Raceplay & racial humiliation fantasies

Raceplay & racial humiliation fantasies

Super fun racial humiliation from your POV! Mainly for African American men but also some clips for Asians & Hispanics too. These girls make fun of you for who you really are. Some historical roleplay scenarios too of slave buying.

Racial domination and FF time with owner Akira

Meet your NEW superior owner, bratty Akira who knows a thing or two about reminding you of your proper place in America. You're the house servant and you see your owners daughter, Akira asleep on the bed so you get down and sneak up so you can have a sniff & quick lick of her superior white feet. You wakes up with a start & realizes it's just her stupid house servant being a pervert like usual... ugh.... stupid jungle creatures. You're supposed to be working!!! She reminds you in very unkind terms why you are inferior and why she is superior to you! Lots of mean name calling and using the N-word. She has a stuffed gorilla toy and compares you to that!! LOL. She's such a cute white brat who loves putting you back in your place & threatens to whip you if you don't listen... she makes you clean her feet with your huge pink tongue & sending you back to work

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Raceplay Janira's new black slave training

You wake up from your first night sleeping beside your new owner/mistress since being bought from the slave auctions yesterday. She chained you up beside her bed on the floor so that you wouldn't "wander off" before she gets you chipped. So you go through the day with her telling you what your new slave duties are. The first one is to massage her feet when she first wakes & then lie there as she steps on you on the way to the bathroom. Then you must kneel by her as she pees & then lick her clean when she's done. Then it's off to the kitchen where she tells you what to make for breakfast, and you must learn to cook wht ppl food & not just grits & watermelon! First she's served & fed by you and AFTERWARDS, you get the leftovers... but only after she spits on them. And you must sit on the floor to eat it. Then she takes you over to the couch where she wants to fully see her new black N slave & see if you have a big nlgg cock! You sure do and you must amuse her by jerking off for your new white supreme owner as she watches you & licks her lips while you stroke your big black cock like a monkey for her!!
This scene is pretty much based off my life, raceplay lifestyle & things I actually do. MissyX

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Confederate girl racist rant on african americans

Super fun supremacy monologue with new girl Sarah about how she HATES African americans. She goes over all the stereotypes she's experienced, all their stupid "cultural" things they've invented to make themselves feel better and how entitled they feel they are. There's many reasons to hate them & she gets REALLY into it after a couple minutes! We even have some back & forth conversation about how much better it would be if they were all shipped back to the homeland or enslaved again so they have a purpose. She shows her beautiful white feet & tells you to kiss her white ass! Excellent outpouring in this fun raceplay, racial humiliation and domination clip.

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Raceplay Connie watches you jerk your fat nigg dick noose play

WARNING: This domination clip includes HARDCORE language & RACEPLAY talk. Hardcore racial humiliation used! If you want general FEMDOM please look at my other clips.

Your owner Constance calls you in & you see she's making a noose! uh ohh.... she has something to tell you... she's been dissapointed with you since she got you on the slave trad; you'd been horrible at doing the house chores. She orders you to massage her feet while she explains to you that it's been awhile since a good n3gro lynching happened on the plantation & how one is due... to keep the other coons in line & to give the plantation owners a reason to have a party! So she's going to allow you to jerk your big nlgg3r dick one last time as she watches (because that's all you creatures do anyways instead of working) and encourages you, calling you the N-word and other derogatory names before she puts the thick noose over your head!! Doesn't the conferderate bikini make her look so hott!? Super fun racial roleplaying found here

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Raceplay for small asian penis Scarlett

Sexy white cheerleader cutie is shocked and grossed out that you just asked her out!!?? WTF? She's a popular white girl & she only dates muscular jocks with big cocks... not nerdy asian bois like you... especially since you look like a total nerd, all greasy and smelling like fish, plus she heard that asian bois have TINY PENISES! You're like " ummmm noooo...?" so she challenges you to pull it out, chinky boi! She laughs so hard when she finally sees your teeny peeny... it's like the length of her thumb! This is WORSE than she can ever imagine... she realizes you're still a pathetic virgin so she teases you, encouraging you to stroke your tiny chinky penis iwth your thumb & forefinger cuz she feels sorry for you and it's funny as hell!!! Cum on, make that chinky weeny cum for her... the closest you'll get to a white girl!!! You prematurely cum as she mocks & calls you names and then teases you about maybe letting you watch her big boyfriend fuck her. Sexy hot asian raceplay for asian men with small penises and getting mocked by a sexy white girl

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Worship racist Janira and donate to supremacy


Sexy pale Janira is back & she tells you she's going to donate the proceeds of this video to Trump & the KKK while listing all the reasons why African Americans are inferior, do ridiculous things and act like savage animals. You creatures can't control your fat N dicks and she tells you to stroke your fat N dick while talking down to you, calling you the beautiful N word and making you kiss her perfect white ass; put those thick monkey lips on her and worship her! Just a nice old school raceplay with her degrading you, telling you how animalistic your kind are and some sexy body worship and JO encouragement

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Raceplay degraded by superior white girl Constance POV foot licking

