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J is overdue for tickle punishment after constantly bothering Caren at the gym. The tables are turned as this sick voyeur is now at the mercy of his former target. She exacts her revenge on his feet! Caren drives her nails right to the nerves in his arches, tickles his toes, scrapes her nails on his heels. He tries to justify his sick little habit, but it's far too late for this tickle torture victim. He gets tickle tormented until he screams and cries for relief. But Caren has something else in mind and the tortures just begun.

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After Lexi left John tied up in the basement for hours, there is nothing else he can do but revenge her actions. He starts off gently, talking about how nice her feet and toes are, but when he finds her "spot", he attacks at will. She whimpers, begs, and pleads for mercy, but John is enjoying his revenge a little too much to stop now.

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Sadako wanted Tom only for herself, and she just got the opportunity. Tom is fully tied to the cross, no escape at all. She's doing something amazing, because Tom is screaming and swearing like never before. Her hands are like lightening, zigzag with unbelievable speed. Although she's little, but very resourceful. Her tiny pretty fingers strike amazingly hard, causing Tom a lot of pain and suffering, because of laughing so widely. She's a true wicked girl, didn't let him go even after she finished him up.

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Josh and Jeremy love to worship and tickle feet. They especially love little feet! Roger has the sweetest little feet and so they've shackled him by the wrists naked on the floor and now they have all the time they want to worship his beautiful little feet. They both go at him at once, tickling the bottoms of his soles, and between his toes, anywhere that makes him cry out in tortured ecstacy. He is so ticklish it makes him crazy! He begs them to stop, but this just makes them more excited. They tickle his feet until he can't take it anymore, then they leave him spent on the floor.

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lLittle Mei-Mei is furious, her favorite snack just disappeared. She immediately knew, that her roommate took it, because she likes that too much. When Shahrazad is hungry nothing can stop him, she is gonna eat up anything she finds. Mei-Mei wants peace in the house, she wants to teach him not to violate the rules they set up and agreed when they moved together. She tricked her into the bondage, told her she just wants to show her what she learned, and after the nightmare just hit poor Shahrazad. She's ticklish everywhere, but mostly on her pretty feet. Mei-Mei knew that, and unmercifully tickled her with no hesitation. Well, she just protected her own food.

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Damien is very mad at Jesse, and is about to unleash his fury onto his poor victim and his sensitive skin. Jesse had stolen Damien's wallet, so now it's pay back. Jesse suffers horrendously as Damien's long fingers penetrate deep into Jesse's flesh. The victim squirms violently as the tickling grows in intensity. Damien's fingers dig deep into Jesse's ribs and even deeper in his armpits. Damien thoroughly enjoys watching his victim suffer. Jesse however is in agonizing pain from the vicious tickle torture, and is having trouble breathing! With sweat growing on both their faces, Damien decides to take a quick break from the agonizing torture, but he will be back, and the pain will continue.

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Nothing beats torturing a dirty pervert like tickling him until it hurts! Mistress Charlotte and Princess Vlada inflict mass amounts of pain on skinny little Jesse as they press their fingers into his bony ribs and sides. Jesse laughs hysterically as the painful tickling continues, and the girls keep finding new and better ways to tickle his sensitive body. He is completely helpless, and that is just where these two tickle torturers want him.

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What wouldn't guys do for a good blow job....It's so easy to trick them with that, unbelievable. This little retarded one got really on Madison's nerves, so she decided to teach him a lesson and also she really wanted to enjoy his suffering. She promised him a blow job and the silly little guy happily and willingly stripped down to nude and got inescapably bound. Well, this time the blow job just didn't happen. Although first she imitated she'll do it and neared to his little penis with her mouth....he was extremely excited and amused....but then plans changed and she simply bit his stomach. She already loved to see his disappointed, almost shocked face. Then she started to tickle torture him with full force, using all the tricks she knows just to make him suffering more and more. Well, she's very good in that, and he suffered great deal, but he'll never be smarter and wiser still, nobody can change that.

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When massively tall and strong Xena invited her pretty friend over for dinner and games she had no idea when the fun would end... but tickling is barely the tail end. Leigh is strapped and chained to the wall, surprising with herself that she's been so trusting with Xena. She squirms as Xena moves closer mentioning "tickling". She's scared but Xena doesn't care, she just wants to tickle, that's what she loves doing, that's what pleases her! Her fingers are like feathers on Leigh's extremely sensitive skin, making her hop and quiver, crying for Xena to stop. It's all in a fun night of laughter between friends.

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Our victim in this clip is just about to be handed a couple pieces of bad news. Not only does he have to prepare himself for a tickle torture, but his torturers just told him that they double-teamed his girlfriend. This is enough to make any man mad, but it is hard to see how mad he is with all the little school girl giggles! They taunt him as he struggles to get free, but with these restraints, he ain't going nowhere.

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After a man is caught messing around with his buddy's sister, the vengeful brother calls his friend over to help teach the man a lesson. This usually calls for harassment or beatings, but these two friends have found the man's weak spot and are willing to take advantage of it...tickling! To ensure the man would not escape the torture, he is bound by his wrists to the ceiling as the two gentlemen seek their revenge on the very ticklish man.

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Jesse will never learn the right way to treat a lady, but Jaguar knows how to teach a good lesson. A fool to step into her office, she now has a helpless tickle torture victim! While strapped to her office chair with his hands tied to the arms, Jaguar can sadistically explore all of his tickle torment regions. She goes for the soft tender tickle zone of the neck, the flesh of the torso that requires more punishing tickle digs and grabs. She tickles him everywhere in a tickle torment revenge session that he will never forget!

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Little Billy Boy is a perfect mate for Mei-Mei, as he has a smallest male feet ever. But those tiny little feet are extremely ticklish still and the revenge hungry Jaguar knows that very well. She's focusing this time on his feet only to want to prove that even to work on so small spots can be enough to drive him crazy. And guess what? Those 5 and half size unbelievably sensitive and ticklish feet tickle tortured him enough to hear him beg, scream and suffer that much till he promised everything she wanted to hear.

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Not too long time ago Lexi tickled Evin from head to toe, but this time the tables have turned. Lexi is tied on the chair and can't go anywhere, because Evin wants his revenge. Evin's finger work fast and Lexi's screaming, laughing, struggling and in a little while begging for mercy. Although Evin has a heart, still not that big, that he would let Lexi go without paying the price for his misery she put him. Finally he stops but don't set her loose, because he has an idea coming back to continue.

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What comes around goes around. Jaguar unmercifully tickled Little Billy Boy a little while ago, and this is her turn now. He's furious, his stomach muscles are still hurting from laughing so much, when she did this to him. He swore revenge and here we are now, the tables have turned. Jaguar plays the "innocent" who understand nothing, but can't confuse Little Billy Boy. He's armed with a wicked electrical toothbrush and brilliantly uses it. Jaguar screams, laughs, struggles, begs, threatens, etc. nothing works on him. He wanted his revenge and he's got it. Period. No nonsense, and definitely no mercy.

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