Raceplay & racial humiliation fantasies

Raceplay & racial humiliation fantasies

Super fun racial humiliation from your POV! Mainly for African American men but also some clips for Asians & Hispanics too. These girls make fun of you for who you really are. Some historical roleplay scenarios too of slave buying.

RACEPLAY You try kissing white grl Akira foot worship & cleaning

White girl from your class, Akira, is attempting to tutor you but you just don't get it!! She's getting frustrated.... you're sitting so close to her that you're not sure what to do but try and kiss her. She flips out & pushes you back, saying she'd never go out with someone like you... she's a bonafide redneck girl, complete with a confederate flag on her wall (yes, that was on her wall when I arrived!) and her family would take you out back and whip you if they found out to tried to kiss a pure redneck white girl like her! She's disgusted and she knows that if you disobey her orders from now on, she can just tell her parents and they'll take you out back & whip & hang you like the old days! So get on your knees & WORSHIP her pure white feet NlGG!! Worship, lick & clean her white feet while she lists off all the reasons why people like her are superior to you and always will be. She tries shoving them in your mouth while calling you racial names. Akira is very comfortable with raceplay and verbiage... hott!!!!

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Raceplay white girl BBC jerk off encouragement

Constance is startled when she sees a negro at her door & jumps back! oh... you're the UPS delivery guy. she's so curious about you people... coming from a small town, she's never been around darkies & didn't know you guys were employed; she only knows all the stereotypes, like robbing ppl, gangs... and huge nlgg3r dicks... OMG she can see your bulge... wait, did it just get bigger when she used the N-word? she wants to touch it & whoa! it's like a huge python in there.... she really wants to watch you jerk your big nlgg cock... have you ever been with a white woman before or are they all scared of you ppl? then it turns into a hot sexy jerk off encouragement with the N-word & she can't wait to see you cum hard. faster & faster, lots of raceplay JOI until you pop! but then you gotta get out of there because the neighbors think you're breaking in. You know blacks & whites can't mix

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Asian small penis humiliation with Constance

Not all asians are smart... but they all have small chlnky dinks! Teacher Constance is tutoring you & she laments on how dumb you are, since she thought asians were all supposed to be smart. She makes a joke about how all asian bois have small penises and you start protesting. She doesn't believe you and wants you to pull down your pants so she can PROVE HER POINT! She laughs at your tighty whiteys. Pull them down so you can prove to her asians aren't small... LOL, you are tiny, just like other asian guys! Well you better study hard, get a high paying job so you can get a girl, cuz they're just going to laugh at your weewee size! It turns into a small penis jerk off encouragement with laughter and name calling until you're ready to BURST your little drop of cum and she DENIES you!! NOT allowed to cum put that tiny thing away and lock it up!

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Raceplay Ass Smothering and Everything with Constance

Constance makes her blk slave write a letter to the prez, saying that slavery should still be legal & that they were better off ruled by the superior race because they are too stupid to live without proper guidance. He gives the letter to beautiful white queen Constance & all it says is "I be Nlgg3r slave" ROFL. He's told to crawl behind her confederated PAWG booty while kissing it. She smothers him in different angles for a bit, calling him racial names while he struggles to breathe. She even FARTS on him a couple times. what a disgusting creature to inhale her lovely poots. She does some butt drops on his chest, makes him kiss her beautiful white feet on face & back to more smothering before it's time for him to crawl to the bathroom to clean. Perfect example of good blk slavery.

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Racist white girl in car with blk driver

I redid the "trapped in the car with a racist passenger" as an Uber driver, just with a little bit meaner spin on it from a mean, entitled superior girl who knows her place in relations to the African Americans who serve and service us! She's annoyed at the BLM protesters blocking the road and preventing her from getting to her job, unless the darkies that don't have real jobs! She tells him the BLM isn't making a difference & is pointless, and starts unloading all her stereotypes of your people. She starts using his head as a footrest and even starts choking him near the end, causing him to say the iconic words " I can't breathe." Constance is strong in her role as superior, entitiled r@cist white lady & in putting down "your people."

