FemDomFilms Trampling

FemDomFilms Trampling

Dominant women trampling men under foot. Wearing boots, stiletto shoes or just their gorgeous naked feet


The Hunteress Stiletto Trampling

I’m the Hunteress and I’m wearing my fully fashioned stockings and high stiletto heeled black shoes. My shoes are ideal for slave trampling. I’ve got my slave in inflatable bondage. I undo the zip the back, exposing his back and ass for my cruel attention. I step on his back and stick my sharp high heels into his flesh, walking up and down and jabbing him with each step I take. The proper place for a slave is as my door mat, suffering underneath my stiletto heels. Reaching down I thrash his back with my riding crop

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Mistress Chatterley - Slave R Tied and Trampled

I’ve locked my worthless slave R in a cage. Now I want to amuse myself with him, so I send my lesbian slave girl Cherry to collect him for me. She orders him out of the cage and, mounting his back, rides him into my presence where I’m relaxing with a drink and a cigarette. Slave you are privileged! You may kiss my shiny black PVC shoes. While he is obeying me Cherry has fun trampling on his hand. Getting up I put the slave in a hog tie, securely roping his hands and feet together behind his back, while Cherry jabs her high black PVC shoes into his back

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Lady Bellatrix - Trampling Part 1

I'm the beautiful Lady Bellatrix and men are my inferiors - they are a sub species. I walk into my bedroom and see that these two unworthy specimens are actually daring to lie on my bed. "What the hell are you two doing on my bed?!! "Well now for some aversion therapy but first for some teasing. I stand astride them asking them if they want my pussy. Of course they do! But no way are they going to get it. Instead I spit into their mouths and tread on their cocks. Then I trample on their unworthy bodies while making them tell me that I'm the boss and I shove my dirty stockinged feet in their mouths. I bust their balls and slap and spit in their faces and then have another trampling session while forcing them to say "Lady Bellatrix is the boss "These two male idiots now understand that there's a heavy price to pay for annoying me

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Lady Bellatrix - Trampling Part 2

I'm the beautiful Lady Bellatrix and men are my inferiors - they are a sub species. I've caught these two worthless male slaves lying on my bed and I've been punishing them. I ask them if they're going to fuck up again? No Mistress they say. I sit down on Ben Dover's head and grind my pussy into his face. "What's it smell like?" "Fantastic Mistress""You want some of that Slavid?" I stand over him rubbing my pussy. "Yes Mistress". "Do you think you deserve it?" "No Mistress. "Well you're right, you don't" I catch Ben Dover feeling his cock and spit and trample on it. "That's what I think of your cock"I walk over and sit on Slavid's face. "I'm going to smother you" and I fuck his nose while tormenting his nipples. The sound effects are very funny and the sensation isn't bad either! I get on top of them and have a final trampling game of "Who Is Your Superior?" Lady Bellatrix" Somehow I think I enjoy the game rather more than they do

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Mistress Tiffany naylor - Trampling

I’m the beautiful and very sexy Mistress Tiffany Naylor and I’m wearing my fabulous thigh high shiny boots. Just the thing for some slave trampling I think. I order my slave onto his back on the floor. He’s got a stonking great erection. I prod his erection with my booted foot and then crush it beneath my sole. That is what I think of male erections - particularly when they don’t ask me first before getting them! I trample on his face while he licks the sole of my boot and squish his cock between my boots. Jerk that cock slave - jerk it off for Mistress. He comes all over my boots. Now lick them clean. He obediently cleans his disgusting gooey cum off my boots with his tongue.

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