Crush Lovers

We return to Transylvania, wonderful space, where the beautiful of the landscapes and the natural treasures of the place can be found by the traveler as a unique expression of the spirit of this place. We can also remember Dracula - "truth or legend?"
Besides this imaginary universe populated by vampires and ghosts, in these picturesque places we will encounter a reality that will enjoy our souls. The vampire Dracula’s force will wither seeing the clove and from now on the “legs' strength" will dominate. Hoping that it will become a legend too, the practices presented in the clips of this store, are primarily a reality.


Laura Destroys Her Admirer‘s Camera

Alone on a footpath in the forest, Laura sits down to smoke a cigarette. But soon she starts being stalked by a secret admirer. Without too many words, she makes him a sign to come near her, and then she destroys mercilessly the camera under the sad eyes of her admirer, who finally remained without pictures and without camera.
He begs her not to break it, but it seems that more he is begging her more Laura is crushing it harder. How much power, how much pleasure for crush at this girl of only 18 years old! She will stop only when there will be nothing left of this device. Oh, oh, oh, how disappointed she left her admirer.

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Apples Crushed By Laura

She just recently turned 18 but she is for a long time passionate by crush. An amazing passion of this beautiful girl, in the first hot days of August in Transylvania. Right now look at her crushing the apples in the apple orchard, but that's just the beginning of a long line of appearances. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll get yourself under her feet. Already feel the sensation?

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Apples’ crushing

Follow the movements of my feet look how much power, each apple will be crushed in a single step, you'll be the next, I'll step and ruthlessly crush every part of your body the same way I’m crushing one by one, these apples....

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Three Dolls Under My Feet

Tomorrow, three slaves will end under my feet; they will have so much to suffer. Today I will not do anything but to anticipate what I will do tomorrow; these three dolls will be a small example of what will follow.

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Crushing Polenta With Shit

Wow !!! What a tasty food !!! Polenta is ready to be eaten. But Mistress Melissa has not forgotten that the slave is still a slave and of course she is eating from the floor, not from a plate. Look at her with how much tenderness and passion she is crushing the polenta… Wouldn't it be nice if you could stay near her feet, would you be grateful to lick her heels, to clean her shoes to admire her body, to feel her fragrance; but since you're still away, Melissa does not take vacations with her slaves!!!

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Destroyed Blender

Well yeah, I don’t like cooking, so what should I use a blender for? To have my mother telling me to cook? Ha ha ha!! And look what it became. HHAHAAH's pieces, pieces, pieces. I do not cook, I trample and crush everything, this is my passion!!!!

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