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Raceplay black students gets slavery lessons

Miss Constance is tired of her sole African American student being uppity, entitled and horseplaying around in her history class. He's failing so she invites him over for a tutoring lesson but when he comes over, she's got a fun surprise for him. She tells him he's failing and that he's going to learn what his ancestors had to go through when they were brought over here as slaves many generations ago... a much better time for the world, where everyone had their proper places and roles. Where the inferior race had to serve the superior races and they had housing and food instead of what's going on now, blks commiting crime, selling dope and going to jail! He needs to learn to be subservient, worship her feet and understand his place or else he'll fail her class.
Not as mean as I'd like her to be but it's decent.

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Raceplay worship superior white ass and feet Vicki

You're back again for more racial humiliation and abuse from white goddess Vicki! This time she wants you to buy this video and jerk off to her lovely thick milky white booty as she calls you the N-word and other mean racially humiliating names for "your kind." She's even going to tease you with her beautiful white feet and you're powerless to stop her but keep on jerking like you brutes do. She gives you good racial JO instructions and after you cum she laughs at you because she's going to donate this clip money to the white supremacy group of her choice, loser darky Nlgg3r

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Redneck girl re-trains you as her slave racial roleplay

You (the african american male) groggily wakes up to see a redneck blonde girl ,wearing a confederate bikini, putting a leather collar on your neck. You're still too groggy to fight back. She explains that because you tried to hit on her at the bar downstairs, thinking that a superior white girl like her would ever date a disgusting NlGG like you, she slipped something special in your drink. Now, she's going to ENSLAVE you like in the old school days, because that's what she believes in... that africans are a much less developed species and that they should have continued with slavery to the modern ages... which is what she's doing now! She walks you through your new morning routine & then makes you stick out your dark tongue so she can wipe her dirty sweaty feet on it. Then it's toilet cleaning time & she pulls your chain so you start crawling behind her. Lots of sexy slave training and racist talk for black slaves. Happy Valentines

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asian domme darky abuse trampling and FF Mina

We have more fun darky abuse from the lovely Mina as she comes back to her hotel to find an African American man cleaning her hotel! She freaks out before he can explain who he is. When she realizes he's the cleaner and there's a huge brown stain on the bed, she gets pissed & makes him lick it off, smothering his head in the comforter. Then she verbally humiliates him for being dark, pushes his head in between her cheeks and farts, tramples him, (simulated) straddles his face and lets loose, then belly drops onto his tummy & forces her tiny size 5 feet into his mouth all while telling him what she thinks about the African American race and how dumb they are. This clip has a little bit of everything that's wholesome and fun in regards to being racist and demeaning!

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Racist white girl sees your small asian penis SPH

You're sent to fix vicki's laptop as the tech guy and she's such a hot blond that you try asking her out. She's super grossed out by you & she makes it clear she'd never go out with an asian nerd like you!! you smell and asian dudes have small penises! what? you don't think you do? "prove it!" she demands.... but it's TINY, just like all the others. She bursts out laughing and mocks you as you try and wank your wittle wee wee with your thumb & forefinger as she calls you horrible racial names & humiliates you. Asian SPH at it's finest by mean girl Vicki as she makes fun of your eyes, how you smell & calls you a chink

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asian domme foot worship licking and raceplay

Mina's already annoyed that the pizza delivery guy was late but when she opens the box, there's no pizza in there! She's furious and makes him follow her inside where she starts berating all of his kind, how they're lazy, stupid, can't follow instructions, while he's trying feebly to defend himself. She pats his nappy hair & is grossed out by the amount of hair grease is in there. She threatens to call his boss and get him fired unless he listens to her & her first order is for him to worship her beautiful, tiny asian feet. There's a lot of foot worshipping & foot licking with raceplay talk. Then she makes him open his mouth & drools a big load of spit into his mouth & then kicks him out!

