!! She Owns Your Manhood !!

!! She Owns Your Manhood !!

If you are into ballbusting, strap ons, castration threats, SPH, Cum Eating Instruction, Forced Bi, Humiliation, Feet or leg or ass or body worship, and CBT all done by hotty's in tight clothes, you are in the right place.


Step Sister Fucks His Ass (Full)

Michelle's step brother, Lance Hart has been sleeping around a lot with her friends. Apparently he likes to talk girls into taking it in the ass for him, and Michelle is sick of hearing about all her friends getting fucked in the ass by her step brother so she's going to do something about it…

She interrupts his video game by telling confronting him about all the anal he's been having with her friends…. He tries to dismiss her, but she gets his attention by stepping on his balls. She makes it clear that if he doesn't listen to her and do what she says, she's going to cut off his balls in his sleep! This gets his attention, because he's pretty sure she's crazy enough to do it………………………..

Michelle knows that since she's been his step sister, he's wanted to fuck her, so she teases him with her body and gets him turned on (with a little ballbusting mixed in with the teasing)…… She takes off her skirt, teases him with her perfect ass, then grabs him by the balls and squeezes hard… Lance begs her to stop, and says he'll do whatever she wants…. that's when she breaks the news to him that she's going to fuck him with a strap-on!

"Now stop being a pussy, and lube up my dick :)" She says…………………………………….. She rails him hard bent over the couch and humiliates him the whole time...

"Who's the best sister in the world? Say it!"….. "You're starting to like it aren't you…? Tell me you like it! :)"………"Now grab my ass and pull it into you… and stop crying… ;)"……"Move your ass, don't make me do all the fucking work!"…………………….. She finally fucks Lance on his back with his legs up in the air and makes him cum on him self, completely humiliating him….. After he cums she keeps fucking him until he agrees to stop fucking her girlfriends in the ass, and makes him say that she's the best step-sister ever :)

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Seduced, Tied to the Wall, and Abused PART 3

Venessa Cage comes back to Lance after a few days now. She’s just getting back from school and he’s begging her to untie him, but she loves having him captive, so she can play with him anytime she wants. He’s suffering from her ballbusting, but he can’t deny the raging hard on that she gives him, and she loves it.

She strips off her tight skirt and teases him some more, then kicks his exposed balls and laughs at him, and smiles while he moans. Then she starts with the counting handjob game again, where every kind stroke on his throbbing cock will be accounted for as a kick or knee to the balls.

When she has all the fun she wants, she runs off with a smile and tells him to have a good time with his blue balls.



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Dacy Lynn Wants to Train You

Dacy Lynn wants you to go out and get fucked by a bunch of guys. She really enjoys the idea, but for now, she wants to show you what to do with her strap-on. She’s very giggly and smiley about this. Dacy tells you to go find two cock shaped items. If you don’t already have two dildos, bananas or cucumbers will do…. She explains how to suck a cock and shows you with her strap-on. After you get the cock sucking down, she wants you to have something up your ass as well, because you’re going to need to be able to do both at the same time. She teases you with her sexy body while she tells you all about how to take two cocks at once for her. “I know you wish it would be me fucking you with this strap-on… which is probably five times the size of your little dick…. Maybe on the first night, I’ll fuck you with my strap-on, while you suck my friends huge cock until he cums on your face… just to break you in…”

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Dacy Lynn Busts Blue Balls

Dacy is wearing a leotard and fishnets. Her hair is in pig tails. She looks hot and adorable. She tells the slave her plan. She wants to not only bust his balls, she wants him to have horrible blue balls so the pain lasts a really long time. He can’t help but go along with it because he loves it when she teases him. She poses sexy in front of him, giggles, and kicks him hard….. There is a lot of sexy ass teasing and giggling in this clip. Dacy tells the slave that his balls are going to hurt so bad he’s probably going to have to have them cut off ☺ “Awe, it must really suck for you… ☺” She loves that he’s scared of her and turned on at the same time, and her smile is priceless when she grabs him by the balls and giggles, then lets go just to kick him again………………………… In the end she’s crushing his balls with her foot and looking him in the eye telling him that he’s going to wish he didn’t have balls anymore in a sweet sexy tone….

