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Stuffing my piggy's face.

You are so pathetic you fat pig, you brought back a whole bag of Taco Bell just like I told you. Now we are going to sit here and eat the entire bag even if you feel like you are going to bust, you are going to eat ever last bit of you my fat little piggy.

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Mesmerized by leggings ass

I know you can't resist my big sexy booty in leggings just give in there is no use fighting it my little ass sluts. Buy this video and jerk that tiny little pin prink you call a penis! hahaha

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Stuff My Face With Cake

I have been eating all day, but I just can't get enough of this red velvet cake I bought. I have just cut my 4th piece of cake for the day, I am soooo bad but I just can't help myself I love eating! I have gotten bloated after eating all day and the only thing that helps is me rubbing my belly.

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Ass and Tits Worship

You can't resist your Princess, my beautiful tits and deliciously plump ass is what you crave. Worship it and let it control you, I own you slave boy.

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Sexy soles, Lotion and Degredation

I know you crave my bare soles and sexy toes, get down on your knees a prepare to worship. It is your job to worship every part of me while I talk down to you and degrade you and you thank me for it. I am going to make it even harder on you slave all you can do is sit there and watch me apply and rub lotion all over my sexy feet, don't you dare touch that tiny prink of yours you pathetic loser!

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Your my piggy bank!

I enjoy all of my little slaves money, that why I call them piggy banks. Your are next my pathetic slave, you thought I had a real interest in you....haha NEVER I only have interest in your bank accounts! I want every thing you have no matter what condition it leave you in, you can be eating out of a dumpster for all I care as long as your money is hitting my account. Losers like you exist to serve a Princess like me!!!

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Tricked, Transformed, and Ass Crushed!

Your such a dumb loser, you actually drank that drink! Funny thing is you are no longer human, you have been transformed into a doll so that no one will suspect that it is you. It time to have some fun with you my little slave doll...hahaha. You have always loved my ass and wished to be under it, well you are about you get your wish. I am gonna crush you flat with my beautiful, powerful, and perfect shiny ass. Take it all in slave, you existence will end very soon!!!!!

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Filthy Heel Licker

You are such a filthy fucker little doggie, you will do whatever your goddess says won't you! Good boy, now get down on you knees and get to licking all the nasty off the bottoms of my heels doggie I've stepped in all kinds of gross today walking around in my heels spending your money. I even smoked a couple of cigarettes and crush them and ground them as hard as I could into the bottoms of my get to fucking licking bitch!!

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Pathetic Heel Cleaner

Look at you! Exactly where you should be, on the ground beneath my heels! That right you little bug lick the filth of the bottoms of my heels, every little morsal hahaha. You are nothing but a little high heels cleaner and that all you will ever amount to!!!!

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NEVER! Gonna let you cum!

Thats right my worthless slave...when I say never I mean never ever going to let you cum!! That little dick and balls is mine, even that nasty you call cum that exits you body on a release. Take that word out of your thoughts because you will never ever get to have a release again, no matter how hard you beg!

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Giantess: Transformed and Buttcrushed

Your such a dumb slave, you actually drank what I put in you cup. Now you are a stupid little peep candy and there is NO escape for you. I bet my giant ass feels really warm and cozy when I sit my full weight on you in that wooden chair....hahahaha. What you do know is that today you will meet your maker, not under my beautiful butt....only under my high heel on the nasty floor where you belong. I am going to crush and grind you into a pile of sugary filth.

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Hypnotized by Leggings

The title speaks for itself you pathetic little worm! Go by my clip and be and mesmerized by my perfect ass!

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Giantess: Should I Crush You?

What a POV, Princess Tiffany is so much bigger than you. She hardly even notices you she thinks you are a bug scurrying across the floor when she look down and see you worthy little bug self screaming up for her attention. Now comes the hard choice, should she crush you or not? She has some really sexy heels on that would turn you into a pile of mush, or her big tight shiny leggings ass that would also destroy you. So what do you think she should do? To crush, or not to crush.....

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Little piggy blackmail

Thats right you pathetic loser, I had you send me all those sissy photos for a reason! Did you really think I wanted them? No, of course I didn't. I wanted them so I can get what is needed out of you! Blackmail is so fun and easy, I love taking away everything sissies like you own. Your money is mine, you bank account is mine, YOU are mine now! Either cough up all your hard earned money or everyone you know and love, everyone on web will know that you are a little sissy fag!

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Keep eating my fat fucking pig!

Princess Tiffany feels like really making you feel even worse about you pathetic existence. She sends you to a few fast food place and has you pick up several items that you are going to eat all in one sitting. She is so disgusted by you are your fast ass stuffing your face! She wants to see every morsel of food licked off that plate. " YOU don't want to disappoint your Princess do you??? Keep eating, I don't care how fucking full you are"

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