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Denim & pumps body worship

Tight blue jeans with a pair of sexy high heels. Just look at my casual look I wore today. Always hot while on the go. Beautiful ethnic natural lips....KISS!

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Domme Digital Dollars

You beg so eagerly as you wait. The waiting increases your anxiety as more time accumulates. I take my time treating you like a puppy on the otherside of the door as you send my money at my feet. Hurry your ass up and do it again. I dont like waiting.....

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Domme Degradation

Imagine being pulled back and forth all because the power of my shiny latex. Well, thats exactly whats happening to you. There shall be no other gods before me as I am your religion. Now pray to GODDESS..

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Latex Ownership

You are mine! Why because I said so. As I clearly elaborate on how I control the way I take ownership over your retched soul, your mom is so beneath me in not understanding how a black domme dominates her son. Ha!

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Latex Cocksucker 2

You're asshole now belongs to me as I couldn't care less about how you feel. I pull my big phallus out and remind you who's in control as there's nothing you can do about it. You thank me and that's all that there is to it.

Category: Strapon    Duration: 03:18    Format: MOV    File Size: 627 MB    Clip ID: 54152

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Latex slick legs

My sleek shiny legs does the trick as I expose them so slender and long tall full of sexienss you cant resist!

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Latex future

Its a whole new year and guess what? You're going shopping! More more and more latex to torment your retched desires. That credit card now belongs to me as you are so eager to see me in my new latex attire at your expense!

Category: Latex    Duration: 03:17    Format: MOV    File Size: 624 MB    Clip ID: 54150

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Latex Skirt Flirt

My ass is made to be kiss and you were born to worship it. When it comes down to you being dominated, controlled and humiliated, I tease you with it in my hot tight wet attire. Just a little bit while verbally degrading you is all it takes!

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Latex Gothtique

Your continued journey is never a fantasy. This is about REAL domination, the power of mind intensity and emotional torture. You thought you could get away. You believed it was over until my dominance snapped its finger. Crawl bitch, and lick my boots....

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Latex Dom Time

Discipline is always key, it's a way of life and when you disobey me, your work increases. I hit the reset button on your pathetic existence as there's ever any escape to be set free. You are reminded what a little bitch you are and how you fit into my entertainment of male destruction. As I look down on you like the piece of S* that you are, you enjoy every minute of it!

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Elegant Neck Pearls Fetish

Worship my elegant ebony neck embellished with a string of classy pearls.

Category: Feminization    Duration: 10:06    Format: MOV    File Size: 2 GB    Clip ID: 54135

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Latex upskirt panties

GODDESS SIMONE teases you in her sexy dominatrix attire making your cock go wild and your mind into fuck mode. Go ahead fuckerrrrrrr stroke that cock as your balls are owned and under control only by me!

Category: Tease and Denial    Duration: 03:07    Format: MOV    File Size: 154 MB    Clip ID: 54128

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Meszrotic Cock

(((HYPN0TIX))) Now, IMAGINE because you've already gone past taking BIG BLACK COCKS on your pallet and up your ass, the feeling of intensifying it is 10xs wider and longer when the Pimpstress INSPIRES your new future plan to upgrade. You're in this for life as your contract in serving me will NEVER end.

This is the LIFESTYLE you are born to embrace as you are taken further down the path of DICK guzzling ANACONDA sizes. Why are you doing this to me GODDESS? BECAUSE I am heartless, selfish and obsessed for power AT YOUR EXPENSE. It is the only way and it is I who controls the direction of deciding where and what you do for ME!

Lavished in HIGH END jewelry and FURs, you consistently look at where all your hard money is spent, never grumbling nor complaining. You enjoy being my TOOL as I take, use and abuse in the recycling of your pathetic existence.

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Mental Domination suck cock

(((HYPN0TIX))) Now, IMAGINE just out of no where by the blink of your eyes you were under a spell unable to move your entire body. All you can do is see and hear as I began to put you further into a trance state. Deep down into your subconscious is the place you've never consciously explored as I delight myself in exploiting your weaknesses for BLACK COCK.

You never knew about how intense this journey would be until realizing how obsessed a FAT DICK would make you experience loving it passionately. Now's the time to embrace your destiny FAGGOT!

Category: Humiliation    Duration: 06:42    Format: MP4    File Size: 63 MB    Clip ID: 54126

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Trance Cock Discipline

(((HYPN0TIX))) Now, IMAGINE getting your ass beat with my leather whip just because the power of EBONY beauty compels you to take it. You are here in HELL taking on all my SATANIC mindfuck commands as you are highly influenced to obey and kneel to my powerful STRAPON.

The demons summon you to leave this world and lay yourself at my place in eternal submission of the abyss of gagging on COCKS forever. It's such a deep dark cold place here and there's no ice-water to quench your dick sucking labor. You will work hard for me and overtime as I consume expensive designer objects of my desire by it.

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Mindfuck Cock Pimpstress

(((HYPN0TIX))) Now, IMAGINE the feeling it gives you when I hit those cock sucking FAGGOT triggers that were already established in your brain. I am not about making you suck cock for me rather enhance the INTENSE cravings you so deeply yearn for.

Because you are seeking to belong to this OPULENT goddess who enjoys pimping the hell out of subjective DICK smokers, why on earth would I think about working when its your function to give me the finer things in life at your EXPENSE. You suck cock for me in exchange of maintaining my GLAMOROUS lifestyle and in returned you are owed NOTHING! You are so grateful to serve me with your slutty holes as I care nothing about where or how you get my cash. Just DO IT FAGGOT. Get my money by transferring your penis puckering skills out there in the world for me.

You're guided further into my trance BEDAZZLING voodoo visualizations to practice sucking big black cock at your BEST as I expect PERFECTION. You want nothing more than to race to the challenge in providing your worthiness. Pussy is no longer a desire designed for you after I am finished REPROGRAMMING your pathetic male-pig libido. GAY is the way and now you are the HUMAN-PUSSY to MY ADVANTAGE. .

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