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Bunny ate Paul's lunch. She stole it right from the fridge, even though she knew he was coming back hungry from a long day of work. So Paul decides to teach Bunny a lesson she won't forget. He brings her up to the roof and forcefully ties her hands behind her back, so he'll have full access to her soft body. Her breasts heave in her fishnet shirt as she breathlessly begs for mercy from Paul's strong, torturing fingers. Bet you she won't ever eat his lunch again!

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Donny really wants to make China Doll scream, and since her husband Dragon is not around, he can go buck wild on her! He tickles her with such fierce that she is sent laughing to the heavens. Her high pitched giggling will not stop Donny from inflicting this kind of pain and suffering on her, and nobody will answer her screams for help...or so she thought. Her husband walks in on the tickling, and in a strange twist he joins Donny in the torture! Apparently China Doll had burned supper and he wants to tech her a lesson. The dual tickling quickly becomes unbearable for China Doll to handle and the pain and suffering begin to sink in. Her face tells a story of utter anguish as the two men tickle her without remorse. I would not be surprised if China Doll files for divorce after this one - but she is going to have to escape first!

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Boys can be so cruel. Lexy is just minding her own business downstairs, watching some tv when in come Angel and Wolf, and they look like they are up to something. They go get the wrestling mats and set them up, then they ask Lexy if she will judge their competition to see who is the best. She assumes they are going to wrestle so she agrees but boy is she wrong. They pin her down and tie her up by her hands and feet. Only then do they admit that she has to judge their tickle contest to decide who is the best tickler around. Poor Lexy, her cute little feet and sensitive tummy are tickled so bad she can hardly breathe. I guess next time she agrees to be the judge, she will know to find out what she is judging first...

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Zoe and Justin are evil! They seem to get-off on other people's pain as they tickle their feet without mercy. And their poor victim is about to learn that the hard way. They slip off her socks and slide their fingers across her sensitive skin as she screams out in pain. But she is going to have to scream a lot louder to get these two to stop! They shove their fingers between her toes leaving her in a state of shock. They giggle as their victim squirms and shouts in pain, but all that shouting just eggs them on, and they want to see just how brutal this torture can get!

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Lynn left her garbage all over Brad's room. He decides to be just as inconsiderate with her armpits and belly as she was with his room. Lynn tries to con Brad out of punishing her, but she knows she deserves it. Her squeals and whimpers fall on deaf ears, for Brad is focused on avenging his pride. She can kick and twist and do everything in her power to get away but it won't matter. Brad won't rest until Lynn apologizes for her behavior.

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James is very eager to get his hands on B-Star's pretty feet for the first time, and now he has got his chance. With no escape, his helpless victim is forced to endure a brutal tickle torture. The suffering is terrible as he jams his strong fingers in between her toes. He shows no mercy when he scratches the soles of her feet with his nails, and even though she begs and pleads with him to stop, James simply ignores her requests and tickles her even harder! He taunts and laughs at his poor victim as she struggles to break free - but all the squirming in the world isn't going to get her out of this one!

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Not only does Jaguar love Shahrazad's beautiful feet, but she is also seeking revenge for a tickle torture that Shahrazad had put her through a little earlier. Now that she has tied her up, she can get her revenge, watch her squirm, and get to touch the feet that she loves so much. She begins by gently caressing the soles, but it does not take long before the claws come out and she begins digging her nails deep into her feet. Shahrazad can not control her laughter or body movements and she squirms around on the floor like a snake with its head chopped off. She suffers for every second that Jaguar's hands are in contact with her feet, and when she starts tickling in between the toes Shahrazad is in pure agony. Now Shahrazad knows that in tickle torture you get what you give!

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Bound at her hands and feet, and surrounded by two girls that love to tickle, it looks like Jasmine is in some serious trouble. The fact that they discover her weak spot is the underarms does not help either. Lexi attacks the pits like vultures on a carcass, while Nikita fills in the body. She laughs so hard that I thought her head was going to pop off!

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When Jonah walks in on Vita sleeping in an unusual fashion, he decides to take advantage of his tied-up roommate. No body part goes untouched as he inflicts the hilarious suffering of tickle torture on his giggling victim. Vita tries everything to get out of the torture, but Jonah is loving watching Vita's body bouncing around. A few laughs and wardrobe malfunctions later, Vita is left out of breath and and in pain, as she has laughed more in these 5 minutes than ever before!

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Aaron is giving Shahrazad a threatn either she gives him back the cup of his cum she took from him, or he will tickle her non-stop. This is bad news for Shahrazad because she has already used it. Unfortunately for her, Aaron doesn't believe it. He keeps tickling her and tickling her, while she is trying to tell him. He just won't listen. At one point she can't even talk she is getting tickled so intensely. It is going to be a rough night for Shahrazad.

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Jonah is very upset with his new tutor Mei-Mei, so to make sure she gets her act together he is going to punish her in the worst way ... tickle torture! Mei-Mei's little feet are incredibly ticklish, and her legs shoot out as his fingers slowly move up her heels to her toes. His smooth touch sends her into a laughing frenzy and there is nothing she can do but endure the suffering. She tries to beg him to stop, but she can not even finish a sentence without busting out into hysterical laughter. She laughs so much that her stomach muscles begin to burn due to the relentless tickling. Now that he has taught her a lesson, perhaps she will start to teach him!

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Sue should have thought twice before stealing the last beer from these guys, and now she is going to pay. They bound her up and tickle her feet with great fury - she is completely helpless. They drag their sharp nails along the bottom of her feet and the suffering is intense. She tries asking them nicely to stop, but nothing is going to stop these guys from watching her beg and squirm. She squints her eyes as they dig in between her toes, and the boys really like watching this. Stealing the last beer is a no-no in this house, and hopefully she has now learned that lesson - even if it was through the hard way.

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Taro thought he had tickled every inch of this little school girl`s body then he spots another untouched area. Her firm belly. He runs his fingers over her belly button ring and she nearly jumps out of her skin. He then attacks tickling her belly button with his fast fingers. She cant control herself nearly leaping a couple of feet in the air. He then tries out his tongue which is like an electric shock to his captured victim. She may have to cover up her exposed torso when going out in public from now on.

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In all of the years that Shahrazad has gone through tickle torture, she has never experienced anything like this! Angel, the tickle master, makes Shahrazad laugh and scream like never before! She had no idea how ticklish she REALLY was until Angel laid his hands on her. She screams and squirms in ways she never thought possible, and the agonizing facial expressions she makes are priceless. She truly begs for Angel to stop, but this is a moment that he wants to last a lifetime - he has never seen somebody suffer so much through tickle torture, and it could be awhile before he sees something like this again!

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It is no secret that Caren is incredibly ticklish. But what most do not know is how ticklish her belly button is ... until now. She suffers like she has never suffered before as Monika digs her fingers into her belly. She screams out loud as Monika jiggles her little belly around. Her laughter gets out of control as Monika uses her strong hands to tickle her belly and sides, and she is quickly begging her to stop. Sweat begins to form on her neck from all the laughter, but even though her stomach is aching, and her legs are getting weak, Monika insists on continuing the brutal torture until her fingers can tickle no more!

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Zoe can beg all she wants, but she is still going to endure a terrible tickle torture. Her body is incredibly sensitive and when her torturer begins tickling deep into her side, her body jolts in a seizure-like fashion. She screams loudly as the tickling becomes too much for her to handle, but it is going to take a lot more than a few screams to stop this girl from torturing her. She is in so much agony that her laughter starts to sound like crying! It is obvious that she can not handle this kind of tickling, but that does not seem to stop her torturer from inflicting a horrendous tickle torture upon her.

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