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Daddy is upset because Boy was out with another man at a cafe. He was worried because he did not know where he was or what he was doing. Bad Boy. Daddy is going to get back at Boy by touching and rubbing all of his sensitive zones. Boy doesn't get a chance to say much because he has been bad. Daddy likes Boys belly. Blowing at it like he was a little baby. Daddy is going to make sure that Boy remembers who is Daddy is and that he is boss. Who is your Daddy? You remember that Boy, that we barely started.

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Today's victim is in for a surprise. Thinking that he is about to get some loving from a couple of girls, his day takes a strange twist when the girls time him up and leave him to suffer. Eventually, his buddy Chris enters. Chris will probably be nice enough to untie him, but not before he has some fun with him first - and that is when the torture begins. Without mercy, Chris find's all of his buddy's ticklish spots and attacks them at will. You can see the suffering that he is going through from a thousand miles away, and probably hear it too! The pain and suffering that our victim goes through is tremendous, but that's what you get when you try and hit on a couple of strangers!

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Poor Casper shouldn't try to play with the big dogs. J has his heart set on vengeance and he gets his wish now that Casper is strung up by the wrists. Casper slinks away from his imminent tickle torture,but there is no escape. J's brawny hands dig in hard, yielding instant high-pitched shrieks and yelps from Casper's delicate body. He can even lift him like a feather to tickle torment poor Casper's feet. He roughly tickles his torso, underarms, ribs, anything that will make Casper really sorry that he messed with J.

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Jaguar had no idea what she was in for when Angel and Angelo tied her up. She knew that she was going to get tickled, but she didn't know the Angel is a massage therapist and knows exactly where to touch to inflict the most laughter! Jaguar is in agony as his fingers dig deep into her most ticklish areas. She squirms in an attempt to escape, but there is a lot more suffering to go through before she is set free. Jaguar has never laughed this much before, and had no idea how ticklish she really was! She has trouble catching her breath as these master ticklers go to town on her sensitive skin. She laughs so hard that she even snorts like a pig! Considering Jaguar is a proper lady, this just shows the intense suffering she is enduring.

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Violet caught Taro staring up her school-girl skirt. So she decides to teach him a lesson - she takes him up to her bedroom and ties him up. She begins tickling him , so much that he can't even breathe. She wants to teach him a lesson, so he'll stop being such a dirty little pervert. He twists and turns and does everything he can to get away but there's no way she'll let him escape her clutches. She'll tickle him and tickle him, even if his face explodes, until he learns how to behave.

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Aaron is a real bastard this time. The new girl Monika comes in to visit the house when there sits Aaron with a smirk on his face. He doesn't even give her the time to introduce herself and he is already begging her for sex. You know Aaron. He will do anything for sex. So he tells her that he is interviewing her to become a professional tickler and instead ties her up to torture her into having sex with him. She is unwilling and will endure the tickling as long as she can. Unfortunately Monika is so sensitive that in under three minutes she is already agreeing to have sex with him. But for Aaron, that isn't enough. He wants to see her squirm. As he leaves her there to dry off she makes a confession. "You think you are gonna get sex from me? Once you let me go you'll see". Sounds like plans of revenge to me.

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Damien is in big trouble. Jesse loves to punish his friends with tickle tortures, and Damien is about to experience the havoc that he can wreak with those magic hands of his. To make things worse, he has lifted Damien's shirt to make the the tickling even more torturous! He digs deep into Damien's stomach and ribs using his fingers and knuckles, sending Damien into tickling hell. His body convulses as the tickling grows in intensity, and soon he is begging him to stop. Damien tries everything to get out of this agonizing torture, but Jesse just won't budge. It looks like he is actually enjoying Damien's torment! Damien better hope that Jesse's fingers get tired soon, because he can not take much more of this.

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Two big girls on the two sides and one little cutie between them helplessly inescapably tied on the bed. They loved her little feet and pretty toes, and they want to tickle them. She's complaining and want to free herself, she doesn't want to get tickled, especially not on the feet. She's ticklish, and that's exactly the two bigger girls enjoy very much. She's so delicate and fragile that they can do anything they want, she won't fight back, because she cant. She's just laughing and begging for mercy, till finally they decide to leave her there and go for a drink somewhere in the neighborhood. They don't untie her, they want to come back soon to continue what they enjoyed so much.

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Damien always seems to do strange things when he is drunk. But puking on Chris's grandmother was the last straw. Chris gets his sweet revenge by violently tickling Damien's incredibly ticklish body. He giggles non-stop as Chris's fingers press deeper and deeper into his muscle tissue. His stomach quickly gets sore from the constant laughter, but that doesn't mean that Chris is going to stop anytime soon. He loves watching Damien suffer and scream, and will tickle him until his fingers can tickle no more!

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When Taro hears someone coming, he can only hope for a savior, as he is tied-up with his ass up in the air. Mistress Domina has come with a colorful duster for what she calls a "very special kind of therapy". She pulls back a cloth to reveal Taro's naked asshole pointed straight up in the air! Hopefully he's ready because that feathery duster is going to tease his bare ass and all the most sensitive areas around it. When she twists it around his hole we hear Taro squeal and howl, it's a definite fun spot!

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It is Christmas day and Aaron is in the giving mood. He gives his older brother a ridiculously brutal round of tickle torture on his smelly-ass feet. Aaron has tickled Evin all his life, so he knows just where to touch. Evin squirms violently in his chair as Aaron's strong fingers penetrate deep into the nerves and tissue of Evin's skinny body. He struggles to break free as the suffering becomes too much to take, but Aaron shows no mercy to his suffering brother and continues the intensive torturing session. Evin has obviously been a bad boy this year, because good boys do not receive this kind of punishment!

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The night started off well, a couple of brothers have a nice stiff drink, but when Evin realizes that he has not brought a gift for Aaron, he tells his brother that he will do anything for him - and that will be his present. Since Aaron has a sick mind, he has decided to tie his older brother up and tickle him! This cruel and unusual punishment sends poor Evin squirming to the heavens. He laughs uncontrollably as Aaron's strong hands penetrate deep into Evin's muscle tissue and ribs. Since Aaron grew up with Evin, he knows exactly where to tickle him - and the suffering becomes to great for Evin to handle. But that's what you get when you forget your only brother's gift!

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Jesse is very excited to finally get his revenge on poor little Casper. He removes his stinky socks and begins grinding his nails along the bottom of Casper's little feet. He cries out in agony as the pain gets too intense to handle, but his suffering is masked by his uncontrollable laughter. He squirms around on the floor like he is having a seizure, but Jesse doesn't care how agonizing the torture is for Casper - he is going to tickle him until he can not be tickled anymore!

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Lady Sophia is feed up with this little impostor who's following her everywhere and telling her again and again how much he loves her. Finally she orders him to strip down to totally nude and she ties him to the cross. The little one is very excited and ready for anything but...not that. He couldn't believe what will happen and would do anything to avoid this. He promises everything and anything but he has to take it, no choice for him. Lady Sophia even told him - Take it like a man. But sooo little man? Could he?

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The girls are having fun. Kerry and Chinadoll captured Jaguar and handcuffed to the wall, she can't get away from that bed. They jump on her like laugh-thirsty tickle vampires and attack with their talented fingers. Jaguar is so ticklish, she's laughing non-stop at all. She's not able even to beg for mercy, her strong laughter takes away all of her energy. She's sweating heavy from the intense pain and suffering, The two tormentors are tough, they are not easily moved. They stop only when they had enough fun.

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