Raceplay & racial humiliation fantasies

Raceplay & racial humiliation fantasies

Super fun racial humiliation from your POV! Mainly for African American men but also some clips for Asians & Hispanics too. These girls make fun of you for who you really are. Some historical roleplay scenarios too of slave buying.

Racist cop humiliates black man raceplay

In this seriously hilarious raceplay video, a black man is calling the cops because someone stole his car & he's talking like most black men talk. Well, the police woman finally arrives & she's super racist! As soon as he opens the door, she assumes he is the suspect & pushes him back & mounting him from the back while she holds his wrists together & asks for the victim to come out! She doesn't believe the black dude while he's trying to proclaim his innocence & explain the situation. It takes a few minutes for this whole racial mis-identification to get sorted out & then she proceeds to berate negros on the stupid things they do & bad decisions they constantly make. When he gets mouthy, which is often, she puts her heels on his throat & threatens him. I mean, who are they going to realistically believe... she could beat him senseless right now & as the white girl.... she's going to get the sympathy! She makes him kneel behind her & kiss her white ass & then makes him lick her ass all the while calling him racially derogatory names. Then she realizes she needs to check him for substances & pulls down his pants to do a butt cavity search!! Orias is still not convinced that this negroid species is innocent but she has other calls so she warns him that she'll be keeping an eye on him before leaving!

Themes: raceplay & racial humiliation, racist white girls, negro, black discrimination, white priviledge and power over african americans, racist verbal domination

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raceplay Racist rantings with asian MissyX

I go on a tirade about how I hate cutting curly, kinky nappy hair.... it's greasy and gross. yuck! and blk women are so loud and annoying too! I'm telling my cousin how she should open a hair salon because they LOVE paying ridiculously marked up prices for straight long hair because theirs in too nappy to look nice. They want hair like ours and pay us hundreds of dollars for us to glue the beautiful long straight hair onto their kinky hair. Then they pay a ton of $$ to get their fake claws on because it's their "culture" to have stupidly long claws so they can't function, thinking they look glamorous. Then I tell her how my dads booths at the swap meet are raking in MONEY while we import fake sneakers, gold plated chains, jerseys and blingy bracelets from China, mark it up a zillion % and these stupid hood rats buy it all up!!! How the asians own all the swap meet booths, corner stores, liquor stores, hair extention and beauty stores in the hood and make money off their materialistic, petty, short sighted stupid "cultural" desires and then THEY complain about how WE (the superior ones) are owning the businesses. LOL. Gotta go cuz I see a pack of stupid SHEBOONS and gorillas outside coming in to get their "hair did" and pay me $$$$$ for extentions.

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Asian Mina raceplay foot worship noose and ponyplay

Asian mean girl Mina accuses her house servant of stealing her commemorative Harriet Tubman coin! She really hates those kinds of people, they're all shifty and lazy and she harshly degrades him. She threatens him with his job and makes him kneel to worship her beautiful pale superior Asian feet! Then she gets out a long noose and puts it around his neck as he's trying to escape!! She surfs on his back, pulling the noose tighter and tighter til it's so hard to breathe!!! He begs for mercy. Mina is such a mean asian princess & jumps on his back for ponyrides!!! She pulls the noose to control him and whips him with the loose end of the noose. Later, she finds her precious commemorative HT coin in her wallet... oopsies!!! Princess Mina is super hilarious and doesn't disguise her hate for your kind. Lots of mean harsh language, name calling and stereotypes

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Sucking my pink strapon dildo raceplay asian domme MissyX

WARNING: lots of hardcore, mean and degrading XXX language here!!
Racial roleplaying fun with coerced bi! You've been really bad at doing your chores lately and I discovered you chipped one of my expensive Chinese vases. That means I'm going to train you to pimp out your mouth & ass so I can make the money back! First I start with degrading and chastising you for being a horrible house slave. As I stand up, I reveal my pink strap on underneath my dress. I grab the back of your curly hair and make you suck my pink dick, talking about how I'm going to pimp out your mouth to your superiors and also offer your tight hole for them to fuck too. That means I'll need to stretch out your asshole with my strrap on after this. I make you look up at me while you're sucking & spit on you, calling you mean degrading names stupid slave! Very sexy, slow talking while you're made to stretch your mouth for me

