Mistress Ava Black

Chastity keyholder and pervert trainer Mistress Ava Black has something in store for you in this deliciously depraved home on the web.
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Shrunken human dildo - part 1

You are Mistress's new Domestic slave in training. But training is definitely something you are greatly lacking. After being left for hours to your own devices the house is still a mess! And the gardening hasn't been touched at all!

Mistress is furious! She goes looking for you but can't find you! You cheeky sod!

When she finally catches up with you she finds you lounging around like you're on holiday. When she asks you what you've been doing all this time your answers don't amuse her!

She's so fed up with you that she's not willing to listen to your lies anymore. She found the porn on your phone and guessed you were otherwise tied up instead of doing your work.

You're no use to her so she pulls out a magic powder and blows it in your face!

You feel yourself shrinking rapidly and, before you can help it you are the size of a mouse!

Shock and horror fill you but Mistress pins you down!

Bet you didn't know that she came from a long line of African voodoo Princesses didn't you? Too late for you... She's decided that she's going to make you useful one way or the other.

Maybe you would be more amusing as a crushed bit of slave? Mmm, she finds this amusing. As she slowly presses down on your now very frail bones she licks her lips at how easily she could snap you in half!

You always said you felt so small in her presence. You probably never realised just how true that statement was did you?

Now even her feet could completely cover you and squish you like a bug!

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Anyone for a 69?

Includes - slave training - female domination - - interracial domination - CFNM - extreme domination - caning - equestrian fetish - jodhpurs - riding boots - dragon canes - femdom - cruel mistresses

When slaves contact more than one Female of Dominance online they need to be certain that they are respectful!

What's more they need to make sure they do not copy and paste emails like pathetic wankers.

Well this slave obviously didn't pay heed to simple correspondence niceties.

Or even the fact that Mistresses advertise what they will or won't do in session... No... he emailed both Mistresses with his generic email asking if they would be interested in a 69!?!?!?

Big mistake to make!

So the entrapment was set!

Invited to Mistress Ava's house to delight in said 69... he arrived with a stiff dick and a racing imagination!

Only to be greeted by two very excitable canes!

Which were more than willing to give him the 69 that he was craving...

69 lashes of the cane!

Delivered by both Mistresses... sort of like a menage a trois! You'd think he'd be happy! But from the unearthly howls emitting from him you might have been mistaken to imagine he was in distress....

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My special wax-work slave

Includes - female domination - cfnm - ebony - femdom - wax play - ebony female domination - high heels - slave training

Mistress puts her slave boi through his paces in the most uncomfortable way possible when she lures him to serve. He is eagerly expecting a sensual session, especially when she instructs him to lie on the floor.

Little does he suspect that instead she desires nothing more than to use her flaming hot candles to turn his cock and balls into a work of art... Needless to say, he does not appreciate the artistic value of this particular installation...

Category: CFNM    Duration: 11:23    Format: MP4    File Size: 995 MB    Clip ID: 52378

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Blazing balls! Part 3

Includes - female domination - ebony female domination - boot domination - cfnm - slave training -  femdom - pantyhose domination - pain games - cbt   

slave 2 now gets the glorious task of wearing a penis gag while sitting on the dildo! He looks a right mess! Although the way he rides that cock makes Mistress think he might just be enjoying himself too much. So he has to keep it in while she goes back to slave 1 for his turn.

slave 1 - the unlucky sod! manages to pick cock trampling in heels! There are so many easy ones still floating in the selection mix but it seems like these slaves are cruising for a serious cock bruising! Still, Mistress believes they chose their own fate. So she lays him on the gurney so she can really get at him with her leather boots!

Category: CFNM    Duration: 10:24    Format: MP4    File Size: 534 MB    Clip ID: 52369

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Ruining you fuckers!

Includes - cock tease - strip tease - long legs - pantyhose fetish - pantyhose worship - high heels - high heel worship -  slave girl training - ass worship - ass fetish - cock control - sexy girls   


I instructed my slave-girl to tease the fuck out of you! Leave you completely wet and dripping and submissive to my instructions... After all controlling your cock means the rest of your dumb arse falls in line oh so easily...

Category: Tease and Denial    Duration: 06:54    Format: MP4    File Size: 993 MB    Clip ID: 52381

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A Goddess smokes

Includes - femdom pov- ebony - smoking - cigarette smoking - ebony goddess   
Deliciously indulgent Goddess worship as Mistress smokes her cigarette.

