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In this clip, Jaguar quickly finds out where Evan's 'no-no' area is when it comes to tickling...his belly button! He simply can not stand having is belly button touched, but today is his unlucky day. Jaguar focuses on this sensitive little area and Evan is simply in agony. He squirms as her long finger nails penetrate his belly and he tries to beg her for mercy - she ignores. She continues to tickle him belly even though it is turning to a deep red and despite his pleadings for mercy. He suffers intensely, like never before. But Jaguar is having too much fun watching the suffering on his face to stop now.

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J is too lazy after he gets what he wants. Although he promised he'll eat out Madison after he gets jerked off, he just did not do it, finding a lot's of reasons why not, for example she did not shave lately. He felt in sleep and while that Madison tied him totally inescapably on the bed for a nice fulfilling revenge. J just wake up for 10 hard working fingers are all over his naked body making him laugh like crazy even when he would cry more. At first he was aggressive but when he saw Madison won't stop he changed for smooth talk and finally promises. Madison is not that naive and actually very pissed to stop that early, he did a great painful tickle torture job and made him a better man who won't be that selfish anymore. Because he can't if he doesn't want to go through this ordeal again.

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Looks like Angel has to suffer a little more before he can get his wings. He must pay for helping Chuck torture Wolf. Wolf runs into the room and forces Angel down on to the floor. Then he ties Angel up on the wrestling mat so he can be rough with him. Here is the place where learn that Angel is very very sensitive. He whines like a baby because Wolf will not stop tickling him. His ribs and underarms are the most ticklish, as Wolf learns very quickly. The poor guy. He really takes punishment. You would not believe how much he begs for Wolf to stop. Such a wimp for looking so tough. If Angel hasn't earned his wings yet, I don't think he is getting them...

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It takes awhile, but our torturer does find Shahrazad's secret tickling spot. After a small search, he discovers that her armpits are the spot that send her the the heavens. He focuses on this area until he comes across the area behind her knees, which makes her nearly crumple to the floor! From this point in it is non-stop laughter as he only focuses on the spots that make her laugh uncontrollably. Perhaps she should not have been so cocky in the beginning, and then he wouldn't have tickled her so viciously!

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Justin loves nothing more than to see Chris's cock flop around as he inflicts terrible tickle tortures on him, and today he will do just that. With Chris completely defenseless, Justin is able to run his soft fingers across his victim's incredibly sensitive skin. The suffering is brutal as Chris squirms violently in his restraints. He has trouble breathing as the tickling becomes too much to take, and he begs his torturer for the slightest nit of mercy - but he isn't going to get it. Justin is getting to much pleasure from watching his victim suffer and squirm to even think about stopping now!

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Lover Boy's all tied up on the tickle torture cross like Black Jesus. The sadistic trinity of Mistress Charlotte, Lady Domina, Princess Vlada have come to destroy his manhood with their evil fingernails and some special tools - electric toothbrushes and feathers. They attack LB and won't let up despite his desperate please for help. He cries out to God for mercy, to spare him from this torture. But not even God can protect LB now.

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Chris is in trouble. He pissed off her girlfriend and she left him tied up on the couch after a fiery argument. The drunk roommate just got home after a big party night and wouldn't miss the opportunity for the entire world. He had an eye on him long time and badly wanted to tickle him from head to toe. Chris asked him nicely first to untie him, but Jeremy had the other thing in his mind, so the tickle torture from had to toe started immediately. So did the screaming, laughing, struggling, begging for letting him go, promising anything that he'd never keep...Or yes? Who knows what's in him?

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Somehow Jarvis is always the lucky one who ends up doing the tickling, for now. This time he's teamed up with Megan to torture Melissa a little, or a lot. We'll see how this goes once they've started. Or maybe once they've found her ticklish spot. With one on either side they're bound to find it. Jarvis pinches and gets in her armpit, under her arm, around her stomach and right in her ribs while Megan follows on the other side. It's like a treasure hunt, until Melissa's giggles turn to squealing laughs and she's dying for air.

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At first Tom and Dan tickle Big Jack because they found their fridge totally empty again. Big Jack is big because he's eating much more than regular people. While they were tickling him with full force he confessed that he was peeping on Dan's Mother while she was sunbathing on the roof patio. Big Jack suffered because they were really hungry that means really furious and merciless. After they realized they have to go to the store to buy some groceries their friend came by and he tickled Big Jack as well on his special way, using his cane. He just has an accident a few days back because Big Jack negligence again so finally he could get his revenge as well.

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J and Evan really know how to show a girl a good time. They have Caren's hands and feet tied up and tickle her into wanting to go out with them. Their twisted tickle logic leads to a torment of frenzied fingers attacking Caren's helpless body. They double-team tickle her feet, tickle her sides, tummy, and attack her feet once more with fury! As she begs for them to stop their tickle torture, she offers to even cook these tickle-mad boys a hot meal, but they won't be satisfied with just a dinner.

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22 year old Roger loves his big Daddy who is nearly twice his age. Roger is an obedient boy, who knows exactly how to please his Daddy and make him feel good. Even though Roger does everything for him, sometimes Daddy just feels like tying him up for a little play. Daddy loves getting his hands all over Rogers firm, young body and giving him a good hard tickling. Roger loves the feel of Daddy's big strong hands all over him, he will do anything for Daddy's attention.

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Large an beautiful Mistress Vita finds a very skinny young man strapped up for tickling, Again! He's been there before and is back for more. Vita takes no time with formalities, she strokes her fingers up his chest and moves roughly towards the armpits. The dangly naked guys body shakes and twists as he laughs and giggles with mixed pleasure and surprise! His cries echo around the room but Vita doesn't care at all. She digs in wanting more.

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Poor Chris got tricked again. This time it is by his old friend John who he hasn't seen in a long time. John comes to visit and tells Chris that he has an escape trick to teach him, but he has to be tied up first. When he gets Chris's hands tied he knows just what to do, tickle him of course. Watch as skinny Chris gets tickled by the much stronger John until he is nearly in tears.

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After John discovers that Eddie has been peeping on his younger sister in the shower, he decides to teach the dirty man a lesson. The tickling begins rather gently, but Eddie soon discovers why they call it tickle TORTURE. His face goes beat red as John tickles his sensitive body and he suffers greatly as John tickles him to . His constant laughter takes a toll on his stomach muscles as he can no longer take the suffering inflicted by his torturer. He gets weak at the knees when John tickles his belly and pleads for the torture to end.

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Little Lexi is the unfortunate victim in this clip. She gets tortured by two of her closest friends as she begs to be let go. But her feet are so small and pretty that it is just too hard to stop tickling them! The girls use their nails to give that extra tickling boost and their poor victim responds with many kicks and giggles. Her struggles to get free are useless, and unfortunately for her she is going to have to endure the torture for that much longer!

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