Strict English CP

Strict English CP

Traditional domestic discipline in the form of corporal punishment. Hand spanking OTK, slippering, strapping, tawsing, caning and more! F/M, M/F, F/F


Working overtime - Part one

FULL HD.......I was working with my Boss over the weekend to finish some documents for Monday. He was pleased but told me there was something he needed to talk to me about. “A pay rise?” I asked, hopefully. “No”, he replied and said I have a problem with Katie, my office junior. I told her off in front of the office for 20 minutes until she cried and I had to apologise on Monday. “No chance!” was my response. “It’s an apology or over my knee!” he firmly told me and when I didn’t reply I was over his lap getting HARD spanks over my vintage dress. It really hurt and went on and on. When I still wouldn’t comply my skirt came up and he spanked me on my slip, girdle and panties. Then up came the slip! “You’re feeling this” he smugly commented but as an apology wasn’t forthcoming, he reached for a hairbrush.........

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Working overtime - Part three

FULL HD.......Even though I’d apologised I had to kneel on the sofa facing the wall, arch my back and take a blistering strapping, just below my girdle. He then made me remove my girdle and stockings. He even made me slip down my flimsy panties, as if they would help. I had to kneel again and he was going to give me 12 with a birch. I tried to get away to go to the toilet, even make him a cup of tea and he upped it to 18. I forgot to count his first painful stroke and got it again. At 10 I pulled away so it didn’t count. I was in agony by now and lost count at 13 so he went back to 12. Harder and harder he birched me and 15 really made me dance. I was crying at 18. “What are you going to do on Monday?” he asked with the crop in his hand as if I needed a reminder. Anyway, he’d filmed all this so if I back out of the apology the whole office will see it. And I’ll probably get another spanking.

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Matron's inspection - Part 1

A troublesome boy was sent to me for inspection so I failed him on everything. I bent him over and tawsed him so painfully he danced about and got up for a rub. For that he got the cane even though as Matron I shouldn’t cane boys but I love to do it, hard. If he took a good thrashing I promised him a good report. I used two canes until his bottom was very marked then tore into him with my favourite hardwood paddles. He was fighting back tears when I was done. His bottom was in quite a state so I dismissed him, swearing him to secrecy first

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Miss Akroyd's misdemeanor - Part 1

As Miss Akroyd’s Form Teacher she was sent to me for writing graffiti on the toilet walls. When I questioned her she “couldn’t remember” what she had written and found the whole incident funny. She’d been warned about her behaviour and I had no choice but to put her across my knee and give her a good, old-fashioned spanking. She squealed and complained but I tanned her bottom anyway. Further denial got her an even harder spanking. When I let her stand up she was insolent and wouldn’t even respect me enough to stand up straight so I took the ruler to her hands. When she looked contemptuously at me and said “whatever” I thought enough was enough and sent her to the Headmaster. For a caning...............

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Miss Monroe's Wrath - Part 1

Punishing this dreadful boy is a full time job. He never learns. He still has the marks from the last time I took the cane to him. Today I spanked him until my hand hurt but that didn’t stop me. I put on my glove and carried on. A good dose of the hairbrush followed, then he referred to me dismissively as “woman”. Well, I really blistered him for that, you can see it was hurting the little so-and-so. I wasn’t satisfied with his punishment just yet and gave him a long, hard dose of the plimsoll. I was about to finish with 6 of the cane when I found the note in the back pocket of his shorts...........

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Peter's Punishment - Part 1

I summoned Peter to my study when his Form Prefect found a stocking in his desk. One of mine. A good beating would show him the error of his ways. He was insolent, cheeky and slovenly and would pay the price. I explained the rules. First, be respectful, second, speak only when spoken to and third, there was to be no squealing or squirming during his punishment no matter how severely I beat him. I lowered his trousers, put him over my knee and pulled down his underpants then spanked his bare bottom, long and hard. He was still cheeky so I reached for the hairbrush. This was going to be a long, painful visit to my study.......

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Spanking the Stable Hand - Part 1

I was in my full riding gear, right down to my spurs, when I inspected the yard. It was unswept and untidy and my exclusive bullwhip was lying on the ground. Whips deteriorate if they get dirty and my stable hand’s bottom was certainly going to deteriorate for this. Down came his trousers and I made him bend over to give him a hard hand spanking with my leather riding glove. I decided this was not severe enough so I decided to whip him, send him home and dock his pay. I bent him over in the corner, hands on each wall and thrashed him with my lunging whip. I love the “swish” before it strikes like a rapier. And he got several swishes, believe me. I hadn’t hurt him enough: not a yelp or a whimper. Not yet.....

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The Boy never learns - Part 1

I made Peter write on the blackboard how he should behave then gave him an inspection. I knew he’d be untidy which means a beating. I just LOVE beating him! I warned him I was going to thrash the living daylights out of him and gave him a long, hard spanking over my knee. When I crossed my legs to raise his bottom he was very rude and got spanked even harder. Right, the slipper! I slapped his legs and made him get up and bend over the chair but to confuse him I took a wooden spoon to him. Until it broke! I had a very big spatula that made him jump. Then I noticed he had swapped a garden cane for one of mine...........

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The Consequences of being Caught Out - Part 1

I’d had a night out with the girls and came home to find my husband sitting up doing a crossword. He helped me out of my dress and admired my new bullet bra and matching suspenders. I looked damn good in my underwear and black stockings. Then he found a love-bite. Oops! It clearly wasn’t just the girls I’d been with. Before I knew it I was over his knee and getting my bottom spanked hard. Then he took down my little black panties and spanked me harder. My bottom was rapidly going crimson. As I squealed and wriggled he found another love-bite so he wasn’t going to stop at a spanking..................

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The True Cost of Living - Part 1

I got home to find hubby looking serious. He sat me down and told me he’d found our credit card statement and £2000 had disappeared. I had to own up to a bit of shopping, just shoes and things. “Pass me the wooden spoon” he ordered “and pull up your skirt.” I hoped the sight of my black stocking tops, suspenders and panties would sway him but it was over his knee for me. “I’m not going to spank you, I’m going to THRASH you” he announced. Also that he’d selected a slipper, hairbrush and cane! He took the spoon to my poor little bottom and tanned it red. The alternative was 2000 strokes of the cane so I really had to take my punishment. He let me get up but this was far from over.......................

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The Youth of Today - Part 1

Why do I always get caught smoking? I'm convinced Sir makes sure he only catches me so he can cane me. He sent me to wait in his study so I tried to hide his canes but he caught me when he came back and gave me six stinging strokes of the strap on alternate hands. Horrible man! As if that wasn't enough he bent me over his desk and whacked his cane hard across my poor, innocent, round bottom cheeks twelve times, getting harder all the time. I didn't half squirm. He almost started again at 8. AND he's going to tell my Mother. That'll be another tanning! He wouldn't let me rub my bottom and I'm sure he was smiling as I left his study.

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The Fear of God - Part 1

I summoned my boy to check that he’d done his chores but most had been neglected while he smoked round the back. The butter hadn’t been churned to begin with or patted either. I’d tan him with the butter pat but not yet. Being a God-fearing woman I told him that boys who don’t do their chores need disciplining. He had the audacity to remark that the bible encouraged forgiveness. Oh! I’d forgive him all right. AFTER I’d tanned him. I put him over my knee for a hard hand spanking on his bare bottom and I had to slap his head a few times for talking back to me. Then I told him “there’s another matter I have to discuss with you”......................

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