!! She Owns Your Manhood !!

!! She Owns Your Manhood !!

If you are into ballbusting, strap ons, castration threats, SPH, Cum Eating Instruction, Forced Bi, Humiliation, Feet or leg or ass or body worship, and CBT all done by hotty's in tight clothes, you are in the right place.


nikki's Seduction mp4

nikki has an amazing body. Her huge tits are about to break through her tight lingerie and she wants to play a little game. She has a guy on his way over. He thinks he's going to get to fuck her, but really she's going to trick him into agreeing to let her castrate him. While she doesn't really want to deal with the mess of castration, she does want to knee and kick the hell out of his balls for her amusement. She's going to make him agree to 20 kicks to the balls in order to fuck her, but if he can't stay standing the whole time, she has to cut his balls off. He's a sucker for her teasing and her body, and when he shows up he reluctantly goes along with it. She is pretty convincing. She starts off with some really light knees to make him think he can take it, but then it gets harder. He ends up on the ground with her standing over him, crushing his dick with her intense high heels, humiliating him, and telling him that he's about to be castrated.

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nikki wants to stomp your balls flat mp4

nikki is wearing a tight black leotard, grey tights, white socks, and some brand new high heels. She wants to stomp your balls into nothing, and tells you all about it. "It's going to hurt really bad :)" She takes off her shoes to play with her socked feet, and rubs on her legs. She just loves the idea of castrating you with her feet, while her amazing tits are bouncing in your face :)

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shelly Ballbusting in Fishnets mp4

shelly Ballbusts in Fishnets shelly is wearing a tight leotard and fishnets and she wants to abuse some balls. She teases him with her body but doesn't hold back with kicks, knees, stomps and grinds on his cock and balls. "How much more can you take?…….." "I'm sorry, baby, I don't wanna hurt you, but it's so fun for me………." "I just wanna squeeze them until they pop….. :) It's not that bad is it?" "You don't really need them anyway....."

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shelly's favorite plans to castrate you :) mp4

shelly made a list of her favorite ideas of your to castrate you. She has a true angel face, and her body looks amazing in a leotard and fishnets. When she tells you all the ways that she's going to remove/destroy your little balls, and looks at your with her beautiful blue eyes and shakes her sexy hips, you will probably cum in your pants :) (if your little dick wasn't already out…………….)

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Beg Me Not to Kick Your Balls After You Cum mp4

alexis wants to play a game with Lance. She wants to give him a handjob, but right after he comes, she’s going to kick him in the balls. She is very playful and seduces him into it. As he gets closer to cumming he begs her not to really kick him after, and she just giggles…. She tells him that if he begs her enough she might just not kick him in the balls after, but I guess he wasn’t convincing enough…. ☺ HANDJOB, COERSSION, TEASING, BALLBUSTING, PANTYHOSE, CUM EATING, FOOT LICKING, BALL STOMPING

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It's Castration Day :) with nikki mp4

nikki has a slave tied up on her couch. She's wearing a tight black leotard, grey pantyhose, white socks and she's playing with his cock and balls with her feet. She teases him, and grinds his dick and balls with her feet while she talks about how the time has come for him to lose his balls. She stands up to tease him with her body, which is extra cruel because now he'll never have a woman again. From a stand, she puts more weight on his cock, and his balls with her pretty sock covered feet while she talks about smashing his balls into nothing with a rubber hammer. The rubber hammer would take a long time and would be very painful, and she's really looking forward to it. "After I'm done with you, you'll be a girl :)"

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sierra Wants to Kick Your Little Balls mp4

sierra is wearing a teddy and fishnet stockings and noticed that you have a tiny little dick. If you want to jerk off to her and her sexy feet, you're going to have to let her kick you in your balls. After you cum, she wants to stomp your balls flat because your dick is so small and that would make her happy. She might go out to the club and find another guy to bring home and fuck your ass while she kicks you in the balls just for fun :) She does a lot of sexy posing and talks about sticking her feet in your mouth, stomping your balls, kicking you in the nuts, and letting you cum on her feet just so she can stomp your balls flat when they are the most sensitive. She counts down in the end to let you cum while you look at her feet. Of course, after you blow your load, you will be licking it all up :)

