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Monika is pissed at Melissa because she didn't clean the house. For this she will have to pay. Monika shackles Melissa's beautiful feet together by the ankles so she can tickle torture the little girl. With her wrists bound too, there is no way Melissa can resist. Monika is such a fan of Melissa's beautiful little feet that she gives them no end of attention, tickling the tender soles, between the toes, under the arch...Melissa screams and begs her to stop, but this is what she gets for not cleaning the house.

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What would you do if one of your best friends went behind your back and screwed your sister? Hate him? Beat him up? Well, those are fine and dandy, but if you really want to get somebody back, you have to torture them with tickling! As you are about to find out, that is one of the cruelest forms of punishment as your victim can do nothing but laugh until their belly explodes!

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Poor Little Billy Boy may dance and squirm but his tormentor's cruel fingers yearn to explore all of his tickle torture zones. Strung up at the wrists, Billy's completely exposed to the girl's tickle attack. She taunts and laughs at him while she tickles his neck, his thighs, his chest- even stopping to torment his nipples, and she sadistically zooms in on his feet. She uses her nails and knuckles to drive Little Bill Boy almost into tears as he begs for mercy. His forced laughing, beads of sweat, and shallow breath seem to only deepen her tickle torture pleasure.

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Every big city has a special area where crazy people appear regularly. The police is checking up on those places several times daily to avoid extreme situations. This time they found this little guy walking naked in the park and seemingly very happy and satisfied with himself. Well, as his status cleared up, he belongs to the local Dominatrix and after a satisfying session he needed a little fresh air. Straighten up his mind his Mistress figured out a special treatment - tickle torture therapy. The little man suffered enough but I don't know if that was enough to fix him up. Well, if there's no brain then nothing to fix up, right?

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Monika absolutely hates getting her feet tickled, so when Evan ties her up in bed and begins tickling her feet, she is pissed! But her anger is tough to see as she is too busy laughing and suffering from the torture that her feet are going through. She laughs so hard that she has trouble catching her breath and almost sounds like she is having an asthma attack! Her legs kick uncontrollably as he digs his nails along the soles of her feet and in between the toes. There is no doubt that she will seek revenge, but that is the last thing on her mind at the moment.

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Jose is in trouble again. When he drinks more than he can handle always does stupid things and after he has to take responsibility for his mindless actions. Tommy is furious because Jose put out on Facebook some perverted compromising fake pictures about him, that he made with Photoshop. And here comes now Tom's wake up reaction, as he's still tipsy. Foot tickling can wake him the best, and Tommy knows that, also he knows exactly how to do that to him. Well, it looks still that Jose is incorrigible, when it comes to the weekend party time.

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John has Evan bound with ropes and ready for tickle torture! Evan doen't want gay John to touch him- especially near his manhood. John mercilessly tickles Evan's armpits, sides, stomach, and yes even his nether-regions! John taunts Evan that he will tell everyone how Evan's naked body was humiliated and tortured by a man. Evan squirms, laughs til he hurts, and gasps for breath while he begs and pleads with John to keep their torture session a secret. But John's fully enjoying Evan's torment, and shows no sign of mercy.

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Pierre might not have a reason for tickling poor Damien, but that doesn't mean that it ain't gonna be brutal! Damien has an extremely ticklish body, and when Pierre's strong fingers penetrate deep into his ribs and armpits, Damien is instantly in horrendous pain and laughs uncontrollably. His body shakes violently as Pierre presses on his sensitive spots, and he twists and squirms in his restraints as the terrible torture begins to be too much to handle. Damien has never suffered like this before. His body aches, his stomach hurts, and he can barely breathe! None of this seems to bother Pierre, in fact, he seems to be enjoying it!

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Lexi feels lonely and wants to date a cool guy who's not boring at all. She's looking for a fun lover person, who must be ticklish, otherwise he would be too flat. Evin saw her picture on the dating website, and decided to try the blind date for testing his ticklishness. Lexi expected him as a possible future boyfriend, and started tickling him. Evin said honestly, that he's not too ticklish, but it turned out that he lied. He's ticklish all right, and on the top he's a nice, good looking guy. Hopefully Lexi will go out with him for dinner.

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Poor Taro is in tickle trouble again, but we know he likes that. He likes being naked in front of them totally helpless with no escape, letting them to do anything and everything to his body. Well, this time he got a lot. Two Mistresses worked on him at the same time with a lots of teasing, soft touching, humiliation and...yes, yes, yes, tickling. They wanted to see him laughing like crazy and they got it. They wanted to see him dancing in agony, and they got it. He suffered a lot, know what? I think he still enjoyed that a lot. Good for him! We did that too, but just voyeurs. I wouldn't lost too long in his place.

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John has Caren right where he wants her-tied up, in bed, and within reach of his fingers for some tickle torture! Caren is very ticklish and immediately starts begging for mercy, but this just makes John want to work her harder. He tickles her armpits as she shrieks and cries, he tickles her belly while she begs, he tickles her in combo motions- speeding up and slowing down when she least expects it. Caren tries to reason with him through her sobs, but to no avail. This tickle vengeance won't stop until John is satisfied, and her squirming and crying pleases him greatly.

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Roger tickled Felix because he made a mistake with laundry last week. Now it's time for Felix to get revenge. He chains Roger to the wall and attacks his upper body like a savage. His strong hands run all over Felix's helpless body. Felix tries to escape the torture but Roger wants to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. Felix cries and begs for forgiveness but nothing can stop Roger's thick fingers from driving Felix mad.

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Shahrazad was being overconfident when she said she could take on Jayden but he really shows her a thing or two in this clip. Jayden is a tickle master, testing out body areas with light touches before going in for the . He hightens her sense of ticklishness by gently caressing her skin first, making her more sensitive. Then just when she is relaxed he starts the serious tickling. You wouldn't believe how ticklish he makes her. Just the first few pokes causes her to lose strength in her knees. By the time Jayden starts the deep muscle tickling she is already done for. When he leaves, she can't stop laughing. We went back to check on her an hour later and she was still giggling quietly on the cross...

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Little tiny pretty Crystal finally got J tied up, ready for revenging her tickle torture suffering earlier by him. She smartly decided focusing only on his feet, as she knew already those are his most ticklish spots. Although J really likes spending time with the beautiful girl, this is still not his kind of fun. He would never believe that the little one is able to torture him so strictly, not stopping just after SHE had enough fun. And that was a long time.....for poor J.

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Little Lexi is between two big girls, fully tied to the pole, helplessly with no escape. She knows what is coming, but can't do anything. So vulnerable, but those girls definitely don't feel sorry for her, they just want to have fun. They tickle her all over on her body, not leaving out even one spot they assume could be ticklish. She's laughing and struggling, she has no more power even for begging for mercy. Finally they stop, and big surprise is coming then. Her threatening behavior totally left me shocked. She told them she's gonna get them. But how? They are so much bigger.

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