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Ooo la la! Here is some foreign language tickling for all those artistic types. There is no translation needed when watching tickle torture, because the laughing and giggling all comes out the same. By the end, the bed somehow managed to stay in tact, but our victim looks to be in rough shape. Covered in sweat and completely out of breath, it looks like he is going to need a few days to recover from this one.

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Angel is not pleased when this weird naked stranger strips him down and ties him to the bed. And when the man begins tickling Angel, he is very upset! The man tickles his entire body but discovers a few of Angel's weakspots. He digs his finger into his sensitive armpits as he squirms around helplessly on the bed. He constantly tells the man to stop but he just will not listen! Angel's suffering hits its peak as the man tickles his bum. He pushes his strong fingers deep into Angel's tissue and the agony on his face is undeniable. His body tenses up as the man tickles more intensely and soon the pain becomes unbearable for Angel to take. He had better hope that somebody hears his cries for help, or else he will be stuck in that tickle torture room for a long time!

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Poor Taro is in tickle trouble again, but we know he likes that. He likes being naked in front of them totally helpless with no escape, letting them to do anything and everything to his body. Well, this time he got a lot. Two Mistresses worked on him at the same time with a lots of teasing, soft touching, humiliation and...yes, yes, yes, tickling. They wanted to see him laughing like crazy and they got it. They wanted to see him dancing in agony, and they got it. He suffered a lot, know what? I think he still enjoyed that a lot. Good for him! We did that too, but just voyeurs. I wouldn't lost too long in his place.

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When he met in the bar with the two beautiful girl he was really happy and had extremely sweet hopes for the rest of the night. Looks like he had too much to drink because he woke up in a dungeon totally tied to a St.Andrew's Cross and as a very bitter reality the two girls happened to be Professional Dominas in that dungeon. Although he was hoping a threesome, his dream did not come true, more a nightmare what happened. They tickled him from head to toe, fully tied with no escape, and "MERCY" is definitely missing from their dictionary. Poor guy, that was so not fair.

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Although they did not plan tickling for that day, in the brake between the filming they started tickling poor Katrina without any warning. There was no bondage, but those 3 strong girls really could hold her back safely with no trouble. There was no escape for her, just straight tickle torture. They had no clue if she was ticklish at all, but they definitely had a pleasant surprise. Katrina is ticklish.

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And the nightmare continues for poor guy, who just hoped for a threesome. This time they hogtied him and put him down on the floor in that awkward position. He had no chance against those two strong and powerful BBW, that actually he loves so much. They tickled him everywhere, even inside his tights, armpits, stomach, bum, balls and cocks. He did not get any threesome, that he wished for, but at least he experienced a little bit of hot sensual tickling. Well...better than nothing.

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The new teacher doesn't knows the rules in the school. He started to lecture the wildest girls ever because he had no clue what can happen. Poor Mr. Smith has to pay the price. They took off all of his cloth and started to examine his whole body. They made bad jokes on him and finally started to tickle him all over on his poor body three of them at the same time. If someone is ticklish like he is even one hand is too much, so just picture how could he feel under six tickle hungry naughty hands of those really bad girls. I know I wouldn't take his place, it's too much. They loved it but he? He just wanted to survive. Could he?

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China Doll is going to take a trip on the Oriental Express all the way to tickle torture land in this clip. She giggles and rolls around like a pig laughing in the mud. Her armpits take a beating from her torturers because they seem to be the spot that makes her jump. And she does not help herself when she tells them to stop with the armpits, as that just fuels their fingers to tickle harder! Her high pitched laughing can be taken from her torturers for only so long before they need a break, but hey will be back for more once their ears fully heal.

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The local dungeon needs fresh house slaves, so they advertised and got huge numbers of requests for the position. As we know the house slave must do not only the chores but they have to be good subjects for any other use for the Mistresses. Two of them are testing this candidate for being ticklish at all, and boy, they found in this "fresh meat" a great, very sensitive, crazy ticklish victim. They really had fun...and we did too. It's a really good clip.

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Our pretty little Amanda is in big International tickle trouble. Paco is Mexican, and Svetlana is Russian. And both of them are willing and capable tickling her. She's bound with no escape and simply has to take what they do to her. There's laughter too, but mostly we can hear her screaming. Definitely not from joy. She suffered a lot.

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Sally is furious. Brad took her out for dinner and couldn't pay for it. He said he lost his valet. Sally is not a girl, who would just let this go away, she wants revenge. Tied him up and started tickling him from head to toe. Brad probably likes her really, but he's so cheap, doesn't want to spend any money on dinner or something like that. That's why he has to suffer now, as Sally decided to change his mind and his habits. Well, Sally, knowing Brad a bit, GOOD LUCK TO YOU, HONEY.

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And Bernard is the victim again for Amanda, but this time in English. He's tied on the cross with no escape. Screaming, laughing, swearing, bad words, laughing, begging, promising everything....won't work with Amanda. She's one of the smartest girl I've ever seen in our studio, nobody can play with her. She do tickle him until she's ready to stop.

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Since little cute Ramon applied for the house slave position in the dungeon, he's been tested for not only his cleaning skills but for some pain plays, like CBT, spanking, etc. This time they want to test his ticklishness and they put him up naked and fully tied on the tickle bench. Nowhere to go, no chance to escape, he has to go trough the "trial of fire" and take those twenty talented fingers on all over his little body. There's no any spots they wouldn't touch, nothing can avoid their attention. Poor little guy can't talk too much, laughing constantly and has no energy even for begging for mercy. Actually he wouldn't get it anyways, they stop only when they want.

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It's time for revenge! After Eric tied up little Melissa and tickled her feet like crazy she got out of those bounds and is going to get back at him once and for good. She's stripped him of all his clothes and is tickling him like crazy. She brushed her little fingers all over his thighs and feet. She pays some extra attention to his tiny little bellybutton too. That's where he is the most ticklish. Eric is screaming and crying like a little school girl, it's pathetic, and it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon.

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As if the notorious tag team of two weren't enough for the helpless Sean, Lady Domina joins in the fun. The three terrors bring a fit of laughter and agony out of the man as the expertise of three veteran ticklers begin to drive him crazy. He can only laugh and wiggle as Lady Domina passes out toys to her friends. The feather and electric toothbrush bring a new kind of ticklish sensation to Sean, one that he can`t handle. Who says three is a crowd?

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