Obey Miss Tiffany

Sexy POV clips that fit whatever My mood may be. Be prepared to be humiliated and punished loser. There is no choice but for you to bow down and worship Me


Sissy boys get slutty for Miss Tiffany

Get on your slutty lingerie sissy boy and get ready to play with that little clitty as I degrade you and treat you like the cock hungry whore you are

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Cucks humiliation

Hi cucky, now I finally get it. You dont want to be My cuck because of Me. No you want to be My cuck because you desire to suck Alpha dick. you crave to for once have a man size cock in your hand and mouth since you're so inferior . I mock you and tease you with My thick white Alpha dick toy.

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Naughty or Nice tease

So which is it slave boy ? Have you been naughty or nice this year? I know you swear to My perfect young body and big tits but have you given enough to get all that you want?

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Heel Fetish, Still a loser

So you dont have a tiny dick , and you can actually get women...yet you're still here. Why ? because you have that one hang up that you cant seem to get over. Still to this day you havent found a way to tell a girl that the first thing caught your eye is her heels. Not only that but when she leaves the house you're actually sticking your dick in her heels, jerking off in them, fantasizing about them. Not her , but them. Nothing would make you happier then having her step on your cock and balls with her sexy 6in heels, but you're too afraid to tell her.

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My dirty shitty boots

I just realized there is dirt or shit or something gross on the bottom of My boots and guess who that made Me think of ?? thats right , you loser ! Get down and lick them clean like a good little bitch. I plan to use you for all your worth and that really doesnt go past getting the shit off My fucking boots pig.

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Can you break the curse My feet have over you ?

So obviously the spell My powerful feet have over you is yet to be broken, but at the same time you've yet to worship them in person . Even after all these years of dreaming about them and drooling and jerking off to to them you still have yet to do anything about it. Why ? you obsess over them daily ..can you break this curse ?

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Yoga pant ass worship

I never really understood why you loved Me in yoga pants so much. I just got done sweating My ass off at the gym and you cant seem to stop staring at My ass in yoga pants. Maybe its because they leave just enough to the imagination , and that My tight petite body in this stretchy fabric has a hold on you . You know you'll never have anything as amazing as I am. Well keep dreaming loser as I show off My assets in these tight yoga pants.

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Fuck you , Worship Me

I dont care if Im ruining your life . I will gladly take all your ca$h and destroy any vanilla "relationship" you have . I will also be the most honest relationship that you know. I know you weakness and I will & have been exploiting it. As long as you get your fix with My tits thats all you care about. Watching Me grab them and squeeze them as I tease you in tiny tops and tight bras just drives you crazy

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How is life as an ass addicted loser ??

What is it like to have you entire day revolve around paying your loser tax just to jerk off to My ass ? you completely have a physical addiction to My ass. I can humiliate and degrade you as much as I want yet as long as you get to jerk off to Me, as long as you get your "fix" , you're happy

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You crave to worship My tits

You crave to worship My tits. You love watching Me wear a sexy new bra and play with them. Squeezing them. Making you weaker with every clip

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your dick is disgusting (SPH)

you finally get time alone to enjoy My videos and jerk off but theres just one issue. your tiny little dick makes Me throw up in My mouth a little. Its disgusting . you completely ruin the mood by taking it out. Im actually offended that you would take out something that disgusting in My presence

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Dont waste My time loser

I dont get it . You go out of your way to create accounts with My name as your user name such as " Miss Tiffanys bitch" . You email Me every day saying how much you want to worship Me and love Me. YET... you're no where even close to Me. Theres no way you could even be under My feet oh and to top it off you cant even afford Me. You value My time so much ? stop wasting it.

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Ass Hypno oil massage

I crawl into that feeble little brain of yours and make your addiction to My ass even more concrete . I know the power it has over you , you cant resist My ass.

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Glossy pantyhose worship

You cant keep your hands off your cock as you watch Me flirt and tease you in My sexy sheer pantyhose. I dangle My 6in pumps and tease you with My toes wiggling in your face. Its too much for you to resist seeing how confident and sexy I feel in them.

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Pantyhose Addict

Your weakness for My pantyhose is quite amusing you know. I pose and tease you in this sexy clip showing off My sexy long legs and 6in heels that are all complimented by My alluring pantyhose. I love teasing an addicted fool like you , playing on your every weakness

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