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RACEPLAY You try kissing white grl Akira foot worship & cleaning

White girl from your class, Akira, is attempting to tutor you but you just don't get it!! She's getting frustrated.... you're sitting so close to her that you're not sure what to do but try and kiss her. She flips out & pushes you back, saying she'd never go out with someone like you... she's a bonafide redneck girl, complete with a confederate flag on her wall (yes, that was on her wall when I arrived!) and her family would take you out back and whip you if they found out to tried to kiss a pure redneck white girl like her! She's disgusted and she knows that if you disobey her orders from now on, she can just tell her parents and they'll take you out back & whip & hang you like the old days! So get on your knees & WORSHIP her pure white feet NlGG!! Worship, lick & clean her white feet while she lists off all the reasons why people like her are superior to you and always will be. She tries shoving them in your mouth while calling you racial names. Akira is very comfortable with raceplay and verbiage... hott!!!!

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Asian SPH captured by MissyX Cheyenne Jewel femdom

THIS IS A CUSTOM COMMISSION RACEPLAY VIDEO FOR ASIAN MEN: You're a japanese soldier during WW2 and you've been captured by the Chinese & Americans, led by Cheyenne & her troops. You had attacked Missy's village and Cheyenne came in with her American troops of big large men & managed to defeat you and also capture you. You wake up and they have you chained up! They talk about the mean things they're doing to do to you and rip down your pants to make fun of your small asian penis!! They only like big american & black men who have huge cocks and they talk about the benefit of having big huge muscular men & make fun of your small stature, nerdiness and tiny asian weiner, comparing your cock to the big American cocks they see. Lots of racial talk and whipping. Then it's time for their prisoner to worship and lick their superior feet. First it's Cheyenne's feet while they talk down against your race. Then you must clean Missy's feet. Then they go back to derogatory talk and whipping you. Missy is going to put the noose around your head & then parade you around the village!

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Racial domination and FF time with owner Akira

Meet your NEW superior owner, bratty Akira who knows a thing or two about reminding you of your proper place in America. You're the house servant and you see your owners daughter, Akira asleep on the bed so you get down and sneak up so you can have a sniff & quick lick of her superior white feet. You wakes up with a start & realizes it's just her stupid house servant being a pervert like usual... ugh.... stupid jungle creatures. You're supposed to be working!!! She reminds you in very unkind terms why you are inferior and why she is superior to you! Lots of mean name calling and using the N-word. She has a stuffed gorilla toy and compares you to that!! LOL. She's such a cute white brat who loves putting you back in your place & threatens to whip you if you don't listen... she makes you clean her feet with your huge pink tongue & sending you back to work

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raceplay MissyX catfished by blk nerd small dick

WARNING: Harsh verbal language used in this racial interracial domination and FEMDOM video.


You're a black nerd on a dating app and you catfish me, MissyX of the NWO, into thinking you're this muscular gang member with a 16inch penis BBC. Meanwhile you're the complete opposite of this description. You get to the door & I'm like "who the fuck are you??" You can't believe you're the same person that messaged me & realized I got catfished and am super pissed about it. I make you come inside & start making fun of you & degrading you, calling you racially charged names that no real strong African American male would ever stand for! I make you pull out your cock BUT you don't have a BBC like you stated... you have a SMALL BLACK DICK and I'm even more pissed off.. I call you a house servant, slap your face, degrade you verbally and make you kneel in front of me to lick & worship my tiny pretty asian feet while still degrading you

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Raceplay teacher Cheyenne asserts priviledge on blk dad

Cheyenne Jewel is a teacher of a well to do school where it's mainly whites & asians. Jamal gets to go to school here since his dad is the janitor but he's not keeping up with his studies and he's writing and talking in ebonics! Superior teacher Cheyenne Jewel calls him in for a meeting but once she hears him talk & sees his uppity attitude, she starts getting rude. She refrains from outright calling him names at first but the more uppity he gets at her & arguing back with his ebonics, she starts calling him names. He starts yelling & she slaps him good & tells him the real facts. He even threatens her so she jumps up, slaps him & chokes him, making sure he understands her superiority and priviledge over him in life, that she can call the cops now and they'd arrest him because they'd always believe her. Superiority and correct priviledge is asserted with confidence

