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And here we are again with Cathy and Ron. It seemed to be promising the first clip they did together, she decided to try another clip specialized in foot tickling. She was using a fork, that I've never seen till now as a tickle tool. Well, the most important, that it did work, and we got again an enjoyable male feet tickling clip.

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Little Eric has gotten Big Paul all tied up! Now he is going to get it. Every time Paul says "Stop" that just makes Eric want to tickle him more. So he keeps on going. Running his fingers all over his upper body, making Paul squirm. Paul's laughter keeps on getting louder and frequent. Eric is thinking that Big Paul likes the tickling but by the way Paul is trusting, it does not seem that way. Then Eric makes Paul think that he is done with the tickling, but then he carries right on again. Poor Paul. How will he ever survive?

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Roy has Taesia bound and sitting on the floor in her underwear with her feet shackled by the ankles. His intention is of course to tickle the girl until she can't take it any more. He starts with his fingernails on the soles of her feet, and already she wails and howls. But he's just started! Next comes the lotion between the toes. And then, THE TOOTHBRUSH!! OH MY GOD. Poor Taesia nearly wets herself from this tickling torture before Roy has mercy on her soul.

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Brad does not forget easily. He is really hungry for revenge and furious, very eager to get back his torturer on the same way he tickled him. Maybe even meaner, because he put him up on the tickle bench and this way he could reach all of his very sensitive spots. This guy didn't like to be tickled, especially not by a guy, but his suffering, laughing and screaming - even his devastated swearing - is so real and honest, nobody could fake that. He's one of the most ticklish models ever we worked with, we hope you'll enjoy this clip. Brad definitely did.

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Slayde loves watching Pierre's smooth strong body squirm about as he feverishly tickles him. He presses his fingers deep into Pierre's muscle tissue causing him to laugh uncontrollably and beg for mercy. Slayde has complete control over his poor victim as his strong fingers attack his ribs, armpits, and feet. Pierre shouts loudly as the tickling becomes too much to take, but that is just music to Slayde's ears. Pierre's cock flops around as he struggles to break free, which is only making Slayde want to tickle him more! It looks like it could be a long agonizing night for poor Pierre.

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Elsa is mostly subtle with her sneaking and taking from her roommate. But this time it's no good, her roommate Jennifer recognized her in a new shirt she just bought! Now she's in for it, for wearing Jennifer's shirt she'll get tickled nearly to the edge of her senses. She'll be shivering after this session. Jennifer's hands are like lobster pincers, prodding Elsa to the very muscle! She shrieks and asks her nicely to stop but it's no use... all her mistakes have added up, and it's time for revenge.

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This little tickle bitch is getting absolutely tortured by Domina and Charlotte's masterful fingers - and there is nothing that he can do about it. Domina is very eager to show Charlotte what happens when you tickle his balls, and it is quite entertaining! The man giggles like a child as her nails tickle his ball-sack. Meanwhile Charlotte is digging her fingers deeper and deeper into his muscle tissue causing his body a lot of pain. This is painful to watch, but not nearly as painful as what he's going through!

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Although he's been tickled before several times, the ticklers haven't been satisfied with the result ever. He was always ticklish but never that much they could enjoy his suffering really. This time they decided they won't let him go till thew can't find his most ticklish spots. Most people are ticklish on the tummy, under arms, belly button, bum, feet, between the toes, etc. Totally normal usual spots. Well, those did not work for this victim. They almost gave it up after getting no result but then accidentally they touched his.....What?

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It looks as though Rick is enjoying his victim's discomfort a little too much. He teases her with his big strong hands as he puts his hands just inches away from her sensitive spots, but the teasing does not last long. When he can no longer contain his urge to tickle, he unleashes a flurry of firm fingers across her body, and she shrieks in agony. She asks him to stop, but it is clear that Rick is enjoying her pain and suffering, and wants to see more. So he digs his fingers into her deep tissue and she can barely take it! She attempts to kick him away, but he is too strong for her to budge. She is just going to have to find a way to endure this terrible torture - and hope that he stops enjoying it!

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Skinny Jeremy is back again, and he's suffering a great deal of tickle torture. Fully tied on the tickle bench, and totally accessible every spot of his ticklish defenseless body. Jeremy don't really laughing, it's a mix with screaming and begging. A little bit of swearing, but he has not too much energy for that. After shooting this last clip, we've never seen him again. Looks like he just couldn't take anymore. What a pity!

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Mikael might not like being tickled, but that isn't going to stop Angel and her big hands from doing it! She presses her long fingers deep into Mikael's flesh, hitting that deep muscle tissue that makes her squirm so much. Mikael tries everything to escape this brutal torture, but nothing is going to stop Angel from watching her victim suffer. She tickles her so much that Mikael thinks she is going to start crying! But she can cry all she wants, it will only make Angel tickle harder!

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This is Aaron's first time in our studio. He's participating in other kind of clips very well, but we know nothing about his ticklishness. Kerry and Cathy tied him up and started the exam and testing. He reacts the soft touches well, that means he's definitely ticklish. He looks shy a little bit, but his sweating shows the effect of tickling. The two girls definitely enjoyed the session.

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The lovely ladies travel brochure has arrived - at last they can find a beautiful vacation spot! But the delivery boy is quite rude and needs to them to sign. He has no manners and not idea how to treat a lady! So the two classy ladies, Sandra and Savanna, must teach him a thing or two about respect through a tough rundown of tickling! They strip him naked and run their slender, nimble fingers all over his body, making the old guy giggle like a little boy. But, the puny guy hasn't had enough until Charlotte comes in and finishes the job.

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Pierre was late delivering a package, and nothing pisses Slayde off more than lateness. What could be a better revenge than for him to tie naked Pierre up to wall for some tickle torture? Slayde works his strong fingers all over Pierre's naked, squirming body. Pierre begs for Slayde to stop, but that just encourages him to do more tickling. Slayde tickles Pierre's ripped chest, working his fingers around his hard nipples. Pierre cries in agony, feeling so violated by Slayde's forced tickling. Slayde's also works his hands very close to Pierre's groin, which sends shivers up his spine. Though he begs for him to stop, Pierre secretly enjoys being naked and tied up, and having Slayde's fingers all over his body. Slayde eventually gets tired, so he leaves Pierre strapped to the wall, for the next session!

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Oh Man, Megan's back for revenge! She's got Jarvis bound at the wrists and ankles. She takes off his socks and rubs his feet and toes with some lotion for optimum tickling. Jarvis is terrified, his feet are the most ticklish place on his body. Megan gets right in there scratching away with her sharp fingernails. Jarvis beings to hyperventilate, he can't take this torture. Megan laughs is relentless and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

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