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Smacky Smack

It's not all about whips and chains for Nyxon. As a natural female supremacist, Nyxon has the skill of easily dominating her slaves while wearing some sexy lingerie and not much more...Nyxon starts the clip by modeling her sexy lingerie while barefoot. The slave is already in position for a facesitting session: nude and lying down on a bench. Nyxon is very playful and excited to do her favorite femdom activity. There is nothing better for her than sitting on her slave's face while busting his balls.The slave suffers in a combination of pain and pleasure. He cannot contain his erection as Nyxon's ass is shoved right on his face. His pleasure is halted as Mistress Nyxon whips hard on his cock and balls with a riding crop. "Smack Smack!" is Nyxon's favorite sound and she won't stop until bringing her slave deep into subspace...There are some closeups of the harsh beating until Nyxon is satisfied and leaves the slave in the room while holding the riding crop in his mouth.

Category: Facesitting    Duration: 08:09    Format: MP4    File Size: 289 MB    Clip ID: 35287

Price: $8.99 USD

Humbled and in Subspace

Nyxon is ready for her sensual domination and foot worship session with her slave. She wears her leather bikini, garter belt, fishnet stockings and high heels. There are closeups of the outfit.

After a long day of walking around in her high heels, Nyxon is needing some foot pampering from her slave. She brings her slave in a collar and leash and forces him to worship her stockinged feet and high heels.

Nyxon really knows how to bring her slaves to subspace. The slave is completely nude only wearing a collar, making him vulnerable, humbled, and humiliated. Subspace is just around the corner.

The slave knows how to correctly worship Nyxon. He sucks on her heels and kissed every inch of her feet. Nyxon then orders the slave to lie on the floor so he can worship her heels. The slave is already in deep subspace when Nyxon steps on his face and sensually looks down on him.

Nyxon then takes her heels of and orders the slave to massage her feet. Taking her fishnet stockings off brings the slave into subspace nirvana. There are closeups of the slave sucking Nyxon's toes and feet. Nyxon looks pleased with the humbled slave worshipping her feet.

At the end of the clip, there are some closeups of Nyxon and her feet.

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 13:20    Format: MP4    File Size: 484 MB    Clip ID: 35179

Price: $13.99 USD

Just Her Toy

Nyxon is a Natural Femdom sadist. And she feels more dominant and sadistic when she wears her tight leather corset and fishnet stockings. At the beginning of the clip, Nyxon shows her dominatrix outfit while she waits for her slave. There are some closeups of the leather outfit while she dangles her heels and holds a leash and ballgag.

Nyxon is trying to figure out what to do in this nice day. She could do some work, or she could enjoy the sun and go outside... but she decides to spend the day playing with her submissive male slave. That is exactly what he is for. Just a plaything for Mistress Nyxon.

The slave comes crawling to Mistress Nyxon just wearing a thong and collar. Nyxon proves ownership over the slave by putting the leash on the slave's collar and gagging him with the ballgag.

Nyxon takes out her favorite toys: a paddle, a flogger, a riding crop and a cane. It is now time for a hard corporal punishment session. The slave's ass ends up nice and red after the punishment. Just how Nyxon likes it.

During the session, Nyxon sensually laughs at the slave, showing how much she enjoys pleasing her sadistic desires. The clip ends with Mistress Nyxon taking the slave to another room with the leash. There are some additional closeups of Nyxon's dominatrix outfit.

Category: Femdom    Duration: 10:48    Format: MP4    File Size: 392 MB    Clip ID: 35178

Price: $10.99 USD

At Her Feet

Female Dominant Mistress Libris feels more sadistic when wearing her tight black leather corset, skirt and high heels. At the beginning of the video she shows off her Dominatrix outfit in preparation for her foot worship session. There are some closeups of Mistress Libris while sensually playing with her riding crop.

The session begins with Mistress Libris sitting on the couch. The nude male slave crawls to her and she puts the leash on the slave's collar. "I had a long hard day" she says, "I could really use some foot worship". The slave obeys by kissing and licking Mistress' feet and high heels while Libris holds tight on the leash to show ownership over the slave. She then orders him to take of her high heels and worship her toes.

Once satisfied, Mistres Libris says "thank you slave, this is making my day". And what a better way to end up a day but with a whipping session? She orders the slave to stay on all fours while she flogs and whips him into deeper sub space.

The clips ends with Mistress Libris modeling her dominatrix outfit again with some closeups of her lovely feet.

Category: Goddess Worship    Duration: 08:22    Format: MP4    File Size: 301 MB    Clip ID: 35148

Price: $8.99 USD

Bound and Tortured

After a relaxing foot worship session, Mistress Libris puts her high heels back on and prepared Her slave for a night of erotic corporal punishment.

She puts leather cuffs on the slave's wrists and ankles. Then orders him to bend over the couch in a very humiliating position.
Mistress Libris likes Her slaves completely bound and vulnerable when punishing them so she ties him up on the couch with his arms stretched and ankles together with rope.

With the slave completely immobilized, Mistress Libris lets go her sadistic instincts and whips and paddles the slave with a wooden paddle and riding crop. The slave cannot do anything but stay still and receive the punishment.

Once Mistress is satisfied with the whipping, she puts the slave in a different position. This time, she ties him up spread eagle with door restraints and a spreader bar. What a humiliating position for the slave to be. Nowhere to go and completely vulnerable to Mistress Libris sadistic desires.

This time, Libris tortures her slave with a pinwheel that gets very close to his cock and balls. She also uses nipple clamps on him while verbally humiliating him. Once she is dome with him, she leaves him in that position until the next session.

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 08:45    Format: MP4    File Size: 320 MB    Clip ID: 35147

Price: $8.99 USD

To Serve Is To Worship

Mistress Libris LaRoux's FemDom debut!
Female Dominant Libris LaRoux comes back from a long day out and can think of nothing better than a foot worship session with Her slave. As Mistress sits on the couch, the submissive male comes crawling to her while completely nude. Mistress Libris does not allow clothing on Her slaves.
The slave is ordered to worship Mistress' heels and worship Her feet. While the slave is sucking on Her toes, Mistress Libris simply ignores him and relaxes on the couch while checking her phone and texting. Mistress' entire foot is worshipped and massaged by the slave.
Once Mistress becomes getting bored, She orders the slave to lie on the floor while she sticks Her feet on his mouth, forcing him to worship.
One Mistress Libris is satisfied, She lets the slave go and tells him that is time for his punishment. What's next for the slave?

Category: Foot Worship    Duration: 08:50    Format: MP4    File Size: 322 MB    Clip ID: 35144

Price: $8.99 USD