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Facesitters In Heat Volume 11 01 Clip 03

Mistress Alexis Texas uses her slave as a piece of human furniture to grind her pussy and shake her ass. His absolute obedience allows her to treat him as a less than human object. On the bed, her slave is cuffed and eager to please, Alexis facesits him, bouncing her fleshy ass cheeks on his head. She smothers him under her sweaty pussy, and side-saddle facesits him with intensity. “Trying to crack your head like a nut,” she says as she bucks on his face. She demands he keep his tongue out so she can ride it, and begins plunging it into her ass and pussy. Despite her indifference for the dehumanized slave, he manages to triumphantly bring her to climax.

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Facesitters In Heat Volume 11 02 Clip 02

Mistress Phoenix Marie has her pathetic slave leashed and waiting on the bed. She batters him with relentless slapping and whipping with the leash at the smallest perceived offense, destroying what little of his self-esteem remains. She slams her pussy down hard on his mouth and is infuriated when he dares try to breathe without her consent. She bounces on him hard, facesitting him intensely, hitting him when he makes the slightest groan of pain. His gasping and cringing only make her more crazy for ass worshiping. She makes him work his tongue into her asshole. Makes him tell her how much he loves her ass. She makes him plead, and beg to lick her ass. She commands him to worship her ass, while lying with it up in the air. No matter how frantically he sucks her hole, she finds him inadequate. When too much of his saliva drips onto her, she punishes him ruthlessly, stuffing her fingers, then her toes down his throat. Despite his utter incompetence, this worthless slave still manages to give his Mistress a stellar orgasm!

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New Jack Facesitter 02 Clip 02

Nude facesetting begins as Mistress Jamie Elle brings in her slave, unlike other Mistresses, Jamie Elle is all about the ass! This slave isn’t worthy of her pussy. “Bury that tongue in my tight little asshole,” she orders, and he quickly obeys. She makes her slave stroke his cock, ordering that he get hard for her “You want me to sit on your cock, don’t you? You want my asshole sliding up and down your shaft?” she asks sweetly. “Yes, please, ma’am,” her slave begs. “NO!” she shouts as she drops her ass hard on his face. She cheerfully jiggles and grinds her ass all over his face, makes him stick his tongue out as far as he can so she can tease it with her asshole. She slaps his dick as she makes him kiss her ass. She slides her ass on his face and she strokes her clit on it until she has an huge orgasm. Then she permits her slave to get himself off. He squirts out such a huge load, it lands in her hair. Infuriated she says,“You’re a bad boy! That’s the last time you get to lick my ass!", her stupid slave pleads at her as she storms off.

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The Facesitter Next Door 02 Clip 03

Mistress Sinnamon Love pulls her Slave into the living room by his leash. She teases him mercilessly before kneeling on the couch and forcing his head into her ass. She orders him to clean her asshole with his tongue and he happily obeys. She yanks his leash, smothering him between her cheeks. She sends him to the floor and sits on his face, full weight. Satisfied by his gasping sounds, she proceeds to tit smother him. Then she mounts his face for more ass and pussy licking. With her legs spread wide, she allows her slaves tongue to probe her holes. She rides his face until he's dazed and she's completely appeased.

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Single White Facesitter 02 Clip 03

Mistress Harmony is horny enough today to release her loser husband him from his closet prison. She pulls him around the bedroom by his leash, while crawling on his knees he tries to follow her and kiss her cheeks. She slaps his face and hits him mercilessly with her riding crop. She lugs him up onto the bed and slams her white ass on his face. Repeatedly, she pushes the limits of his lungs, his sanity, his manhood. She promises that she’s going to continue cuckolding him, next time with a big black stud and he’ll be forced to watch from his closet. Harmony demolishes the last remaining shreds of her husband’s ego, with her relentless verbal humiliation. She smothers him forward and reverse, riding his tongue. In the meantime she is slaps his cock, while calling him a sissy small dick loser. She moans louder and louder as she works herself into a sexual craze, grinding her pussy and ass on his face. After using his face to climax, she sends his loser ass out to get a second job.

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The Facesitter Next Door 01 Clip 03

Mistress Penny Flame returns to find her husband waiting for her on the bed. She's livid, his credit cards were declined! She punishes him with a riding crop, then sits on his face and grinds her panty-clad pussy on his nose. She removes her lingerie, smothers him with her breasts, pushing his head between her thighs. Facesitting and reverse facesitting follow, all accompanied by strong verbal abuse. He tongues her asshole as Penny tortures his worthless dick.

