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Eaten Alive

So my tiny little man, we've had a lot of fun together and I've trained you well to satisfy me, but there's still something I need that you've yet to give me. What If I were to tell you that you and I could be together always and that you and I could become one forever and ever? And that all you have to to do for this to happen is give yourself to me in the most deeply profound way imaginable. Doesn't that sound like a delicious idea? I'm going to consume you. I'm going to have you willingly climb up onto my chin and sacrifice yourself for me. Of course I could just snatch you up and eat you regardless of how you feel about it, I've done it to many shrunken men before you, but I want this time to be special. I want an extreme display of your obedience and my domination of you. I want you to choose to slide down my throat and be churned up and painfully absorbed in my beautiful but deadly stomach. Your skin will burn and you will be blinded by the acids. The muscles of my digestive tract will slowly squeeze, twist and crush you. Your suffering will be intense but in the end it will be so completely worth every agonizing second to you...because you will have made the ultimate sacrifice to your will nourish me...and we will be one forever more. ****contains many excellent digestion scenes****

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Slowly Crushed In My Shoe

You've really fucked up this time. You see I'm not your average giantess. I wont just use you as a sex toy or eat or stomp you. I'm very sadistic, very cruel and when I get my hands on you you can bet that it's going to feel like the longest night of your life. Because when I've got a hold of your tiny ass I am going to torture you slowly, over and over again. This time I will use one of my favorite techniques fro dispensing misery. I will slip your shrunken little ass between the sole of my giant foot and my sexy stiletto high heel shoe. I like to leave just enough of you sticking out so that I can watch your arms flail and enjoy the anguished look of suffering on your face. The I take my time increasing the weight I put on your frail body. Crush a little, stop, crush a little stop, again and again and again. Why do such a thing you wonder? Why am I such a monster? I do this because I am a sexual sadist. To be aroused and eventually satisfied I need to have complete control over another person. I need to be able to control him and to break him, emotionally, mentally and physically. Just explaining what I'm going to do to you is making me extremely excited. There is a reason I slipped out of my sexy black dress to do this. I want you to experience my beautiful hard tanned body. I want to see desire in your eyes as I destroy you...because after all, this is a sexual encounter for me. I will cum, and all you have to do to assist me is d!e in an excruciatingly painful manner.

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You Cum You Shrink And Your Finished

Alright motherfucker, I have you chained up, duct tapped and completely helpless, So now what am I gonna do with you? Here's the deal...I'm gonna take your disgusting stinky cock in my hand. I'm going to caress it, stroke it and rub it. It's going to feel utterly amazing. However, no matter how good it feels. No matter how arousing feeling my hands all over your pathetic dick feels, you're not allowed to cum. Why you ask? Because I want to torture you. i want to tease you. I want to make you're balls ache. And here's the worst part for much as you're going to enjoy wonderful as it cum, you shrink, you ! Yes, that's right...I own your little ass and I'm going to suck the life right out of you one pump at a time. By the end you're going to be nothing but a quivering, squirming, little worm. And we all know what happens to worms right? they get fucking smashed! I'm not a kind nor gentle giantess. I truly dislike shrunken men. They anger me. They infuriate me. I thoroughly enjoy hurting them mentally, physically and sexually. What can I say? it's what I do...I'm an evil giantess ;)

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Fucked With Her Pink Shoes

Do you love my pretty little shoes? What is it that you love about them most? Is it the steep arch? The long pointy heels? Is it the girly pink bows? Perhaps the way my perfect toes peek out at you. Or is it the beautiful feet they're on, that are attached to these long tanned legs that tower over you? Oh there's no doubt that all of these things help make you hard, but we both know what you love most about my pretty pink's the way I expertly use them to stroke your cock that makes your heart skip a beat. When I press down on you with the sole of one of these shoes you're going to beg for more. And when I start to work my shoe up and down your shaft you're going think you've died and gone to heaven. How long do you think you're going to be able to gaze up at me while you fuck my little pink shoes? You can try to last of you want but I can't.

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White Shoes Make You Cum

You love my white heels don't you...I can tell because the minute I stepped onto this little perch of yours you started to throb and get hard just from having them so close to your cock. I haven't even began to touch you yet and your still so turned on you could burst! What if I give it just a little flick with the toe of my shoe? Will that feel good? And what if I gently drag the the point of my heel across it, starting at the base and moving slowly all the way to the tip? Would that help get it hard enough for me to have some fun with? Because for what I like to do I need it to be solid under the sole as I press down and start to slide my shoe across it. I need it to be rock hard so that it hurts a little as it bends under my weight. I guess you could say I like to add a splash of pain when I mix my pleasure cocktail. But that's okay, because I think you like receiving a little roughness just as much as I like serving it up. I know this because I can hear your breathing getting heavier and the little moans that come out of you as I increase the pressure and put more of my weight on your cock. All the while stroking rhythmically, back and forth, back and forth...and I will not stop until me and my lil' white heels have made you cum like it's your first time...and then beg for more.

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Hot Blonde Shoejob

Each of my legs measure 44 inches from hip to toe and in my black stiletto heels I'm 6 feet 3 inches tall. Can you imagine being laid out in your back, cock helpless and exposed, with all of this awesomeness towering over over you? Can you picture what it would be like to watch as these gorgeous stocking clad feet in sexy black high heels begin to toy with you, sliding against you, gently stepping on you? Do you think it would be pure ecstasy to see the strong muscles of my toned legs flex and contract as I slide the sole of my shoes across your shaft again and again? Well you don't have to imagine it anymore because tonight your cock is all mine and these shoes, feet and legs are going to work it over like it's never been worked over before. And as I watch you shudder and sigh with pleasure my fingers are going to find there way down the front of my tight little panties...and I'm going to touch myself as I watch what I do to you. Your cock belongs to me tonight, and I'm going to do whatever I want with it...and you're going to love every second of it.

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Your Last Strip Tease

You like to creep and sneak and watch me don't you? I see you from time to time, peeking around the corner while I bathe or watching me when I'm in bed, pleasuring myself. I bet you would give anything to stand at my feet and watch as I slowly take off my clothes. Come now, you know it's true, you know that being able to jerkoff while you watch me slowly slide my little shorts down my long smooth legs is not something you could refuse no matter what the cost. And you can't deny that letting you stand between my high heels as I look down at you and seductively peel off my bra and my panties until finally I tower above you naked and immense while slowly turning allowing you to examine my beautiful giantess body...that is worth giving up everything for wouldn't you say? So that is the price my tiny admirer, your life. You will get what you desire so badly, to enjoy me in all my full unclothed sexiness until you cum, and I get crush you beneath my pretty shoe. I can't help nut notice that you're not running away...somehow I knew you wouldn't.

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