Category: Smoking Fetish    Duration: 05:52    Format: MP4    File Size: 843 MB    Clip ID: 52380

Price: $5.99 USD

Teaching you how to smoke turns into a snogging lesson

Includes - adult role play - pov sex - mommas boy - stepmom fetish - ebony milf - cock tease - pov kissing - smoking teaching - taboo

Ava's trying really hard to be a good stepmom, but sometimes it just seems so hard! Having been pulled out of London by her much older husband she is clearly struggling with the country lifestyle that she must now endure. Try as she might, one bad habit isn't going away in a hurry. She enjoys the occasional smoke and sip of alcohol. She makes sure to do it when no one else is in the house since her husband disapproves so much of her 'bad old habits'... Besides it would be a bad influence on her stepson - you.

She just happens to be taking an afternoon break to have her cigarette and whisky when you walk in on her in the kitchen. She doesn't notice you for quite a while - so engrossed is she in her naughty treat - and is noticeably flustered when you cough, announcing your presence. The look on her face says it all. But she starts to plead with you anyway not to give the game up to your old man. You think this might be your lucky break.

You've been dying to learn how to smoke. You've seen it on the telly and it always looks so cool. She's reluctant at first but soon enough she has no choice but to let you have your way. You like this new side of your stepmom. She actually seems like a normal person and not like a mirror fuddy duddy of the old man. As you talk you open up some more and tell her your darkest secret. You have never kissed a girl before. Life has always been about school and studying, and your old man wants you to take over in the business so you don't get out much. She is shocked! After all you're a grown boy she says... Surely you have tried chatting up a girl or two in your life? Nope...

Ava has an unconventional suggestion to help you. She's willing to pretend to be a girl you like so you can practise what to say to her and chat her up. You're up for this, and you give it your best go. But sadly you're too uptight, clumsy. She thinks another thing could help loosen you up. If you imagine kissing her - the golden prize if you win the girl - then you might feel a bit more confident. But when you tell her you've never kissed a girl in your life the shock on her face is clear!

Would you like to learn how to kiss then?

The words are out before both of you can take them back.

You nod your head dumbly. There is no going back on it now. Your stepmom does her best to keep the mood innocent and practical, but as soon as you lock lips a surge of chemistry runs through both of you. Neither of you stops what happens next, as closed lips kissing turns to deep French snogging. And when she asks if you have ever done more than kissing your inevitable answer only leads you tumbling further into sweetest taboo.

Before either of you know what is going on, your stepmom is on her knees with your cock in her hands. And then she slides you into her mouth and you feel like you are going to explode deep in her mouth. You can't help yourself. You need to know what it feels like to go even further. What it feels like to do what you should be doing now you are a big boy. And when she lets you finger her pussy you know she's about to give you the full round of sex education. Sticky fingers are followed by dripping wet cock. You groan as you feel her pussy spreading around your virgin cock. So hot, so wet, so inviting, those gorgeous wide hips of hers sliding up and down and pulling you deeper and deeper into your wonderful loving stepmom...

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Blazing balls! Part 2

Includes - female domination - ebony female domination - boot domination - cfnm - slave training -  femdom - pantyhose domination - pain games - cbt   

When slaves get things wrong they get caned! And both these slaves know that if they don't do well in their given tasks they will receive the cane from Mistress. Funny though that they should get it wrong at all is it not? Yet still they manage to...

slave 1 has to choose again and he picks cock caning! You'd think he was desperate for a hurting until you saw how uncomfortable the cock caning made him! All the jumping and squirming and falling to pieces...

slave 2 then has the chance to show off his slutty side in his second task by sitting on a gorgeous brown dildo for Mistress. Will he manage to take the dildo with only his spit as lube? Watch and find out!

Category: Ball Busting    Duration: 12:35    Format: MP4    File Size: 646 MB    Clip ID: 52367

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Blazing balls! Part 1

Includes - female domination - ebony female domination - boot domination - cfnm - slave training -  femdom - pantyhose domination - pain games - cbt   

 Mistress loves to play games!

And today she has two slaves to fuck around with in her Dungeon!

She wants to make their cocks and balls dance in pain for her! So she has come up with a lovely game called 'Blazing Balls'. It's a game of chance. And the slaves have to pick a ticket which has mystery items written on it. slave 1 goes first, and he picks ballbusting! Which Mistress has of course to deliver while he squats because she knows he's going to hate it! But also because she knows that if he squats he can't jump away from the delicious pain of her boots!

Then it's slave 2's turn... and he picks cock crushing!

Oh these stupid slaves are picking all the wrong sorts of tickets aren't they?

Category: Ball Busting    Duration: 12:09    Format: MP4    File Size: 628 MB    Clip ID: 52366

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Man Addict

Includes - adult role play - taboo - vore - executrix -  femdom pov - ebony   

You've popped round to see your next door neighbour Ava since you haven't seen her for nearly a fortnight. When you find her she is in the house looking seriously bloated and her belly more than twice the size you remember it. When you ask her what happened to her she tells you the most fantastic story!

