Miss Pio

I like domination and I have 4 years experience ...


Spit on you !

You can feel how it is to be Goddess Pio's victim while She spits on your fucking face. She spitting on you while She smoking cigarette and She also blowing smoke to your face... She is smiling to you and still spits again and again. Until your face isn't full of her divine spittles...

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Feet play

Goddess Pio´s feet play. You can see there her sweaty feet in black socks. She is taking off her jeans and socks and making awesome moves with her amazing feet. She is playing with socks and her feet. You can see her amazing toes and soles.

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Trampling in sneakers- CONVERSE & SUPERSTARS

Two clips in one file! Goddess Pio trampled her footslave now really very hardly. You can there see her gorgeous feet in Converse sneakers. She is walking on his body and standing on his face. She is jumping on his body just for fun and She jump to his body also from stairs. She use him as her human carpet to clean her soles... HARDEST TRAMPLING from Goddess Evil Pio's feet heaven's store till this time !!! Goddess is walking on her slave's body, stomach and his face in her Adidas superstars sneakers... She jumping to his body from stairs so hardly and really hardly kicking him to his face and standing on his head for more times... Also She use him as her human carpet to cleaning her soles... It is also very painful... Like all in this clip!

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Puma sneakers worship and trample

Miss Pio trampled her slave and she is kicking him to his face. He is licking soles of her sweaty puma sneakers and he must sniffing her sweaty hot sneakers and socks. After trampling Goddess Pio is sitting on her slave and he is worshiping and sniffing her stinky socks and feet. She is always kicking him to face and doing amazing moves with her awesome feet! Her slave is licking her bare feet...

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Bear slippers trample (HD)

Awesome Goddess Pio's feet in slippers! Her slave is under her divine feet and She abuse him by trampling on him. She is walking on his body and face and dominate him with her feet... She also slapping him with her slippered feet to his face. For a little while She orders him to lick soles of her slippers... And kicking him to his balls. And then again trample and slapping him... Very nice but in another way dominating trampling...

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Designed sneakers worship

Goddess Pio is sitting on her slave and he is worshiping her sneakers socks an feet. He must licking soles of her sweaty sneakers. She is kicking him to his face and orders him to sniff her socks and feet. She is putting her socks to his mouth and order him to sniff and licking her awesome feet. She slapping him with her feet so hard! Gorgeous feet moves at this clip.

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Dirty socks and sneakers worship 2 (HD)

Detailed capture. So there you can see Goddess's sweaty sneakers, socks and bare feet in full beauty. Her slave is ordered to lick the dirt of her sneakers and She is still slapping him to his face while She trample him. Later She take of her sneakers and She is slapping him with them in her hands and again orders him to lick soles. He must also sniffing inner of her sneaker... She is ordering him to sniff her dirty hot socks and when She take them of then She put them on his nose also to his mouth and her feet remains on his face and She just playing with her feet on his nose and mouth. Again She slapping him to his face with her awesome bare feet and She is putting her feet into his mouth and orders him to lick her soles and toes. Really nice feet play and all of this.

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Converse sneakers, pantyhose & Foot worship (HD)

I'm showing my feet in Converse hi-top sneakers... while I wearing stockings. My slave is ordered to worship my feet. He has to lick my soles over and over... And sniff to my feet also.

Category: Sneaker Fetish    Duration: 09:02    Format: MOV    File Size: 274 MB    Clip ID: 32177

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Converse worship with painting toes

Goddess Pio's slave is ordered to worship and lick her sweaty sneakers. He is licking, sniffing her awesome converse sneakers, socks and feet! She slapping and kicking him to his face. And beating him with whip to his face. After this Miss Pio is painting her toes on his face until her shoe before She put to his mouth her hot socks. And he is licking and worshiping her sweaty feet. "IN MY OPINION ONE OF BEST MINE CLIPS." Satisfaction assured.

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Converse worship and trample

Goddess Pio's slave gets the privilege to worship her sweaty sneakers. He is licking and sniffing her awesome sneakers, smelly socks and feet, while being kicked in the face.. and trampled. Miss Pio likes to put a worthless male tongue to good use. In this clip you get to see her awesome sneakers, socks and bare feet, resting comfortably in her slave's face. Miss Pio is doing beautifull moves with her feet and toes. You can see in this clip her awesome converse sneakers, socks and barefeet. All times at her slaves face. Hard slapping to slave´s face with sneakers and with feet. Wonderfull clip.

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