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Jaguar is very ticklish and went through a few very intensive tickle torture session until this point, when she had even more than one talented and aggressive tormentors. Still, she'll never forget this session, because this guy was like nobody before. His strong fingers roamed all over her entire body, and found the most ticklish spots with no hesitation whatsoever. Those fingers moved so quickly like lightening, and assaulted her flesh and muscles deeply and unbelievably intensively. And his talking and laughing? Another sensational entertainment only for poor Jaguar. I've never seen her being as tired as after this session.

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It was not too long ago that Mr. Dragon put Donny through a viscious round of tickle torture - but now the tables have turned. It is Donny's turn to inflict suffering on Dragon, and boy does he ever succeed! Donny seems to know just where to touch Dragon and because of this, Dragon suffers immensely. His fingers dig deep into the muscle tissue and it sends Dragon squirming to the stars. He begs for forgiveness but Donny does not want to hear any of it. He enjoys watching the agony in Dragon's eyes as he tickles him harder and harder. The tickling becomes too much for Dragon to handle and he begins screaming at the top of his lungs in shear pain, but not even this is enough to stop Donny from torturing him. It looks like Dragon is going to have to endure the torture until Donny gets a hand cramp and can no longer continue.

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Chris is in deep trouble again. She insulted Bryan and now he has to pay the price. Bryan is a much bigger massive guy with a big bunch of muscles, strong arms and hands, and his fingers are quick like lightening. His tickling is so intense that big mouth Chris can't even talk, just trying to survive with a lots of screaming, laughing and struggling. Screaming like a girl, that's not Bryan's thing, so he gives him a little break - and guess what, Chris starts immediately calling him names, swearing, looks like he just not able to learn his lesson. That's why Bryan tickles him again, longer and stronger than before. And doesn't care for his screaming anymore.

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Gee is very eager to see Jesse's cute little feet, and is even more eager to watch him suffer. She uses her long fingers and fingernails to inflict an agonizing tickle torture on his sensitive feet. He squirms violently on the couch as she scratches his ankles and heels and drags her fingers along the tops of his feet. His squints his face in pain as he begins to sweat from the intense torture - but that is just how Gee wants him!

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I hope B-star is ready for this, because it is going to hurt! Marissa tickles her body relentlessly as she struggles and squirms in the restraints like a fish out of water. She can not believe that so much pain and suffering could be inflicted by such a pretty little girl with tickling hands! She begs her torturer to stop, but it is clear that Marissa enjoys watching her victim suffer, and definitely has no plans of stopping anytime soon!

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Here we have two long time friends that are looking to expand their friendship. How you ask? TICKLE TORTURE OF COURSE! Although they do not speak english, you know exactly how the victim is feeling as he speaks the internaltional language of laughter. You can see the suffering in his face as his stomach gets tickled, his eyes shut, his face begins wincing, and his body cringes with every gentle touch. Whether the victim will still consider his torturer a friend after this one is unknown.

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Shahrazad went on a blind date with a guy, but her requirement was a test for ticklishness. She didn't want to date somebody boring, she loves having fun and laugh a lot. Well, John is ticklish, but Shahrazad did not find him ticklish enough at all. This time the tables have turn and John wants to test her if she's good enough for the same. Shahrazad did not want to do the test, she knew why, so denied being ticklish at all. When John even slightly touched her she started struggling and laughing like crazy. What the heck? She wouldn't be ticklish?

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Wake up to the sound of laughter. This man wished he`d stayed asleep as the first thing he sees is the glaring eyes of Lady Domina and Mistress Charlotte looking down on him. The women have tied him to his own bed and feel he needs some help waking up. They tickle his entire body from his groin to his feet as he shakes desperately to escape their clutches. The two ladies make a great tag team and easily dominate the man with their tantalizing fingers. From now on he`ll sleep with one eye open.

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It seems as though our victim was trying to protect her feet by doubling up on her socks. But the torturers see right through her little trick and remove them - exposing her ticklish little toes. They double team her sensitive feet and look for all of her sensitive spots. But when she cries out, "not my toes!", then the torturers have a pretty good idea of where to attack. She tries everything to end her suffering, begging, pleading, and even kicking! But nothing will stop these girls from getting pleasure from their victim's pain. No part of the foot is left untickled, so when the torturers are done, she swears revenge upon them.

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Evin was on top of the world when he had J tied up and was brutally torturing him. But now that the tables have turned, Evin is going to be wishing that he hadn't put J through so much torment. J's hands are quite strong, so they have no trouble digging deep into Evin;s bony body. He cries out as J continually hits his nerves, but J simply ignores his cries for mercy. Seeing the suffering on Evin's face only encourages J's desire to torture him - and he seems to be getting off on it. Evin's suffering reaches it's climax as J tickles more intensely than ever before, but J has no plans on just stopping there.

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This poor Australian guy big and strong, still is very helpless fully tied to the bed in the hands of those two sick minded mean ticklers. They do that regularly when they drink a little more than they should. They met him in the club, had good time together and called him up their apartment - they knew very well why. Poor big guy had no idea, that he could be a victim, but looks like he needed a lesson for that. Don't go with strangers, they can be crazy. They can have a tickle fetish.

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Taro had no idea about what his cute little butt was in for when he signed up for "a new and exciting experience." But now he's about to find out... as J walks up to Taro's naked body and begins viciously prodding and teasing his soft spots. He squeezes his nipples and tickles under his armpits and stomach. All Taro can do is scream and laugh, as he's securely chained to the wall, and hope for the torture to stop.

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It wasn't too long ago that Marissa had Zoe tied up and was putting her through a terrible tickle torture, but now it is Zoe's turn to get revenge. She wastes no time getting the pretty girl to squeal and squirm as she jabs her sides with her fingers. Marissa tries to endure the agonizing torture, but can only hold back for so long. Zoe tickles hard and rough, and Marissa's ticklish skin is barely able to withstand the brutal tickling. Zoe seems to do a good job is getting her revenge on this little beauty, and may have done such a good job that Marissa will be too scared to get her back!

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Roger wakes to a rather unpleasant surprise when he finds himself hogtied and Daddy waiting behind him. With Daddy practicing to be an absurd type of cowboy he starts rubbing Rogers soft body and tickling him against all his attempts at refrain. Rogers soft brown skin is teased and tortured until he will admit that Daddy is a real cowboy. Daddy rolls Roger around maneuvering his body to his will as he prods his most sensitive spots bringing Roger to a state of near hysteria!

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Tom is a healthy strong young guy who's always up to some fun with pretty girls. he's even kinky a little bit, he wouldn't mind a threesome. He willingly let the girls to tie him up totally and was hoping something exciting. Well, it happened something he never would believe. They made him a turkey, a very special tickle turkey. He wasn't sure if this action was only a little appetizer before the delicious main course, but unfortunately it went too far and long. They tickle tortured him from head to toe and he just couldn't stand it, as he's one of the most ticklish guys we've ever seen. After a while he did not want anything but survive, and the pretty girls became bitches in no time.

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