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When one gets tickle tortured, the craving for revenge is always strong. Caren has tied up Monika and her pretty feet and is promising her pain. She runs her long nails up the sole of Monika's feet and Monika streaks in pain. Caren quickly discovers that the faster she tickles, the more she suffers. She tickles with fierce as Monika begs for mercy. The agony reaches it's peak when Caren digs her nails in between Monika's cute little toes. And although Monika has trouble breathing from the constant laughter, Caren does not stop until she is satisfied with her revenge.

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Sadako definitely doesn't like being tickled. Her tiny little body is in pain, not too much she can handle, it's over her limit. On the other side Charlotte loves tickling anybody, and Sadako is "fresh meat" at her presence, that means she enjoys her opportunity very much. Although Sadako is a small size Asian girl, her mouth is bigger than we would think. Definitely is an lovely and enjoyable tickle torture clip.

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Being surrounded by two beautiful girls is usually a good thing - but not today. Stan is forced to endure a brutal tickle torture on his entire body. The girls have no trouble getting the boy to laugh and scream, and it seems like the only hard part is finding a place where he isn't ticklish! Their fingers dig into his rib and armpits as he squirms like a little worm. He begs the cruel girls to end the torture, but they enjoy his pain too much to even think about stopping!

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Brad is about to suffer through some tag-team tickle torture, and he ain't gonna like it. He smiles and laughs hysterically throughout the entire clip, but we know he is not enjoying it. He begs them to end the suffering, but when your victim is as ticklish as this, it can be hard to take your hands off of him. Pretty soon Brad is going to have abs of steel with the workout he is getting!

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Elsa is pissed cause Leigh keeps writing on her boyfriends Facebook wall. Elsa is going to teach her a good lesson, she is going to tickle her till she says she'll never talk to her boyfriend again. She pulls out her toothbrush and goes to work on Leigh's little feet, sure she's laughing, but Elsa is showing no mercy, she wants Leigh to pay for what she's done. She forgets the toothbrush and uses her nails instead. In fact Elsa Sharpened them for this reason exactly. She starts away, scratching and pinching into Leigh's feet as Leigh cries and begs her to stop. She is taking joy in her pain and just does it harder. Leigh goes crazy, she's kicking and screaming she almost kicks Elsa right in the face. Poor little Leigh better leave Elsa's boyfriend alone soon.

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Jesse is a professional business man, but he getting bored sitting in his office. So he ties up a regular guy from the street and brutally tortures his feet. He drags his nails across the guy's feet and he laughs very loudly. The suffering gets intense as Jesse spreads the guy's toes and tickles in between them. He cries out in agony and begs for mercy, but Jesse enjoys watching his victim squirm, and will not stop until five o' clock comes around. The guy is freaked out by this random act of torture, but he can not control his laughter and soon it just becomes too much for him to bear!

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Our tiny cute Princess Vlada is tied up on the tickle bench, and two girls are tickling her from head to toe with no mercy. Little Vlada just opened her big mouth and surprised us with so dirty talking, we couldn't believe our own ears. How can that happen? She suffered maybe too much? Definitely not princess-like. Actually did not bather the two girls at all.

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Baroness V is an expert in her field, and that field is tickle torture. Watch her make any man tremble. Just the slightest touch can make her new pet quiver as she runs her slender finger up and down this tortured soul. She takes great pride in her work and every time she touches him, he squints and begs for release. Nothing gives Baroness V more pleasure than the pure enjoyment of watching her victim squeal. Armpits, feet, knees... no part of your body escapes the mistress`s clutches.

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B-star is in trouble. Rip has got his hands all over her ticklish body and is inflicting a terrible tickle torture on her. She shrieks and squirms as his fingers press into her body, and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Rip seems to really enjoy the agony he is causing, and tries his best to make it worse. B-star begs him to stop, but Rip is just enjoying himself way too much to even think about stopping yet.

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Jaguar suffered too much when Greg tickled her before. And Jaguar won't forget that easily. This is the time, when she can get her revenge, as Greg is fully tied on the bed, with no escape. Greg was very macho man in the beginning, calling her names, scaring her.....Jaguar is a big girl, did not even react, just tickled him further. Then Greg changed and ended up a cry baby, screaming and begging for mercy. Well, Jaguar doesn't know that word.....she tickled him till she wanted and enjoyed.

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Although Little Pet loves the big and strong girls, sometimes they leave him tied up for the smaller sizes Mistresses too to use and abuse for their fun. He's a great tickle torture subject, and our expert loves that a lot. She's not really in a good mood, but an intensive tickle torture session always able to cheer her up. Little Pet is laughing like crazy, begging her to stop, he's do anything for that. Charlotte is grumpy a little, lectures him meanly, but the little man's suffering is so funny, finally she gets back her cheerfulness and happy balance.

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Pierre really wants to tickle Stan's cute little feet, and now he will finally be bale to. He tickles over his socks for a little bit, but Stan really begins to suffer when he takes them off and begins scratching his soles with his finger nails. Stan laughs like a little school girl as Pierre's strong fingers shoot through Stan's pretty toes, and even though Stan begs him to stop, Pierre continues tickles harder and harder. Stan squirms like a little worm as the agony becomes to much to bear, and at this rate, he won't be able to take this kind of tickling for much longer!

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Poor Pacito. All he wants is a little peace and quiet, and what does he get? He gets hog-tied and tortured by two of his closest friends! He laughs so hard you think that his restraints might bust right open, but unfortunately for him they do not. His only hope is that his sweat somehow makes him able to slip out of his restraints, but once again, he is not that lucky. His bald head quickly turns beat red, and he starts to look more and more like a red lollipop!

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Nobody likes a toddle-tale, someone who tells on you when you've done something you shouldn't have, especially when you thought they were a close friend, and nobody likes Tracy. So she's going to be roughly tickled by a double team of Jarvis and Melissa, who heard from someone that she was in fact "very ticklish". This, at first is denied by Tracy, until they prove the truth - She's insanely ticklish, especially around her waist and neck. They won't let her go until their fingers have done a thorough investigation.

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Watch some revenge in action! We start off with the mildly ticklish victim, but once the tables are turned and the hunter becomes the hunted - watch out! This guy squirms in agony as his torturer shows no mercy on his armpits and sides. The victim barely gets a chance to breathe as he is laughing so hard!

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Poor B-star. She can barely handle girls tickling her feet, and now she has to find a way to endure a fully grown man torturing her sexy feet! Eddie is ruthless as he tickles her sensitive feet with fury, and he uses his nails and strong fingers to tickle faster and deeper than ever before! B-star begs him to end this terrible torture, but Eddie loves watching this little princess laugh and suffer. To make things worse, Eddie pulls out an electric toothbrush and begins scraping it along her beautiful toes! She squirms like a worm on a hot day, and tries to kick her way out of the treacherous tickle torture. But nothing stops Eddie from inflicting a gruesome torture on her pretty toes. He smiles from ear to ear the entire time as he watches her struggle in the ropes - to him this is heaven!

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