Miztress Sophie Fetish Cinema

Miztress Sophie Fetish Cinema

High definition fetish clips by a busty blonde dominatrix.


It Sucked My Toes Like They Were Dicks

Another one for you foot fetishists. After a long day of humiliating this creature, my feet were sore. So I kicked my boots off and made it kneel and worship my feet, I made him kiss them, lick them, you need to see just how in awe this maggot was of my tiny feet.

I figured that standing up was too much effort, so I sat down, stretched my legs out and ordered him to resume kissing and licking. Toe by toe he sucked and worshipped them. I even got some blowjob action on my toe.

Buy the clip and worship my feet with him, if you have a foot fetish, you won't be disappointed.

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Spat On, Sat On And Flicked Ash On

Today I met another worthless specimen who needed to be taught his place in life.

I wasted no time on formalities with this one. From the moment I picked him up from his hotel, I threw him in the car, put a bag over his head so he couldn't see, and didn't speak to him for the whole journey back to my house.

When we arrived, I ordered him to strip and put a mask on to hide his excuse of a face, and the leash was attached. When the chain was attached, that's when he knew he wasn't going to be having an easy ride. I decided that before I get in to the swing of things, I needed a nice cigarette, and he could be my new ashtray. I made him thank me as I sat blowing smoke in his face, and flicking ash in his mouth, just the sight of him doing this was so pitiful, I decided this bitch needed to kiss my boots, I even flicked ash on them and made him lick it off.

Cigarettes always leave a nasty taste in my mouth, and usually, I'd just brush my teeth, but on a day like this when I have a worm worshipping at my feet, what better way to get rid of that taste than by spitting in his mouth. He sat, facing me, mouth open, and without hesitation I rolled my tongue around my mouth forming a big ball of saliva and "ptui!" - Spat straight in to his wide open mouth. Not content with that, I then did it again, and again, and again - I even made him change position so his head was back, making sure my spit would hit the back of his throat.

Once the taste of cigarettes had gone, and I was all out of spit, I needed a rest. If only I had a foot stool. But then it hit me, I did have a foot stool, a brand new one! So I ordered him to get down on his hands and knees and kneel as my human furnishing, so I could relax with my legs up on him while I checked on important things on my cell phone, like my website, and shopping for shoes.

After all of that, I made the cunt worship my feet - But that's in the next clip.

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Sissy Bitch Spanked By Miztress

After locking her dick in chastity and having her worship My feet, I decided it was time to punish her for not doing My cleaning properly.

I found dust, so her ass got bust! I spanked it until it was bright red, using a whip and a paddle. It was fun to do but even more fun to watch. Check out the clip.

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Jerk It While I work It

Jerk it while I work it. Let's exercise together, I'll work on My arms and shoulders, while you work on those wrist muscles. I'll be your personal cum trainer, follow my instructions and get jacked (off).

If you REALLY want to impress your fitness instructor for the day (Me) you can send Me your post-workout photo that I ask for at the end of the clip. So what are you waiting for? Let's get pumping

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Condom JOI Tutorial Eat It Cumslut!

CONTENT WARNING: Contains verbal humiliation and degradation - But for those of you who LOVE that, join me, get your rubber ready, and follow my instructions as I guide you through the best condom wank you'll ever have me give yourself. It's simple, just copy my hand movements as I demonstrate them on my human sex toy - When I suck it, I want you to grip the top half of your dick and slowly massage it, and imagine it's me sucking - The rest, just mimic my hand motion - There's a tasty treat at the end too, you don't HAVE to follow the final instruction, but if you do, you'll make me extremely happy.

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