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Justin is really in for it this time. His friends Eddie and Rick have him all tied up and at their mercy. Before he knows what's happening they each grab a hold of his side and start tickling him hard making him scream and shout like a little girl. They each torment him by tickling his thighs and near his balls which only makes poor Justin laugh even harder. After they've tortured him enough they leave him tied up and out of breath while they go dry themselves off. With friends like that who needs enemies.

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The new tickle bench is not even ready yet, but everybody is extremely excited about it, and the guys want to test it as soon as possible. The first time is very important, because we can see clearly if any corrections would be necessary. The new tickle bench approved itself perfectly, the victim is helplessly tied and the tormentor can walk around her and comfortably able to tickle the entire body, even the feet. The tickling is more intensive and the tickle sensation is stronger, that means, suffers even more. For the audience that is more fun of course. Well done, thank you David.

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This slave is worried - and he should be. Lady Domina has ordered Taro to chain him up to the cross and prepare him for some unusual torture. When Lady Domina arrives, she has prepared some ice cubes to make the torture all the more painful. She tickles his body mercilessly with her strong fingers, but the ice cubes quickly make their appearance. She drags the ice across his erect cock causing him to shout out like a little girl. The ice melts on his hot penis, sending drops of water to roll down his sensitive body. This tickle torture could not get any worse, but I can't say that I feel sorry for the worthless slave.

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Christopher broke Brad's PlayStation, even though he knew he wasn't allowed to touch it. Brad won't tolerate this kind of disrespect. So he punishes Christopher the only way he knows how. By handcuffing him and tickling him so much that Christopher feels like throwing up. He can't handle the stress of Brad's aggressive tickling and no matter how hard he squirms and jumps and yelps he can't get away from Brad's strong fingers. It truly is tickle torture time.

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Looks like Leigh isn't done. As soon as Sandra was able to catch her breath, she just tied her up again. This time Leigh's not just going to focus on her feet, she's going to tickle Sandra's whole entire body from head to toe. Leigh's pokes her all over to find her sweet spots. It seems to be her armpits at first, but as Leigh keeps tickling she finds out that there are a lot more sensitive areas on Sandra's body. Can you guess where they are?

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Ooo la la! Here is some foreign language tickling for all those artistic types. There is no translation needed when watching tickle torture, because the laughing and giggling all comes out the same. By the end, the bed somehow managed to stay in tact, but our victim looks to be in rough shape. Covered in sweat and completely out of breath, it looks like he is going to need a few days to recover from this one.

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All this slave's lying is about to catch up with him as these two beautiful Mistress inflict a gruesome tickle torture on his poor sensitive feet. He has no way to escape the terrible torture as the Mistresses use the best tickle toys to make him scream. His body squirms as they use a brush under his arms, but escape is futile. They want to make him suffer more than he ever has before, and they know just how to do it. This poor slave isn't going anywhere, and that works out just fine for these Mistresses.

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It's revenge for Jarvis, a very sweet revenge, and this time he's well prepared. With hand lotion and an electric toothbrush he'll be able to maximize the sensation for Megan! Cream always helps feet to become more ticklish. She giggles and yells for him to stop or even slow down, but his fingers are going to have their way with her feet, and her soles will be left numb and senseless. She'll be one very exhausted kitty.

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Roger has always wanted to see Felix squirm - and today is that day. Roger's strong fingers have no trouble getting big Felix to laugh uncontrollably, as he presses deep into his thick flesh. Roger smiles from ear to ear as he sees the big man suffering like never before. He would never think that such a big guy would be so easy to torture, but he certainly is enjoying it! Felix begs him to stop, but that is only making Roger want to tickle harder and faster! Rogers hands slide across Felix's entire body in search of those special tickle zones, and he has no trouble finding them!

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Once upon a time Chris was the tickle victim on this very same bondage bed - and look now how the tables have turned? He;s is the position of power, ans Dan is the poor tickle victim, who suffers not only the tickle torture of Chris but his extremely strong and powerful Australian friend who's a guest in here this time. Well, Dan got it this time all right, no mercy, no weakness, no soft heartiness at all, just pure tricky, mean, wicked, powerful and extremely painful MM/M tickling all over the poor body. It's not enough that the victim almost peed his pants but next day he suffered so serious muscle pain on his chest stomach muscles that he couldn't go on a date that he died for very long time. You see guys, what comes around goes around. Stop tickling each other. At least before important dates.

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Jeremy is in trouble again. Fully tied on the tickle bench, naked, giving full access to reach every single ticklish spot on his skinny body. The girls tickle him all around, and the suffering is so high, he's trying to negotiate with them: for stopping the tickling he promises them he's gonna fuck them. Now that would be very interesting, as he doesn't like girls, just boys. Still, he would do anything - literally anything - to make them finish his torture. Making breakfast, letting them to eat his sausage - whatever they want. Well, the girls did not welcome his ideas too much, they just tickled him till they wanted.

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Amanda is at Sally's mercy again, because as we all know, what comes around goes around. She did tickle Sally before, this time she can get her sweet revenge. This time she's focusing on Amanda's ticklish feet. At first she's using only her fingers, then she starts with the electrical toothbrush. Amanda goes then crazy. She's screaming, laughing,'s not working, till Sally is feeling a little lazy, and then she leave her be.

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When a guy is so dumb that mistakenly enters the dungeon instead the massage parlor , he deserves what he gets. I should say he was very lucky this time the two Mistresses wanted only tickle him and not castrate him. They definitely did a good job, the good looking tall muscular guy was laughing, screaming, begging and swearing at them constantly. Finally he realized they will let him go only when they want it, and better if he just takes what they portioned him, as he was helpless, fully tied on the cross with absolutely no escape.

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Poor Pablo, all tied up and about to have some serious tickle torture laid upon him. It takes a little bit to get him out of his shell, but once the torturer finds all of his special areas, it is all over for Pablo. He laughs, squirms, and shakes, but nothing is going to get him out of those restraints or out of the tickling hands of the torturer. He is just going to have to endure the suffering and hope that his torturer gets tired and lets him go so he can get him back.

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Poor Bryan just found himself again on the cross fully tied, naked, and ready for those BBW girls as their prey, subject of another tickle torture session. He's really feed up with his miserable situation, although he still likes those girls. When they start tickling him all over again, he feels he had more than enough. He starts talking dirty, calling them names, hoping that will make them to stop and let him go. Those girls are tough cookies, they don't just run off that easily. They finish when they want. Long way to go, Bryan.

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