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sierra will blow him or break his balls mp4

sierra is wearing a tight lacey teddy and fishnets, and looks incredible. Her perfect tits are busting out :)……………………………. She's feeling evil today, and tells her slave that she'll suck his dick if he can handle 20 hits to the balls. She starts with a hard squeeze and some small penis humiliation, and gets going quick with some hard knees. "You're tiny little cock will never get an offer like this again……… :)" She torments him hard, "I'll even lick your cum off my tits [hard knee] but you don't look like you'll make it………" "Why don't you get on your knees so I can kick you that way….." She gets him on his knees and delivers some hard kicks right to his aching package, then teases him with her amazing ass…………….. When she finally drops him flat on the floor she squats over his face and makes him smell her pussy "This is what you're missing….." When it's clear he can't handle it, she squashes his balls just for fun and keeps counting, taking breaks to ram her sexy foot in his face…………………….. At one point she is sitting right on his face and smacking his sore nuts, and it's just plain amazing :)

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sierra's Favorite Ways to Castrate You :) mp4

sierra is hanging out in a teddy and fishnets. Her amazing tits are about to bust through her lingerie as she goes over the list she just wrote down of different ways that she would like to castrate you. Some are pretty creative, and she does a great job of posing in seductive positions as she describes some terrible ways for her to take away your little balls :)

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What would you do for sierra's feet? mp4

sierra is wearing her ballet leotard and tights. She's been dancing all day, and she's really sore. What would you do for her feet? She'd love for you to suck on her toes….. She wants her pretty feet on your cock. What would you do for that? Would you suck on her toes for you? Would you suck on another boys toes for her? She'd love to see that. Would you suck her toes with another guy? What would you do to be able to cum on her feet? Would you take it in the ass for her? Would you let her watch you get fucked by a big cock for her so you can cum on her feet? Would you let her fuck you with a strap-on? She knows you want her, and you love her sexy feet, but what will you do for her? Would you let her tie you up and ram a giant strap-on up your ass? Would you let her kick you in the balls and step on your with her feet? Would you let her choke you with her foot in your mouth?

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Crazy Ballbusting Intern mp4

Amanda Bryant has been working at her job for about half a day, and she already wants a raise. She approaches her boss, and at first he's concerned about a sexual harassment issue, because of the way she's dressed and how she's teasing him. Soon he realizes that he needs to be more concerned with what she's going to do with his balls................... He has a big meeting in a few minutes, and Amanda is hell bent on making sure he gets walked in on by upper management with his cock out, and his balls aching....

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Shelly the ballerina breaks his balls mp4

Shelly is in a leotard and fishnets and wants to know if he can take 20 hits to the balls. If he can make it to 20, she'll give him a foot job. If he can't, she'll just stomp on his balls while he's on the ground :) ..................................... "Oh, your ok...." (as she pats him on the balls) [HARD KNEE]..................................She tries to encourage him, "It's been so long since you've cum, don't you want this....................." (she teases him with her ass) then another hard hit :)...................................................... Once he's laid out on the floor begging her to stop, she hits him with some snap kicks direct to the balls and finishes the job

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Shelly in pink tights Castration Threats mp4

Beautiful Katie is sitting on the couch with a slave, and she's breaking the news to him that he's going to be castrated tonight. She's very matter of fact about it, and he is complaining and whining. "Why does it have to be tonight…?" "Well, all they do is cause you pain… :)" She responds as she smack his dick and balls with her pretty feet over and over again. There's a lot of foot smacking on his cock and balls in this clip, and she looks adorably evil in her pink tights and polka dotted sports bra while she talks about cutting his balls off with a butcher knife :)…………………………………….. After a while of tormenting his soon to be gone cock and balls with her pretty feet, she drapes her sexy legs in pink tights over him and digs her nails into his balls. "Maybe I can just get them to pop right now….. It'd be the most action you've seen in a while :)" He keeps begging her, but she isn't budging. His balls are coming off….

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hot girlfriend's about to castrate him mp4

Shelly comes home from a hard day at work and her feet her. She sits on the couch next to her boyfriend, who she keeps in a mask and constantly dangles the threat of castration over him. "You know what would make my feet better? A foot massage… with your balls :)" She smacks her boyfriend in the balls and cock a few times with her pantyhose covered feet a few times, then pulls him on his feet for some good knees and kicks. When he can't take it any more, she grinds her feet into his dick head and balls while he's one the ground and she's standing over him, telling how he's going to loose his balls….. "You just have to, they're in the way, you don't need them…."

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If you get hard I'll crush your little balls :) mp4

sarah jackson is wearing pink tights, a little skirt and a lacey black teddy. Her body is amazing. She tells the slave that she's going to tease him but if he gets hard, she's going to crush his little balls. She's wearing some serious boots, and doesn't waste anytime giving him a boner. As soon as he's erect she starts kneeing him. Then she gets him on the couch and does a combo of ass teasing and ball slapping. He begs her not to crush his balls, but she knows she has him. There's lots of castration threats and teasing in this clip

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