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Roger doesn't know why all his booze has disappeared, but since it's only him and Daddy in the house he has little investigating to do. But Daddy is a tough one to crack, even with Rogers dainty fingers stroking Daddy's naked soles in all sorts of ways he still isn't confessing. But time is with Roger as he continues the interrogation and fingers prod Daddy's feet more quickly like dry twigs of wood. Daddy is reaching the edge and can't take much more!

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If tickling were a spot, Kandi would be a world champion! She simply loves watching her victim's suffer as her busy hands attack their sensitive bodies. Today's victim, Stan, gets is especially bad as his body is incredibly ticklish, and especially his poor little belly! His face begins to turn red from the unimaginable pain that she is inflicting, and pretty soon he can take no more. But Kandi has him right where she wants him, and will not let him go until she is fully satisfied with her work!

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Sometimes there's no reason at all for someone to act mean. They just might feel like ruining somebody's day, and there's nothing that person can do about it. Today, that's how Bunny feels. So she's just going to tickle and abuse Dave for no good reason at all (or for fun). Dave must feel pretty trapped in this position (Bunny has he's hands around her waist and cuffed behind her). With his armpits widely exposed she digs into them like itchy mosquito bites. Dave's fate: a miserable day.

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Brad is getting very frustrated with Sally's spending habits. She is spending all their money and they really need to be saving! So Brad teaches her a little lesson by tickle torturing her to near ! She screams and cries out loudly as his strong hands penetrate deep into her muscles, but no amount of crying is going to stop Brad now. He watches her agonizing face with pleasure as he tickles her harder and harder. Sally can not take much more of this abuse and begs Brad to stop, but Brad must ensure that she really learns her lesson or else they will soon be broke!

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Looks like Rick's drunken all the deer on his roommates yet again. They are going to tickle the shit out of him until he says he's sorry. But the thing about Rick is he's never sorry and even if he is, he's too proud to say it. They starts stretching away at his feet. Until he's begging and crying for mercy. Those aren't the words they are waiting for, oh no. They tickle and tickle till he's twitching all over the floor. Little to they know Rick still has another beer hidden away. He just might say sorry so he can get out of the cuffs and drink it.

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Aaron was looking a midnight snack when he slipped on some of his roommates mess! there is Pasta all over his ass and he's not to happu about it. He ties up his roommate and he's going to give him some tickle revenge. He starts screaming like bitch as Aaron scorches at his tender little feet. Aaron is not his fucking maid and he needs to set some things straigh and by the look of things tickle therapy seems to be working. He struggles and cries like some kind of animal. Looks like somebody needs a new roommate.

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Gee is very eager to see Jesse's cute little feet, and is even more eager to watch him suffer. She uses her long fingers and fingernails to inflict an agonizing tickle torture on his sensitive feet. He squirms violently on the couch as she scratches his ankles and heels and drags her fingers along the tops of his feet. His squints his face in pain as he begins to sweat from the intense torture - but that is just how Gee wants him!

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When Damien discovers that Pierre has recorded over all of his Star Trek: The Next Generation tapes, he is pissed. So to punish him, he has tied him up and is unleashing a terrible tickle torture on Pierre' ticklish feet. Pierre screams out as Damien's strong fingers scratch the bottoms of his feet, and he squirms like a fish out of water as he jams his fingers between his toes. Pierre apologizes for what he has done, but Damien doesn't want to hear any of it. All he wants to hear is hysterical laughter pouring out of Pierre's mouth, and that's exactly what he gets. Pierre suffers terribly, but he deserves every bit of pain for what he has done to Damien.

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After China Doll threw out all of Brad's precious comic book figurines, he is going to take it upon himself to get her back. He tickles her body mercilessly as her high-pitches squealing nearly deafens him! He presses his fingers deep into her thin body, causing her to squirm around on the bed as she suffers terribly. Her body aches from the constant laughter, and she tries begging Brad to stop, but Brad is going to make her suffer just as much as she made him - if not more!

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Just as expected Jarvis is back agian to get revenge on Megan. She's dangling from the staircase railing, chained at the wrist, with her tender armpits widely exposed!! When his strong fingers dig in she jumps and hops like some over-sized spring! She knows she's in for a tough time as these two have a running history of torturing each other. Her ribs will be tender and her arms with be nearly shaking by the time Jarvis leaves the room.

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Mikael has heard that Roger is very ticklish, but won't believe it until she sees for herself. So she begins viciously tickling her victim's sides and armpits, and he is going crazy! Her crazy fingers make their way around his body, causing mass agony to fill is body. The constant laughing is beginning to hurt his body, and although he is laughing, he is in severe pain. Mikael could have stopped after the first few seconds of his hysteric laughter, but she wants to see just how how much he can take!

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It wasn't too long ago that Damien had Jesse in the hot seat, but now the tables have turned. Jesse remembers every painful moment of the tickle torture that Damien laid on him, and now he is going to get his revenge. He violently tickles Damien's sensitive body, and poor Damien shakes like he is having a seizure! Damien's laughter gets out of control as Jesse presses his fingers into his stomach and belly button, and it doesn't take very long for sweat to form on Damien's face. He bounces around in the chair like a car on speed bumps, and that is just how Jesse wants to see it. This revenge is sweeet.

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Jose is pissed off at Roy for dissing his girlfriend. So he has him tied up by his wrists to the banister and he's gonna tickle the shit out of him. Roy is quick to apologize but Jose isn't so quick to stop tickling this big man. He tickles him so that he's begging for mercy, and until he's just about ready to piss himself, he's laughing so hard. Jose really means business. It almost looks like he's enjoying it, handing out this torture.

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It looks like Dave has a kicker on his hands! His pretty victim kicks like a horse as his soft fingers carress her sensitive feet and toes. She squirms all over the bed as the suffering quickly increases, and pretty soon she can take no more. The agony gets pretty intense as he shoves his finger between her toes, and although she begs him to stop, he just keeps on tickling. She suffers brutally from his big strong hands, and by the looks of things, he isn't going to be letting her go anytime soon!

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Well it's about time that James got tortured! And who better to do it than the dynamic duo of B-star and Eddie. They waste no time getting the torture started, and pretty soon James is laughing like a little school girl. He giggles as they pull off his socks and attack his bare feet with fury. They visciously tickle his toes and heels without remorse, and soon his face is almost as red as his shirt! He laughs uncontrollably as they tickle harder and faster, so when he finally manages to catch his breath he begs them to stop. But James has down too much damage on their feet in the past, and they want to see him suffer. They shove their fingers between his toes which causes him to laugh like a crazy man at the circus. Not one part of his ticklish feet go untouched, but the ticklers decide that they need a quick rest before they attack him again. He better be more prepared next time, because the intensity of this tickle torture caught him completely by surprise!

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