Lady Victoia's secret world

Lady Victoia's secret world

My name is Lady Victoria. I am a young and beautilfull cruel dominatrix from Hungary. I like many themes within bdsm, and also make films with my girl friends. Torture and fantasy awaits you if you watch my clips.

I am waiting for all, who are interested in my topics, with various and special clips, uploaded everyday.
On Monday I will upload fetish clips. On Tuesdays you can watch a cruel discipline.
On Wednesday we will dig into depth of the traditonal femdom. On Thursdays the manhood is going to be our main target with cbt/T&D games. On Fridays we will await you with role playing clips.
During the weekends you can see the Discipline School of Victoria, where the slaves are sent in by their owners or their girlfriends. The mistress will read out the letters and will punish them for their sins.

You can find more info about the Mistress at:

If you have any questions, would like to request, see something in my store, write to:

Life-Long Slavery4

In the final part of the film she used a vacum devices on her slave's nipple, cocks and balls, and on him body. She is also slapping his face and humilatiing him. He is worshipping the Mistress' feet.
There is a special scene in the full version which can not be seen in the independent parts of the film.

Category: Humiliation    Duration: 07:52    Format: WMV    File Size: 167 MB    Clip ID: 15890

Price: $6.99 USD

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Electro CBT

This time Lady Victoria is torturing the shameful cock of her slave with a VIO device, making him suffer. He doesn't like the torment, but this makes the Mistress happy!

Category: Electro Play    Duration: 05:55    Format: MOV    File Size: 190 MB    Clip ID: 18796

Price: $5.99 USD

Foot worship and kicking

Lady Victoria lets one of her slaves to worsihp her tender feet in this clip. But because he is not doing his work well, she is kicking him very hard

Category: Kicking    Duration: 04:21    Format: MOV    File Size: 140 MB    Clip ID: 18797

Price: $4.99 USD

Smothering to music

I listen to my favourite songs, while I trample and smother my slave! You would like to be there underneath my tender feet don't you?

Category: Trampling    Duration: 12:33    Format: MOV    File Size: 396 MB    Clip ID: 18474

Price: $12.99 USD

Public shoe fetish

Lady Victoria and her girlfriend Samantha are walking on the street in their new, fancy high heeled shoes. Follow them and watch as the sole of their new shoes become dirty!! Buy it for a GREAT DISCOUNT now!

Category: Shoe Fetish    Duration: 22:58    Format: MOV    File Size: 722 MB    Clip ID: 18441

Price: $12.99 USD

Cruel Caning03

In the last episode of Cruel Caning you can see, as Lady Victoria is hitting her salve even harder, than in the previous clips! Watch it if you DARE!

Category: Caning    Duration: 08:48    Format: MOV    File Size: 289 MB    Clip ID: 18431

Price: $8.99 USD

Cruel Spanking02

In this clip you can see as Lady Victoria keeps torturing her slave. His ass is already purple, but thes mistress cruelly spanks him for much longer! Attention: very HARSH clip

Category: Caning    Duration: 04:00    Format: MOV    File Size: 133 MB    Clip ID: 18407

Price: $4.99 USD


In this clip the cruel mistress, Lady Victoria is caning her pathetic slave in a very harsh way. Till it becomes really purple!! Attention. VERY CRUEL CLIP! To be continued..

Category: Caning    Duration: 07:50    Format: MOV    File Size: 262 MB    Clip ID: 18372

Price: $7.99 USD

Cruel Kicking

In this clip you can experience as Lady Victoria tortures one of her slaves, by kicking him harshly! She likes as he is suffering from her vicous strikes

Category: Kicking    Duration: 03:57    Format: MOV    File Size: 134 MB    Clip ID: 18355

Price: $2.99 USD

Spank and Whip

In this clip Victoria use whip and can in his sub.

Category: Spanking    Duration: 10:36    Format: MOV    File Size: 350 MB    Clip ID: 18356

Price: $10.99 USD

Cruel foot domination

In this clip you can see as Lady Victoria makes her pathetic slave to worship her beaitiful feet. She also slaps him with her soles and kicks him many times, to remind him, where his palce is.

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 15:05    Format: MP4    File Size: 724 MB    Clip ID: 18334

Price: $12.99 USD


In this clip you can see as the cruel mistress, Lady Victoria tortures her slave, by trampling him, however she also lets him lick her precious feet and even puts some tasty whipped cream on her soles for him to lick.

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 10:57    Format: MOV    File Size: 350 MB    Clip ID: 18314

Price: $10.99 USD

Farm Humilating

In the Hungarian country-side Lady Victoris humiliates her slave. She keeps him amongst domestic animals ( chikens and rabbits.). The Mistress commands her slave to come out of the cage and treats him as a pathetic .

Category: Humiliation    Duration: 09:22    Format: MOV    File Size: 294 MB    Clip ID: 18276

Price: $9.99 USD

Public Humuliation

In this clip, Lady Victoria rides his slave in the streets of Budapest, and also makes him lick her boots, and do some exercises. If the horse is being bad, he is kicked and hit by a riding stick. Attention: amateour clip!

Category: Riding Fetish    Duration: 04:07    Format: MOV    File Size: 129 MB    Clip ID: 18270

Price: $4.99 USD

Boot worship on bus

In this clip, the mistress, Lady Victoria makes his pathetic slave to lick her beautfuiul knee high boots, and makes him cum, publically on a croweded bus.

Category: Foot Domination    Duration: 05:46    Format: MOV    File Size: 182 MB    Clip ID: 18271

Price: $5.99 USD

Ear and Noise torture

in this clip Lady Victoria is pulling the ears and the nose of her slave in cruel ways, who cannot take the pain too well. Attention: it is an amateour clip.

Category: Female Domination    Duration: 04:30    Format: MOV    File Size: 142 MB    Clip ID: 18273

Price: $4.99 USD