The gloved tickler

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The Hotel gloves tickler

Julie Simone likes to tickle guys. She goes from hotel room to hotel room wearing a red satin blouse, red opera length satin gloves and a black skirt. When she finds a guys sleeping on his bed she uses her special rag to make sure he won't wake up. Once her victim is heavily sedated she puts him in a hogtie and gag him. She then starts tickling him all over and especially under his feet. She does this until her victim is totally out of breath. She then leaves, leaving him hogtied and struggling on the bed

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Surrender the code

Julie Simone wearing elbow length shiny gloves is forcing glovedsub to sit on a chair. She then ties up his arms over his head and ties his torso to the chair. She then starts asking him for the code to the safe. She uses tickling to force the code out of him. After some severe tickling under his arms he gives her a code and she went to try it. Wrong code, now she's mad and increases her tickling torment. He gives her another code and this time it is the right one. But she's not finished with him and tickles him more before leaving him tied up on the chair.

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Tickled for a laugh

Mistress Sugah has her pet sub IT tied down on the day bed, She's wearing skeleton gloves, her OTK boots. She's bored because no one is laughing anymore so she decides to tickle IT in order to get him laughing and to make her laugh too. So she starts by using a tickler on his helpless body. She also uses her gloved fingers. Once she has him laughing and she's laughing at his predicament she leaves him tied up.

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Glovedsub tickled with leather gloves

Glovedsub is tied up on the bed. Shemale Vanessa_Fetish wearing some fetish clothes, leather gloves and pvc knee boots. She starts tickling glovedsub. She especially goes for his feet. Glovedsub is very ticklish there. After the tickling session she leaves him tied up on the bed.

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Hogtied and tickled by Vanessa

Shemale Mistress Vanessa has glovedsub hogtied on the bed. She uses her white satin gloves to tickle him all over. From his feet to his ribs. He tries to resist but he can't escape her hogtie. She doesn't stop until she goes out for a cigarette

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Mistress Hellkitty tickling torment

Mistress Hellkitty wearing OTK PVC boots and red satin gloves teases glovedsub with another satin gloves. She gags him with the gloves and then proceed to tickle him. He's tied up on the bed. She tickles him all over but concentrates on his feet. He pleads for her to stop but she's relentless. He's laughing so much that he actually peed in his underwear. Finally she threatens to get other girls to tickle him even more.

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Tickled in the hood

Glovedsub is tied to the cross and is wearing a severe leather hood. Mistress Sugah is wearing satin gloves, leather top, shiny leggings and otk leather boots.
She starts tickling glovedsub using a tickler under his arms and on his sides. She also uses her gloved fingers. He can't escape her tormenting. She tuens him around on the cross and resumes her tickling. She sit beside his leg and when he's not expecting it she grabs his feet and starts tickling it. She then repeats it on the other side. Glovedsub is powerless against her.

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Stretched and tickled

Glovedsub is tied securely on the stretching table. Mistress Sugah puts on some red satin gloves. She starts tickling him on his stomach and on his tighs. She then moves to his feet using a tickler and bird feather fan. After tormenting him for a few minutes she then moves his hand to the cross behind his head to have better access to his under arms. She then tickle him under the arms and back to his feet. Glovedsub is suffering from a cold so his laughter is rough. But nothing stops Mistress Sugah.

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Tickle Interrogation

Glovedsub is tied to the cross. Mistress Sugah needs to find some money that he stashed away. She is using tickling in order to obtain the information. She uses a tickler and alo her leather gloved fingers. She tickles is armpits, sides and eventually his feet. He finally surrenders the information when he can't take it anymore.

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Tickled in a zentai

Shemale Mistress Vanessa_Fetish is wearing a black PVC outfit with red PVC gloves. Glovedsub is wearing a zentai (catsuit) and knee boots. His arms are tied up.
Mistress Vanessa starts tickling glovedsub balls and stomach. She then removes his boots Once the boots are off she has a filed day tickling his feet. She then goes back to his sides and torso. She keeps him laughing like crazy. She finally handgags him to calm him down.

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Tickle tormented in a hogtie

Glovedsub is hogtied on the bed Vanessa Fetish is wearing a white blouse with white satin gloves. She's also wearing a black corset, black slacks and PVC boots. She climbs on the bed and starts to tickle glovedsub. She especially goes to town on his feet even through his socks but also tickles him under his arms and his back.

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Tied up and tickled interrogation

Glovedsub is tied and blindfolded on the bed. Mistress Sugah wearing her leather opera gloves and otk boots needs to get information from him. She starts to tickle him under his arms and then moves to his torso and stomach. She also tickles his feet. She also uses a wartenburg wheel. She cranks up the torment by using a hair bruch to tickles his feet. Once he gives her the information he falls asleep and she leaves him tied up..

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Mistress Sugah tickling glovedsub

Mistress Sugah has tied glovedsub securely to the bondage bed. She's wearing a leather bustier, fishnets, over the knee leather boots and long red and black leather gloves. She test how ticklish glovedsub is by starting under his arms. Once she knows she tickles his armpits, his stomach and tighs. She then moves towards the end of the bed and starts on his feet. She has glovedsub trying to move his feet away but he can't. Once he's going nuts she goes back to his torso and has him giggling out of control. She then gets a hair brush. After brushing her hair she decides to use it on his feet. He's totally at her mercy and begs for her to stop. Poor him, she's having to much fun. Finally she leaves him tied up on the bed.

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Tickled by Commander Sugah

Commander Sugah has glovedsub tied up on the stretching table. She uses different instrumenst to tickle him. She used the tickler, some feathers, her satin gloves all over his body but especially on his feet. She also uses a hairbrush on his feet.

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Goddess Starla Tickling glovedsub

Goddess Starla has tied glovedsub to her bondage bed and has blindfolded him. She uses her long opera gloves to tickle him silly. Glovedsub is very ticklish and squeals a lot. She also handgags and caresses him with her gloves before doing more tickling. Goddess Starla is also wearing OTK boots and uses them to restrain him at one point.

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