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Roger tickled Felix because he made a mistake with laundry last week. Now it's time for Felix to get revenge. He chains Roger to the wall and attacks his upper body like a savage. His strong hands run all over Felix's helpless body. Felix tries to escape the torture but Roger wants to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. Felix cries and begs for forgiveness but nothing can stop Roger's thick fingers from driving Felix mad.

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This is Divine's first tickle torture clip in her life, and she's absolutely not a lucky girl. Her partner in this tickle crime is the experienced and cruel Charlotte, who's one of the best torturer between us. Interestingly she's not ticklish at all, maybe that's why she's so cruel. Poor little first timer Divine is fully tied on the tickle bench, and Charlotte immediately jumps on her poor victim. She's tickling her body all over, not forgetting even a spot from the most common ticklish spots to test. Divine is laughs, screams, and after a while even begs. Charlotte is inexorable, she stops only when she wants, but we already know that. And her classification regarding Divine is: TICKLISH.

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Aaron is a big joker, he tied up poor skinny J, now he can't get away and has to take what Aaron wants to do with him. He's bound, nude and totally helpless. And terrified of course. Aaron starts tickling his skinny bony body all over but finally he founds the best part that is not that skinny and bony, his ass. Well, that made J even more hysterical, he became totally out of his mind when Aaron touched his bum with his firm hands. J was lucky, this time Aaron introduced him only to some nude M/M full body tickle torture, but when he was done he promised J to bring there all his gay friends and ....

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Jaguar doesn't usually get too many chances to get revenge on her torturers - but today is her lucky day. Little Billy Boy screams in agony as her long nails dig deep into his skin. When he isn't laughing, he is begging Jaguar to end the suffering, but she is seeking revenge and will not stop until that is fulfilled. He jumps and squirms in his restraints as she tickles him intensely, but this is just going to tire him out quicker and make the suffering all the more brutal! Jaguar enjoys seeing the pain in his eyes as he begs for her forgiveness, so she wants to make this moment last as long as possible.

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And our little precious Vlada is a pray again, this time for Domina. She loves the tiny cutie's position on the tickle bench, this way she has access to that desirable ticklish body. This way she can tickle our "strawberry shortcake" perfectly, from head to toe. The little victim is screaming, laughing, begging for mercy and trying to get away with dirty talk too. Nothing is working, Domina wouldn't miss this opportunity of tickling her for the entire world. Too sweet.

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Little Pet is in big trouble in the dungeon. Mistress Charlotte tied him up, he's hogtied and nude, and he's tickled by her. And that's not everything. Although he's very ticklish everywhere on his tiny little short body, the most ticklish are his unbelievably small feet. Mistress Charlotte knows that and tickles him only on his feet, especially between his little tiny toes, using even an electrical tooth brush for more spectacular results. And she reaches what she wants, because poor little guy suffers like a big man with huge feet and toes.

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The two slaves suppose to clean and organize the dungeon, but instead that they start a fight. The little one is a well known trouble maker, so this time he really deserves a very special unique punishment. The tall big slave had to capture and hold him for Mistress as the little one wanted to get him in trouble without reason. So he's helpless now, ready to his punishment and actually he's a little excited as he likes pain, he's a little pain slut. But pain is coming in different ways today, because Mistress is tickling him this time from head to toe, not forgetting even one inch of his little pathetic body...and he hates that more than anything. That's worst for him than any pain.

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Unfortunately for Marissa, her naughty actions have caused B-star and Paul to inflict a terrible round of tickle torture on her cute little pretty feet. The remove her socks to reveal the little beauties and begin tickling her fiercely right from the get-go. She giggles and squirms as they shove their fingers between her cute little toes and scratch their nails along the soles of her feet. Her begging gets her nowhere as these two torturers are set on making this torture one to remember. Marissa better smarten up, or else she will be facing many more brutal tickle tortures like this one!

