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Domination, humiliation, foot fetish and roleplay with the stunning Czech Goddess.


The power of blackmail full

Mistress Arella has a new job! Her boss is funny though when he expects her to work. Instead she does her make up, reads a paper or calls her friends. She must kill the time somehow after all. The boss thinks this is not acceptable... but only till he learns that his pretty employee knows something she shouldn´t talk about...

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The power of blackmail part 2

In this part the boss is face-slapped, face-sat, trampled and humiliated in many other ways by assertive Mistress Arella...

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The power of blackmail part 1

The boss is utterly shocked to find his new employee (the charming Mistress Arella) doing her make up instead of working on her computer. An interesting dialogue develops and suddenly the boss finds himself humiliated and in a rather unpleasant situation...

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Ordeal in the dungeon full version

Mistress Arella´s favourite slave is anticipating his next punishment tied, blindfolded and apparently very nervous. Suddenly he hears
the steps of his stunning owner approaching. Mistress seems to be in a very cheerful mood day. She starts torturing his most sensitive bits
in a cruel yet playful way. What slave wouldn´t dream of such a treatment from a powerful lady?

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Ordeal in the dungeon part 2

The slave´s sensitive bits are already sore but he must endure a lot more for the Mistress.

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Ordeal in the dungeon part 1

Lovely Mistress Arella is torturing her slave´s balls, cock and nipples, giggling and having fun.

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Hubby in need of discipline full version

Mistress Arella´s husband came once again home late and drunk. Mistress has had enough. She is furious and decides to give him the punishment of his life...

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Wicked day full version

Mistress Arella´s slave is patiently waiting for his next punishment.
Mistress is in a mood for various types of humiliation and torture that day including trampling, shoe cleaning, foot worship, pony play but that is still not enough for her so she decides to drag her poor slave to the bathroom and orders him to clean the toilet with his tongue. Will he obey?

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Ballbusted and humiliated full version

Mistress Arella tortures her gagged slave with hot wax as a foreplay to ballbusting that comes afterwards. When the poor slave gets released from the stocks, he has 2 heavy weights attached to his pierced cock and swung.
Because it is the end of his first training day, he must tidy up in the dungeon while wearing a pig´s nose and being treated in other humiliating ways..

Category: Ball Busting    Duration: 18:19    Format: WMV    File Size: 350 MB    Clip ID: 5291

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Healthy snack full version

In this clip the slave gets permission to worship Mistress Arella´s sexy boots, gloves and stocking clad feet. Mistress meantime amuses herself by sending him electro shocks with her remote controler. Later on the slave gets hungry,
so Mistress puts a few biscuits in a dog´sbowl, mixes them with her spit and then feeds this yummy combination to the happy slave.

Category: Humiliation    Duration: 20:53    Format: WMV    File Size: 398 MB    Clip ID: 5290

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Caned for sloppy work full version

The lazy slave must be punished by his Mistress who is very skilled with using a cane. The poor creature is verbally abused throughout his ordeal. A bit of ass kicking and face slapping before and after the caning adds even more pain and humiliation.

Category: Caning    Duration: 19:41    Format: WMV    File Size: 375 MB    Clip ID: 5289

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Tied and tortured full version

Mistress Arella´s slave has been secured on a bondage table where he has to
endure many types of cock and ball torture as well as no mercy nipple torture while being verbally abused and humiliated.

Category: CBT    Duration: 21:20    Format: WMV    File Size: 407 MB    Clip ID: 5288

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Wicked day part 2

Mistress is really wicked today... She grabs the lead and drags her slave into the bathroom where he gets degraded and humiliated beyond all his imagination...
Of course the slave has no choice but to obey... He hopes this is the end of his ordeal but he is wrong...

Category: Domestic Femdom    Duration: 11:10    Format: WMV    File Size: 182 MB    Clip ID: 5213

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Wicked day part 1

The first part of the "Wicked day" movie is all about foot pampering,
shoe worship and trampling and it was shot in a luxurious apartment in Prague...

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Trained to work as a maid part 2

It is almost noon when the slave is eventually finished with his house work and it´s now time to cook for the Mistress... Mistress finds out that the slave failed to get up early and do the grocery shopping as was ordered...

Category: Domestic Femdom    Duration: 07:14    Format: WMV    File Size: 118 MB    Clip ID: 5194

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