She's got a serious over-eating problem. But she can't tell you what she ate. All she tells you is she's addicted and has been trying to get a handle on it. That's the reason she has been at home for the last fortnight. She doesn't want to go out and be tempted anymore. You try and be empathetic, but the more she goes on  you find your cock getting rock hard. She is giving you a hint about some of her dirty dirty overeating habits, telling you about some strange encounter with some guy where he was just too delicious for her to resist...

You beg her to tell you more, you are so turned on thinking about her fucking all these different guys and you can't help but be desperate for details. You know it's wrong since you're just friends but just seeing her licking her lips reminiscing is giving you major wood. She is saying something about - and you would never believe her she tells you - gobbling guys right up! That they taste so good on her tongue and she just can't stop... How wet they make her when she has them in her clutches!

It's too much for you!

You whip your clothes off and wait there eagerly for her to see just how much she turns you on. Ava is midway through telling you when she realises that you are naked!

The shock on her face is clear, and she starts to tell you off. Your cock is throbbing in anticipation and she can't help but look down at it. Her expression changes suddenly, an evil glint appearing in her eyes... She slides off the chair and over to where you are sitting.

"Who knows you're here?"


She sniffs the side of your face hungrily, repeating on the other side...

"You look pretty good to me..."

She looks like she is struggling with herself, but then she changes her mind and unhinges her jaw, swallowing you whole!

Then she regurgitates you!

Regret and anger are on her face, and seeing the stunned expression on  your face she yells at you!

"I tried to tell you over and over!.... Fuck! There's no going back now..."

Before you have a chance to react she swallows you whole again!

It all happens so fast all you see is pink as her mouth wraps around you, silky, warm, and wet...

Then hot darkness as you go hurtling down towards her stomach, the whooshing sound of her endless pipe pushing you further and further down.

You are now in her stomach and can feel the incredible heat of her acids as they swirl around you! You try desperately to clutch onto something or find a foothold but it is roomier in there than you ever thought possible. Through the darkness you hear Ava again, she is telling you off for not having listened and just thought with your cock instead. She is angry at you for having got her hooked on man meat again, especially as she was now 10 days sober.

It didn't sound like she was planning on letting you out anytime soon....

What would happen to you?

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Time for a fag break

Smoking femdom

Category: Smoking Fetish    Duration: 09:24    Format: MP4    File Size: 812 MB    Clip ID: 49951

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ruining his orgasm

cock tease and ruined orgasm

Category: Ruined Orgasms    Duration: 18:37    Format: MP4    File Size: 219 MB    Clip ID: 49956

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Pinkydick pelvic tilt


Category: Small Penis Humiliation    Duration: 12:55    Format: MP4    File Size: 1 GB    Clip ID: 49954

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Breast cleavage ignore

Includes - ignore - mindfuck - femdom pov - arrogant woman - ebony

Hot as fuck tits!

DDs and delicious!

But they ignore you because you're a desperate fuck. Without a fucking clue how to get a woman's attention.

All you deserve is an ignore mindfuck and flip off clip from me.

Category: Breast Fetish    Duration: 13:34    Format: MP4    File Size: 702 MB    Clip ID: 52343

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Blackmail is a dish best served from our feet

Includes - blackmail - dirty confessions - entrapment - manipulatrix - office domination - pantyhos domination - foot fetish - foot domination - pantyhose sniffing - shoe smelling -  - verbal humiliatiodouble domination - evil secretary   

Ava and Jessica have decided they want to go on holiday together. But they know their Boss would never approve losing 2 of his office staff at the same time.

Thankfully though they managed to dish up some dirt on the old perv that will make sure he can't resist their request. And today they are going to enforce it!

Turns out their Boss has a dirty little perversion for feet. Loves watching them while he's supposed to be working! When they discovered his internet history on his office computer they couldn't believe their luck! Took screengrabs and everything as collateral to ensure compliance.

And when they confront him with their find his answer tells them they're onto a winner! But first they want to punish him for his dirty perversions with a spot of caning while making him sniff their pantyhosed feet and shoes!

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 11:54    Format: MP4    File Size: 1 GB    Clip ID: 52341

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A whole lotta arse!

Includes - ass worship - ass fetish - ass shaking - cock tease - ass grinding -  - femdom pov - ebony    

Take a good look at it...

I wouldn't be surprised if your body doesn't know how to react to all of that juicy brown arse in your face.... I don't blame you really... After all it's not often that you see purebreed natural deliciousness all wrapped up in a cute brown package!

Wanna know how big it is?

I measure it for you - bet even after seeing it you'll be drooling in disbelief...

Come and enjoy a whole lotta Ebony gorgeous arse as it jiggles, shakes, and bounces in front of your face.

Category: Ass Fetish    Duration: 11:51    Format: MP4    File Size: 1 GB    Clip ID: 52342

Price: $11.99 USD