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After burning a $40 roast beef in the over, Evan is going to make Monika pay for her carelessness. How you ask? With tickle torture of course! Monika is put through a world of pain as Evan digs his fingers into her ribs and armpits. She can not contain her laughter as his hands moved frantically across her sensitive skin. Monika absolutely hates being tickled, so this is a truly agonizing experience for her. Her uncontrollable laughter is a sign that she can not take the torture for too long and must find a way to end the suffering. But it is hard to think of a plan when you are laughing this hard!

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Eric must be a very good boy to Daddy because this time Daddy let himself to tie up and gave his body to Eric enjoyment. At first Eric only slightly touches Daddy's body with his fingers and Daddy doesn't mind that. The touch is very nice and sensual, you can feel how strong bound exist between the two lovers. But after a while the little one goes nasty and starts tickling poor fully tied Daddy. He's trying to protest and telling him to stop, he even lies assuming he's not ticklish but....what happened, happened......and he was ticklish. Big time.

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Mistress Charlotte is pissed with Little Pet as he didn't clean the dungeon how she asked for. She tied him to the cross, put his tiny little feet is a foot trap and with another slave, Taro's help they started to tickle his very very ticklish little baby feet as his punishment. He suffered like a dog, laughed like crazy and begged like a cheap whore. He tried to negotiate but of course that never works with strict Mistress Charlotte. She left him only when she wanted.

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Jaguar is not a lucky girl lately. This time another bloodthirsty tormentor captured her for another foot tickle torture session. Although she's very ticklish everywhere, her most ticklish spots are still her really pretty feet. This tormentor is one of the greatest ones, a natural entertainer, he makes her laugh even on the top of the tickling sensation Jaguar is trying all the tricks to get away, but nothing works on him. She has to go through the entire session with no mercy. Poor girl, what a petty.

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The gift is coming. But when? What gift? Evin just realized that his brother Aaron never gave to him not even one gift for any occasion, and he still tickled him for forgetting it only once in his life. The tables have turned and Evin tickles him back.Aaron is trying to convince him that the time is not right for tickling....and that he has a gift for him somewhere...and finally even he's sorry. Evin is furious and says that sorry doesn't cut it. He tickles him good good, Aaron suffers, screams, begs....but he has to pay. Merry Christmas to you too.

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After coming home from a long day, all Paul wanted was a nice dinner. And instead, he finds that B-star has burnt the macaroni and cheese! So to punish her, he is going to inflict a violent tickle torture on her poor unsuspecting feet. He digs him strong fingers deep into the flesh of her feet, and she is instantly in agony. She squirms and screams as the tickling gets more and more intense, and pretty soon she is begging for the terrible torture to stop. But she should have though about that when she left the pot on the stove unattended for 40 minutes! Poor B-star ... too bad, she deserves it.

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James has no idea what he has gotten himself into. With two strong guys holding his flailing arms and legs, and his hands and feet bound together, he has no way to escape this torture. He is tickled in such a way that he groans and screams out for help, but the suffering will definitely go uninterrupted. The agony in his face is all too clear as he struggles to break free. By the end of it, he is so tired and sweaty that it looks like he just ran a marathon - but the only marathon he has been through is the tickle torture type!

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Sadako and Vita don't reconise the slave racked up like a piece of meat. Perhaps another mistress left him there. But they don't have to know a slave to tickle him. They look for ticklish spots and find their perfect target, then they strike with pinpoint accuracy. Sadako tickles his feet sending electricity through his body and big Vita attacks his underarms sending him in a frenzy. His hysterical laughter amusing his tormentors who decide to keep the pathetic runt after all. One mistress`s garbage is another mistress`s slave.

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Shahrazad is hogtied, lying down on the wrestling mat and can't stop laughing. Her feet are easily accessible for Mei-Mei and Cherry, who appreciate that a lot, because they enjoy tickling her extremely sensitive feet. Although Shahrazad is truly ticklish everywhere on her body, her feet are extraordinarily ticklish. This is the second clip we made with her, and non of us - including her - knew how ticklish she is. Now we already know: very much.

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This guy is just silly, complaining about stocking in the dungeon for days, doing everything the Mistresses order him to do. And on the top they use and abuse him for their own pleasure on any ways they wish. For example now he has to take a severe tickle torture for his complaints. He's fully tied to the cross, his little feet are captured too in the foot caloda ready for serious foot tickling with a lots of mean implements. Poor little guy can't even talk and beg, he's suffering so much. And the Mistress does not know the word MERCY, she's leaving him only when she feels she had enough fun. And that's a long long time.

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It wasn't too long ago that Damien had Jesse in the hot seat, but now the tables have turned. Jesse remembers every painful moment of the tickle torture that Damien laid on him, and now he is going to get his revenge. He violently tickles Damien's sensitive body, and poor Damien shakes like he is having a seizure! Damien's laughter gets out of control as Jesse presses his fingers into his stomach and belly button, and it doesn't take very long for sweat to form on Damien's face. He bounces around in the chair like a car on speed bumps, and that is just how Jesse wants to see it. This revenge is sweeet.

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Jeremy always wanted to tickle Jesse, but never had the chance. Finally this time is like a dream come true, Jesse is bound on the bed and can go nowhere. Jeremy is not in a hurry, he goes carefully spot by stop, not leaving out anything. He tickles poor Jessy from head to toe, with great success. He's so good in tickling his victim, Jesse is laughing hysterically again and again. And that's not even everything, Jeremy haven't finished him, didn't untie him, and clearly stated: I'll be back sometimes soon. He always keeps his word.

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Lady Domina`s new line of slaves are the most pathetic she`s ever had. Once again she has caught one of them cross dressing. Whats a mistress to do? The only thing she can. Tickle punishment. She grabs her slave by his nipples and hangs him on the rack. Then she brings out her favorite weapon. The feather duster. She moves it along the side of his frail body and gently over one of his grabbed feet. The movement and touch of the duster produce howls of laughter, this sissy slut should dress more appropriately from now on.

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Casper is very eager to torture Jesse, as not to long ago it was Casper that was all tied up. As soon as Casper's soft fingers make contact with Jesse's sensitive feet his body tenses up like a dolphin's asshole. He violently squirms around on the floor as Casper pins his legs down and aggressively tickles Jesse's feet. He fingers dig deeply between Jesse's little toes and he is unable to control his laughter. He struggles to catch his breath as the tickling gets more and more intense, but Casper is enjoying the suffering of his victim too much to stop now. Jesse is in for a long rough night.

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When one gets tickle tortured, the craving for revenge is always strong. Caren has tied up Monika and her pretty feet and is promising her pain. She runs her long nails up the sole of Monika's feet and Monika streaks in pain. Caren quickly discovers that the faster she tickles, the more she suffers. She tickles with fierce as Monika begs for mercy. The agony reaches it's peak when Caren digs her nails in between Monika's cute little toes. And although Monika has trouble breathing from the constant laughter, Caren does not stop until she is satisfied with her revenge.

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