Sarah Spanks Men

Sarah Spanks Men

You asked for it and now you have it. Sarah Spanks Men and MUCH MORE. I can be a nasty lady and can be your dominant nemesis, an experienced disciplinarian, spanker and wielder of the cane, your boss lady, whatever you desire. See my amazing films of male discipline and punishment now.


The Bad Banker

Fred Badwin is a banker, in fact he is the original bad banker and the problem is he knows it. So what is he to do. He has retired with all his ill gotten gains safely in someone else's bank and he has time on his hands to enjoy the good life. Girls, parties wine and plenty of sex. The problem is, he has a conscience and it is troubling him. He feels the need to make a statement of contrition, to say sorry to appease his conscience. He turns to me to help him out and I know just what to do with this bad banker!

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Michael Spanked for watching porn

Young Michael is really in trouble when he is discovered watching porno on his computer by me, strict Sarah. I do not agree with that sort of thing and I certainly don't want him doing it in my house. I have no trouble in sorting him out. Straight over my knee and a good hard spanking over his denim jeans before I make him take them down and bare his bottom for a blistering spanking on his tender young bottom.

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The Paddle for Micheal Darling

Sarah has been watching the film that Michael was caught watching. It is obvious from that film that he has an interest in the spanking of young ladies and so he needs to be taught that it is not only young ladies who get punished. Sarah has made a note of some of the implements used in the punishment of the young lady and now intends to introduce some of these to Michael's bare bottom. She has a collection of paddles and straps and a nasty looking riding crop, all of these are to be used on his bare bottom, now.

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The wages of Deception

Michael has been very naughty and trying to deceive Sarah, who is also his land lady. He is behind with the payments for his rent and has not told Sarah that he has in fact lost his job. There is only one punishment for this sort of behavior and that is a severe and prolonged session with a number of very nasty straps and paddles that are all designed to bring a great deal of pain to this naughty boys bare bottom

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Paddled for wearing Wifes Undies

I have already spanked Tony at the request of his wife, he was caught wanking in her undies. I did not think he was showing sufficient contrition and have decided to extend his punishment. I have a very heavy paddle and this was just perfect for his bottom, he did not agree with me but that did not stop me paddling him and hard.

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