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Poor Casper shouldn't try to play with the big dogs. J has his heart set on vengeance and he gets his wish now that Casper is strung up by the wrists. Casper slinks away from his imminent tickle torture,but there is no escape. J's brawny hands dig in hard, yielding instant high-pitched shrieks and yelps from Casper's delicate body. He can even lift him like a feather to tickle torment poor Casper's feet. He roughly tickles his torso, underarms, ribs, anything that will make Casper really sorry that he messed with J.

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Taro got caught again using the lingerie of the Mistress. She did not like that, and did not want to happen it again. She had to punish sissy Taro and make sure he wouldn't do it anymore. She knew very well Taro's weakness, how to punish him the most intensive way. Tickle torture, from head to toe, especially tickling his hairy armpits. Taro almost went crazy, laughing and begging for mercy were on the menu mostly. It'll take long for him to forget this trial of fire.

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Usually pain, agony, and suffering are found in horror films, but they are also what make up this tickle torture clip! Four hands mean double the suffering for our victim. And you can really see the difference that the extra hands make, as the sweat on his face builds as he gasps to catch his breath. I have never seen a guy suffer so much on the cross as this guy does. And just when he thinks they are finished torturing him, they trick him and come back to let the torture continue!

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In all of the years that Shahrazad has gone through tickle torture, she has never experienced anything like this! Angel, the tickle master, makes Shahrazad laugh and scream like never before! She had no idea how ticklish she REALLY was until Angel laid his hands on her. She screams and squirms in ways she never thought possible, and the agonizing facial expressions she makes are priceless. She truly begs for Angel to stop, but this is a moment that he wants to last a lifetime - he has never seen somebody suffer so much through tickle torture, and it could be awhile before he sees something like this again!

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We always wanted to make a foot tickling clip with Tom but he simply avoided with different reasons. The best excuse of him was that his feet are absolutely not ticklish. We already know, what that means regarding tickle models, so we just pushed it again and again. Finally he admitted, that his most ticklish spots are his feet, that's why he refused. We pushed again, finally he agreed to do it once only, but one condition: in thick socks. We agreed, as we didn't have a choice, and see. This is the only foot tickling clip with Tom, because after this he simply refused even with socks. Too much for him. What a pity.

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Her sweet pretty looks and her dirty talk is totally opposite, that you couldn't believe. Little pretty girl and uses really bad words, swearing and cursing like a street bum. Even they could learn from her. And her laughs. I could describe it as singing laugh. I believe she's suffering so much that she just can't control herself at all. Finally she gets to her senses and by using her sharp mind she convincing the shy and I guess horny tickler she'll do anything for her freedom in exchange. Well, she lied. When she gets free she just puts him over her lap and spanks him hard. Happily.

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Evin is going to get J back for taking a blow job from his mother. He visciously tickles J's big feet as he screams for mercy. J is ticklish as is, but his feet are especially sensitive - and this makes Evin's job a lot easier. He enjoys watching the suffering on his victim's face as he laughs out in agony. Evin relentlessly attacks his ticklish feet with his strong fingers and nails. He grinds his nails along the bottom of his feet and J squirms like never before! You can see how badly Evin wants J to suffer by the way he tickles him, and judging by J's reactions, you can tell that he is doing a damn good job.

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Chris is definitely our most ticklish male model, we've never seen anybody more ticklish than him. Somehow for long time we tickled only his upper body and were really satisfied with the result. The clips came out very well and people loved them. We asked him about his feet but he always said, those are not really sensitive. We believed him and did not bather him for long time. Unfortunately for him one day one model couldn't make it and canceled the foot tickling shoot for some reason. We just finished shooting with Chris and because in the need we asked him to do only one foot tickling clip for us. Well, here it is, enjoy as much as we did while shooting. He did not say the truth, his most ticklish spots are his feet. He went crazy, and at some point we even felt sorry for the guy, he suffered so deeply. Enjoy.

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Kandi and Stan are good friends for ages, and she still could trick him into bondage. Although she promised she won't do anything bad to him while he's bound, that wasn't true. Kandi loves tickling him, and Stan had enough of that lately, did not want to be victimized again. Well, it's hard to refuse Kandi now, fully tied, helpless and ready for a nice foot tickling action. Kandi won again, that's a fact.

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Poor little Sedako is in deep trouble, they had an argument and her friends tied her up to the bondage bed with no escape. They left her there just to think about her behavior and manners with the other girls and she was really hoping the next girl will untie her and she finally can leave. Well, that just didn't happen. Charlotte came by and felt for a little tickle torture fun. She is a very mean tickler with a lots of talent, wicked imagination, extremely strong and quick fingers and no heart and sympathy for the victims misery. Although this clip is not very long, it is very intensive and really painful for the little one.

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This is an interesting clip. Angel is trying to do his good deed for the day and earn himself his set of wings. He is helping little Chuck get his revenge on Wolf who took advantage of him before. This is the only way someone Chuck's size could ever get Wolf tied up and helpless. They manage to do a much better job of getting Wolf to crack then Jaguar did. He is laughing through this whole clip, so I guess he just needs deeper muscle tickling to really get going. It is so funny to see Chuck who barely reached Wolf's shoulder torturing him so horribly. Wolf has such a sensitive belly, next time they will definitely know what to do to him. Chuck better thank Angel, cause he sure earned his wings.

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Shahrazad and John are going out for a while now and trying to make their relationship as excited and side-splitting as possible. John likes having fun too, but this time Shahrazad was too selfish and went too far. She promised some hot kinky sex and instead that she tied poor John up and tickled him like crazy. The tables have turned, and here we are again, payback time. For now he already knows that Shahrazad goes nuts when her extremely sensitive feet are tickled. And that's exactly what he wants.

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Being the school nerd isn't easy - but it is about to get a lot harder. The cool girls, Domina and Charlotte, are sick of this little geek telling on them, so today they are going to punish him. They rip off his clothes and begin tickling his sensitive body in a most embarrassing way. They spread his legs and tickle his balls and crotch as he laughs hysterically. They make him look like an utter fool as they press their strong fingers deeper and deeper into his flesh. His body hurts from the intensive tickling, and he tries begging them to stop, but these girls are on a mission and are enjoying it!

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Rip is not happy with B-star. Not only did she take his car without asking, she smashed it too! Now Rip is going to get her back with a fierce round of tickling that she will not forget. His fingers trickle along her feet causing her to shriek loudly. His fingers slide underneath her toes, and it just makes her go crazy! She struggles in the restraints as the suffering becomes more intense - Rip seems to know just where to touch.

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Ticklish Tommy is about to be the victim of some serious tickle torture! Once the tickling begins, there is not much he can do other than squirm, beg, and laugh uncontrollably. With a red face and sweat forming on his forehead, he figures he is almost into the clear, but his buddy has some different plans. He plans on making this suffering last as long as he can.

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Princess Vlada and Mistress Charlotte are bored. What better way to brake up the monotony of the day then to torture a pathetic little slave like Jesse? A little suffering will brighten everything up! So they lock his legs and ravage the soles of his feet and make him beg for mercy. Not because they're going to stop - because they like to hear him beg between his nervous yelps!

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