You're cleaning Constances pool and she totally catches you staring at her beautiful, perfect white superior feet! you dirty monkey!! She totally busts you staring at her feet & points out that you missed a spot... you good for nothing nlgg3r... what!?! She did not call you that did she!? Yeah, she did! so what are you gonna do about it? She knows she's superior to you in every way possible... and she thinks you people are just disgusting animals that should've been all shipped back to Africa. You're lucky she doesn't call the cops on you. All you're good for is cleaning her dirty feet. She makes you follow her beautiful lush white ass over to the chair where she makes you kneel down and start cleaning her dirty feet with your tongue while calling you mean racist and racial names. It ends with her kicking you to get back to work. She knows whites are superior to you african jungle monkeys.
Constance is GREAT and NATURAL with her superiority verbiage and I'm very happy to intro her to raceplay and interacial domination.

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Asian foot domme MissyX degrades shoe shine boy raceplay

Asian MissyX is on the phone doing biz while the office shoe shine boy is buffing her shoes. She notices that they aren't done to standards and still have dirty streaks on them & instructs him to place his face up close so she can start slapping him with her feet, all the while complaining on the phone about how lazy and stupid these kinds of people are (yup, the African Americans!) She talks about how he's older than her & still just a shoe shiner, how stupid he looks and continues to verbally barrage him with degradations and humiliating him relentlessly. Then I make him open his big monkey lips nice & wide so I can foot gag him for a bit while hurling insults. More face slapping, and then foot smothering... lots of mean racial talk about how I think these types of people are inferior to me. The video ends with him being face smothered by my size 6 asian feet

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MissyX regrograms black student to become inferior slave

Super fun raceplay reprogramming video with me, MissyX and my local slave NN! So I'm the teacher, Miss Missy, and he's always in detention. I tell him he only got into this school because of affirmative action and that his ghetto mom is the janitor here. He took the spot of a qualified who can actually deserves it. He gets uppity about it. I calmly get my favorite mug & spoon and starting stirring it slowly & methodically while asking him a question about the first time in his life he realized he was inferior because of his skin color. The answer he gives his very real (his true honest answer) and how powerless he felt in that moment. I keep asking him questions to delve into it further in his psyche until he is in a trance. Then I start suggesting how he needs to change how he acts and finally accept his skin color as what he is in this country and accept how people see him, and then use it for good, to set a good example as a good person of color. When I say the N-word, it will trigger those feelings to envelope him and he will be a good slave. I snap my fingers & he becomes his usual uppity self, until I say the N-word! Now that's he's being a good slave, I get him to massage my feet, lick them clean and then use his face as a seat cushion by having him lie on the table.....
The next day, class is over and I dismiss the students & tell NN to stay behind. He doesn't know why because he doesn't really remember what happened yesterday. So I use the trigger word and he's compliant and a good slave again!! He gives me a quick foot rub and then I want him to write "I WILL BE THE BEST NlGG3R" on the whiteboard. I sit down and order him to kneel in front of me & pleasure me (not shown because I don't do nudity of course!) and talk about how I had called the janitor (his mom) to my classroom for a cleanup and she's going to come in and see what her son has written on the board and see him on his knees to me. LOL
Points covered in this video: reprogramming, recovered memory, foot massages, worship and foot licking, facesitting, verbal and mental humiliation racial humiliation

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Racist stripper Akira BBC jerk off encouragement

WARNING! HARDCORE DEGRADING MEAN LANGUAGE USED. If your ears are too sensitive for mean, hardcore degrading language then please go look up sensual domination. This one is actually Akira's FIRST raceplay video shoot ( I just released the others ones first). You walk into a backwoods small town strip club & it's pretty chill except for the big confederate flag on the wall. The white stripper is amused that a black man walked in & states that they don't get much of your kind in these neck of the woods. She's never had contact with black men before & accidentally says some things that some may think are racist... but it turns you on, having cute white girls calling you names. And Akira hits some racial stereotypes as well... and she's curious about your nappy curly hair, your huge wide nose and your big think PINK NlGG lips too! SHe wants to touch.... but she shouldn't. Well you're not allowed to touch her... but she's curious about big black cocks... is it true?? She can see the bulge... she wants you to jerk your BBC for her while she calls you names & teases you with her superior white skin you're not allowed to touch... She tells you to jerk it faster and faster N&#$$R while stroking her heels. NO FEET IN THIS ONE. AKIRA DOESN'T SHOW HER FEET, just her black suede heels and calls you names like all racist white girls should!! Privilege!

