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Our pretty little Amanda is in big International tickle trouble. Paco is Mexican, and Svetlana is Russian. And both of them are willing and capable tickling her. She's bound with no escape and simply has to take what they do to her. There's laughter too, but mostly we can hear her screaming. Definitely not from joy. She suffered a lot.

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Our tiny cute Princess Vlada is tied up on the tickle bench, and two girls are tickling her from head to toe with no mercy. Little Vlada just opened her big mouth and surprised us with so dirty talking, we couldn't believe our own ears. How can that happen? She suffered maybe too much? Definitely not princess-like. Actually did not bather the two girls at all.

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B-star is in trouble. Rip has got his hands all over her ticklish body and is inflicting a terrible tickle torture on her. She shrieks and squirms as his fingers press into her body, and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Rip seems to really enjoy the agony he is causing, and tries his best to make it worse. B-star begs him to stop, but Rip is just enjoying himself way too much to even think about stopping yet.

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Nobody likes a toddle-tale, someone who tells on you when you've done something you shouldn't have, especially when you thought they were a close friend, and nobody likes Tracy. So she's going to be roughly tickled by a double team of Jarvis and Melissa, who heard from someone that she was in fact "very ticklish". This, at first is denied by Tracy, until they prove the truth - She's insanely ticklish, especially around her waist and neck. They won't let her go until their fingers have done a thorough investigation.

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Poor B-star. She can barely handle girls tickling her feet, and now she has to find a way to endure a fully grown man torturing her sexy feet! Eddie is ruthless as he tickles her sensitive feet with fury, and he uses his nails and strong fingers to tickle faster and deeper than ever before! B-star begs him to end this terrible torture, but Eddie loves watching this little princess laugh and suffer. To make things worse, Eddie pulls out an electric toothbrush and begins scraping it along her beautiful toes! She squirms like a worm on a hot day, and tries to kick her way out of the treacherous tickle torture. But nothing stops Eddie from inflicting a gruesome torture on her pretty toes. He smiles from ear to ear the entire time as he watches her struggle in the ropes - to him this is heaven!

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Sandra wants some revenge so she tied up Leigh for some good tickling. She wants to find her most ticklish spot but doesn't know where to start. Sandra tickles her sides and her neck and even her little belly, but she hasn't found the most ticklish spot quite yet. Sandra isn't stupid, she knows that everyone is ticklish on their armpits so she goes in for the kill. Leigh can't take it, she is in agony, she begs Sandra to stop and jumps around like crazy. Wow this girl really is ticklish.

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Stan works too hard at the bar to have one of the waitresses steal all the tips. So to teach her a lesson, Stan inflicts a terribly brutal tickle torture on Heather's extremely ticklish body. He finds out rather quickly that her underarms are the most ticklish, and that is where he causes the most damage. Heather squirms and shouts as he drives his fingers into her armpits, and no amount of begging is going to make him stop. She is just going to have to learn to share!

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Little Vlada has to pay for his sins this time. Emani is so much stronger than she is that she easily put her up on the tickle bench and there's no way out from there until she will let her go. This bench is actually a very cruel construction because the ticklers can walk around and reach every inches on the victim's body. Emani really enjoyed tickling the little tickle bunny but she couldn't take that much and had to say RED. Emani did not give a lots of time to recover and after totally braking her down another good portion of wicked tickle torture, she left the little one up on the bench get ready for another action later.

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Angel towers above Lexi and that means that she could do anything she wants to her little body. Lexi is tied to the banister by her wrists with thick rope. Angel feels like having some fun and uses Lexi as her little tickle toy. Cute little thing squirms and tries to move away from Angel's super long and lean fingers, but she is immobilized and can only stand and take it. She pleads between tiny giggles, but Angel just tickles her more. Lexi is too tiny to get away. Angel can reach her back, her neck, her little tummy. Her long fingers graceful dance across Lexi's sensitive flesh with expertise. Ah, the advantage of height that anyone beneath you becomes a toy!

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In all of the years that Shahrazad has gone through tickle torture, she has never experienced anything like this! Angel, the tickle master, makes Shahrazad laugh and scream like never before! She had no idea how ticklish she REALLY was until Angel laid his hands on her. She screams and squirms in ways she never thought possible, and the agonizing facial expressions she makes are priceless. She truly begs for Angel to stop, but this is a moment that he wants to last a lifetime - he has never seen somebody suffer so much through tickle torture, and it could be awhile before he sees something like this again!

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Her sweet pretty looks and her dirty talk is totally opposite, that you couldn't believe. Little pretty girl and uses really bad words, swearing and cursing like a street bum. Even they could learn from her. And her laughs. I could describe it as singing laugh. I believe she's suffering so much that she just can't control herself at all. Finally she gets to her senses and by using her sharp mind she convincing the shy and I guess horny tickler she'll do anything for her freedom in exchange. Well, she lied. When she gets free she just puts him over her lap and spanks him hard. Happily.

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Poor little Sedako is in deep trouble, they had an argument and her friends tied her up to the bondage bed with no escape. They left her there just to think about her behavior and manners with the other girls and she was really hoping the next girl will untie her and she finally can leave. Well, that just didn't happen. Charlotte came by and felt for a little tickle torture fun. She is a very mean tickler with a lots of talent, wicked imagination, extremely strong and quick fingers and no heart and sympathy for the victims misery. Although this clip is not very long, it is very intensive and really painful for the little one.

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Shahrazad and John are going out for a while now and trying to make their relationship as excited and side-splitting as possible. John likes having fun too, but this time Shahrazad was too selfish and went too far. She promised some hot kinky sex and instead that she tied poor John up and tickled him like crazy. The tables have turned, and here we are again, payback time. For now he already knows that Shahrazad goes nuts when her extremely sensitive feet are tickled. And that's exactly what he wants.

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Rip is not happy with B-star. Not only did she take his car without asking, she smashed it too! Now Rip is going to get her back with a fierce round of tickling that she will not forget. His fingers trickle along her feet causing her to shriek loudly. His fingers slide underneath her toes, and it just makes her go crazy! She struggles in the restraints as the suffering becomes more intense - Rip seems to know just where to touch.

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This is Divine's first tickle torture clip in her life, and she's absolutely not a lucky girl. Her partner in this tickle crime is the experienced and cruel Charlotte, who's one of the best torturer between us. Interestingly she's not ticklish at all, maybe that's why she's so cruel. Poor little first timer Divine is fully tied on the tickle bench, and Charlotte immediately jumps on her poor victim. She's tickling her body all over, not forgetting even a spot from the most common ticklish spots to test. Divine is laughs, screams, and after a while even begs. Charlotte is inexorable, she stops only when she wants, but we already know that. And her classification regarding Divine is: TICKLISH.

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And our little precious Vlada is a pray again, this time for Domina. She loves the tiny cutie's position on the tickle bench, this way she has access to that desirable ticklish body. This way she can tickle our "strawberry shortcake" perfectly, from head to toe. The little victim is screaming, laughing, begging for mercy and trying to get away with dirty talk too. Nothing is working, Domina wouldn't miss this opportunity of tickling her for the entire world. Too sweet.

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