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This guy has been tested for upper body tickling before and found extremely ticklish. He always refused being tickled on his feet. These two girls were very aggressive to know why is that. Finally he admitted his most ticklish spots are on his feet that he couldn't take at all. I have no clue how, what did they promise him, but finally he agreed being a foot tickle victim, the only thing he wouldn't let them tickle his bare feet just in his socks. That was fine with the girls and did not mind those socks at all, they wanted to tickle his very sensitive feet at any price. Well, he was right, his feet tickling session almost killed him.

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Renee has got Ricky tied up because he has some pretty dirty feet that are in need of a cleaning. Looks like Renee is the only one brave enough to take on the task, and it's not going to be an easy one. She needs all sorts of tools the get Ricky's feet in good shape, tooth brush, hair brush, duster, the list goes on, but all those tools are too much for Ricky to handle. Ricky is so ticklish, it's no wonder he didn't clean them before.

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Lover Boy tries to convince Evan that his feet aren't ticklish, but Evan has to find out for himself. It does not take too long before Evan discovers that LB was lying, because as soon as his fingers make contact with his feet, LB is sent into a laughing frenzy! He tries to kick Evan's hands away, but Evan just pins them down and continues to force suffering upon his victim. LB's face cringes as Evan tickles in between his toes and cries out for help, but no one is going to hear him from where he is. The tickling soon becomes too much for LB and he tries to bribe Evan into stopping the torture. But Evan is enjoying watching his friend squirm too much, and will not quit until his fingers need a break!

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Jessy drops by Aaron's house after kick boxing at the gym. He hopes by making his feet all stinky and sweaty that it might stop Aaron from wanting to give him a tickling. Needles to say Aaron could care less, he might complain about how gross Jessy's feet are but it won't stop him from tickling him till he gets his fill. Jessy tries to talk his way out of it but it will take a lot more then words and stinky feet to get Aaron's hands to stop.

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Rick has been a real asshole to Lydia lately and she is not going to stand for it any longer. She has tied up the big burly man and is about to unleash a terrible foot torture on him. She viciously tickles his feet and toes without mercy. He tries to contain his laughter, but her titillating touch becomes too much for him handle and he is quickly begging for mercy. As sweat begins to form on his face, he desperately struggles to break free of the restraints. But Lydia has tied him up nice and tight, which will allow her to watch his agonizing expressions with great pleasure. I don't think Rick will be calling Lydia a fat ass anytime soon after this brutal torture!

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Bunny ate all of Dave's cereal. What an inconsiderate whore! Dave's going to teach her what happens to girls who eat their boyfriend's cereal and leave them hungry. They get tickled so hard, so long, so mercilessly that the tears stream down their cheeks like the River Nile during the flooding season. Their frazzled minds cannot take the torture and they turn into wandering, schizophrenics bums who wander the street, still twitching from the viscous tickling the received. Beware cereal thiefs, beware!

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B-star loves tickling the feet of new victims, but this guy swears he is not ticklish. He is so confident that B-star will not be able to make him laugh that they bet on it. B-star begins tickling his feet and it seems as though he can hold back his laughter pretty well. But when B-star finds his secret spots, he can not hold back the laughter anymore, and he bursts at the seams! And even though B-star has won the bet, she continues tickling her poor victim with fierce. He though he was such a strong man that could take anything, but little B-star was able to bring him out of his shell and make him suffer!

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Sally and Pierre have come to the conclusion that Maya is the messiest roommate and needs to be punished. So they arm themselves with the ultimate tickle tool - electric toothbrushes! Maya suffers unimaginable pain as the two brushes scrape across the bottoms of her feet and shoot between her toes. She laughs uncontrollably as they tickle harder and faster, and she even begins to have trouble breathing! She tries to beg them to stop, but they are simply enjoying themselves too much now. Hell, they have probably forgotten why they are tickling her by now!

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Being a traveling salesman can render some very unique experiences, but never has Jamie been through something like this! Rick has taken him upstairs where he has tied him to a ladder, removed his socks, and has begun tickling Jamie's feet without mercy! Jamie laughs and screams as Rick tickle him fiendishly without remorse. His big hands viscously tickle his toes, heels, and soles, as Jamie tries to kick his way free. But Rick is just too strong, and is able to hold him down as he tickles him relentlessly. Jamie's laughter is beginning to hurt him, but thats just what Rick likes to see. The tickling is torturous, and it might just be enough to get Jamie to consider a different profession!

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Kandi really loves tickling her friend Stan, but she has always focused her tickling on his body and belly button - now it's his feet's turn. She slips his socks off and tickles them with a mixture of soft, gentle touching, and firm deep rubbing. Stan screams like a little girl as he squirms around on the floor, and his begging for mercy simply go ignored. Kandi really loves watching him squirm in pain, and does her best to make him suffer as much as she can. In this case, Kandi isn't so sweet.

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Roommates Stanley and Jose catch Ava using their foot bath. The nerve of this girl! For punishment they shackle her ankles and go to work on those ginormous feet of hers, tickling and tickling until she can't take it any more. Oh she begs for them to stop, but they are not happy to have their foot bath soiled with a woman's big feet. Only when she promises to replace their bath do they leave her to consider her wrong-doing.

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Brad was so stupid that he put his red shorts in the laundry with Christopher's whites. Christopher's going to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. He ties him up and attacks his feet with no mercy. Brad squeals like a pig on his way to the butcher, shaking and trembling, doing everything in his power to get away from his Christopher's vicious nails. Maybe he'll be more careful with the laundry next time.

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Initiations are sometimes an awkward and crazy thing - Paul has just moved in with his new roommate Bunny and now he's going to find out how she'll settling him in! With his feet tied tightly and hands behind his back she dives into his tender naked feet like she's digging for gold. Her little fingers must feel like tiny weed wackes, as she works between his sensitive toes! She has a way with loosening up new roommates until they're completely spent and melting like jello.

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Paul is about to get tortured by what he thought was his good pal Brad. But Brad shows no signs of friendship as he squirts 'tickle cream' all over Paul's feet and begins tickling him intensely. Paul is freaking out as Brad's fingers rub his slippery feet, and he really goes crazy as Brad slides his fingers between his vulnerable toes. The sweat pours from Paul's face as he shakes and squirms, but no amount of sweat will stop Brad from watching his poor victim suffer. Brad is relentless as he digs his fingers into his Paul's feet, and the lotion is making everything worse. Poor Paul, I don't think Brad is ever going to stop!

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Jose is just all talk and no man - Hearing his screams and cries will make you feel like you were being tortured as well. So now he's been hogtied by Jamesy and with Elsa's help they're going to try and teach him a lesson about running off his big, loud, blabber mouth. The little guy giggles and squeals like some insane hyena as they both tickle his little feet. It's terrible to hear but it's something you can't put aside, it's scary.

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Well Jarvis has finally caught up with Megan. He has her helpless, tied up at the feet and hands and he's back for revenge. Jarvis beings by rubbing lotion all over her feet, it's icy cold on Megan's foot and she can hardly contain herself, but Jarvis is just getting started. He's gonna start tickling with his little fingernails, Megan screams for help and begs him to stop, her cries are muffled by her non-stop laughter. Jarvis loves it, he's finally getting at her back for good and there is nothing she can do to get away. Will Jarvis ever stop?!

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