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Asian SPH small penis humiliation Akira Shell


you're a nerdy asian guy helping Akira Shell study but she doesn't get the curriculum. You decide to just go for it and ask her own to prom & she's taken aback! What!?!? Her, a popular pretty white girl going out with a nerdy asian boi like you?? Gross!!! She talks about how she's heard that asian guys have small dicks... is it true? She likes big dicked popular jock boys only. If you can prove you've got a big dick she'll consider it... so you pull it out & she bursts out laughing!!! It's TRUE, you do have a tiny chinky dinky!!! She mocks you with her pinky finger & pulls out a small tiny yellow penis gag toy and compares it to that!! She laughs at you while telling you to jerk it with your thumb & forefinger like a fucking loser nerdy boi... daring you to cum, IF that tiny thing even works, LOL. She's so good at being a bean snotty bitch and laughs as a tiny dribble of cum leaks out. Grosssssss.

Raceplay and racial humiliation for asian guys with SPH small penis

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Raceplay asian Mina humiliates uber driver


An african american driver is driving bratty princess asian Mina when all of a sudden they stop because there's BLM protesters blocking the road. Mina is super annoyed and starts loudly complaining about them & how protesters don't matter or make a difference because people don't care about those types anyways. To assert her dominance over her driver, she puts her feet up on his headrest & then eventually uses his head as a footrest. Funniest verbiage EVER... the stuff she complains about is the best and she really starts on a rant!! He tries to protest and push her intruding feet out of his face but she threatens to make a complaint to his job! Mina is super bitchy and mean as she shows her true racial superiority and authority over this person & calls him lots of names before getting out & not paying!! He tries to tell her she didn't pay & she reminds him that's how slavery worked... she's entitled to not pay because that's how old school slavery worked. She is SERIOUSLY hilarious... so funny that I started laughing at one point & had to stop filming

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Racist MissyX asian Dr foot domme JOI and ASMR

This was a CUSTOM COMMISSION, as described by the buyer: 2. You are my doctor, from the start it's been pretty clear you weren't interested in having me as a patient and you are very openly racist. Nevertheless I pay so you tend to treat me fine, but do slip up sometimes. I just finished having my monthly check up and everything looks ok. However, you've come up with a devious plan to make me into your slave. Instead of telling me that my medical record looks great, you trick me telling me something is definitely wrong and I'm pretty much fucked unless I follow through with an overpriced procedure during all this time you are pretty much dangling your shoes. I can't afford it at all and you just laugh at that, no longer needing to filter yourself calling me what I am, a worthless nigger. I beg and plead that I'll do anything if you treat me. At this point you come up real close, in the ASMR segment and being a doctor, tell me how niggers such as myself are subhuman and evolutionary bellow you, and that I need to pledge my servitude to you. You tell me exactly what I need to do, worship your soles, before cumming on them and licking up the mess like the beast that I am. Furthermore, if I am to go through with this I'll need to get a mandatory vasectomy, meaning this is the last time I'll ever be able to cum. I pledge myself to you and you can't help but get slightly turned on my the power you hold over me. After this you proceed to do just that, degrade me, tease me, all while encouraging me to jerk and reminding me that this is the last time I'll ever feel this good, getting excited over performing a vasectomy. You tease and tease, to the point where I can't hold it anymore and cum all over your soles.

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raceplay NWO inspector Bella beatdown jail humiliation

after the new prezz has taken office, he assembles new laws and a large enforcement team that operates with immunity. Their job is to check up on immigrants and African American's to make sure they are obeying the law, not stealing money from welfare and being being good and productive. Inspector Bella knocks on his door with her file & he answers. It shows that he's on welfare but she gets suspicious because it's an awfully large house... how can he afford it? She's "nice" at first, coming in, looking around and asking questions about his life. He's a bit mouthy too. She goes into the bedroom & spots a bag of white powder... upon inspection she realizes it's blow and that he's selling blow!! She FLIPS OUT & her true hatred for "those people" show! She threatens him, throws him to the ground, makes him kiss her black boots & kicks him. Bella sits on his face forcefully! She full mounts him & starts slapping his face & then smothers him. He comes to with Bella straddling over his face and waking him up with wet yellow liquid on his face (simulated, no nudity). A nice closeup of the liquid hitting his face. Then it cuts to him being put in jail where she starts kicking him, beating him and telling him how sucky jail life is gonna be! She spits in his face, lots of racial name calling and she makes him kiss her white superior ass. She comes back with a banana cuz it's feeding time and she makes him eat it! Tons of racial humiliation, domination, beatdowns, stereotyping, interracial domination as she does extremely well

