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Cheri A Little Spit

Cheri is adorable when she shows me her spit. She makes spit bubbles and lets you see it all over her tongue. But first she does a strip tease and you get to see her naked hard body....Cheri is tight...

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Best of Winter 2013

There is a little something I put together, it is of the work that I shot in the winter of 2013.
We start off with Mystic. Her huge mouth and tongue make striking shots, she is gorgeous.
Next we shot with Violet her long slender tongue looks really hot when it extends all the way out and of course there is Constance who loves to lick balls
with that long tongue.
Then there is Lulu and Summer who do a little girl girl kissing.
It's all fabulous. Don't miss this,it's for your collection.
This is your friendly neighborhood webmaster signing off.
Over and out.

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Joanna My Mouth Is Yours

There has never been another model like Joanna. She is the epitome of the girl
next door. She is gorgeous, has an athletic body and a huge mouth and tongue.
She wants you to see it and cum for her. Right down her throat. She is totally
nude and at the end, you get a total treat. She is from heaven.

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Bobbi Wide Open

What an exceptional display by Bobbi
Her long tongue catches some whipped cream and she swishes and swallows.
Mouth open wide, her tongue long and smooth seeks to please. A mouthful of
honey soothes and lubes. Her tongue is slick and ready.

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Hunter "See My Ice Cream"

Hunter was hungry during the shoot, so she took a break. She eats her desert first Well here she is eating a cup of ice cream.Thats all fine..but when she opens her mouth wide to show you the!! its like a whole country in there..its huge! You can see the ice cream stuck to the roof of her mouth and then you can see bubbles in the back of her throat when she opens it...its way cool...

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The Pixies "Tongue Waggers"

Aimee, Sarah G, Tiffany, Janira, Tandra,
Bella, Maria, Briella, Cookie, Kim, Alaska, Bobbi, Luna
Violet, Alexa, Nixon, Johannie, Brandy, Ava and Jada
show you their wag style. Can you handle it?

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Aimee "Sucking Practice"

Aimee bathes the big rubber cock with spit. She licks and lubes it. To see her lips stretched and tongue twirling a sight to behold.
Aimee aims to please. Do
you love her?

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Alice "Honey Fer My Tummy"

Alice starts off with some strawberry preserves. She gets some in her mouth and makes her tongue all sweet. Her tongue is one of the wonders of the world. She then sticks her long pointy tongue into a pile of honey. It makes her tongue golden and sticky. She is a natural showoff and she wiggles her tongue around and then swallows the golden goo. Her tongue now clean, she sticks it out like a good girl..

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Aimee "My Whopper"

Just finished a shoot with new model Aimee.
When she stuck out her tongue, I nearly fell off my chair.
She has a whopper. Here it is in living color.
Aimee wiggles that whopper and we are having a very good day.

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