Smoking Everywhere. Fetish at his Best

The cigarette smoke draws figures of uncleat chimeras in the book of my life. And my eyes are watching you and my mind sees you as you are rolling your eyes through the cigarette smoke. Can you see me? Do you want me? Are you admiring me? Do you worship me? Will you always love me? Come! Look at me! Love me! I'll be your queen! I will wrap you in the cigarette smoke, you'll always be mine. And the cigarette smoke will draw increasingly unclear chimeras on your life sky.


Innocent Schoolgirl Smoking

Innocence and tenderness, Laura returns from school and smokes a cigarette, ignoring your presence. Feel like you're somewhere hidden in the room and a spy, occasionally turns his gaze, while cigarette between her lips melts.In vain a spy, she will always ignore.

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Watch Me!!! Filthy Worm

I like to smoke here. Watch me worm!!!!!!!!!!!

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On The Edge of a Water Fountain at 1500 Altitude for a Cigarette

We see Laura smoking a cigarette on the edge of a water fountain in a resort at 1500 meters altitude, a paradisiatic space where the sun sends it°s rays to illuminate your face, the crystalline sound of the water makes us listen to the nature music, the fish in the lake nearby remind us that life is everywhere and the others are enjoying the mountain’ pleasure. Let’s feel the pleasure with her, wow, it’s amazing!!!

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Childhood Memories

She just turned in her 18 a few days befor, but it seems that Laura still need some playing time. She is rideing the little horse from the mountain park at the 1500 m altitude and in the meanwhile she enjoys her cigarette. On her face you can read her happiness: she is free to smoke, she's free to play, playing in the memory of her childhood that she will ever forget.

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This island is the ideal place to smoke a cigarette

Laura spend your holiday on a small island, ideal for daily smoking a cigarette in nature.Listen to the sound of water and let yourself be enchanted by the young girl.

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Sensual Smoking with Latex Gloves

I know you're excited latex gloves, of pleasure seeing how cigarette between my lips consume..rubbing my neck that you crazy..admire me! you'll feel great!

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Sensual Smoke

You're such a pervert and I see you while you masturbate, dreaming to be here, ready to receive the smoke in his face.

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Circles Of Cigarette Smoke

A true expert on this beautiful girl, watch the smoke coming out of her mouth forming dozens of circles. Art of smoking youth and beauty are combined with special qualities of this wonderful girls.

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Watch Me Smoking!

Watch me smoking! Look at me asshole!!! Do not take your eyes off me! I'm high up and on my feet thereis a Transylvanian village, look at me, I'm the their queen. I love smoking in special places, I will always be above all. And you, listen to me, do not look away from me, and look directly in my eyes! You're just a slave, and I will always be the queen of your life.

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Smoking On A Bar Terrace

I know you love nothing more right now then looking at me while I’m smoking. Would you like to be next to me to order a coffee, to light my cigarette and feel the smoke penetrating you? I’m waiting for you in Transylvania, on the "MALIBU"’s terrace!

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A Cigarette Under The Tree

Laura smokes a cigarette under a tree in her favorite rhythmes.

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Knell and Endure the Smoke in Your Front!

This video does not need much explanation, his title says everything. Because they are on holiday in Transylvania, the beautiful girls, full of life and energy are out for a picnic and they make a bet: the loser of the card game will bear the smoke in his face. The 18 years old girl won and Melissa will be forced to kneel in front of Laura- "what a humiliton" - to support the smoke - "an ordeal" - to be a human ashtray - "submitted and humiliated this time ". Laura feels satisfied and the boss position fits her perfectly.

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