Sara Lips Wrestling

Love the feeling of being overpowered by a true Amazon Goddess and perhaps being pinned to the ground and made feel powerless under there control. If the answer is YES, I am the woman for you. As a dominant alpha female, my power and superiority will have you on your knees and in a choke hold tapping out for air in no time…

I Sara Lips am a strong yet sexy and seductive mistress who specializes in sessions for muscle worshippers, wrestling fans and those who admire the felling of domination though raw power. Sessions can also be as dominant or sensual as you would like and tailored to your desires.

My Alter Ego carries out all domination sessions: Princess Pain is seriously SICK and loves to cater to roleplay and fetish based scenarios. Her extensive list of activities can be found in more detail on my website. Some of her popular role play scenarios include Journalist Interrogation, The Trespasser and Bossy Personal Trainer, Secretary’s Revenge, Nasty Schoolgirl and Undercover Cop. Please check out my website to read my testimonials.

She will intimidate, dominate and make you beg for mercy…. however loves a sweaty semi competitive wrestling match as well as letting the imagination go wild in fantasy for those who prefer more fun based scenarios. She loves to watch men struggle and realise that even if they try to escape, she will restrain them between her thighs. Body worship and face sitting can all be used to remind who is your new boss.


SLW Strength Feats (part 1)

Resolution : 1980 x 1080, Format MP4, Length : 05:06 min. Today's video SLW Strength Feats (part 1) is a little bit different, there are similarity's to my first video Vlog which seemed to be big hit. So I would appreciate any feedback you have. I thought rather than concentrate on one topic, workouts, strength tests, wrestling, face sitting etc. Why not merge a few fetishes together to add a little bit more entertainment. I hope you enjoy the video, its mixture of, crushing, strength test, body weight training, posing and a little exposure towards the end.

Category: Muscle Worship    Duration: 05:06    Format: MP4    File Size: 189 MB    Clip ID: 47182

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SLW Savage Scissor Lesson

Resolution : 1980 x 1080, Format MP4, Length : 24:52 min. If you enjoy watching a girl as she squeezes, crushes and squashes her victim between her powerful thighs, then this video savage scissor lesson is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed making this clip and got a little carried away at the start. My victim tapped out in first 15 seconds and I was asked if I could ease of as he felt as if his head was being crushed. I really didn't have the heart to tell him that I wasn't even trying, there was a lot more power there.

Once we got going he was okay, I think it was the initial shock of the power between my thighs. My legs are my strongest asset, I nearly feel sorry for the guy who looks in pain the whole way through. Every now and then just to remind him who was the boss I turned the power back on, each followed by a tap out and gasp for air. Guess my scissors where just to much to handle. 😁

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Beach Lift and Carry

Resolution : 1980 x 1080, Format MP4, Length : 05:33 min. Beach Lift and Carry is so much fun! The weather has really picked up here in Spain and summer has finally arrived. I have been counting down the days, till I could hit the beach to film this little wonder.

Training on the sand is great too for ankle stability and why they say some of the greatest football players come from Spain. The sand is also great for any mishaps in lift and carry. Ensuring there is a soft landing…. not that I am planning on dropping anyone!

In this video, I perform my usual favorites of fireman lifts, piggy backs and cradle carries, as well as two new lifts for me. One I shall term the human barbell and the other pony rides. The pony ride for me is the only lift I guess I find strange.

Category: Lift and Carry    Duration: 05:33    Format: MP4    File Size: 205 MB    Clip ID: 47184

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SLW Mixed Wrestling Domination

Resolution : 1980 x 1080, Format MP4, Length : 12:20 min. Back with a new mixed wrestling domination video, which was filmed at Female Fight Club Berlin. As you may know if you have been following my blog, I had the pleasure of meeting Anna Konda and filming some footage while I was there. She really is a lovely girl, but don't let that fool you, she is extremely powerful. I also met Red Devil who is a lethal combination of speed and skill. I rely a lot on the fact that I am strong, so it was good to learn a few new moves.

I hope you enjoyed the previous video which was a merge of clips, if you did or would like to see anything new, please let me know. I hope you enjoy the video !

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Sara Shows Her Co Worker Who's Boss

Resolution : 1980 x 1080, Format MP4, Length : 15:10 min, Sara Shows Her Co Worker Who's Boss. After a long hard day at the office Sara gets into a heated discussion with a co worker about who brings more to the company. With a promotion on the horizon, tensions are high. Sara's co worker feels that he has more to offer and insinuates that Sara's current success within the company is only attributed to her pretty face and pert ass. This does not go down well with Sara and her alter ego is starting to stir. After a heated discussion, it is agreed the only way to settle who is the superior one within the company is to wrestle. Ill not spoil the outcome, but only to say, its heated, intense and very sweaty.

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