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Amanda smokes with balloons

Sitting on the couch and enjoying her Marlboro Black Amanda has some balloons around her. Grabbing a balloon and squeezing it she pops it with her cigarette. What fun.

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Amanda smokes at her house

Amanda smokes in the basement of her house. She tells a funny story as she enjoys her marlboro black cigarette on the bed.

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Ashley smokes and gets her pussy eaten

Ashley loves it when I eat her pussy. She knows that she is in for the tongue fuck of the day when she comes over. Ashley gets on her knees and raises her round ass in the air so I can get a clear path to her pussy and her asshole. She lights a cigarette as I get behind her and starts to eat and lick at her wet pussy. As I eat her pussy, drinking her juices, Ashley pulls a slow drag off her cigarette. She flicks her cigarette just as I make my way up to her puckered asshole.

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Custom Ashley driving and smoking

Custom video for Tom H. Ashley drives my car as she smokes her cigarette. Talking driving and smoking Ashley does as requested in this clip.

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Custom Ashley driving and smoking 2

Custom video for Tom H. Ashley drives my car as she smokes her cigarette. Talking driving and smoking Ashley does as requested in this clip.

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Ashley smokes and fingers herself

Ashley lies back on her bed and grabs a cigarette. She is naked and horny so as she smokes her cigarette, she starts to play with her bare wet pussy. She likes the way her fingers slide through her pussy so she plays with her clit a little more. She takes a drag off her cigarette as she feels the pleasure race through her pussy. She slips a finger into her twitching pussy, loving the way it hugs her slender finger. She fingers herself deeper as she smokes her cigarette. Playing with her clit, she spreads her labia open so the breeze can kiss it and turn her on even more. She plays with the juices leaking from her pussy as she smokes her cigarette, loving the way she is making herself feel. She loves that her nipples are getting harder and tingling. She fingers her pussy harder, holding her fingers to her mouth, licking her essence off them. She smokes her cigarette and fingers her pussy even harder, feeling her orgasm get closer. She rolls over to her knees and puts her ass in the air. Careful not to burn her bed, she puts her cigarette down for a moment. She plays with her pussy, stroking her clit harder. She loves the way she is feeling. She takes a drag from her cigarette as she drenches her fingers in juices. She fingers her twitching pussy as her thumb plays across her clit. And then she cums hard on her fingers, still smoking her cigarette.

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Ashley smokes nude on the bed 3

Ashley undresses and lays down on the bed nude to smoke her cigarette. She sits up and lets her long blonde hair down.

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Custom Ashley smoking weed

Custom request for Ashley to a Marlboro and weed from her pipe. Thank Mark K. for the request.

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Dztny smokes on the couch

It’s incredible how sexy a girl can make the simple act of smoking. Probably it’s how it evokes certain imagery. But if the girl is incredibly sexy, young with long auburn hair and perfect toned body, it’s just all that more alluring. It might not be the first wardrobe choice to come to mind, but watching her in her every day, about the house clothes, makes her more real somehow, and therefore all that more sexy and desirable. It’s been a long day, and any girl has a lot of demands for her time. Still she can find a moment to relax on the couch and take the time to smoke a cigarette and talk about the day, share her thoughts on different subjects. Just sitting and talking while puffing on a ciggy is such a natural activity, it makes it so much easier to connect with her and get to know her as a person. She’s just taking a moment to relax, leaning back comfortably on the sofa. Clearly she’s just hanging out, dressed in a simple green sleeveless top and jeans, the exact girl next door look. It’s great to have an animated conversation, where she laughs, and has a good time. And of course taking periodic breaks to put the cigarette to her lips and take a delicious draw, then later let the smoke drift hazily from her lips. Or blow it away as she wants to make a point. Yes, it’s incredible how a girl can make smoking so sexy.

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Sarah smoking with short hair

Sarah is back smoking on the bed. She no has short hair as her long locks are gone. She smokes a cigarette and also hit her weed from the bong.

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Allegras second smoking interview

Allegra is smoking in bed, but it’s not dangerous even if it is rather sexy. She looks lovely in her jeans and bare feet as she reclines and enjoys the sensual way smoking makes her feel. As she answers questions about her smoking habit, you can appreciate her seductive manner and the cool and erotically exciting way she takes a drag of her cigarette and then lets it linger in her sexy mouth. The blonde haired smoker enjoys talking about what motivates her to smoke and how it makes her feel, and as she lays on her bed smoking you cannot help but think that she is not only a smoker but also a smoking hot babe. When you see Allegra smoking, you can really understand a smoking fetish, as she loves the feeling of the smoke working its way deep inside of her luscious body as she takes a deep, deep breath and then the way her body seems to undulate as she slowly exhales and the smoky hot breath of this blonde beauty flows outward again. The rhythm and the in and out of smoking is highly sexual and you can see the playful and innocent way Allegra deals with her sinfully seductive habit, which she clearly takes a great deal of pleasure from. Of course, watching the delectable Allegra smoke is a pleasurable experience for anyone who gets to look at her, and it’s even more fun when you get to ask her probing and penetrating questions.

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Amanda smokes and scratches lottery tickets

Sitting on the couch Amanda smokes 3 cigarettes as she scratches 50 lottery tickets. She sips her drink and smokes away winning 43 dollars too. She went home a very happy woman.

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Amanda the new girl

Posted an ad on craigslist looking for female smokers. Amanda answered and soon we were together and shooting. I asked her some questions regarding her habit as we sat outside the hospital,

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Ashley smokes after christmas

Just smoking and talking with my friend about how my Christmas and new years went.

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Ashley smokes at school

Even though it's cold outside there's always time for a smoke break. Ashley is sitting down outside at the local elementary school smoking. Now there's no tobacco allowed on school grounds but I won't tell if you won't tell.

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