Mommy Spanks

Mommy Spanks

Maternally Applied Spankings from a mature woman to her adult male partner. These spankings were taped for private use only, and are just now being released. They are HARD, no nonsense, spankings that should take you back to your own childhood memories of Mom applying the belt, strap, or paddle to your behind. These spankings are still given on a weekly basis, if not daily, depending, as well as corner time before and after the spankings. Other punishments, such as grounding and other restrictions, are also used. This is a VERY REAL, and VERY HARD, spanking houehold, as you will see. Contact me at


Going Through My Panties = Spanking

I caught Bobby going through my suitcase looking for my panties to try them on. God knows what disgusting things he does with them, but I suspect he gets hard and gets off in them. I've spanked him before in my panties and I see he gets hard in them. He's not wearing my panties in this clip, but he gets a very hard strapping for going through my things. Lots of scolding going on throughout this blistering spanking.

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Slip Of The Tongue

Once in awhile, Bobby makes the grave mistake of calling me by his ex girlfriends name. If you're a man reading this, you know just how much trouble YOU would be in if you did that. Imagine if you had a girlfriend or wife that regularly took the belt or paddle to your naked fanny when you did. Imagine how hard that spanking would be, and how long it would go for, and how long you'd be in the corner afterwards. Well, this is what Bobby got. A truly blistering spanking,

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Paddle Me

Bobby was driving like a mad-man, texting and weaving and bobbing trhrough the lanes. I told him when we got home he was getting a spanking, and this is that spanking. Serious paddling that had him jumping around a LOT and crying out constantly. If you like to see a hard paddling that is very real, you will LOVE this clip. I guarantee it.

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Remake of a Spanking Gone Wrong

Bobby was using foul language again, even after a number of good hard punishment spanking for it. See the strap and paddle do its work in this sizzling spanking clip, plus some serious corner time, (edited out).

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Spanking Re-Do - Different Angle

This is a different angle of an earlier spanking clip, but it seems like a whole new clip. Hard spanking, for Bobby's messy underpants and his petulant attitude about getting spanked for it. Lots of great scolding here if you like that kind of thing. (and what spanko doesn't?)

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