Pretty girls are tickle tortured from head to toe.



He is one of the greatest tickler I've ever seen. He starts slowly and step by step heats up the atmosphere...and the girls. He enjoys it so much as a musician playing on the greatest instrument. He loves tickling the girls, only the girls. He takes charge and dominates the situation, gently, softly, sensually ... but still he's the Master.

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Sometimes something comes up in the last minute for the models and they just can't come for the shoots. That day exactly that happened, when all the others showed up. We needed the clips, so we took anybody available for modeling. Lucky we were, Rick did not come alone - he brought his girlfriend with him. Although she did not want to participate, somehow she still did it. Here we go, enjoy.

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They could be WORLD CHAMPIONS in this category, they did so good job. Chinadoll has been tickled before but she was so little compering to the other girls that they felt sorry for her and did not go with full force. This time she's the biggest girl in the team, so they definitely don't feel sorry for her. And maybe they knew as well the sweet spots too, because the otherwise moderated Chinadoll this time laugh and screamed so lout like a little puppy in big trouble. The big question is now, who's next after this? She'll tickle them to death for sure.

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Jesse likes what he sees. A beautiful woman tied helpless to a staircase, with armpits and ribs exposed for the tickling! His fingers waste no time in getting her to scream and squirm as he presses into her deep muscle tissue. She can barely breathe when he discovers her secret spots, and her laughter gets completely out of control! There is nothing she can do to defend herself against this tickle monster but to try an endure the terrible tickling that he is inflicting. It must be Jesse's lucky day!

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And here we are again with the Oriental Tickle Unit, but this time the target is tiny little Mei-Mei. First they tickled her upper body, not leaving out even a little spot. Actually it was really easy tickling that tiny body everywhere, especially for two girls. Little Mei-Mei just screamed mostly and got tired from that soon. It must be very burdensome for her little body. When they finished her upper part, then they started to tickle those unbelievably small feet. They didn't want to attack her immediately so strongly, for that reason in the beginning they just used some feather duster and very soft brush-like tickle tool.....well, she went crazy even from those. That little girl truly suffered.

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Zoe is helpless, and that's just how Paul likes it. He has incredible finger strength and is not afraid to use it. He digs and pokes her sensitive ribs with force, and she cries out in pain. She begs him to stop, but watching her squirm and scream is just too funny! He digs deeper and deeper into her sides, and tickles so hard that she must be bruising. He is absolutely relentless as he focuses on her most sensitive areas, and does not stop until he is completely satisfied with his work - and that takes awhile!

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Somehow we didn't have the time with The Oriental Tickle Unit for tickling Sadako, Unfortunately they never could make it at the same time, so other people had to tickle her to restore order and doing justice for the victimized Chinadoll and Mei-Mei. So here we are, Sadako went trough the tickle ordeal from head to toe. Also there was a twisted idea of Charlotte to tickle her tiny little feet in nylons. Well, she didn't like it at all, was her turn.

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Stan always loves tickling unsuspecting victims, and unfortunately for her, Bunny's time has come. He gets her in a position that completely exposes her armpits and stomach, making it open season for some intense tickling. He uses his firm fingers to jiggle her upper torso, causing uncontrollable laughter to spew out from her mouth. His fingers dig deep into her ribs and stomach, and Mikael can do nothing but watch and laugh. But don't let her laughter fool you, she wants out of this tickle torture very badly, as she is getting quite sore from the deep tickling and hysteric laughter. All she can do is hope Stan's fingers get tired soon, or else it could be a long day!

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Emani is an extremely ticklish girl, although she's never been into the tickle scene. This is from the very beginning time period of her tickle victim carrier. That time the victims actually don't really know what will happen to them when they're fully tied with no escape and sometimes the experience gets over their limits, too much. Just see poor Emani how many times she cried out for help, calling her Mom. Yes, that's true. Begging for mercy is a regular thing, but calling for Mommy?! Very peculiar.....but actually very nice.

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Slimey Jonah snuck a drug into Mei-Mei's drink to knock her out so he could tie her up. He is angry about the last time she took advantage of his helpless state after she found him tied to the pole at his house. Now when she awakes he lets her know just what his plans are for her. He has a secret weapon though, he talked to all of her ex-boyfriends and now he knows all of her most ticklish spots. He starts off tickling her ankles, and then the back of her legs. Then he gets to the worst part, tickling her tiny sensitive bum. He is so much bigger than her that only his finger tips can fit on her little bum. Then he goes in for the , torturing her ribs with deep muscle tickling. She really gets it bad. She should never have called him dumb, and definitely shouldn't have tickled him so bad last time.

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