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Slayde is about to feel the wrath of Susan's tickling skills. He is laughing hysterically in not time as she drags her fingers accross his smooth, sensitive skin. The agony is overwhelming as he squirms and struggles to get free. Susuan is relentless, the man is having trouble catching his breath yet she just won't stop! His begging gets him nowhere as Susan puts all of her focus on tickling his feet, and takes great pleasure from it. She smiles with pleasure as she watches the red-faced man squirm and sweat in pain. The torture is terrible, but it always is!

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Looks like Jesse is a messy eater cause when Damien decides to give him a tickle he finds all sorts of crumbs stuck in his cute inie bellybutton. Jesse is going crazy, - "NOT THE BELLYBUTTON!!!!" He's starts twitching with laughter as Damien scratches away at his tummy. He pokes and karate chops his whole body with anger cause those crumbs were from Damien's pop-tarts. Jesse promises it wasn't him! But the blueberry goo and frosting that's now under Damien's fingernails is hint enough. He's not going to stop tickling till he gets them back!

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All hail the tickle master! Angelo was stuck in his shell before Angel got his hands on him. He barely laughed when the girls would tickle him, but Angel knows exactly where to touch. Angelo suffers from the moment Angel's finger make contact with his skin. His face cringes when Angel digs his fingers deep into his muscles and then attempts to squirm his way out. But Angel is not going to let him go anywhere, he enjoys putting Angelo through this kind of punishment and enjoys seeing the suffering on his face. Nobody has ever made Angelo laugh like this before! Like Angelo, Angel's magic touch will soon be sending many victims into tickle torture hell!

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Christopher broke Brad's PlayStation, even though he knew he wasn't allowed to touch it. Brad won't tolerate this kind of disrespect. So he punishes Christopher the only way he knows how. By handcuffing him and tickling him so much that Christopher feels like throwing up. He can't handle the stress of Brad's aggressive tickling and no matter how hard he squirms and jumps and yelps he can't get away from Brad's strong fingers. It truly is tickle torture time.

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Stan works too hard at the bar to have one of the waitresses steal all the tips. So to teach her a lesson, Stan inflicts a terribly brutal tickle torture on Heather's extremely ticklish body. He finds out rather quickly that her underarms are the most ticklish, and that is where he causes the most damage. Heather squirms and shouts as he drives his fingers into her armpits, and no amount of begging is going to make him stop. She is just going to have to learn to share!

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Taesia has little Jose right where she wants him. He doesn't have a clue what's coming. Before he knows it, she's digging into his ribs with her fingernails. He wails like a siren! Then she tickles under his arms and he explodes into giggly laughter like a little girl. He kicks and screams and tries desperately to get away but Taesia has him locked up good and he's gonna have to take it like a tiny man.

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What a treat! Jesse has discovered a very pretty ticklish girl all tied up with nowhere to go. So what does he do? Tickle her of course! He drives her crazy with his titillating touch as his fast fingers criss cross her body. She tries to hold in her laughter when he reaches a sensitive spot, but she can not help but burst out in a fit of laughter. She squirms around on the pole as she dangles by a rope, but she is powerless against Jesse's brutal tickle torture. This won't be the last time he tickles her that's for sure!

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I hope B-star is ready for this, because it is going to hurt! Marissa tickles her body relentlessly as she struggles and squirms in the restraints like a fish out of water. She can not believe that so much pain and suffering could be inflicted by such a pretty little girl with tickling hands! She begs her torturer to stop, but it is clear that Marissa enjoys watching her victim suffer, and definitely has no plans of stopping anytime soon!

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Pierre has been waiting to get his revenge on Stan, and now he has got him. Pierre uses his strong hands to tickle deep into Stan's muscle tissue, causing Stan to scream like a little girl! He squirms like a little worm as he presses harder and deeper than ever before. Stan struggles, but he is tired, and is unable to defend his ticklish body from Pierre's curious fingers. Pierre seems to be enjoying Stan's misery, and does everything he can to make the torture all the more terrible for his poor victim.

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While Jon only recorded his favorite TV show while he was at work, he made a simple mistake, he used his friend Chris's favorite VHS! He thought nobody watched those things anymore, until he learned otherwise... as Chris' fingers pinch him in the sensitive bodily locations that make him scream! They can talk about compensation over a good round of rough tickling, pinching and struggling. While Chris can go until he feels like he's gotten a little satisfaction and leaves his pal hanging.

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Brad likes to keep his teeth very clean, so when he sees that Paul has used all of his toothpaste, he has to teach him a lesson. Armed with an electric toothbrush, Brad inflicts a gruesome tickle torture on Paul's sensitive feet. He grinds the rough bristles along his skin, and he sqruims around like a fish out of water. The suffering is so intense that his face turns beat red and he begins sweating buckets. Brad tickles everywhere; the heels, sole, toes, tops, nothing gets left untickled.

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Kandi is in the mood for some experimenting. Unfortunately for Stan, he is going to be her lab rat. She tests to see if one of his feet are more ticklish than the other, then tests if he is more ticklish with his socks off. He was laughing hysterically with them on, but as soon as she removes them he suffers more than ever before. He flops around on the bed as she digs her fingers between his toes and scratches the bottoms of his feet - all while desperately pleading for mercy. But the experiment is not over yet. She wants to see just how much this ticklish guy can take. So she tickles harder and harder as the minutes go by, and pretty soon the torture gets to him. Completely out of breath, and with many a sore muscle, the tickle torture test comes to an end. Kandi has gathered the important data, and will use it to make the next time that much more torturous!

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When one gets tickle tortured, the craving for revenge is always strong. Caren has tied up Monika and her pretty feet and is promising her pain. She runs her long nails up the sole of Monika's feet and Monika streaks in pain. Caren quickly discovers that the faster she tickles, the more she suffers. She tickles with fierce as Monika begs for mercy. The agony reaches it's peak when Caren digs her nails in between Monika's cute little toes. And although Monika has trouble breathing from the constant laughter, Caren does not stop until she is satisfied with her revenge.

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Being the most ticklish person in the world is a title that Chris hates having. And when word gets to Jamie about how ticklish he is, he just can't help but see for himself. He tickles Chris's entire body, paying close attention to one of his most sensitive spots - the feet. Chris thrashes violently on the bed as Jamie's fingers inflict major damage. With his face turning red and sweat beginning to form, he begs Jamie to end the torture - but Jamie is loving this too much to stop now!

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Revenge is a dish best served with a side order of tickling. Thats what Daniel learns quickly as his roommate Stan has turned the tables and is now giving him a tickle torture lesson. Its a true joy to watch as Stan tickles the life out of the helpless Daniel. He squirms from side to side but its only a matter of them before he gives in and has to accept his torture. Its clear that these roommate have a lot to sort out amongst themselves and tickling seems to be the best way to settle and argument.

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