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Single White Facesitter 01 Clip 04

Beautiful single Domme Monica Sweetheart drags in her slave by his LEASH, telling him he does such a rotten job of worshiping her ass lately and that she’s going to replace him. Her worthless slave pleads until she finally gives him one more chance. He dives into her ass with kisses, laps and tongues her plump ass in one position after another.

In a lingering POV sequence, you become her slave as she dominates you. Her pussy grinds right in your face as she demands that you worship and obey her.

Later on she squeezes her loser slave’s head between her thighs until he nearly , then allows him to lick her ass and pussy until she cums passionately.

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New Jack Facesitter 01 Clip 02

Mistress Gianna leads her favorite slave to the bed by making him follow her ass. “In my ass… ALWAYS!” she commands and her loser slave does his best to obey. But it takes a lot for Mistress Gianna to be satisfied, and she lashes out with both a riding crop and her vicious tongue. She rides his face while whipping him with the crop. If he dares take a breath without her consent she beats him ruthlessly all over. After rolling him over, sits on the back of his head and beats his ass. She then gets naked and shoves her slaves head into her pussy, denying him oxygen long enough to risk brain damage. “Wouldn’t it be any man’s dream to die under a big ass?” she asks. Her poor slave can only grunt to answer, while being crushed under her weight. She makes him stroke his cock inside his shorts while administering pain with the riding crop all over his body. She smothers him with her cleavage and each tit individually. She bounces her fat ass on his face and plays peek-a-boo with him between her thick thighs. She grinds her pussy on his face forcefully and when she cums, her moans can be heard a block away.

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Facesitters In Heat Volume 35 02 Clip 03

Mistress AJ Applegate grabs her slaves leash and drags him to her bottom. He worships her ass by slurping her asshole. He fingers her pussy as he desperately dines on her anus. His pathetic attempts to please her only encourage her to be more cruel. She sits on his face and smothers him with her jiggling cheeks and dripping pussy until she comes. She side-saddle facesits him, nearly breaking his neck as she bounces her bottom heavily on his face. Finally, she demands more ass worship, making her slave work extra hard to give her an earth-shattering orgasm!

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Facesitters In Heat Volume 35 01 Clip 02

Mistress Sierra Sanders finds her pathetic slave sitting in the corner of her room eating her panties. She orders him to lie on her bed where she begins smothering him with her ass and choking him with her panties. She grinds and bounces her ass on her slave's face as he struggles to lick up her juices. She facesits and reverse facesits and crushes his skull between her legs. As her slave stabs her asshole with his tongue, Sierra cums. Then she stands and makes him worship her ass licking it and sucking her anus. He laps at her clit even faster until she cums again!

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Facesitters In Heat Volume 21 02 Clip 03

In the bedroom, Missy continues facesitting her obedient slave. Her ass shakes intensely as she orders him to lick her asshole. She smothers him until his lungs nearly burst, then makes him worship her ass as she kneels. She sits on Mark's face again, grabs his cock, slapping it hard, and begins jerking him off until he blows. Then she rides him hard until she orgasms once more.

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Blondes Have More Ass 02 Clip 02

Mistress Delilah Strong is dragging her slave on the ground by his leash right into her naked ass. Like a thirsty dog he slurps at her anus, making her both moan with pleasure and laugh at his obedience. She grinds her ass all over his face before collapsing on top of him. She immediately starts facesitting and smothering him, and allows him no time to catch his breath. She bounces her ass around his head, forces his nose into her cunt and squeezes his nostrils shut with her pussy lips. As she mocks him her laughter rings in his ears. He meekly takes her VERBAL ABUSE, just hoping for more. She obliges by bouncing her crotch hard on his face and directing his tongue into her ass and pussy. Intense side-saddle facesitting brings her to an eruptive orgasm!

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Blondes Have More Ass 01 Clip 02

Mistress Alexis Texas pulls her slave by a leash wrapped around his cock. Totally submitting, he lies on the bed and quickly finds her panty-clad pussy on his face. She smacks his dick hard, unhappy with his performance, making him flinch. After calling him a Pussy, a Dirty Pig, and her Bitch Boy, she takes off her undies and then the slippery action begins. He sits under her shaved pussy and strains to stick his tongue deep into her pink asshole. When he touches his dick without her permission, she punishes him with repeated blows. On her hands and knees, she makes him worship her cheeks and dripping ass crack. She smothers him with her full weight. Full nude forward and reverse facesitting leaves him gasping for air and her moaning with pleasure.

Category: Facesitting    Duration: 12:25    Format: MP4    File Size: 737 MB    Clip ID: 51092

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