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Black Leggings Ballbusting and Castration Threats

acy just got back from a run and there is a guy (soon to be eunuch) on her couch. She stretches her sexy legs in front of him, then over him, then she puts her sock covered foot right on his balls and tells him that she’s probably not going to let him keep his balls…. He begs her not to castrate him, but she just giggles and kicks and stomps on his cock and balls, and tells him all about how excited she is to stomp his dick out and cut his balls off. Dacy Lynn loves destroying balls…… She gets a phone call while she’s kicking him in the nuts, it’s her friends, and they are all going to come over and stomp on his balls until nothing is left ☺

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Seduced, Tied to the Wall, and Abused PART 4 mp4

This is the final episode of this series, and it is guest starring JC Simpson ☺

Venessa has returned to Lance, and this time she brought her hot friend, JC Simpson. They are both wearing black lingerie teddies. Venessa tells JC about how she’s had him captive for a long time, and only come to visit him to torment his cock and balls. JC thinks this is awesome, and jumps right in on the ball busting. The two hotties joke around with eachother while they torment him and giggle. They joke about the idea of castrating him, and scare the crap out of Lance.

Vennessa shows JC their little handjob counting game, and explains how it works. The two girls go back and forth between giving Lance heaven and hell.

Venessa was an angel compared to JC with the ballbusting. JC’s legs are a mile long, and her knees and kicks are no joke. As a team they are terribly sexy and brutal. Especially when they are both on their knees squeezing his balls and jerking him off, telling him how they wan

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Seduced, Tied to the Wall, and Abused PART 2 mp4

Venessa Cage returns to Lance in the dungeon. She has left him tied up for a very long time. “Honestly, I kind of forgot about you [giggle]”

She’s wearing black pantyhose, and a tight black teddy. Now that he’s completely restrained, and his balls are as blue as possible, she lets loose with some real hard kicks. He only gets a break when she decides to tease him with her body to get his cock harder, and hear him beg, just to giggle and return to more ball abuse with knees, kicks and squeezes…

Vennessa wants to really drive Lance crazy, so she gets some lube and starts to jerk him off, but just barely. Every stroke she gives his cock she counts, and then kicks him or knees him that many times in the balls. She is very seductive and sensual with the handjob part, and heartless with the ballbusting that follows.

When she’s has all the fun she wants, she leaves him again, in agony and with no release on the wall.



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Seduced, Tied to the Wall, and Abused PART 1 mp4

Venessa Cage has lured Lance into a dungeon to have some fun. He thinks they are going to hook up, but she has other plans. She teases him and lightly knees his balls at first, letting him know that she’s into to some freaky stuff. She’s very sweet and flirty, and seems so innocent in her pigtails and purple leggings….

She tells him that she’ll suck his dick if he can take a little ballbusting. After a few kicks, she convinces him to let her tie him to a wall.

As soon as he’s naked and fully restrained, she leaves him tied up with sore balls….



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Last Night With Your Balls :) mp4

Venessa has Lance tied to a wall. She might wear a leotard and shiny tights better than anyone in the world. She tells Lance that tonight’s his last night with balls, and proceeds to knee, kick, squeeze, and tease his balls, making him beg her not to cut off her balls. She gives him a choice, more ball busting, or castration, so he has to beg her for more ballbusting while she teases his hard cock and laughs….

“Don’t you wish you could use your dick just one more time….” [squeeze], [giggle]……………………………..

Vennessa tells him decide how he’s going to lose his balls, and then leaves him tied to the wall to think about it ☺


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katja’s Ballbusting Therapy PART 1 mp4

katja is a therapist and she’s seeing a man whose sex drive is too high. He was sent to her by his girlfriend, for what he thought was some kind of couple’s counceling, and he has no idea what’s going on. She tricks him into letting her tie his hands behind his back because “he has to trust her for the therapy to work…” Once he’s tied up, she lets him know that he will be undergoing “Direct Impact Therapy….” katja proceeds to kick and knee him in the balls to help lower his sex drive…. He doesn’t understand, and tries to talk her out of it, but katja is very persistent in her methods…… She has to tease him and get him fully erect with her feet, ass and legs, then immediately hit him in the balls to break his association and obsession with sex. katja takes off her miniskirt to tease him more with her body in a lapdance style in her bodysuit and argyle tights halfway through the clip……….. This clip includes a lot of cock grinding (with and without high heels) ass worship, cock teasing, and ballbusting…… **************************THIS IS PART 1 OF A 4 PART SERIES. STAY TUNED FOR MORE ☺ *************************************************

