Mistress Ava Black

Chastity keyholder and pervert trainer Mistress Ava Black has something in store for you in this deliciously depraved home on the web.
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We like you - especially in sissy gear

Hello petal...

Come here...

Don't you look gorgeous! A bit of a dude but we can work with that... So much potential in you... We can see just how much better you would look once we get our hands on you... All pretty and flouncy and prissy

We want to put some cute pink clothes on you you know...

That's a much better colour for you after all. Will really make your features pop! That weak chin of yours? Perfectly girly... Those long legs? Girly!

You would look so much better as a girl sweetie...

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Mistress getting ready

A delicious voyeuristic view of me getting ready for the day. I put on stockings and lingerie as you watch you dirty perv

Category: Voyeur Fetish    Duration: 12:12    Format: MP4    File Size: 880 MB    Clip ID: 49980

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The PVC addict's spit cocktail

Hello there spit guzzler.

Do you like my gorgeous red PVC corset and wide hips in this pencil skirt? Gorgeous right?

Pah! Who am I fooling?

I know what you are drooling over (*no pun intended of course*)... those ruby red lips of course...

Simply delicious aren't they? Even when they are doing awful things like opening up and letting loose a nice long trail of spit right into your mouth?

You are such a delightful little pervert! You just want me to fill you right up don't you boi?

Admit it!

Now get on your knees and look up while I gather the grossest trails of saliva just for you!

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The chastity chilli challenge

When you have been in chastity for 4 weeks for a demanding Goddess you soon come to value and yearn for the days when she allows you a moment's release.

Well, today you are being allowed such a release.

But it will not come easy.

If you want to come out of your cock cage and play you have to take the chastity chilli challenge.

Before you commence make sure you have a Scotch bonnet pepper, some black pepper, and some Tabasco sauce.

Fiery hot just like your Goddess is!

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CEI girly style


Today's your lucky day...

I'll tell you why...

You know, many people never get to see the girly playful side of me. Many people don't even know it exists. Oh it exists alright! But it is plenty mischievous and is always looking for fun ways to spice up your life.

Today is a particularly interesting one.

Because you are going to play a game with me.

A game of chance.

You might be lucky you might not be.

I'm not going to tell you what the game is, only that it will be one you won't forget anytime soon! Oh, and the other thing.. you also get to jerk your cock under my instruction. And... you get to shoot your load too ;-)

Category: Cum Eating Instruction    Duration: 09:49    Format: MP4    File Size: 706 MB    Clip ID: 49962

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Splosh! WAM Instructional

Miss Kitty Bliss and Mistress Ava Black are feeling deliciously naughty and want to make you suffer for it! Today you are going to prepare for the sploshing of your life! You are going to be given the opportunity to gather a few items to play around with today. Then you are going to return for the mammoth task of pleasing your Mistresses today in the splosh-fest of your lifetime!

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Sit with me ashtray slave

Come and sit with me ashtray slave.

Enjoy the fumes of my cigarette while I instruct you on how you will serve me as a full human ashtray. You will cease to be yourself any more. You will simply exist to satisfy me and my needs. What better joy could one hope for in this life? Than to be close to these ruby red lips eternally? Breathing my breath, being my full ashtray?

Category: Smoking Fetish    Duration: 09:32    Format: MP4    File Size: 833 MB    Clip ID: 49952

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Latex dress arse worship

Worship my monster curves in my shiny red rubber dress

Category: Latex    Duration: 06:39    Format: MP4    File Size: 570 MB    Clip ID: 49949

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The slave's pain is his Mistresses' pleasure

Miss Jessica Wood and Mistress Ava Black have their slave at their disposal as they catch up on life. The slave is ignored except to be given the hand instructions to kneel, bend over, or stand for his punishment. And boy oh boy is that punishment ever intense!

Category: CFNM    Duration: 12:00    Format: MP4    File Size: 615 MB    Clip ID: 49958

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Sentenced to sit in a bucket of pee

Yeukkk! Toilet freak! I caught you watching me again! Just when you know that I'm on the loo I see you drooling and lurking like a lost puppet! So insanely disgusting you are! Watching me on the loo! Where are your manners?

Well today you're going to get all this rubber Goddess and more, because I'm going to make sure that you are reeking from here to the back end of 2017!

I'm going to make you sit in a bucket of pee until I think you've had enough hahaha!

Category: Toilet Fetish    Duration: 12:39    Format: MP4    File Size: 649 MB    Clip ID: 49948

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The homewrecker strikes - no way out blackmail!

Well look what we have here...

You got yourself carried away once that nubbin of yours got all excited didn't you? Thought when you wandered all over the internet you didn't leave breadcrumbs scattered everywhere you went?

Well you did!

And for those of us who can be bothered to follow the trail it was a very interesting one. Not least of all because you follow me a lot... You know, with that 'secret' account that you use from the same frikking ISP loser!

But also because I now also have some pretty juicy information on you and your loving little home. That gem of innocence that you would do anything to protect.


That is exactly what I want to test out now.

Because instead of asking yourself what you could possibly give me for my silence I think you really ought to be asking yourself what WOULDN'T you give?

After all I have been known to be a bit reckless when the mood takes me. You know that right?

Category: POV Humiliation    Duration: 10:16    Format: MP4    File Size: 843 MB    Clip ID: 49957

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Mistress Kiana and the human ashtray

Mistress Kiana enjoys an indulgent cigarette with her naked submissive in the Bunker. She uses him as a full ashtray.

Category: Smoking Fetish    Duration: 07:08    Format: MP4    File Size: 613 MB    Clip ID: 49950

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Eff your power dressing! You're just a slave to me!

Hah! So you managed to get yourself promoted did you? Top of your game? Mr Big Shot... Mr Top of your game? I bet your colleagues are both shocked and jealous to pieces! After all you and I both know what a fraud you are...

You know what I mean, Mr Affirmation, Mr tries so hard to buy into that whole positive thinking BS! But at the first sign of my Dominant face you crumble to mush and become my total absolute bitch!

All those years that you've been running away from who you truly are.... trying desperately not to be that loser that was in the playground handing over your lunch money to a bully just like me! And how you must have promised yourself that when you grew up you would grow a spine and show those bullies....

Hah! Hah! Look where you are now loser! The only place you feel right is on your knees with your lunch money in your hands! Just like right now! Desperate to hand it over because your brain knows that you don't deserve it! And some big bad B1tch is going to swoop in and make you hand it over! Plus interest!

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Rubber Spitting Mistress

Dressed in delicious rubber catsuit complete with gloves and socks, Mistress Ava Black is the spitting Mistress of your dreams. On your knees and worship your divine Mistress spittoon!

Category: Spitting    Duration: 11:50    Format: MP4    File Size: 607 MB    Clip ID: 49937

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Ride our cocks or ride the cane!

Duration 28 minutes - for the delicious price of 19*
Sometimes evil Femmes like playing games that no slave could ever possibly hope to win. Today is a case in point...

The slave turns up for a delicious session of Dominant fuckeries with his favourite Mistresses. Unfortunately his best efforts at sucking a good dick to impress don't go down too well...

And when that happens his Mistresses decide he'd do much better as a human carpet for their canes to beat on!

Brutal edge-play Domination with 2 deliciously sadistic Mistresses!

Category: Strapon    Duration: 28:37    Format: MP4    File Size: 1 GB    Clip ID: 49936

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