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Raceplay foot worship Cheyenne Jewel house servant reaffirmations


Cheyenne Jewel notices a spot on the floor that her blk house servant slave has missed. She's not happy at how sloppy he's been in the last while and lazy he's getting. She gives him a good verbal admonishing about what a lazy slave he's been & how lucky he is that he gets to "work" in the big house & not in the field like the other slaves. He has to give her a foot massage, which he does with his white gloves, and then kiss & worship her feet and also clean her superior WHITE feet with his gross blk tongue. He does a southern slave accent as best he can & it's friggin HILARIOUS to see this slave dressed like a real slave! Then superior white Cheyenne makes him pray to her, his goddess, and be thankful of his pathetic life as an unpaid house servant before she makes him open his mouth & then spits in his mouth!! Good black slave... now get the rest of the work done!! Lots of racial language and the N -word being used

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raceplay Racist rantings with asian MissyX

I go on a tirade about how I hate cutting curly, kinky nappy hair.... it's greasy and gross. yuck! and blk women are so loud and annoying too! I'm telling my cousin how she should open a hair salon because they LOVE paying ridiculously marked up prices for straight long hair because theirs in too nappy to look nice. They want hair like ours and pay us hundreds of dollars for us to glue the beautiful long straight hair onto their kinky hair. Then they pay a ton of $$ to get their fake claws on because it's their "culture" to have stupidly long claws so they can't function, thinking they look glamorous. Then I tell her how my dads booths at the swap meet are raking in MONEY while we import fake sneakers, gold plated chains, jerseys and blingy bracelets from China, mark it up a zillion % and these stupid hood rats buy it all up!!! How the asians own all the swap meet booths, corner stores, liquor stores, hair extention and beauty stores in the hood and make money off their materialistic, petty, short sighted stupid "cultural" desires and then THEY complain about how WE (the superior ones) are owning the businesses. LOL. Gotta go cuz I see a pack of stupid SHEBOONS and gorillas outside coming in to get their "hair did" and pay me $$$$$ for extentions.

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Asian Mina raceplay foot worship noose and ponyplay

Asian mean girl Mina accuses her house servant of stealing her commemorative Harriet Tubman coin! She really hates those kinds of people, they're all shifty and lazy and she harshly degrades him. She threatens him with his job and makes him kneel to worship her beautiful pale superior Asian feet! Then she gets out a long noose and puts it around his neck as he's trying to escape!! She surfs on his back, pulling the noose tighter and tighter til it's so hard to breathe!!! He begs for mercy. Mina is such a mean asian princess & jumps on his back for ponyrides!!! She pulls the noose to control him and whips him with the loose end of the noose. Later, she finds her precious commemorative HT coin in her wallet... oopsies!!! Princess Mina is super hilarious and doesn't disguise her hate for your kind. Lots of mean harsh language, name calling and stereotypes

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Sucking my pink strapon dildo raceplay asian domme MissyX

WARNING: lots of hardcore, mean and degrading XXX language here!!
Racial roleplaying fun with coerced bi! You've been really bad at doing your chores lately and I discovered you chipped one of my expensive Chinese vases. That means I'm going to train you to pimp out your mouth & ass so I can make the money back! First I start with degrading and chastising you for being a horrible house slave. As I stand up, I reveal my pink strap on underneath my dress. I grab the back of your curly hair and make you suck my pink dick, talking about how I'm going to pimp out your mouth to your superiors and also offer your tight hole for them to fuck too. That means I'll need to stretch out your asshole with my strrap on after this. I make you look up at me while you're sucking & spit on you, calling you mean degrading names stupid slave! Very sexy, slow talking while you're made to stretch your mouth for me

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RACEPLAY You try kissing white grl Akira foot worship & cleaning

White girl from your class, Akira, is attempting to tutor you but you just don't get it!! She's getting frustrated.... you're sitting so close to her that you're not sure what to do but try and kiss her. She flips out & pushes you back, saying she'd never go out with someone like you... she's a bonafide redneck girl, complete with a confederate flag on her wall (yes, that was on her wall when I arrived!) and her family would take you out back and whip you if they found out to tried to kiss a pure redneck white girl like her! She's disgusted and she knows that if you disobey her orders from now on, she can just tell her parents and they'll take you out back & whip & hang you like the old days! So get on your knees & WORSHIP her pure white feet NlGG!! Worship, lick & clean her white feet while she lists off all the reasons why people like her are superior to you and always will be. She tries shoving them in your mouth while calling you racial names. Akira is very comfortable with raceplay and verbiage... hott!!!!

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Asian SPH captured by MissyX Cheyenne Jewel femdom

THIS IS A CUSTOM COMMISSION RACEPLAY VIDEO FOR ASIAN MEN: You're a japanese soldier during WW2 and you've been captured by the Chinese & Americans, led by Cheyenne & her troops. You had attacked Missy's village and Cheyenne came in with her American troops of big large men & managed to defeat you and also capture you. You wake up and they have you chained up! They talk about the mean things they're doing to do to you and rip down your pants to make fun of your small asian penis!! They only like big american & black men who have huge cocks and they talk about the benefit of having big huge muscular men & make fun of your small stature, nerdiness and tiny asian weiner, comparing your cock to the big American cocks they see. Lots of racial talk and whipping. Then it's time for their prisoner to worship and lick their superior feet. First it's Cheyenne's feet while they talk down against your race. Then you must clean Missy's feet. Then they go back to derogatory talk and whipping you. Missy is going to put the noose around your head & then parade you around the village!

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