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❤ Latex Stupid

There you go again STUPID, not understanding why or how I dominate you so flawlessly and swiftly. Regardless of how and or why I tell you upfront, you just find yourself enjoying the attention I give you, talking down on you and allowing you to worship me in my sexy wet latex *giggle

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Latex next level 2

Level two is increased pressure so blatantly expressed of your task and place of position. No one has EVER said no to cleaning my boots. You are just about finished while stuck in this position of no return. Just prepare your ass for destination 3!

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Latex next level 1

I'm guiding you into the next level of domination submission and servitude. My boots are your GOD, now fucking lick them as you contemplate on buying me more!

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Latex hard work

I absolutely love this part of my EASY lifestyle where you punch in a clock to work hard at making my way of life easy. A stupid pathetic maggot like you does not even deserve pay. It all belongs to me as I show you where your money is spent ha ha!

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Latex give it all

I am so into him giving it ALL. There's simply something about weather he does or does not, I still get what I want and DESERVE. Understand your role, your purpose ...

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Latex how many times

Just how many times am I going to command that you lick my shiny latex thigh high boots? Well as many times as I damn well please. They are so perfect and I love them SO, you will clean them with the utmost perfection because I said so.

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Eat Drink Fetish

Enjoying myself to a healthy vegan wrap sandwich and a red glass of fine wine. MeokBang style. You are influenced to get yourself a glass and experience the intoxicating feeling.

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Black cock experiance

Watching my hands go up and across this enormous cock, so black, erect & tasty to the pallet. You want noting more than to suck and be fucked by this GOD Phallus.

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4th July sexiness

Latex4julyc: My sexy legs walking back and forth all the round while my mind strays away from the fireworks.

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4th July tease

Latex4julyb: Now its time to get those ridiculous red, white & blue colors out your pee brain and focus back to ME! I am your celebration pig..

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4th July reparations

Latex4july: So you're celebrating this perceived glorious holiday your forefathers left behind for you to honor. Well, I'm here to burst that bubble whiteboi. You will...

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Femdom Desire lll

Latex desire lll: Shiny and tight with a rich pop of red to make you drool more and more for me. I play your emotions like a fiddle as each and every time you surrender.

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Femdom Desire ll

Latex desire: The addiction continues, as my vibrant pop of red against my dominant black wet attire grants you no choice but to PAY up ...

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Femdom Desire l

Latex desire: It never stops, I'm mean we all know you are very wise enough to keep all your focus on ME when its the most effective way in maintaining my attention. There are no other false gods before me.

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Dom Perignon financial nails

Now, IMAGINE my sparkly effervescent glamour nails tapping against the beautiful bottle of chilled bubbly champagne you purchased for my fabulous lifestyle. That's right, you want nothing more than the best for GODDESS PRINCESS SIMONE.

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Human atm domination

Latex humanatm: My money is here! Counting it in my pretty palms. You are now my narcissisticTOOL. Be proud of yourself.

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