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Bella blk slave training feeding off feet flogging RACEPLAY

Merry Christmas!! Today on the MissyX PBS after Christmas Special, we have the esteemed head NEGR0 trainer, Bella, from the Jim Crow Negro Circus!! She's brought along a very well trained black slave, sitting patiently in his overalls. I play a very normal and even clueless daytime talk show host... badly. and I ask questions about these african creatures as if the audience members may have gotten one for christmas and don't know what to do with it. Like... how do you train them?? What does it eat? How do you discipline them?? Bella starts with commanding it to give us foot massages while I ask her questions about niggs & training. Then it's the feeding demo where she pulls out some bananas & his eyes light up!!! He tried to eat the banana before she mashes her foot into it and sprinkles some nuts on the mess & he slurps it noisily off her superior white feet. Then she mashes her feet into watermelon & he slurps that up too... cuz they love watermelon. Then it's a flogging demo & Bella and MissyX both flog him for the audience. Bella shares a couple more training tips & then turns around & mimics peeing into her water bottle & having him drink it; it's always important for the black slave to ingest parts of his owner daily!!! (this is an actual rule of mine) Then I ask her about the BBC and she makes him stand so that I can feel his package and he does indeed have a huge black dick under his overalls. Hope you enjoyed this little goofy talk show segment that ran way over time.... our goofy banter is just ridiculous.
(Bella covered most of the script that I had written but missed a few parts. It was ridiculously cold in the building yesterday so we just wanted to get it done! LOL) Follow my blog at raceplay.tumblr
Snapchat & Twitter: RACEPLAYMISSY

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Raceplay racist cop Bella beatdown & slapping

Racist cop Bella comes into this black mans house because she smells the green. She's confused there's no way this black man can have such a nice big house so he MUST be a drug dealer like all those other blk criminals. SHe starts saying racial things to him from the get go & it's obvious she's going to, not only assert, but abuse her WHITE PRIVILEGE to the best of her ability!! She knows she can get away from anything so she knees him punches & throws him down. She tells him why blacks are inferior in all ways & she believes in white superiority. Every time she slaps him in the face he MUST yell WHT POWER & she does the supremacy salute proudly. She continues kicking his ass, throwing him on the ground & kneeling over him to make him kiss her white ass & then smothering him for a second. She is going to confiscate his green, smoke it with her KKK buddies & take all his dope money to donate to theie KKK group so they can support wht America! Bella is VERY harsh, PUNCHING & KICKING HIM all over, BEATDOWN, face slapping, heil salutes and SPITTING in his mouth & face.

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Raceplay white cheerleader Bella foot domination gagging

White cheerleader Bella is trying to tutor a black dude... trying but he's not getting the history lessons at all! He confesses that he's distracted by her beautiful white feet & she's appalled that he's trying to hit on her! She would NEVER go out with a nlgg ever! It's important to keep her race pure and she believes that the darker races are below her... only fit for worshipping & cleaning her beautiful white feet! She makes him get on her knees in front of her & starts belittling blk ppl, talking about his dirty hair & how much they stink. Since they like dirty stinky things then he'll like her stinky white feet. She circles her feet in front of him & the coon is so mesmerized by being near pure white feet for the first time his head just follows. Then she wipes her feet on him & puts them in his fat pink lips & starts gagging him hardcore. Lots of hardcore foot domination and humiliation with extreme verbal degradation!! Bella really knows how to scream & hits all the racial stereotypes just perfectly! She foot slaps him too while being super degrading & then kicks him out of her house! Bella is super mean & the foot slaps & gagging are very good!

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 07:20    Format: MP4    File Size: 228 MB    Clip ID: 48324

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