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Interracial Fuck In Vegas Part 1

I hooked up with a Blackman in Vegas at a Party House. I was going to have his Cock in my Pussy. Little did he know my exact plans when I spotted him out. I played like it was all him , knowing that would hook him, as I had watched him interact with other women at the party house. Hot sex, Hot Bj, Hot Fucking and Hot View of his cum pushed out of my cunt hole. All this happens through out the series, Part 1 this clip has the Hot Foreplay Of Titty Play, My Pussy is Finger Fucked, Hot Hosed Foot Play and sexy kissing !!

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Interracial Fuck In Vegas Part 2

Part 2 of this clip series continues with the sexy kissing which leads to my hands on his stiff black huge cock. It feels so hard and large I must have my full lips over his black dick. I suck and lick his huge Cock . I keep sucking and sucking now I must have his black cock in my white pussy which was my plan all along. He bends me over and starts fucking me bare back !!

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interracial Fuck In Vegas Part 3

In Part 3 of this series I am Getting Fucked really good , of course that is what I wanted. After bending me over, we go to couch for some hot Fucking. My pussy takes all of his Very Huge Cock. We then go back to the pool table where he bends me over banging my white pussy with his enourmously huge black Dick. He cums inside of me and then pushes it out of my fucked pussy !

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Face Sitting Orgasm

I plan on having a great orgasm using the face of my boy toy. My concern is my pleasure not his. I sit my pantyhosed cunt on his face grinding on cunt while I tweek his nipples. I rock my pelvis back and forth over his face telling him to eat me out. I pinch and shake his nipples harder as I rub my hosed pussy all over his face. I reverse my sitting position. As he slaps my ass I grind harder squeezing my pantyhosed ass cheeks. I giggle from time to time showing the power I have over him. I have a huge orgasm. I get up just leaving him there on the floor unsatisfied.

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Pony Slave

My Slave is Bridled and leashed. He is on all fours just like a pony. I sit on his back and ride him. He takes me to the bed. He his to stay there on his knees bridled. I keep a hold of his leash. He has to just watch while I play with myself. My pussy feels so good warm & wet. He must watch without touching me or himself. I get much pleasure having him watch knowing he will never have any of the pleasures from my body , he is only good for being my pony slave.

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Serving Your Boss

I have gone over to my employees home for some one on one time away from the office. If he does not meet up to my standards then I am going to can his ass. He must worship my Stocking feet in the manner that I am use to. I let him start out by messaging my size 8 , tapered toes stocking feet. His hands are small and weak. He is not making the grade. I tell him to lay on his back where he is going to smell my feet. They are very smelly and sweaty from working all day. Still he does not make the grade. I have my employee get on his knees where I put my feet in his face smashing his nose as he smells. He is no good at any job I am given to him. I fire his ass.

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Ass Worship

I have my Female slave bound in wrist restraints. I command her to worship my pantyhosed ass, the best she will ever taste. Name calling my female slave while she does my bidding I command that she sucks my gorgeous breasts. I straddle her meek face where she is to lick, smell my awesome hosed covered pussy and ass. She is to serve me until I am finished with her.

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Punishing My Bitch

I am very disappointed in my Bitch. I am going to show my Bitch that I am displeased by Flogging her skinny ass. Verbally abusing my Bitch is always necessary and of course making her sick my perfect tit. In Between Flogging my Bitch , I play with her pussy humiliating her as I let her know that is it My Pussy.

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Ass Licking an Face Slapping

My Slave is given the honor to Worship an Lick his Mistress Devine Ass. He is given orders to begin with his Mistress Ass in pantyhose. He is later told to pull her pantyhose down exposing her goddess like ass. Mistress feels his performance is below standards. Slapping his Face to get his full attention is needed and performed by mistress. He is given another chance to Lick Mistress Ass. Still dissatisfied Mistress Slaps his face some more. Finally pleasing his mistress, Mistress Afton shows him by cuddling him up close to her.

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