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After John discovers that Eddie has been peeping on his younger sister in the shower, he decides to teach the dirty man a lesson. The tickling begins rather gently, but Eddie soon discovers why they call it tickle TORTURE. His face goes beat red as John tickles his sensitive body and he suffers greatly as John tickles him to . His constant laughter takes a toll on his stomach muscles as he can no longer take the suffering inflicted by his torturer. He gets weak at the knees when John tickles his belly and pleads for the torture to end.

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Little Lexi is the unfortunate victim in this clip. She gets tortured by two of her closest friends as she begs to be let go. But her feet are so small and pretty that it is just too hard to stop tickling them! The girls use their nails to give that extra tickling boost and their poor victim responds with many kicks and giggles. Her struggles to get free are useless, and unfortunately for her she is going to have to endure the torture for that much longer!

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Chris is damn ticklish, and his roommate knows this. So when he discovers that Chris, in a drunken state, had pissed all over his new laptop, he knows just how to punish him. Even the smallest touches to Chris's body send him into a seizure like state, as he flops and flails all around the bed. The suffering he goes through is tremendous - maybe even close to what is roommate went through when he saw his laptop covered in !

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Evin should know better. Drinking and driving is a serious crime, and Officer Monika is not going to let him get away with it. She has tied him to his office chair and informs him that he will be facing a strict punishment. She begins tickling around his sensitive belly button and he is already going crazy! She jiggles his little belly around with her long fingers and before long she is penetrating his little belly button with her long, sharp finger nails. He begs the officer for mercy, but he must pay for his crime. His laughter gets out of control as she tickles harder and harder, and pretty soon he can take his punishment no longer. Officer Monika is so rough with his cute little belly button that jail begins looking like the better option!

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Gee has heard a lot about Jesse's ticklishness, but wants to see it for herself. So she and her long finger nails begin tickling the crap out of poor Jesse as he squirms and suffers in the handcuffs. His laughter is out of control as she digs her long fingers into his ribs and pokes his belly button with her finger nails. Jesse hates every minute of this tickle torture because she is just so good at it! All he can do is hope that her hands fall off so that the terrible tickle torture can finally end!

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Chris is getting fed up with John's habit of walking around their house naked, but perhaps he should not have told John about his pet peeve. When he tries to tell him to stop doing it, John responds by hog-tying poor little Chris and then tickling him to near ! Chris is very straight, so he is disgusted by his roommate's actions as John is more gay than Liberace! He screams and shouts as he struggles to break free, but John has done this before, and knows how to keep his victims secured. Chris begs to be let go and even tells John that he can walk around naked all her wants, but John is beginning to enjoy touching his straight roommate's skinny body and will not stop until he is completely satisfied.

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Chris can be such a man-whore, and it almost always gets him in trouble. When he decides to sleep with his friend's sister, his friend is pissed off and ready to torture. He is tickling Chris so hard that he begins to sound like a monkey having an orgasm! Chris is so ticklish it is almost painful to watch. He struggles hard to break free of his restraints, but his buddy made sure they were on nice and tight so that the tickle torture could keep going, and going, and going, and going...

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After J having tricked them both into getting tied up and tickled by him at one point or another, Crystal and Jonah are both eager to get revenge. They hogtie him up down in his own basement where no one will hear him cry for help, and then they double team him. Jonah pins him to the ground, deeply tickling his ribs while tiny Crystal uses her little hands under his arms and in those other hard to reach spots to softly tickle him. The double team works as he begs for mercy through hard breaths. They are really killing him this time.

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Evin is at it again. He invited Lexy over and is now going to tickle an answer out of her. Will she go out with him? Yes or no? Lexy doesn't seem too happy to answer him and takes his rapid tickling as bets she can, even when she has slid off the couch and is half on the floor. Still Evin stays focused on the prize as he finds her weakest spot, behind the knee and on her sides, and really tickles her too.

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He quit his job and applied for another one,hoping those girls wont find him again. Well, he was wrong. They found him and they decides to tickle him this time. Actually they use and abuse him anytime they meet. the tickle torture is just special this certain time.

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Damien did a bad thing when he brushed his dog's teeth with Stan's toothbrush. Well now Stan is going to give him a taste of his own medicine by using that toothbrush to inflict a world of hurt on Damien's ticklish toes. His high-pitched giggles resonate throughout the room as Stan's fingers scratch the bottom of Damien's sensitive feet. He begs him to stop, but Stan is set on getting his revenge, and will tickle for as long as he can!

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They tricked him again, but this time they put him up on the tickle bench and three of them started tickling him all over his nude body. He was still hoping this time he can have his way with the girls. Instead that the girls had their way with him. He definitely did not like that way, but the girls enjoyed it a lot.

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Mikael is in trouble again as Stan has tied her hands and feet together and is going to town on her beautiful little peds. She struggles and pleas but he is merciless and she just can`t seem to take the torture. She falls over to the side which turns out to be a big mistake as Stan has now clasped her on the ground. He wraps his arms around her legs and mocks her as the tickling keeps on coming. Mikael thinks she may have a chance of escape as the cuffs break but Stan just improvises. What did she ever do to him?

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I don't know who is getting tortured here, Chris, or you the viewer for having to endure the agony and suffering on Chris's face - it is almost painful to watch! He is so ticklish that even the slightest touch sends him into the ceiling - a tough thing to do when you are hog-tied! His body does such spastic movements that he somehow breaks out of his restraint and attempts to tickle his torturer! But it is a hopeless effort as he is easily overpowered and once again becomes the victim of a brutal tickling assault.

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John finally gets Shahrazad to come home with him for what she thinks is going to be a romantic evening. John secretly intended to get her there so he could tie her up on his bed and tickle her pretty feet. He has been dying to for so long. She has the cutest feet with perfect little toes that squirm when she is tickled.

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