Mishell Goldy

Mishell Goldy

Wellcome to my room)))

I am Mishell 24y.o.) I love to be watched nothing makes me any hotter and more excited the more i know you like what you see!!! I love trying new things and experimenting with my sexuality!

My gf is Kate )) she is 24 y.o. too)) she have amazing body and big boobs))

I love to do custom videos!!!

I do solo , B/G and G/G - foot, smoking, femdom ,role play and a lot of fetishes!!! Full hd!!!

Message for custom videos : and lets have fun!!!))

Kisss!!!! Enjoy!!!!


You dont need your ugly wife or gf lol

you need just me! Look at me and look at your ugly wife wich sleep near you! Stop to spend your money on she! You must be just mine! lol

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Giantess Vampire want to play for you ... but not for long time

hello! What are you doing her? you wanr to obey?? ha ha ! ok i will just play with my new toy! but i cant play with tiny little humans like you are ... This fun allways going not to long ... because i am a vampire! and i am wanting to eat! you are so little so i will not eat you ! i will think another game for us! but your finish is soon! Noone cant play with me a long time ! You ahve 1 last wish? ok! want to kiss my beautifull feet? kiss them! ooops again... i just eat you ... hmmm you was not tasty

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Giantess vampire will do a little bit more holes in your tiny body

You are so tiny human ! hmmm what i will do with you.... band over and spread your ass cheeks! i want to make your asshole a little bit biggest ! lol! ooopss ... pity you was a nice one funny human lol

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Dangerouse Vampire torturing and milk your cock

I will torturing your cock , kick your balls and bring into your life just tears and pain! and you must cum today from all this things! if you will not i just will cut off your cock and drink each drop of your bl00d

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Cum while you are french kissing with Goddess!

Mmm my pussy is allready wet because of our passionate deep kissing! stroke your cock for me ! I want that you continue to sroke it while we are playing and sucking each other tongues and cum on me then!

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Smoking in the nature and teasing you

Smoking in the nature and teasing you

Category: Goddess Worship    Duration: 05:41    Format: MP4    File Size: 211 MB    Clip ID: 46298

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Smoking and teasing you in a latex mask

Smoking and teasing you in a latex mask

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I will play with myself in your eyes while you are in chastity devise lol

You are not a man! your cock is locked by me! you and early was not a real man just a loser lolso now you can do nothing! you can touch your cock! you cant stroke it! you cant cum! Becouse i am locked your little cock! so you can just sit and watch me play with my pussy! lol idiot! you cant do NOTHING! just sit and dream about this lucky day when i will unlock your cock and let you stroke it!

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Sexy vampire smoking and talking to you!

Are you scary? or your cock getting harder when you seeing my fangs? or both feelings together? i will come soon to your badroom and bring a surprise for you! wait for me)

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I am the owner of all world!!!

What you can do to me little worn? ha ha i dont need you ! I can destroy all this world! I can be the Goddess of all peoples in this world! for what i need you? How you want to ? By be smothering by my huge ass? or be swallowing by my pussy? I am tired of you ! i will just eat you!

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Huge Goddess will play with you and crush you after

Huge Giantess Goddess sitting in nature and smoking! and wow who is it? she is seeing you! you are so little tiny man! You want to obey ? ha ha ha! what you can do to me? You are so small ! even smaller than my nipple! I want just to put you in my ashtray lol and watch how you will run from my ash ! you want to please me? ok lets see what you can do)) i am putting you in my bra! nope ! i dont feel nothing! are you still alive here? my huge tits dont smoth you allready?))) pussy?? haha lets try)) nope! i dont feel nothing again! you are usseles slave! I will just crush you with my feet and will go to crush another little humans !

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God tell you to donate and cum

mm you are a naughty boy! you are coming to play with dirty nun! ok lets play and cum! But if you will not donate God will punish you! be a good boy donate and cum with me!

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Foot slave training

Beautifull Goddess today will let you lick her toes and feet!

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Golden jewerly, siggarete , you and me!

Golden jewerly, siggarete , you and me! Worship my golden hand and cum on it!

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Cum all over my sexy legs and after lick all your CUM!!!

I will give you a countdown and you must cum on your hand and eat yor sperm!

Category: Goddess Worship    Duration: 05:54    Format: MP4    File Size: 212 MB    Clip ID: 46288

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