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"Oh, no, you gotta stop that!" yells J defenselessly. He's tied up and there's nothing funny about, though he can't stop laughing. That's because Casper is tickling him all over his extremely sensitive body. Armpits, belly, back, you name it and Casper's tiny little fingers have dug in to it. J is practically hyperventilating but Casper doesn't seem to care at all. In fact, he's talking joy in J's agony. What a sick person! Poor J is about to pass out he's lost so much air. But it's all fine by Casper, that's exactly want he wants.

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Aaron is shocked when his gay friend strips him naked and ties him to a chair, and then gets naked himself. He begins tickling the homo-phob and Aaron is going crazy! He is so mad at Evin that he screams at him as Evin's tickling fingers go to places that they probably shouldn't! Although Aaron is laughing, he becomes very afriad as Evin's gay fingers get closer and closer to his virgin asshole. The tickling is so intense that you can see the suffering that Aaron is going through just by looking at his face! Although there was no penetration, Aaron still feels a little gay after this confrontation.

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REVENGE IS SWEET. Especially for Chris, because Shahrazad, while she was totally drunk, did a lots of bad things around the house that they rent together. They decided to do an opening party when they moved in, and here we are now. Now I really don't know which of them was more drunk, because the stories Chris is telling her about her doings are a bit hard to believe. Maybe he's still drunk? But he tickled Shahrazad extremely well, she was struggling hard to get away, screamed and of course laughed like crazy goat the story of Chris told us about. It's a hilarious clip, that's a fact.

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After Dan's buddy left him strapped to a cross for two hours, Dan must get back at him. And although he is tempted by a beer bribe, it still would not be enough compared to what he had to go through. The only thing that would teach his buddy a lesson would be to suffer through a nice painfully tiring session of tickle torture. Luckily for Dan, he knows that his buddy's ass is very sensitive to tickling, so this will make the torturing that much more intense for his pathetic friend.

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John is in love with Caren's pretty purple toes, and will do anything to get close to them. So he ties her up and tickles her dainty little feet as she laughs uncontrollably. She screams and cries as he runs his strong fingers between her toes, and begs him for mercy. But John loves these feet too much to stop touching them now. He grins as he watches his poor victim suffer and seems to be aroused by her moaning. She begins to sweat as the torture becomes too much to handle, but she is going to have to suffer a lot more before John is completely satisfied.

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J has Evan bound by the wrists and ankles. This time he doesn't seem to need any reason at all to tickle torture Evan. J immediately attacks Evan's feet with a fury and plays Evan's feet like an instrument. He spares no part- Evans arches are attacked while J eyes his virgin toes. Then J torments his little piggies with angry tickling. The more Evan laughs and moans for mercy, the more J beams with pleasure. Evan tries to squirm out of his restraints and begs J to stop his feet assault but then Evan lets slip his secret most ticklish spots! J relishes digging into the soft pale skin of Evan's secret tickle spots and taunts Evan that maybe the victim is actually enjoying this torture. With renewed vigor, J's fingers speed up and tickle heels,arches and toes. Evan starts to melt in his restraints under J's ceaseless torture.

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Jessy drops by Aaron's house after kick boxing at the gym. He hopes by making his feet all stinky and sweaty that it might stop Aaron from wanting to give him a tickling. Needles to say Aaron could care less, he might complain about how gross Jessy's feet are but it won't stop him from tickling him till he gets his fill. Jessy tries to talk his way out of it but it will take a lot more then words and stinky feet to get Aaron's hands to stop.

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After burning a $40 roast beef in the over, Evan is going to make Monika pay for her carelessness. How you ask? With tickle torture of course! Monika is put through a world of pain as Evan digs his fingers into her ribs and armpits. She can not contain her laughter as his hands moved frantically across her sensitive skin. Monika absolutely hates being tickled, so this is a truly agonizing experience for her. Her uncontrollable laughter is a sign that she can not take the torture for too long and must find a way to end the suffering. But it is hard to think of a plan when you are laughing this hard!

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