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Mistresses and Masters fucking their slaves and Mistresses fucking each other. Films include bondage, oral, nipple play, spanking, whipping, medical examinations, double dildo, fisting and double penetration


Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Personal Slave - Suck My Toes While I Cum

“Mmmmmm, aaaaah, ahh - Keep sucking those feet, sucking those toes. Ahhh - Other foot. Yes lick the soul of my foot. My pussy is getting very wet now. Do you want me to cum Alfie? Do you want me to cum with my foot in your mouth?” Yes Mistress.” “Well so do i actually, but you’re not doing a good enough job, I’ve not cum yet. Mmmmm. ah, ah - oh I’m going to cum with my foot in your mouth. Arrgh hhh, ahh, ahhh, uuuh mmm uh, uh, uh arrrgh, arrgh, oh oh. Now slow down, mmmm. . “ I rub myself with my fingers. “Look at that cum. Come here Alfie”. He kneels between my legs and I put my fingers in his mouth

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Personal Slave - Suck My Nippes

I’m playing with my vibrator while making my slave stimulate my nipples with his fingers. Use your mouth.” “On your nipples Mistress? “ “Yes. ahhh, ahhh. Suck them, suck. Now that you’ve got those nipples nice and hard you are going to kneel between my legs and you are going to use my Magic Wand vibrator on my pussy until I cum. Ahhhh, ahh, ahhh. Get down there at my feet”. I slip of my panties and play with my pussy. “My pink pussy is very red now because of all the pressure on it. And you are safe in the knowledge that my naked pussy is about 20 inches from your face. I’m getting closer and closer to orgasm - so do try and help out won’t you.” “Yes Mistress” “Massage my feet with your hands as well as using your mouth. Ahhhh, ahh”

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Personal Slave - Make My Nipples Hard

“Mmmm those vibrations feel lovely. Mmmmm, mmm, ahhh. Massage and suck Alfie - you have two hands and a mouth for a reason. Mmmmmm. Lick the sole of my foot, I want you to bite the heel very gently, I want you to bite the ball of my foot and I also want you to give little nibbles on each one of the pads of my toes. Mmmmmm, mmm, mmm. I’m going to fuck your ass one day with those feet. Bite me, mmmm, yeah. I seem to have gone all patchy, I go all patch when I get over excited. Now you are going to come up here and you are going to undo my top. Now you’re going to have to make my nipples erect aren’t you? Squeeze my nipples, make them rock hard …”

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour ’s Personal Slave - Get My Vibrator

I’ve got my slave Alfie in training to be my personal slave. He’s currently following my orders by stroking my neck while licking my earlobe. “Now Alfie run your hands up and down my shoulders, down my arms to my hands. I want you to smell my smell. remember my smell and be enslaved by my smell. Now I you are to remove my dress and pull it over my head. Right go over there and make the sofa more comfortable for me and pick up my Magic Wand vibrator. Good - remove my shoes and pass me my vibrator. You may start massaging my feet. Smell those sweaty feet while I amuse myself with my vibrator, ummm, mmmm, yeah. Now suck on my toes you filthy boy”

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Personal Slave - Suck My Earlobe

I’m instructing my slave. One of the things I love is to have my hair played with. Alfie is instructed to brush it for me. Mmmm that is so delicious. “I love that sound, the sound of a brush gliding through my hair. Now I want you to brush all my hair to one side and kiss my neck - make sure there are no knots in my hair first. Gently and quietly slave” I’m attempting to teach Alfie sensuality but he’s got a long way to go, somehow he just can’t grasp the idea of soundless kissing. “Stroke my neck, very gently. As gently as you possible can, and gently kiss my ears” Mmmm, aaaah, aaah. Gently suck my earlobe, that’s it get on your knees. I don’t care if my earrings stab you. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm”

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Sensual Tease

I’m wearing my long opera length leather gloves. I run my hands over my body, enjoying the delicious feel of the leather gliding over my naked flesh. I’ve got my slave caged and waiting. I release him and order him to his feet. I run my leather gloved hands up and down his body. “Now you are to hold your arms out Alfie, you are not permitted to touch”. I do love to tease. I rub my gorgeous ass, in its skimpy thong, over Alfie’s groin area. Teasing his cock with my divine cheeks. I adore sensual domination! Poor Alfie’s getting all hot and flustered. Not surprising really.

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Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Cruel Cock Tease

“I’m your superior slave and you’re a stupid runt. What are you?” “I’m a stupid runt Mistress.” I spit in his face and run my leather gloved hands over his body while c rushing his cock and balls beneath my boot. “I’ll run that up your ass later on slave.” I spit in his face again “Just look at that toady little cock.” I grab hold of it and shake it, My slave goes wild with frustrated desire. I laugh at his ridiculously small cock. Poking my tongue out I flick it against his tongue, while jerking his cock with my leather gloved hand. My slave goes into a frenzy. I lean over, pushing out my perfect ass and grabbing his cock again while laughing at his frustration.

