Spoiled Bianca

Spoiled Bianca

Spoiled Bratty Goddess who will weaken you with ease!


Tiny Spy Gets Punished

I was laying on my bed doing my homework when I kept hearing weird noises. I looked around and found a tiny little spy watching me, how rude of you to spy without even asking first!! Even though I am mad I am delighted to take a break from my homework to make you smell my smelly sweat soaked socks. After I've had my fun with you I've worked up quite an appetite so I decide to have a little snack! YUMMY!

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My Legs Own Your Soul

You are completely powerless because my legs control every single bit of your entire being. You exist only alive to serve and worship my long perfect legs. You are a weak, addicted leg junkie who can never get enough.

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Stroke But Don't Cum

Pull out your cock for me and start stroking exactly as I tell you to. Your cock will throb with pleasure as my sensual voice dominates your every stroke. You'll be kept on edge the entire time stroking as your cock craves release more and more until finally you are denied. Silly boy, it's not like you deserve to cum and you know it!

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Celebrity Jeans

You're my favorite singer, I've been to all of your shows. Each time I try to get your attention so I can bring you back home and fuck you but with so many girls there it's been too hard. I found out you have a jeans fetish so I decided to wear my hot pink ones to get your attention... and it worked! You've come home with me after you show and you're ready to fuck me. It's not going to be that easy for you, I'm going to tease you with my perfect ass in my jeans, they fit so tight in all the right places.

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Evil Babysitter

You've made a huge mess in your diaper and you want me to clean it up.... AS IF! My perfect princess hands would never touch something so disgusting, GROSS! Eww you are so beneath me, I mean come on what is wrong with you? I'm just going to lock you in this room all by yourself so you can jerk your tiny little dick and get your hands messy from all the turds and piss!

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Surprise For Sugar Daddy

We've worked out a little arrangement for you to be my Sugar Daddy. You'll pay my college tuition, my car payment, etc. so that I can enjoy my life without the stress of worrying about money. You got so excited about it that you signed a contract without reading the fine print and now you're fucked! There's no way of getting out of this now, your money is MINE!

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Long Legged Goddess

You simply can't resist my long legs, they rule over you and your cock making you submit. Being down under them as I tower over you, teasing you is your favorite place to worship.

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Broke For My Breasts

Gorgeous, perfect, superior... these are the words that describe my perky breasts. I will own your cash and your cum just by teasing you with them. The more you stare and stroke the more mesmerized you become and the more money you will spend!

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Luscious Lips Mind Fuck

Listen to my words echo through your brain as you stare at my perfect pout. I glide my lip gloss over my soft lips as you begin to get weaker and weaker, fully submitting with each sweet kiss.

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Human Foot Bath

It's the wee hours of the morning and I just came in from the club. My feet are so disgusting and sweaty from dancing all night with my girlfriends. I don't need to take a shower when I have you to clean them nice and good. Make sure you lick in between each of my toes, up my arches and soles, I want all the dirty bacteria gone!

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What You'll Never Have

I know you'd love to have a woman like me, someone who is perfect in every single way. You'd love to be able to kiss, caress, and fuck me but that will NEVER happen. All you can do is sit back and watch me tease you will you jerk your pathetic cock.

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Fired For Having A Tiny Cock

You think you are coming into my office for your 6 month review, but I've got other plans. Your productivity levels at work are way down and I have no time for slackers. If you can't properly do your job I'll find someone that will. You're going to have a chance to redeem yourself, I want you to pull out your cock and fuck me if you want to keep your job. Go ahead pull it out.... OMG! Are you serious?! Your cock is that small?! Is this a joke? There's no way I'd ever fuck that tiny thing... YOU'RE FIRED!

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Financially Fucked Over

Are you ready to be financially fucked over one more time? How about brainwashed as well? Think you can handle this nice hard wallet thump while your brain turns to mush and I control your every thought? Purchase and watch only if you dare!

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I'm Calling Your Wife

You've come to me for a real time session and decided you would only bring $200 instead of the $500 I told you I wanted. This is not the first time you've tried to be a cheap ass and I've warned you that if it happened again there would be consequences! I've tied you up to a chair and gagged you, and now I'm going to call your Wife and tell her everything and demand she bring the rest of my money. If Wifey doesn't bail your loser ass out then I'll kick you out on the street naked so everyone can laugh at what a sick sad idiot you are.

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Luxury Legs

My legs are gorgeous, perfect, powerful, expensive.... I could go on and on about how great they are. You know the power they hold over your weak little mind, wallet and cock. You can't resist spending all of your hard earned money just to see my legs, they command you to drain your bank account dry and you do it without a second thought. You know being able to worship my perfect stems is a luxurious privilege that only those with money can afford so you'll do anything to keep the money coming in.

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