum. Being on the edge for so long makes this slave so desperate to cum.

The Mistresses take this opportunity to make it even more difficult for him by teasing him with their breasts and verbally degrading him as he's tied legs apart, unable to move. This helps in the process of his suffering post orgasm torture...

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The breast Tease

Mistress is in her office and is feeling in a rather horny mood. She decides to tease you with her gorgeous, round breasts. She ignores you for a little while giving you the instruction to keep your head down but you can't stop watching her touch herself.

Mistress gives you the privilege of licking her hard nipples and leaves your cock very hard leaving you frustrated as she continues reading her book. Mistress makes it clear that this is the closest you'll get and that she can't wait to get home to a man that can fuck Her properly.

She continues ignoring you as you sit in the corner with some added heel and leg worship

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Our heel and leather gimp boy

Taking a break in the lounge Fetish Liza and Mistress Sarah use their slave as a foot stool. They decide they want their heels cleaned before continuing to deal with their other 3 slaves waiting in the next room.

They give the instruction this slave must use his tongue firmly to make sure their gorgeous expensive heels are spotless. It's quite clear that this slut is getting aroused by how thick his cock has become so they decide to treat him by ordering him to clean their leather clad body's too.

What a lucky slave...

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Losers treat

Mistress makes a home movie just for you lucky slaves. Mistress wants to keep you frustrated until the very end when she counts you down to an orgasm you'll be licking up.

It's quite easy for Mistress to tease you given that you're such a breast slut. Playing with Her beautifully formed breasts that her slave paid for only makes Her want slaves like you to worship them even more.

She makes you lick her nipples until they're hard before counting you down to orgasm with your pathetic little cock between her gorgeous round tits. Are you going to clean your Goddess's body up?

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The anal Intrusion

Two slaves get anally destroyed in this anal play packed clip featuring Miss Kitty. Humiliated by our strapons and fucked to a degrading level one is made to ride a suction dildo attached to the floor. These two slaves are the perfect source of entertainment. Perfect usable sluts

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Let's get the party started

The Ladies move into the kitchen at a party to get away from Matthews prowling eyes only to be followed into the kitchen.

He fancies Us and wants attention so that's exactly what we gave him...

They give him more than he bargained for by coaxing him to strip naked, making him think he had scored lucky. Unfortunately for him his balls were attended to in another sort of way, a way that he wasn't expecting.

You will LOVE this clip if you enjoy hardcore ball busting

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