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Mistress Vivienne l'Amour - Sniff Mistress’s Ass

“Look at you dribbling all over everything Alfie - you are disgusting. Good job I’m your owner and someone is willing to look after you.  Now I want a good puppy song and the better you sing the higher I’ll lift my skirt, and  I'm not wearing any panties. Look how tight my skirt is around my beautiful big plump bottom - hmm that’s almost a bum cheek on display now isn’t it? Now Alfie I know dogs love to sniff bottoms so we are going to play a dice game the higher the number the more seconds you get to sniff my ass. Oh six you’re a jammy little puppy. Six seconds of sniffing my ass, one, two, three, four, five, six

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Amber Leigh and Crystal Pink Fem Domme Lesbians (Full)

I'm Amber Leigh and I've got Crystal Pink tied up in my dungeon. I run my hands over Crystal’s breasts and rip duct tape off her nipple. I kneel between Amber's legs, parting her pussy lips I suck and tease Crystal's pussy with my lips and tongue. She's really wet now so I push my fingers inside her cunt and finger fuck her wet pussy, driving Crystal wild. I undo Crystal's bondage and turn her around so I can spank her cute little butt and fuck her from behind. I run my flogger over Crystal's ass and work my fingers inside her cunt. Hmm she tastes so deicious, I lick my fingers clean. I want more of that so kneeling between Crystal’s legs I eat out her pussy. When its sopping wet I pick up a giant black dildo and push it up her cunt, fucking her hard with it and making her cunt gape wide. Time for Crystal to service me so I release her so the eager, horny little bitch can kneel between my legs and lick out my cunt. She spreads my pussy lips wide and pushes her tongue inside my cunt. She picks up that big black dildo and fucks me with it. Ohh that is so exciting. I rub myself off while Crystal fucks me with the dildo. My fingers are sopping wet, I put them in mouth and taste my juices, then I put the big dildo in my mouth and suck it clean.

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Amber Leigh and Crystal Pink - Fem Domme Lesbians Part 3

I've got Crystal Pink tied up in my dungeon and I’m fucking her cunt with a large black dildo. I slide it out and then push it in again, making Crystal wriggle and gasp with excitement and her cunt gape wide. I release the eager, horny little bitch from the cross and get her to kneel down between my legs. She spreads my pussy lips wide and pushes her tongue inside me. Crystal picks up the big black dildo and fucks me with it. I rub myself off while Crystal fucks my cunt. God that is so good. I cum and lick my juices from my fingers and suck that big black dildo clean

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Amber Leigh and Crystal Pink - Fem Domme Lesbians Part 2

I release Crystal from her bondage and turn her around so I can spank her pretty little butt. Picking up a flogger I run it over Crystals ass and then push my fingers up her cunt, fucking her with them. I lick my fingers clean, hmmm that tastes good. Then, kneeling between Crystals legs, I eat out her gorgeous wet pussy, making it even wetter. I push a big black dildo up her cunt and fuck her with it. Crystal is now really excited and can’t get enough of my big black dildo

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Amber Leigh and Crystal Pink - Fem Domme Lesbians Part 1

I’m Mistress Amber and I’ve persuaded Crystal Pink to come and play with me in my dungeon. Not that she needed much persuading the dirty little bitch. I tie her up to the cross and run my hands over her cute breasts, ripping the duct tape from one of her nipples. Crystal gasps and starts getting wet. Sliding down I lick and suck on her excited wet cunt, rubbing her off and pushing my fingers in and out of her wet pussy

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Master Mikeal - Beg Me to Cum Kittty

Master Mikeal is going to make his slave girl beg him to cum. Putting her over his whipping bench he teases her ass with his flogger, then picks up a second flogger and whirls them over her body and whips them across her butt. Selecting two plastic canes he beats a tattoo on Kitty’s ass, then he turns Kitty over and licks and kisses her nipples, runs a vibrator over her body and pushes it deep inside her. Master teases her clit with his tongue and spanks her pussy. “Beg me to cum girl” and Kitty begs him and shudders into orgasm when Master permits her to cum.

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Miss Kitty's Medical Part 5

Miss Kitty is sitting on the doctor in reverse cowgirl pumping herself up and down on the doctor’s big, hard cock, her breasts bob up and down as she fucks herself. The doctor grabs and squeezes her breasts. Miss Kitty slides her hand down to rub her clitty and then the doctor spanks and rubs Miss Kitty’d pussy. He bends Miss Kitty over on the bed and enters her from behind then withdraws and cums on Miss Kitty’s face and breasts. Miss Kitty runs her fingers through the cum and licks them clean

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Miss Kitty's Medical Part 4

The doctor has Miss Kitty kneeling on the floor in front of him while he fucks her throat. He considers his patient is now ready to be fucked so he orders her to lie on the bed on her back and pushes his big cock into her tight little pussy. The doctor decides that a deeper degree of penetration is required and places his patient on her hands and knees in front of him while he fucks her from behind. The doctor climbs onto the bed and lies back while getting his patient to sit on his cock and fuck herself in a reverse cowgirl.

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