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Poor wimpy John. He gets pinned down by the much larger, much older mature man Eddie and gets tied up in the cottage. John tries his best to get away but Eddie is just way too strong. Eddie knows damn well that John has the most sensitive little toes and he goes straight for them, first touching and caressing them gently then starting to tickle furiously. Eddie talks to John like he is his own little boy. He mocks John, asking him if his little boy has learned his lesson. Eddie is so mean, you can see as he tortures John that he loves it so much. He believes all little boys should learn their lessons this way, tickled near to . John's face shows it is unbearable, so Eddie just leaves him. But he will be back for more!

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Slave David messed with the wrong girls. Now the 3 Mistresses, Emani Nadia, and Big Vita attack him with electric toothbrushes like they were the 3 Musketeers with swords. Slave David is all tied up and he has no were to go - except for mental hell, where the 3 Mistresses plan to take his poor body. These three strong women will teach Little Pet an important lesson that all slaves should learn. Don't mess with a Mistress or you will be punished!

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Evin is VERY excited at the moment. He has finally got his chance to get his revenge on John the pervert. John had tied Evin up and proceeded to tickle and violate his entire body - so that is exactly what he is going to do to him. John squirms like the worm that he is as Evin's skinny fingers dig deep into John's flesh. He tries to hold back his laughter but he just can't help himself. He truly suffers from Evin's soft touch, but his cries for mercy go unnoticed. Their huge cocks flop around as the tickling gets more and more physical, but Evin is not focused on that at all. He enjoys seeing the agony on John's face too much to end the suffering now, so the torture must continue!

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Aaron is tired of her boss, Madison, who's actually a dominant person, a lifestyle Mistress. Aaron had to go trough a lot of kinky stuff since he started to work for her, and he decided to get his revenge. The only thing came to his mind as an idea of revenge a nice tickle torture in the office. And here we are, Madison is fully tied to the computer chair, no escape, and as Aaron said, no mercy. Should I say how much she hated the whole situation? She tried everything to avoid it, even lied she's not ticklish at all. But Aaron is not that silly, he really wanted his sweet revenge and he got it. Because she was ticklish.

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OH MY GOD! If you have come here in search of the most ticklish guy in the world, look no further! Chris is flopping around so much that you would swear he is really just a fish out of water. He is suffering so much that it is hard to understand how his restraints stay in the wall! It seems that even the smallest touches on this guy send him to the roof, I am not sure how he can even put socks on his feet without jumping through the ceiling!

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Slayde should learn to be a little nicer to Pierre, because Pierre loves to attack his enemies with brutal tickle torture sessions. He especially loves tickling feet, and unfortunately for Slayde, that is his most ticklish spot. Slayde can barely breathe as Pierre's fingers slide over his sensitive skin, and he is in utter agony as Slayde digs his nails in between his cute little toes. He scratches along the bottom of Slayde's feet sending him into a fit of laughter. His face turns beat red because the torture is so brutal! Slayde is a complete mess, but thats what he gets for being so naughty!

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John has been yapping his big mouth off all day at Aaron and now it is time for Aaron to get his revenge. He ties John up to a staircase and begins a violent display of tickle torture. He digs his fingers deep into John's sides and belly and all he can do is take the punishment and laugh uncontrollably. This was the only way to get back at John because he is too busy laughing to even think about talking to Aaron. Eventually, the tickling becomes too much for John to handle and he beings apologizing profusely to his torturer. But Aaron will only stop once he feels he has learned his lesson - and that could be awhile.

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Lexi is about to get one of the worst tickle tortures one can get, baby oil tickle torture! Paul squirts the slippery substance all over her feet and dives right in with his tickling touch. He grinds between her toes with his finger nails as they slip across her skin. She begs for mercy, but Paul simply ignores her cries. She squirms fiendishly on the floor as his fingers slide over her sensitive skin, and the torture quickly turns unbearable. But she is going to have to endure it until Paul can not!

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Jose is about to be the victim of a double team tickle torture, not a position to be desired. Two hands are enough to send people through the roof, but when two more are added, it is double the trouble, double the suffering, and double the torture! He is helpless to stop them. You can see the suffering in his eyes and all over his sweaty face. Well, if nothing else, at least he can thank the guys for the work out!

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Although Taro is an extremely well mannered Japanese man who's truly submissive and respects his female dominant superior Mistresses, this time he just wasn't recognized like that. He just lost his mind under the tickle torture pressure by four beautiful girls. Something happened that we've never ever seen before. Taro was swearing, shockingly said the words that we couldn't believe. Actually that made the girls only more aggressive and they had bigger fun, they enjoyed the situation even more. Poor Taro got an amazingly intensive naked full body tickle torture, and the girls got a great fun with him. And we got a very good clip. Everybody is satisfied.

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When Angel comes to find that little Lexi has thrown a party and has left the house a complete mess, she must punish her. She has got her all tied up in the kitchen and begins to slowly take off Lexi's little socks - preparing her for a brutal foot tickling torture. Angel's long fingers are able to completely cover Lexi's little feet, making the suffering that much more intense. She drags her sharp nails along the bottom and top of her feet and Lexi squeals in pain. She is begging her gigantic roommate to stop, but considering the mess she made, she deserves every bit of agony that she gets.

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J's doctor has ordered him a tickle therapy session with the very sexy Nurse Monika to cure his depression. She has him strapped naked to the wall, and quickly starts to work on his sides. J cannot stand to be tickled, begging the nurse to stop. Despite his complaints, he is laughing his ass off hysterically, and that only encourages her to keep on tickling him. She digs her fingers deep into his armpits, causing him to burst out into fits of laughter. He really enjoys being in the hands of someone else, even though he complains about it on the outside! She tickles him everywhere: his legs, his crotch, his nipples, and allover his upper-body...with J complaining throughout, uselessly trying to break free. He certainly doesn't seem depressed anymore. Laughter really is the best medicine!

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Looks like Chris finally found his match in Fancy. Although he's less hysterical than Chris, he's still one of the most ticklish guys ever. You can hear his breathing was very bad after a while and actually we had to cut shorter the time of the clip because of his condition. This time Chris tickled only his feet nothing else and poor Fancy was still near to dead. And boy, Chris enjoyed his suffering so much, he did not say a word, he just wanted to hear Fancy's sound, how he suffered and agonized. Poor guy almost died and Chris was still evil.

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Here`s some advice. When you`re stuck in stocks and at the mercy of two expert ticklers, don`t insult them. Oh well this man did and he paid for it. Mistress Charlotte and Emani are not impressed with his manners so they decide to give him some punishment. They attack his helpless soles and his dirty mouth just gets him more torture. Add one electric toothbrush, one hairbrush and two ticklish feet and you have a recipe for disaster.

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Mei-Mei might be little, but those little hands of hers certainly know how to tickle! Chuck screams like some kind of rabid monkey as her little fingers crawl up and down his body. He twists, turns, and squirms to escape but Mei-Mei has tied him up good and plans on making him suffer severely - and boy does he ever suffer! The anguish on his face is almost painful to watch. At the rate that he is screaming he is going to lose his voice in no time - and then nobody will be able to save him! Mei-Mei's little fingers are able to penetrate deep into his muscle tissue, and soon the pain becomes too unbearable for Chuck to endure.

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