Lady Lunar - Goddess Of The Moon

Lady Lunar - Goddess Of The Moon



Worship my feet loser!

Time to get up close and personal with my feet! Sniff my sweaty aroma!

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Surrender, & Open your wallet!

You kneel before my feet after surrendering your wallet. You are mesmerized by how your hard earned cash is taken by your wonderful Princess Jenna. Don't be fooled thinking you have given me enough. You should know better that a Princess never has enough money from her little herd of piggies......

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Unworthy Panty Sniffer

Come a little closer and see what Mistress Jenna has to show you. Thats right little loser....a delicious fresh pair of rouge panties that I know turn you on so badly. Watch me tease you with them and peel them down my bare thighs and expose my juicy pussy. This goddess has dampened the gusset with her divine juices and wants to show you just how much she adores it when you sniff them with her. It is so naughty isnt it? You just want to put them over your face like me dont you. Join me with my smell fetish and panty sniffing whilst I am in a good mood. Nothing quite as erotic as watching a goddess sniff deeply into her own dirty knickers all because it gets you hard

Category: Panties    Duration: 04:43    Format: WMV    File Size: 152 MB    Clip ID: 25856

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Pure Hatred Irritation Trilogy

Lap this up losers 3 parts of humiliation just for you! Can you handle it or are you just a crybaby like your face tells me you are? Watch this superb trilogy and see if I give a damn about you any less than I do right now.
Part 1
I use you to let off steam as I go about my business and even though I pay you a little attention you have to take it too far don't you and abuse goddess' trust. You should be grateful for even being allowed to worship me from afar, let alone in the same room as me.
Part 2
You are the epitome of pointless. I hate the air that you breathe and the mere thought of you. Such a pathetic loser, you are truly an addict to my abusive torments.
Part 3
As each moment passes my irritation towards you intensifies. I make no mistakes in whom I select to hurl my abuse towards. You just happened to be another moron loser cunt in a long line of desperate morons just begging to spend some of my precious time on them.

Category: Humiliation    Duration: 20:38    Format: WMV    File Size: 629 MB    Clip ID: 25859

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The only Lap Dance your Goddess will ever allow you!

Imagine yourself being sat below me, the only chance you will ever have to have a lap dance from a Goddess like me!

Category: Goddess Worship    Duration: 05:24    Format: WMV    File Size: 191 MB    Clip ID: 25854

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Don't Stare at the Hair! I Love YOUR Money!

You stand there in a gaze of awe as Princess Jenna Brooke-Benjamin you finally have the opportunity to to withdraw your gift to her. She truly empty's your account..... Try to help yourself and "Don't Stare at the Hair!"

Category: Financial Domination    Duration: 04:42    Format: WMV    File Size: 237 MB    Clip ID: 25858

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Loser Cash Piggy

You are such a useless, pathetic Loser and I don't mind telling you what I think of your worthless piggy self. Do yourself a favor just buy this clip!

Category: Financial Domination    Duration: 03:33    Format: MP4    File Size: 148 MB    Clip ID: 25860

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Silent Loser!

A moron like you can only worship my finger as I give you the LOSER sign! You don't deserve any words from a bitchy princess like me! Kneel and know your place moron

Category: Humiliation    Duration: 02:09    Format: MP4    File Size: 91 MB    Clip ID: 25862

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Worship My Boots Loser

A moron like you can only worship my finger as I give you the LOSER sign! You don't deserve any words from a bitchy princess like me! Kneel and know your place moron

Category: POV Humiliation    Duration: 02:48    Format: MP4    File Size: 113 MB    Clip ID: 25863

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Piggie Training

Piggy Sqeal 101 - You are just sat there money in hand waiting for instruction. walk over to Princess Jenna and give her the money. Its true I am only ever going to tease you whilst you are in your training stages of being that dream piggy for me and you deserve nothing from me.

Category: Financial Domination    Duration: 06:14    Format: WMV    File Size: 469 MB    Clip ID: 25864

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JUICY LIPSMACKING KISS TEASE VIDEO!! I torture you with my teeth licking and lip drooling and spitting... succumb to my binaural beats that induce masturabtion in theis unusal Jerk off instruction addiction video

Category: Lip Fetish    Duration: 06:54    Format: MP4    File Size: 254 MB    Clip ID: 25865

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Tit Wank Tease 3 clips in one!

Think I give a crap what you think? I never gave you permission to wank over my tits. You are a worthless little worm, good for nothing, now empty your wallet and crawl back into that hole where you belong! Buy this fucking clip loser!

Category: Goddess Worship    Duration: 06:42    Format: WMV    File Size: 231 MB    Clip ID: 25855

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