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amanda Wants to Crush Your Dick mp4

amanda Bryant is wearing a tight leotard and some hooters tights and white socks. She wants to crush your dick completely with her feet and she tells you all about it while she teases you with her body and playfully degrades you. She knows you're jerking your little dick, and she's going to crush it :)

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dacy Lynn Crushes Balls mp4

dacy is wearing a thong and fishnets, a bra and pigtails. She has some news for the slave. "I'm going to crush your balls, and it's going to be really painful…." "You know, if we'd just cut them off, you'd suffer a lot less…….." She points her foot on one ball at a time and grinds her feet while she smiles and giggles and tries to convince him that castration is a good thing for him. He moans and begs, but she continues to grind his balls with her sexy feet. "You should just castrate yourself, and we wouldn't have go through all this…. :)" …………………………………………………………… This clip is half shot in POV so you can see what it's like to have dacy smile down at you and crush your testicles…. "Now I'm going to crush one of your balls until it pops, and it will be your choice whether or not you want to keep the other one….:) ………… Awe.. Did it pop?" Watch dacy look you in the eyes and smile and giggle while she ruptures one of your nuts with her fishnet covered foot……………. then kick you in the other ball and walk away shaking her sexy ass……..

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dacy Measures and Crushes Your Dick mp4

dacy Lynn is wearing a lace teddy, short plaid skirt, argyle tights and pig tails. She teases you closer and tells you with a smile, "Come closer, I have something in store for you…." and knees you hard in the balls, "Awe, did that hurt your little penis?"…………………………She makes you stand up so she can measure your dick with a tape measure and embarrass you. She's thrilled to find out that her little foot is bigger than your little dick………………………………….. She looks you right in the eye with a smile and tells you that she's going to crush your penis. After a couple more knees she takes a little break to bend over right in front of you. She beckons you closer to her tight amazing ass. As you get right up to her sexy ass, she spins around and knees you right in the balls………… Then she puts her foot right on your cock and starts pressing and grinding it into you while she laughs and makes fun of you……………….. "I'm going to grind your little dick with my foot until there's nothing left…. :) Poor you….. :)" "Crushing little dicks makes me SOOO happy :) I feel so accomplished………" She drops you with a couple more knees, sticks her amazing ass right in your face, then bends over you, smiles, and tells you how she can't wait to crush your dick completely….

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Amanda Ballerina mp4

Amanda is wearing a tight black leotard and shiny tights. She has the slave's cock and balls tied up by a rope and drags him into the room by his balls for some kicking and kneeing. "Awe, but this is fun :)" He's begging her to stop and she's laughing the whole time. She throughs him on the couch and kicks him directly in the balls a few times before straddling his face…………. Once she's sitting on his face, muffling his cries with her perfect ass she says, "Scream like you like it bitch….. I'm going to tear it off if you don't scream….." It gets her off to hurt him, and it gets her off to feel him screaming on her clit…….. "I'm not done with you yet……." She moans in pleasure while he moans in pain as she plays with his cock and balls in mean ways with slaps, and pulls, and yanks…… Eventually she says, "This is fun, but you're just not getting the job done….." and she grabs a vibrator to get herself off right on his face while she yanks on his balls and crushes

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Amanda’s Card Game mp4

Amanda Bryant is wearing a plaid short skirt, white tights, and a plaid bra. She wants to play a card game with the slave. If she pulls a number card, then she’s going to kick him in the balls according to the number. But if it’s a face card, she’ll take off an article of clothing. She’s very playful as she destroys his balls and gets him hard at the same time with her teasing. After a few direct kicks the slave complains that he can’t take it anymore, and that he thinks she might have broke one of his balls. She giggles and tells him that if he gives up she’s going to castrate him ☺ After he can’t stand anymore she tries to encourage him by rubbing her perfect ass in his face. “It’s okay if you can’t stand, I can kick you right where you are…..” ……………………………………… While he’s down and moaning, she sizes up her pantyhose covered foot over his cock and balls, “Now spread your legs for me or I’ll kick you even harder……” ……………………………………”We could just quit now if I tear your balls off… ☺” He begs for her not to tear his balls off with her bare hands….

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