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Raceplay Redneck Girl BBC Jerk Off instructions

You were sent up to fix the TV in room 645 when all of a sudden, the hotel occupant suddenly comes in & screams that you're stealing the TV. Vicki's wearing a sexy redneck tank top with the confederate flag on it. She automatically thought you were stealing since you're black. Oh... she didn't know black ppl had jobs, or worked. She's excited to rattle off all the racist stereotypes she's seen & heard about your kind! She even touches your huge lips & laughs at you; this is the first time she's been so close to a p0rch monkey! She's heard nlgg3rs have huge cocks and she can see the outline of yours growing bigger and bigger, especially when she keeps saying the N-word with glee!! You can't stop it from getting hard every time she says it either; the sign of a true african m0nkey! She wants to see you jerk your huge BBC while she calls you vile, racially humiliating names and repeats and N word a TON! Super sexy raceplay BBC jerk off instructions

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Teacher exposes your small asian penis SPH raceplay

You're one of the few asian students in the school & you've been fantasizing about your MILF teacher Sarah. You start rubbing yourself over your pants underneath your desk but Sarah is too sharp and busts you jerking it! She tells you to come up to the class & starts berating you but also points out that asian bois have much small penises than other races. She makes you take it out so class it now a weird sex-ed class as all the students stare at your small asian wee-wee. Teacher Sarah totally makes fun of asians, how they smell, how nerdy you chinky bois look and how teeny your weiners are!! It's too funny. SHe even draws out what African & European dicks look like compared to chinky dinks. She mocks and encourages you to make that small chinky dink cum!

NOTE: Her acting is "choppy" and the dialogue is slightly "choppy" due to her acting skillz. She makes fun of asians but it would've been better if you used the word chink more. Just letting you know!!

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Sarah schools you on affirmative action JOI

Your assistant Sarah is so tired of working for a Nlgger who, she believes, got your job just because the company needed to hire a n3gro for affirmative action purposes. She really can't stand taking orders from you and just snaps today. She opens her blouse and shows she's wearing a confederate flag bikini top & tells you the REAL TRUTH of what she thinks about your inferior kind. You're basically African monkeys pretending to be humans but not really there yet and it's obvious. She knows you have a foot fetish and teases you with her high heels. She makes you kneel down & kiss/worship her beautiful white ass. What else can you do because if you don't, she can scream & call the cops... who will they believe? the lily white girl. You kiss her ass while she verbally degrades you, calling you racial names and then make you worship her bare feet while she gives you jerk off instructions because she knows that's all you dirty, nasty monkeys think about. The office dynamic is about to change forever here! Racial domination and humiliation with foot domination, foot worship JOI and ass kissing

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Raceplay Janira's new black slave training

You wake up from your first night sleeping beside your new owner/mistress since being bought from the slave auctions yesterday. She chained you up beside her bed on the floor so that you wouldn't "wander off" before she gets you chipped. So you go through the day with her telling you what your new slave duties are. The first one is to massage her feet when she first wakes & then lie there as she steps on you on the way to the bathroom. Then you must kneel by her as she pees & then lick her clean when she's done. Then it's off to the kitchen where she tells you what to make for breakfast, and you must learn to cook wht ppl food & not just grits & watermelon! First she's served & fed by you and AFTERWARDS, you get the leftovers... but only after she spits on them. And you must sit on the floor to eat it. Then she takes you over to the couch where she wants to fully see her new black N slave & see if you have a big nlgg cock! You sure do and you must amuse her by jerking off for your new white supreme owner as she watches you & licks her lips while you stroke your big black cock like a monkey for her!!
This scene is pretty much based off my life, raceplay lifestyle & things I actually do. MissyX

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Confederate girl racist rant on african americans

Super fun supremacy monologue with new girl Sarah about how she HATES African americans. She goes over all the stereotypes she's experienced, all their stupid "cultural" things they've invented to make themselves feel better and how entitled they feel they are. There's many reasons to hate them & she gets REALLY into it after a couple minutes! We even have some back & forth conversation about how much better it would be if they were all shipped back to the homeland or enslaved again so they have a purpose. She shows her beautiful white feet & tells you to kiss her white ass! Excellent outpouring in this fun raceplay, racial humiliation and domination clip.

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