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Despite Brad's pleads for Paul to not tickle his feet, Paul ignores his wishes and goes ahead with it anyways. But this is going to be extra agonizing as Paul is armed with not one, but two electric toothbrushes! He drags the rough bristles across Brad's feet sending him into a wild laughing fit. Brad can not stand having his feet touched because they are so ticklish, but that definitely isn't going to stop Paul. He loves watching his victim squirm and laugh like a little schoolgirl, and does everything he can think of to increase the pain of the tickle torture. Brad laughs so hard that he can not breathe, maybe that means his body is telling him to die so that this torture can finally end!

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Sandra wants some revenge so she tied up Leigh for some good tickling. She wants to find her most ticklish spot but doesn't know where to start. Sandra tickles her sides and her neck and even her little belly, but she hasn't found the most ticklish spot quite yet. Sandra isn't stupid, she knows that everyone is ticklish on their armpits so she goes in for the kill. Leigh can't take it, she is in agony, she begs Sandra to stop and jumps around like crazy. Wow this girl really is ticklish.

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Mei-Mei might be little, but those little hands of hers certainly know how to tickle! Chuck screams like some kind of rabid monkey as her little fingers crawl up and down his body. He twists, turns, and squirms to escape but Mei-Mei has tied him up good and plans on making him suffer severely - and boy does he ever suffer! The anguish on his face is almost painful to watch. At the rate that he is screaming he is going to lose his voice in no time - and then nobody will be able to save him! Mei-Mei's little fingers are able to penetrate deep into his muscle tissue, and soon the pain becomes too unbearable for Chuck to endure.

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Lynn is really pissed that Jarvis can't cook for her. As punishment she has shackled him to the bar and sets to tickling him--his chest, his armpits...boy is this guy ticklish! He really can't take it! "If I cook I'll burn the house down!" is his defense, but that's not good enough for Lynn. She gives it to him even more, to the point where he can hardly take it any more. Finally she leaves him, still shackled, warning that she will return with some friends to tickle him more.

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Damien is about to pay a big price for trying to sniff Andra's sweet panties. She tied him up while he was sleeping and has begun tickling his sensitive feet mercilessly. Damien giggles like a little boy as Andra's long finger nails tickle his long toes. She scratches the soles of her feet and he just goes bezerk. Damien laughs so hard and for so long that his belly begins to hurt. But despite his begging and pleading, Andra continues her vicious tickling and enjoys every second of Damien's suffering. Damien isn't going to try and sniff her sweet panties ever again after this torture.

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Mya has turned on her best friend Kandi and has joined forces with Stan, the tickle master, the inflict one of the most brutal 2 on 1 tickle tortures ever! With twenty fingers attacking two feet, all Kandi can do is sit back and suffer as they dig into and tickle her most sensitive places. She begs them to stop, but that's exactly what they want to hear. These two are relentless as they make Kandi squirm and suffer on the bed like a snake with it's head chopped off. Will Kandi ever be able to forgive Mya for her betrayal?

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Mei-Mei has got to find out if Monika's feet are ticklish. And the best way to find out is to tie her up and tickle her feet until she can not take anymore. Monika screams as soon as Mei-Mei's little fingers touch her sensitive skin, and it is not long before she is begging her to let her go. But Mei-Mei takes great pleasure in seeing her victims squirming around like worms, so she makes Monika suffer like never before. The tickling continues without interruption and Monika's muscles begin to feel the pain of constant tickling. She is in agony as she screams for help, but nobody is going to hear her cries and Monika is going to tickle until she can't tickle anymore!

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In this clip, Slayde puts the 'torture' in tickle torture. His unlucky victim, Pierre, suffers terribly as he tickles his entire body relentlessly. Pierre shouts in pain as Slayde drives his fingers into all of his sensitive parts. Pierre soon begins to sweat because of the pain, and begins begging his torturer for mercy. But Slayde wants to see Pierre suffer, and will not stop until he feels the punishment is complete.

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Charlotte and China Doll heard that Jaguar was quite ticklish, but they need to find out for themselves. They tie their helpless victim up and begin the torture with intensive body tickling. Jaguar laughs very loudly and squirms in her restraints as the women tickle deeper and deeper into her muscle tissue. Their strong fingers attack her sides and belly as she screams out for help, but nobody hears her cries. The constant laughter becomes too much for Jaguar's body to handle and she begins to suffer a great deal. The pain she feels can be seen in her eyes as the ticklers continue to torture without any remorse. Once the girls are satisfied, they decide to take a break and get a drink before they continue any further. Jaguar can only hope that they get lost on their way, or else she is going to have to endure a lot more suffering!

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Stan always loves tickling unsuspecting victims, and unfortunately for her, Mikael's time has come. He gets her in a position that completely exposes her armpits and stomach, making it open season for some intense tickling. He uses his firm fingers to jiggle her upper torso, causing uncontrollable laughter to spew out from her mouth. His fingers dig deep into her ribs and stomach, and Mikael can do nothing but watch and laugh. But don't let her laughter fool you, she wants out of this tickle torture very badly, as she is getting quite sore from the deep tickling and hysteric laughter. All she can do is hope Stan's fingers get tired soon, or else it could be a long day!

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Ricky's been bad and now he has both girls to deal with. He begs to get down, Ricky knows why they are there. Renee and Gaby are there for some tickling, after all it's their favorite thing to do. The girls start off on the sides but even this is too much for Ricky. He can't talk he is laughing so hard, but Ricky really wants to know why they are doing this?! Renee and Gaby take his cries as begging for more, but they explain that he's been a really bad boy and they aren't stopping until he screams. It's too bad, Ricky wants to scream but he can't cause he laughs to hard, will he ever get it out?

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Elsa is mostly subtle with her sneaking and taking from her roommate. But this time it's no good, her roommate Jennifer recognized her in a new shirt she just bought! Now she's in for it, for wearing Jennifer's shirt she'll get tickled nearly to the edge of her senses. She'll be shivering after this session. Jennifer's hands are like lobster pincers, prodding Elsa to the very muscle! She shrieks and asks her nicely to stop but it's no use... all her mistakes have added up, and it's time for revenge.

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It may not be fair that Rick is tickling Andra's cute little feet while she is all tied-up, but that certainly isn't going to stop him! Once he has warmed her up with some gentle over-the-sock tickling, he removes them to begin the real torture. She squirms around on the bed like a fish in a butcher shop as Rick's big strong hands tickle her dainty little feet. She laughs hysterically as his fingers glide along the soles of her feet and as his fingers shoot through her toes. This certainly is not what Andra has in mind for bedroom activities, but since she is all tied up, it doesn't matter what she wants!

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James and Eddie have been looking forward to tickling B-star's pretty feet for a long time, and now they have their chance. They waste no time getting right to the action, and B-star is begging them to stop after only seconds - and they haven't even taken off her socks yet! The two strong torturers use their strong fingers to tickle her dainty little toes and run their nails along her sensitive skin. B-star cries out for help, but it is hopeless as nobody will hear her from where she is. The two men thoroughly enjoy watching her suffer and squirm, and only stop the torture to give their fingers a rest. But they will be back...

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This time is payback for what Stan did, he'll regret his tickling. When he was asleep Jose snick into his room and tied him up. Now it's his turn for a rugged round of tickling with Stan chained to the railing. The demands for cleaning the house must be met as Jose mashes his chubby fingers into Stan's ribs and lower back. He's the strong man of the house and now he's showing his dominance. There's no escaping Jose's fingers of wraith.

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